2021 Bordeaux White Wine Guide for all the Best Dry, Sweet Wines


Fans of white Bordeaux wine should be all over this vintage! In fact, this is the best vintage for dry white Bordeaux wine and sweet Bordeaux in years. There were two wines in this vintage that were so mind blowing, they earned a perfect 100 Pt score, making this first time either estate has hit triple digit scores from me. And, both are white wines!

It is important to note that with 2021 white Bordeaux, great wines not only emanated from Pessac Leognan. In fact, some of the best dry whites this year are from vintners all over the appellation. You find delicious white Bordeaux wine from some of the rebels in the Right Bank making white wines in St. Emilion, and in the Cotes de Bordeaux which has also turned out some exciting white wines to taste!

2021 is the first vintage in 150 years to have a dry white Bordeaux from Pomerol. It should come as no surprise that it comes from Jean-Luc Thunevin! Producers in the Left Bank were not left out this vintage either, as it is easy to find several fabulous white Bordeaux wines from all over the Medoc.

Perhaps even more interesting with 2021 white Bordeaux was tasting all the cool wines from numerous experimental producers breaking the rules while making very good wines from non-traditional Bordeaux grapes. Looking at some of the blends in the tasting notes below you will see more vignerons are making wines from Chardonnay and other grapes as well.

2021 White Bordeaux Wine Growing Season and Harvest

The year was difficult for white wine growers. Many estates suffered crop losses from the frosts when temperatures dipped to below freezing levels multiple times in April and May, especially in the Graves and Sauternes appellations.

Along with frosts, at times the rains were seemingly non-stop. Overall, conditions improved, and close to the end of May flowering began to appear. Summer maintained its cool, wet, weather conditions along with its lack of sunshine. By the end of August, growers were ready to start picking. Harvesting of the white wine grapes began at the end of August under moderately cool to reasonably warm days with cold, refreshing nights finishing between early September to about September 25.

All of the following 2021 Dry White Bordeaux Wine and 2021 Sauternes were tasted in my home office in non-blind tasting conditions.

2021 Ad Francos Blanc – Bordeaux Côtes de Francs – Forward, open, early drinking wine with a core of yellow citrus and white peach and a touch of spice that lingers, finishing with pineapples and citrus rind. Drink from 2024-2027. 90 Pts

2021 Bouscaut Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Honeysuckle, white peach, orange rind, ginger, spice and pineapples get the wine going in the nose, and in the fresh, energy-driven, spicy, citrus-packed, gingery palate, that lingers in the finish. This is good to go on release. Drink from 2024-2034. 92 Pts

2021 Bouscaut Les Chenes de Bouscaut Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Honeysuckle, orange, lemons and a touch of green apple form the nose and the palate here. The wine is sweet, lifted and ready to go for early, uncomplicated, drinking pleasure. Drink from 2024-2028. 88 Pts

2021 Brane Cantenac Blanc – Bordeaux – Only the second vintage for this white from Brane Cantenac, the wine comes on strong with its notes of pineapple, flowers, green apples, pears, spice and orange rind. Fresh, and creamy as well as vibrant and fruity, the wine leaves you with a nice blend of lemons, pineapples, green apples and white peach. Drink from 2024-2030. 93 Pts

2021 Brane Cantenac Baron de Brane Blanc – Bordeaux – Quite orange in nature with oranges, mango and tangerine at its core, the wine is sweet, vibrant and fruity, with lift and energy. This is a good example of a baby Brane Cantenac Blanc. Drink from 2024-2028. 90 Pts

2021 Brondelle Blanc – Graves – Grapefruit, oranges and freshly cut lawn grass pop in the nose. The palate offers freshness, crisp yellow citrus and honeysuckle with a touch of spice. Drink from 2024-2027. 88 Pts

2021 Cantelys Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Orange, grapefruit, spice, cucumber, and flowers are all over the place here in the nose as well as in the lively, racy palate. This is a well-priced, white Bordeaux that really hits the spot, blending 50% Sauvignon Blanc with 50% Semillon. Drink from 2024-2030. 92 Pts

