2019 Pomerol Guide, Ratings, Tasting Notes, Wine Buying Tips


2019 Pomerol wines are simply stunning! There is no better way to put it. Perhaps, 2018 is just a bit better for Pomerol. But, note I said just a bit. 2019 Pomerol wines are gorgeous. They are rich, concentrated, vibrant, supple, opulent, silky, and most importantly, fresh.

There is a vivacious, lift to the fruits. So, with 2019 Pomerol, as you would expect in the best vintages, the fruits are perfectly ripe, velvety, and sensuous, but you also find energy and purity. And as you will see below in the tasting notes, the wine of the 2019 Bordeaux vintage is a Pomerol!

The vintage was shaped by a dry, warm, and sun-filled summer with swings in the temperature from day to night, which dropped during the night adding the acidities needed to get the right amount of freshness into the wines. While the summer was dry, two bursts of rain in July provided the right amount of nourishment to the vines.

The summer concluded with continuing warm, sunny conditions topped with a final burst of rain allowing the grapes to reach maturity. For a review of the vintage conditions or to look at tasting notes and ratings for more than 750 wines The Complete Guide To all the Best 2019 Bordeaux Wines

All of the following 2019 Pomerol wines were tasted in my home office in non-blind tasting conditions.

2019 Beauregard – Elegant, silky, fresh and pure, with layers of lusciously-textured, soft, vibrant cherries. The wine is earthy, refined and forward, with hints of flowers, truffle, dark chocolate and plums that come through nicely on the slightly, chalky, refined, lifted finish. This could be my favorite vintage of Beauregard ever produced. Drink from 2024-2040. 94 Pts

2019 Bellegrave – Earthy, herbal, savory, red fruits with soft, silky textures, the wine is medium-bodied, early-drinking and finished with fresh, kirsch and a strong savory, herb and green olive note on the back end. Drink from 2022-2032. 89 Pts

2019 Bon Pasteur – Everything that makes Bon Pasteur a great wine is here in spades. The opening floral notes are the perfect setup for the black cherries, cocoa, wet earth, and licorice in the perfume. Silky, fresh, vibrant, refined, and sensuous, the supple-textured, creamy, soft, polished finish, with an endnote of chocolate-coated plums, spice and espresso hit all the right notes. You can drink this young for all of its opulence, or age it for additional complexities. This is one of the finest vintages of Bon Pasteur ever produced. Drink from 2024-2044. 95 Pts

2019 Bourgneuf – Fresh, silky, lively, fresh and floral, the wine is elegant and refined in its delivery of earthy, truffle-laden, dark cherry, plum, licorice, espresso and chocolate character. Medium-bodied, the wine finishes with layers of silky-textured, red fruits and cocoa. This is my favorite vintage of Bourgneuf yet. Drink from 2024-2042. 94 Pts

2019 Cantelauze – Soft, fresh and fruity, though not overly complex, the wine offers a core of dark plums with espresso and very dark cocoa notes that come through on the palate and in the backend. Drink from 2022-2030. 87 Pts

2019 Certan de May – Not showing as well from the bottle as it did during the barrel, the medium-bodied wine is reticent. Bright, fresh, floral, and spicy with a mélange of red berries. forest leaf, licorice, and wet earth crowd into the nose. The palate is soft, as well as discreet, hence the reticent comment. A few years of cellaring should add more to this wine. Time will tell. Drink from 2025-2038. 92 Pts

2019 Clinet – This was so good in the barrel, it is hard to believe that the wine improved from there. But isn’t that what all great wines are supposed to do? Inky dark in color, the wine is equally dark on the palate with all of its decadently rich, sensually textured layers of black cherries, blackberries, black plums, and chocolate. The perfume, with its flowers, cocoa, espresso, licorice, and truffle is off the hook! The finish, with its mild, salted endnote sticks with you for close to 60 seconds as it builds and expands, offering a fruit-drenched, hedonistic, non-stop thrill ride. Clearly, this is one of the best vintages of Clinet that Ronan Laborde has produced. Fans of the estate should be all over this because sooner, rather than later, prices can only rise from here! Drink from 2030-2055. 99 Pts

2019 Clos 126 Pomerol – Silky, elegant and refined with ample concentration and purity, soft, creamy textures and a wealth of ripe, pure, earthy, plums, wet earth, and flowers, this little known Pomerol is well-worth seeking out. Drink from 2022-2035. 92 Pts

2019 Clos 56 – Deeply colored, the wine is smoky, earthy, spicy, and floral in character. Ripe, sweet, fresh and full, with layers of plush, polished, dark red pit fruits and chocolate from start to finish, made from 100% old vine Merlot, this little-known Pomerol gem is worth seeking out. The chocolate-toned, plush, red, black and blue fruit finish is already a treat. Drink from 2023-2035. 92 Pts

2019 Clos Beauregard – Chocolate mint, licorice, espresso and plums are found in the nose and on the round, ripe, fresh, plummy palate. The wine is forward, so you can enjoy this on release for all of its up-front deep, red fruits and mocha. 90 Pts

2019 Clos du Clocher – Even better than it was in barrel, the wine explodes with nuances of truffles, cocoa. violets, roses, espresso, smoke and an assortment of red and black plums. The wine is rich, full, deep and velvety, with perfectly ripe fruits that come in waves, building and expanding as you enjoy all the silky-textured fruits on your palate. This is clearly the best Clos du Clocher ever produced! Drink from 2024-2045. 95 Pts

2019 Clos LEglise – Rich, lush, opulent, and polished, the wine is full-bodied, concentrated, and packed with perfectly ripe, dark plums, black cherries, coffee beans, truffle, licorice, and very dark chocolate. But it is on the palate where the wine starts to sing due to all of its layers of sexy, supple-textured fruits. The finish packs a punch with its chocolate-covered, dark red pit fruits and espresso. The finish is fresh, pure, long, and rich. Drink from 2025-2047. 96 Pts

2019 Clos Rene – Medium-bodied, soft, fresh and already sporting a nose filled with mint leaf, cherries and mocha. Approachable, fresh, vibrant and already easy to like, with all of its spicy cherries, you and drink this just about on release, or age it for a bit for more secondary nuances. Drink from 2023-2036. 91 Pts

2019 Clos-de-la-Vieille-Eglise – Black raspberries, herbs and spice with touches of espresso, wet earth and spices kick off the perfume. Medium-bodied, fresh, soft, vibrant and elegant, the sweet, ripe, red fruits really come through on the palate and in the finish. This is showing much nicer from the bottle than it did from the barrel. Drink from 2023-2034. 90 Pts

2019 Compostelle – Medium-bodied, soft, forward and fruity with a strong, savory, herbal component to all the sweet, soft-textured, juicy plums, you can enjoy this on release and for at least a decade or longer. Drink from 2022-2031. 89 Pts

2019 Croix du Casse – Medium-bodied, soft, silky and fresh, with a core of sweet, ripe cherries, flowers and wet earth. The wine is refined, chocolaty, and earthy on the palate and in the lush, plummy finish. Drink from 2023-2038. 92 Pts

2019 Domaine-de-LEglise – Not quite as opulent or as concentrated as it was in barrel, but there is still a lot to love here. Rich, dark, deep, black plums and chocolate, with a side of licorice, truffle, flowers and espresso, the wine is fresh, polished, silky and sensuous. For a Pomerol at this level of quality, the wine sells for a song. Drink from 2024-2042. 95 Pts

2019 Enclos Tourmaline – Opulent, deep, dark and rich with layers of silky-textured, chocolate-covered black plums and cherries. The wine is full-bodied, concentrated, lush and fresh, with length, purity and complexity. This is everything you want in a Pomerol. However, the wine will be quite difficult to find as only 260 cases were produced in this vintage. Drink from 2024-2049. 96 Pts

2019 Fayat – Flowers, smoke, dark red pit fruits and forest leaf scents make an appearance in the nose. On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, elegant, fresh and silky, forward and fruity with an open personality making this a treat to drink just about on release, this is the best vintage of Chateau Fayat I have ever tasted. Drink from 2023-2034. 91 Pts

2019 Feytit-Clinet – It takes no time to see the greatness in this wine. Just pull the cork and discover the wealth of flowers, truffles, licorice, black plums, and cherry liqueur. Rich, full, deep, opulent, silky, and sensuous, the wine coats your palate with layers of plummy fruit, wet earth, and dark chocolate. And the best part is the wine lingers on your palate, o you get to enjoy all of its sensations 2 or 3 times before the wine is gone from your palate and you need another sip. This is the finest vintage of Feytit Clinet ever produced! Great job Jeremy! Drink from 2025-2050. 97 Pts

2019 Franc-Maillet – Espresso, plums, wet earth, menthol, smoke and spice come along with red fruits and citrus on the nose and palate. The wine is soft, round and fruity, forward in style, with a slightly tangy finish, you can enjoy this on release. Drink from 2022-2030. 88 Pts

2019 Franc-Maillet Cuvee Jean-Baptiste – Cedar, tobacco leaf, mint, espresso, olives and black plums with cocoa create the nose. On the palate, the wine is fresh, bright, juicy and crisp, with a spicy, peppery touch to the chocolate-coated black cherries in the polished, round finish. Give a few years of cellaring before pulling a cork. Drink from 2024-2035. 91 Pts