2021 Carbonnieux Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Honeysuckle, grapefruits, lemon, green apples, spice and white peaches come through with ease in the perfume. On the palate, the wine is zesty, citrusy, brisk and racy with ranges, pineapples, sea salt, and crushed stones that linger in the finish. Drink from 2024-2034. 93 Pts

2021 Carbonnieux La Croix de Carbonnieux Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Flowers, lemon and orange rind create the nose. The palate is energetic, and lively, with a pomelo filled finish balancing its freshness and and yellow citrus fruits. Drink from 2024-2028. 89 Pts

2021 Cerons Blanc – Graves – Grapefruits, white peach and green apples on the nose and palate with a nice, crisp, bite of lemon in the finish. Drink from 2024-2028. 87 Pts

2021 Charreau Wilson Silla Blanc Sec – Bordeaux – From a blend of 50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Semillon, the wine offers its profile of crisp grapefruits, lemon peels, green apples , tangerine and flowers with ease. The palate is bright, lemony and sweet. Drink from 2024-2027. 86 Pts

2021 ChateauOlivier Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Green apples, green pears, white flowers, spice, yellow with orange citrus peel aromas fill the perfume. The palate is sweet, vibrant, fresh, and fruity with a long, graceful blast of lemons in the finish. The wine blends 80% Sauvignon Blanc with 20% Semillon. Drink from 2024-2033. 93 Pts

2021 Cheval Blanc Le Petit Cheval Bordeaux Blanc – Bordeaux – Crisp, bright, and fresh, as well as exotic, the nose exudes fresh, yellow citrus, Granny Smith apples, pear, orange rind, and honeysuckle. The palate follows the nose with its lush, crisp, display of waxy lemons, grapefruits, and tangerines, along with a dab of round to add the right touch of sweetness. Drink from 2024-2037. 94 Pts

2021 Clos Marsalette Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Honeysuckle, white flowers, green apples, vanilla, orange and spice nuances blend together to create perfume as well as the fresh, creamy, yellow, citrus-filled palate. The wine blends 60% Sauvignon Blanc with 40% Semillon. Drink from 2024-2029. 92 Pts

2021 Clos des Lunes Lune d’Argent – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, white peach, spice, ginger, and pineapple with a dab of vanilla smell great. And, the palate is even better with all of its creamy, fresh, green apples and tropical fruits. The wine blends 70% Semillon with 30% Sauvignon Blanc. Due to the frost, close to 50% of the harvest was lost. Drink from 2024-2029. 93 Pts

2021 Clos-du-Beau-Pere Blanc du Beau Père – Bordeaux – Not only the best white Bordeaux wine from Pomerol, it is also the only Pomerol Blanc. In fact, it is the first white wine from Pomerol in over 100 years. The wine pops with green apples, pineapples, flowers and white peaches with Meyer lemons. Fresh, vibrant, fruity and fun, this is a great wine to bring to a blind tasting. Produced from a blend of 50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Sauvignon Gris, the production is limited to 2,500 bottles. Drink from 2024-2030. 91 Pts

2021 Cos d’Estournel Blanc – Bordeaux – Bright, fresh and fruity with loads of sweet, ripe, green apples, lemons, grapefruit, and floral notes. The wine manages to remain vibrant with ample concentration, complexity and finishes with additional nuances of mango, pineapple and honeysuckle. You can enjoy this on release, though it will gain nuances with a few years in the bottle. Drink from 2024-2034. 96 Pts

2021 Cos dEstournel Pagodes de Cos Blanc – Bordeaux – With a focus on its flowers, green apple and yellow citrus, this is already drinking at close to peak, offering lift, energy and a nice blend of lemon and grapefruit from start to finish. Drink from 2024-2028. 91 Pts

2021 Couhins Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – It takes just a bit of swirling to find all of the green apples, orange rind, guava, pineapple, mango and white peaches in the nose and palate. Long, electric, fresh and delicious, this racy gem keeps on going long after the wine has left the glass. This could be the best white wine produced in the history of Couhins. Drink from 2024–2032. 94 Pts

2021 Croix de Labrie Stella Solare – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, white peach, green apples and pineapple create the attention-seeking nose. On the palate, the wine is rich, fresh and fruity with a lively pineapple note that lingers. Drink from 2024-2029. 91 Pts

2021 Cruzeau Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Orange rind, white peach, honeysuckle and spice with a bright, and sweet edge for near-term, well-priced enjoyment. Drink from 2024-2029. 88 Pts

2021 DAiguilhe Blanc – Bordeaux – Lemon, lime, white flowers, ginger, orange, and green apple aromatics pop in the perfume. On the palate, the wine is loaded with sweet, ripe, energetic yellow citrus, pineapples, mango and Indian spice. The wine is produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Drink from 2024-2030. 92 Pts

2021 De Fieuzal Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Orange rind, flowers, honeysuckle, yellow citrus, lemon peel, spice and grapefruit aromas get you focused on the nose. On the palate, the wine is fresh, vibrant, slightly chalky, and packed with candied oranges, white peaches. Drink from 2024-2034. 92 Pts

2021 De Sours Quarry de Sours – Bordeaux – Honeyed citrus, white peach and flowers show nicely in the nose. The palate is round, forward and easy-to-like with its mildly honeyed citrus sensations. Drink from 2024-2027. 87 Pts

2021 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Fans of white Bordeaux wine need to be all over this gem. One sniff, and sip, and you are hooked. I do not know where to start. Complete in every way, the wine kicks off with a nose that explodes with its orange rind, honeysuckle, lemon puree, flowers, green apples, spice, and herbs. As striking as that was, it is the incredible purity in the endless waves of citrus, and yellow tropical fruits that seal the deal. From there, the only thing left is the electric, seamless finish that once it gets started, it doesn’t want to quit. This gem competes with many of the worlds great wines, and it sells for a fraction of what they sell for. The wine blends 75% Sauvignon Blanc, and 25% Semillon. This is the best white wine ever produced by the Bernard family at Domaine de Chevalier. Don’t miss it! Drink from 2024-2050. 100 Pts

2021 Domaine de Chevalier L’Esprit de Chevalier Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Green apples, flowers, lemons, limes and grapefruit scents create the perfume. The palate is even better with its waxy, yellow citrus characteristics. Drink from 2024-2030. 92 Pts

2021 Domaine de la Solitude Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – White flowers, orange rind, green apples, lemon custard and spice pop in the nose. The palate is even better with all of its bright, crisp, juicy, sweet, crisp yellow citrus, and white peaches. Drink from 2024-2030. 91 Pts

2021 Du Tertre Blanc – Vin de France – The striking nose pops with orange rind, ginger, white peach, vanilla, flowers, lemons and spice. The wine is sweet, fruity and fresh, with zesty, green apple, melon, citrus and spice finish. The unique blend is made from 38% Gros Manseng, 25% Viognier, 25% Sauvignon Blanc and 12% Chardonnay. The wine was vinified in stainless steel and barrel and aged in 100% new, French oak barrels. Drink from 20234-2030. 90 Pts

2021 Dubreuil Chardonnay – Vin de France – Lemon peel and floral notes pop in the nose. On the palate, the wine delivers fresh, citrus and pears with a nice touch of spice. As the name implies, this is one of the few 100% Chardonnay’s coming from Bordeaux today. Drink from 2024-2028. 90 Pts

2021 Ferrande Blanc – Graves – Zesty yellow citrus, with a dab of honey and loads of crisp lemons with a squirt of pineapples on the palate that is perfect for near-term enjoyment. Drink from 2024-2028. 90 Pts

2021 Fleur Cardinale Intuition Blanc – Bordeaux – White peach, lemon verbena, honeysuckle and mangos fill the perfume. On the palate, the yellow and white fruits deliver freshness, length and creamy-textures, along with loads of sweet fruits. The wine blends 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Semillon and 25% Sauvignon Gris. Drink from 2024-2028. 91 Pts

2021 Haut-Lagrange Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Green apples, flowers, lemons and orange peel fragrances create the perfume. The vibrant palate focuses on its yellow citrus, with a touch of honeysuckle that comes in at the end of the finish. This should be delicious on release. Drink from 2024-2029. 90 Pts