2019 Gazin – The showy nose kicks off with a beautiful display of flowers, red cherries, red plums, cocoa and wet earth. On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, elegant and fresh with loads of ripe, sweet, plums, energy and a liberal dose of chocolate in the finish. Drink from 2024-2045. 94 Pts

2019 Gouprie – The earthy plums come along with espresso, dark chocolate and savory cherries on the round palate. The wine finishes with a savory edge to all of its espresso tinged, cherries along with a touch of dust to the tannins in the finish. Drink from 2022-2032. 89 Pts

2019 Guillot Clauzel – Loads of dark chocolate-covered black plums and cherries come along with truffle, flowers and wet earth. Richly textured, opulent, silky and vibrant, the wine is concentrated, sensuous and long, with a fresh, energized, velvety plummy finish. This is only the second vintage for Chateau Guillot Clauzel with Guillaume Thienpont at the helm. This is a future Pomerol star on the rise. The production is minuscule with less than 500 cases produced, so grab it while you can. Drink from 2024-2045. 94 Pts

2019 Haut-Maillet – Earthy, smoky, savory red fruits and herbs come across easily in this soft-textured, forward, cherry and kirsch filled medium-bodied, early drinking charmer. Drink from 2022-2030. 89 Pts

2019 Hosanna – Black, red and blue fruits is the name of the game here. The wine is concentrated, ripe, opulent, and showy. In the palate, the layers of sensuously-textured fruits, chocolate, and licorice coat your palate, leaving you with a decadent finish packed with waves of dense, cherry, boysenberry, and blueberry fruits, espresso, cocoa, and chocolate. Drink from 2030-2049. 96 Pts

2019 LEglise Clinet – The last vintage produced by Pomerol legend, Denis Durantou, (who sadly passed away May 2020), is one of his best. A testament to his devotion to his vineyards, the wine explodes with a gorgeous set of aromatics packed with flowers, chocolate, truffle, plums, black cherries, and wet earth. But it is on the palate where the magic takes place. Incredibly concentrated, rich, ostentations, silky and vibrant, the wine offers incredible purity to the fruit, which is a good thing because the finish is not something you want to lose sight of, as its showy display of chocolate-tinged, dark red fruits, licorice, spice, and black cherries lingers, builds and expands. Built to age and evolve, give it some time in the cellar and enjoy it for 3 decades with ease. This is exactly the type of wine Denis Durantou truly loved making. Owners of this beauty should toast him and his years of work at L’Eglise Clinet. I know I will. Drink from 2033-2060. 100 Pts

2019 LEglise Clinet La Petite Eglise – Soft, silky and vibrant, with so much fruit, lift, polish and refinement, it is difficult to believe this is their second wine. Fragrant, silky, sensuous and opulent, the wine leaves you with loads of black plums, licorice and chocolate. Enjoy this while waiting for the Grand Vin to develop. Drink from 2024-2036. 94 Pts

2019 LEnclos – Truffle, flowers, and cocoa come through easily in the nose. The wine is soft, sweet, silky and fresh with a gorgeous, refined, sense of purity to the sweet cherries on the palate and in the silky finish. I really like the spicy, chocolate note on the backend. Clearly, this is the best vintage of L’Enclos ever produced! Drink from 2023-2037. 92 Pts

2019 LEvangile – Deep, dark, rich, and opulent, this flamboyant wine serves up an elixir packed with dark chocolate-covered cherries, plums, espresso, truffle, licorice, smoke and wet earth. Full-bodied, concentrated, dense and intense, this is hedonism, but the high alcohol does impart some heat that takes away from the overall experience. The wine blends 83% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc and 1% Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the first time Cabernet Sauvignon has been placed in the blend. Drink from 2025-2040. 94 Pts

2019 LEvangile Blason de L’Evangile – Showing much better in the bottle than it did from the barrel, the wine is intensely floral, silky and fresh, with solid core of soft, creamy-textured, sweet, vibrant, earthy red fruits, finishing with a gentle touch of dust on the tannins. This is perfect for ordering in a bistro or cafe, as it needs no decanting, just pop, pour and enjoy. Drink from 2022-2030. 89 Pts

2019 La Cabanne – Flowers intermingled with wet earth and cherries and a touch of cocoa hit all the notes here. Medium-bodied, elegant, refined, soft and silky, with freshness and energy to all the black plums and mocha on the mid-palate that carries all the way through to the ripe, lusciously-textured finish. Since 2015 La Cabanne has been getting better and better and 2019 is clearly the best vintage produced here yet. Drink from 2024-2040. 93 Pts