2021 Hostens Picant Cuvée des Demoiselles – Sainte Foy Bordeaux – Pineapples, orange rind, white peach, and candied tangerines pop in the perfume. The palate is equal to the nose with all of its sweet white peaches, citrus, spice and lemon curd. Drink from 2024-2028. 89 Pts

2021 La Dauphine Blanc – Bordeaux – Orange rind, white peach, pineapple and green apples create the nose. There is a touch of salinity that adds to the sweet yellow fruits, honey and green apples in the finish. The wine blends 65% Sauvignon Blanc with 35% Semillon. Drink from 2024-2028. 89 Pts

2021 La Fleur de Bouard Chardonnay – Vin de Pays Pyrénees-Atlantiques – White peach, eucalyptus, yellow citrus and floral notes pop in the nose. The palate is equal to the glass in the fresh, bright forward, citrus oriented, well-priced charmer. Drink from 2024-2027. 87 Pts

2021 La Fleur de Bouard Sauvignon – Bordeaux – Yellow citrus rind, flowers and spice smell great in the nose. On the palate, the wine is sweet and fresh, delivering a nice blast of lemon freshness in the finish. Drink from 2024-2027. 88 Pts

2021 La Garde Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Crisp pomelo, lemon, and lime notes are all over the place here, in the nose and on the racy, palate. I like the touch of honey that slides in at the back of the finish. Drink from 20234-2029. 92 Pts

2021 La Louviere Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – White peaches, apple pears, honeysuckle, vanilla beans, waxy lemons and flowers in the nose set you up perfectly for the racy acidity on the palate, which is the perfect backdrop for all the sweet, fresh, and pure citrus, and crunchy, green apples that linger. Drink from 2024-2035. 94 Pts

2021 La Tour Carnet Blanc – Bordeaux – Green apples, white peach, and floral notes pop in the nose. The palate, with its fresh, lively core of green apples and ginger has a nice, brisk, citrus and spice finish. Drink from 2024-2028. 92 Pts

2021 La-Tour-Martillac Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Flowers, green apples, vanilla, lemon curd, and pineapple create the enticing perfume. Racy, vibrant yellow white citrus with white peaches, and tangerines fill the palate, and range long, crisp finish. Drink from 2024-2034. 94 Pts

2021 Larrivet Haut Brion Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Waxy lemon peels, green apples, spice, vanilla, orange peel, and lemon curd aromas pop in the nose. On the palate, the wine is loaded with sweet, ripe, pineapples, tangerines, lemons, and white peach skins, all wrapped up in a nice, racy bow. Drink from 2024-2034. 93 Pts

2021 Latour Martillac Lagrave Martillac Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Vanilla, white flowers, green apples, and yellow citrus fruits with a dab of honeysuckle create the nose and palate of this easy to like, vibrant, upbeat wine. Enjoy this for its early-drinking, yellow fruits over the next few years. Drink from 2024-2028.. 85 Pts

2021 Laurence Blanc Sec – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, spice, pineapple, flowers and green apple aromatics create the complex perfume. Even better is the bright, crisp palate with cut and energy in the mouth. Drink from 2024-2029. 91 Pts

2021 Les Charmes-Godard Blanc – Côtes de Francs – Pineapple, green apples, honeysuckle, orange rind and mango nuances are found in the nose and in the energetic, sweet, creamy, vibrant display of citrus and pineapple in the finish. The wine blends 65% Semillon 20% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Sauvignon Gris. Drink from 2024-2030. 93 Pts

2021 Les Grands Chenes Blanc – Bordeaux – Flowers, vanilla, spice and lemon peel with a dab of honey are right where they should be on the nose and on the lush, fruity palate. Drink from 2024-2028. 88 Pts

2021 Pape Clement Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Lemon meringue, white pepper, orange rind, white flowers, pineapples, white peaches and tangerine skins produce the attention-seeking perfume. The palate, which is filled with sweet, ripe, lush, and most importantly, vivid, energy-driven fruits is even better. From beginning, this is a fabulous white Bordeaux, with a racy finish. This is my favorite vintage of their white wine ever produced Drink from 2024-2040. 97 Pts

2021 Pas de l’Ane Optimus – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, flowers, pineapple and white peach skins create the character here. Round and sweet, with a nice peach note in the finish. Produced from 100% Semillon. Drink from 2024-2028. 89 Pts