2019 La Clemence – Showing quite a bit of oak at the moment, the wine is all about its chocolate, espresso, smoke, plum and spice character. Forward, easy to drink, but oaky and not overly complex, you can taste it on release, or age it for a few years hoping that the oak becomes more integrated. Drink from 2024-2035. 88 Pts

2019 La Commanderie Pomerol – Lush, round, polished, earthy, medium-bodied, Pomerol with an oaky edge at the moment. So give it a few years in the bottle for everything to better integrate and to allow all the sweet, ripe, plush-textured cherries, plums and chocolate to shine through. Drink from 2023-2033. 90 Pts

2019 La Conseillante – Almost at the same level as the incredible 2016, this is one of the great vintages of La Conseillante. The nose, with its haunting bouquet of violets, lilacs and roses come along with additional nuances of chocolate, truffle, black cherries, black raspberries, and black plums. I remember during the barrel tastings with Marielle Cazaux over Zoom blurting out, “Holy F..K!” Yes, it is that good! On the palate, the wine is elegant, seductive, long, vibrant, sweet, fresh and most importantly, incredibly pure, displaying the essence of its gorgeous fruits. This is one of the great vintages of La Conseillante. Fans of the estate need some of this in their cellar. Drink from 2032-2055. 99 Pts

2019 La Croix St. Georges – Flowers, cherries, espresso and dark chocolate crowd into the perfume seeking attention. The wine is rich, opulent, multi-layered and opulent, with a finish loaded with espresso, cocoa and dusty black plums. Give it a bit of time in the cellar to develop and become better integrated with its oaky nuances. Drink from 2024-2040. 93 Pts

2019 La Croix de Gay – Black raspberries, plums, cherries, wet earth and forest leaf, the wine is silky, seductive and fresh, with mineralistic overtones in the red pit fruit and chocolate oriented finish. Give this a few years of bottle age and it will be a much better wine. Drink from 2023-2034. 92 Pts

2019 La Fleur de Gay – Medium-bodied, fresh, silky and refined, the supple-textured layers of plums, cherries, licorice, smoke, espresso, along with the wine’s floral essences hit all the right notes. Supple, refined, lush and polished, with ample sweet, ripe plums and dark cocoa in the finish, this will offer pleasure early, yet age well too. Drink from 2025-2045. 93 Pts

2019 La Grave Pomerol – A nice touch of herbs accompanies the plums, cocoa, licorice, spice and floral notes. Medium-bodied, soft, silky, polished and fresh, with loads of sweetness to the chocolate tinted fruits and refined, elegant textures in the finish. Drink from 2023-2037. This is perhaps the finest vintage of La Grave Pomerol I have ever tasted! 93 Pts

2019 La Patache – Soft, silky, elegant, and fresh, the wine is forward, medium-bodied, refined, and already just great to have in your glass thanks to all of its layers of sweet, juicy plums, cocoa, black cherries and chocolate. You can enjoy this wine on release, and over the next 12-15 or more years with ease. Drink from 2022-2036. 92 Pts

2019 La Pointe – Flowers, and cherries with a touch of smoke, licorice and spice come through easily in the nose and on the palate. Medium-bodied, soft and fresh, with an elegant, plum and chocolate-infused mid-palate and finish, this will drink well early, yet age for 15 years or so. Drink from 2023-2035. 91 Pts

2019 La Renaissance – Savory red fruits herbs, licorice and espresso are the initial things you notice. On the palate, the wine is soft, round, forward and fruity with a plummy espresso and mocha tinted finish. You can drink this just on release, Medium-bodied, soft, silky, sweet and fruity, with loads of dark chocolate covered, sweet, black plums and cherries. The finish, with all its ripe, black cherries, licorice and cocoa notes is already showing well. 89 Pts

2019 La Violette – Deeply colored, the wine is intense, full-bodied, rich, sensuous, opulent, and showy. The wine is packed with violets, lilacs, black plums cherries, dark chocolate, and blackberries with hints of blue fruit on the nose and on the ostentatious palate, this is going to need at least a few years in the cellar before it really begins to offer up all of its qualities and complexities. Drink from 2027-2055. 97 Pts

2019 La-FleurPetrus – Just the initial sniff lets you know this is a top-notch vintage for La Fleur Petrus. The perfume grabs your attention with all of its flowers, licorice, truffles, red, black and blue fruits and chocolate aromatics. If that wasn’t enough, the combination of vibrancy, silky, sensuous textures and layers of cashmere textured, perfectly ripe fruit, with its chocolate underpinnings will seal the deal. This show-stopper will age beautifully. Drink from 2032-2050. 98 Pts