2021 Paveil de Luze Blanc – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, white flowers, citrus and pineapple crowd into the perfume. On the palate, the wine is fresh, fruity and sweet, with a blend of tropical fruits and citrus in the finish. Drink from 2024-2029. 91 Pts

2021 Plain-Point Blanc – Bordeaux – An unusual blend featuring Sauvignon Blanc with Gros Manseng is all about its green apples and pineapples with their touch of honey and spice. Brisk and vibrant fruits hit the palate and the finish. Drink from 2024-2028. 88 Pts

2021 Prieure-Lichine Le Blanc du Chateau – Bordeaux – Vanilla, white peach, almonds, orange rind and flowers open the perfume. The palate enjoys a blend of fresh, yellow citrus and white peaches wrapped up in a creamy-textured bow. It is not a wine I see often, making this quite fun to taste. Drink from 2024-2030. 92 Pts

2021 Puygueraud Blanc – Bordeaux – White peaches, green apples, lemons, flowers and lime add pop to the perfume. On the palate, the wine is sweet, juicy, creamy, crisp and tropical, with a touch of ginger and spice in the finish. Drink from 2024-2029. 91 Pts

2021 Rochemorin Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Green apples, grapefruit and white peach surrounded by floral notes starts off this attractive white wine. The palate is even better with its crisp edge to the juicy lemons. Drink from 2024-2029. 90 Pts

2021 Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – White flowers, green apples, pineapple, vanilla beans, lemon chiffon, pears, and orange blossoms fill the nose. On the palate, the wine is perfectly balanced between its wealth of perfectly ripe, sweet, opulent fruits, and its racy acidities. The lingering finish is all about its purity in the lemon edged fruits, crushed rocks and stones and edgy textures. The wine blends 90% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Sauvignon Gris and 5% Semillon. Drink from 2024-2040. 98 Pts

2021 Smith Haut Lafitte Le Petit Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Vanilla, waxy lemons, green apples, flowers, honeysuckle, and yellow with orange citrus, this is just great. The wine is sweet, pure, racy, and fresh with a chalky-textured, grapefruit finish. Pop a cork on this beauty as soon as it hits the stores as this is already a treat in your glass! Drink from 2024-2031. 93 Pts

2021 Smith Haut Lafitte Les Hauts de Smith Blanc – Pessac-Léognan – Honeysuckle, pineapples, white peach, tangerine, and grapefruit with a dab of honey i what you will experience in the nose and on the vibrant, crisp, racy, bright, chalky palate. The wine is produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Drink from 2024-2029. 92 Pts

2021 Suduiraut Vieilles Vignes Grand Vin Blanc Sec – Bordeaux – Vibrant, fresh, yellow citrus, with touches of white peach, honeysuckle, spring flowers, and ginger come through with a sweet, crisp edge from start to finish. Drink from 2024-2031. 93 Pts

2021 Toulouse Lautrec Blanc – Bordeaux – Musty green apples and pineapple blend in the perfume. On the palate, the wine is round, creamy and fruity. This is best for early drinking. Drink from 2024-2026. 85 Pts

2021 Tour Saint Christophe Angela – Bordeaux – I like the myriad of yellow and orange citrus fruits, honeysuckle, and white flowers in the perfume. The palate is even better with its layers of sweet, creamy fruits, freshness, length and energy. Produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, this is fun wine to taste that I do not see often enough. With only 175 cases produced per vintage, it is not easy to find, but it is worth the effort. Drink from 2024-2030. 92 Pts

2021 Valandraud Blanc de Valandraud – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, white flowers, green apples, lemon peel and pomelo notes are all over the place here in the nose and on the palate. Vibrant, energetic and lush, the finish lingers with its crisp citrus flavors and flamboyant nature. The wine blends 50% Sauvignon Gris, 35% Sauvignon Blanc, and 15% Semillon. A year of aging has added a lot to this wine. Drink from 2024-2035. 95 Pts

2021 Sauternes produced some stunning, and even a few monumental wines. However, sadly, much of the vintage was decimated by the frosts. There are estates that lost their entire crop. Other vineyards reported loses of 90%! So, if you are a sweet wine lover, support the appellation if you see any wines available. It is good for the wineries, and even better in your cellar as these wines are simply gorgeous!

2021 Haut-Bergeron – Sauternes – Honeyed tropical fruits, white peaches, spice. and overripe mangos show perfectly in the nose, as well as on the sweet, candied orange, pineapple, and white peach, filled, vibrant palate. It is hard to find a better value in sweet, white Bordeaux wine. Drink from 2024-2045. 92 Pts

2021 Lafaurie-Peyraguey – Sauternes – Rich, intense, concentrated, sweet, racy, and lively, this has everything you want in a delicious sweet treat! Packed with honey coated yellow, and orange tropical fruits, lemon curd, vanilla, mango, and candied nuts from start to finish, the wine is zesty fresh, as well as sweet, and energetic. But it is going to be close to impossible to find, because production was decimated, with only 500 cases produced! Drink from 2025-2050. 96 Pts

2021 Lafaurie-Peyraguey La Chapelle – Sauternes – Honeyed tropical flowers, white flowers, candied citrus, a touch of spice fill the nose, and sweet, fresh, orange, and candied-citrus palate. Served from the cellar with a slight chill and it is a perfect aperitif. Drink from 2024-2037. 91 Pts

2021 Raymond Lafon – Sauternes – Honeysuckle, pineapples, mangos, candied oranges, vanilla, and roasted apricots topped with nut honey packed the perfume. This is perfectly balanced between its luscious sweet wide, and its vibrant, racy, honey-topped, tropical fruit character. Drink from 2025-2050. 94 Pts

2021 Rayne Vigneau – Sauternes – Spicy pineapples, with accents of ginger, Meyer lemons, caramel and honeyed tropical fruits shoot from the glass, ending with a fresh, racy, sweet, vibrant, honeyed, tropical finish. Drink it young, or age it for decades. Drink from 2024-2050. 94 Pts

2021 Suduiraut – Sauternes – Off the charts in every sense of the word, this is a stunning, world-class sweet wine! Its incredible level of concentration is equally matched by its intense, racy character, which is the perfect frame for all its sweet, unctuous, ripe, and overripe, honey-slathered yellow, and orange tropical fruits, apricots, roasted nuts, saffron, ginger, vanilla, and caramel. This is a true legend of Sauternes that lovers of sweet wine need in their cellars. That being said, with yields of an impossible 1 hectoliter per hectare, (due to frost) every bottle you drink is a percentage of the minuscule production! So, grab this stunner fast, as it will be impossible to find in a few years. Drink from 2025-2060. 100 Pts

2021 Yquem – Sauternes – The complex aromatic profile explodes from the glass with pineapple, papaya, apricot, Meyer lemon, tangerine peels, caramel, honey, vanilla, saffron, cashews, and candied grapefruit in the aromatic profile. The palate resides perfectly in the middle of hedonism, and vibrancy. Clearly, there is ample sweetness, but the racy acidity provides incredible lift, energy, and length. The fruit expresses purity in its tangerines, oranges, mango, papaya, banana, and pineapples all slathered in honey. This is one of those Yquem’s that can be enjoyed either as a sweet wine, or due to its vibrancy, with a diverse array of savory, and spicy dishes. Produced from a blend of 65% Semillon and 35% Sauvignon Blanc, 148 Grams per liter, 14% ABV, 3.79 pH. Yields were only 8 hectoliters per hectare. The harvest took place over an extended time, September 12 – October 27, with 4 passes in total. As you can see, the harvest was quite long, but picking the heart of vintage took place mid-to late October. Drink from 2027-2075. 98 Pts

For an overview of the 2021 Bordeaux vintage with links to all of our appellation reports 2021 Bordeaux In Bottle Report for the Best 750 Wines of the vintage We are continuing our reports on all of the best wines tasted in bottle from the 2021 Bordeaux vintage. Up next, we cover all the best 2021 Pessac Leognan, Graves, Red and White wines before returning to the Left Bank with daily reports on all the top 2021 Bordeaux wines from St. Estephe, Pauillac, St. Julien, and the Margaux appellations.

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