2019 Lafleur – You know what they say, no guts, no glory. 2019 Lafleur is the wine of the vintage! It takes only one sniff and sip to recognize the greatness in this wine. The opaque, purple hue is your first clue as to the character of the wine. But the explosive nose, with its flowers, tobacco leaf, herbs, black, red, and blue fruits is like a theater curtain with seemingly endless layers that need to be unfurled before you get to the main show. Intensely concentrated, the wine coats and fills every nook and cranny of your palate with non-stop, massive waves of perfectly ripe, rich fruits and tannins. The seamless finish is breathtaking for its length, which races past the 60-second mark. This is not a wine to drink young. Give it some time, at least one decade, and maybe two of cellaring before opening a bottle! Drink from 2030-2065. 100 Pts

2019 Lafleur Les Pensees – Plums, flowers, cherries, wet earth, and a dash of dark chocolate are all front and center here. Medium/full-bodied, long, rich, and built to age, the wine will require at least a few years before its Pomerol essence begins to show its depth and all those gorgeous black plums, black cherries, and truffles that are hiding just below the surface. Drink from 2026-2040. 94 Pts

2019 Lafleur-Gazin – Medium-bodied, soft, fresh, crisp, savory and a bit chewy on the medium-bodied palate. The wine quickly hones in on its bright, energetic red fruits. You should be able to enjoy this with only a modicum of aging. Drink from 2023-2035. 91 Pts

2019 LatourPomerol – Fresh, silky, lush, polished and rich, the wine is packed with loads of silky-textured, dark, cherries, plums, flowers, espresso, wet earth and cocoa. Give this a few years in the cellar and enjoy it for at least 2 decades after that. Drink from 2025-2047. 93 Pts

2019 Le Chemin – Flowers, wet earth, dark cocoa and plums pop up on the nose with ease. The wine is lush, soft and polished, with good freshness, silky tannins and layers of sweet, dark plums and cherries in the finish. Drink from 2023-2034. 92 Pts

2019 Le Gay – The wine opens with nuances of flowers, truffles, chocolate, espresso, and black cherries and wet earth. The deeply colored wine is intense, full-bodied, powerful, mouth-filling and long, finishing with layers of chocolate-covered black cherries, plums, and hints of boysenberry. Give it a few years in the cellar and it will offer at least 2 decades of fabulous tasting experiences. Drink from 2027-2055. 96 Pts

2019 Le Gay Manoir de Gay – The wine opens with a strong floral character before moving on to its core of sweet, red fruits, wet earth, smoke, and spice-filled character. Medium-bodied, soft, silky and fresh, the fruit simply feels great as it crosses your palate. You can enjoy this on release while waiting for the Grand Vin to develop. Drink from 2022-2030. 90 Pts

2019 Le Moulin – Dark in color, the wine is round, lush and obvious. The oak is quite strong here, almost overwhelming the ripe, red pit fruits. The richly textured wine leaves you with smoke, espresso, dark chocolate, spice and black cherries. Drink from 2022-2033. 88 Pts

2019 Les Fillottes Les Quatre Parcelles – With a touch of oak that needs time to integrate, once past that initial moment, you quickly find layers of elegant, silky, fresh, pure red fruits, flowers, espresso, Asian spice, and wet earthy nuances. Refined, silky, and loaded with fresh, vibrant, red fruits and chocolate, the wine needs a few years of cellaring to fully display its full character. Buy it now, else good luck finding any as only 400 cases were made, give or take. The wine was produced by blending 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc. The new wine is a partnership between Francois Thienpont and Guillaume Thienpont. Drink from 2023-3025. 93 Pts

2019 Maillet – Deeply colored, concentrated, lush, rich, ripe and plummy, this hedonistic treat delivers layers of ripe, dark plum liqueur, flowers and chocolate on the nose and palate, finishing with polished, fresh, sweet, sensuous, deep red fruits and silky textures. This is going to deliver fabulous tasting experiences for at least 2 decades, if not more. Drink from 2024-2045. 94 Pts

2019 Mazeyres – Much better in the bottle than it was in the barrel, the wine shows off its red fruits, spice box, espresso, leafy herb, plum and cherry core with little effort. Soft, silky and fresh, with loads of sweet, fresh, refined, pure red fruits with touches of cocoa on the palate and in the back end, this is already quite nice to drink, yet it will only get better from here. Drink from 2023-3033. 90 Pts

2019 Monregard La Croix – Flowers, chocolate, smoke and dark red fruits hit all the right notes on the nose. The wine is plushly textured, with loads of opulent, sweet, ripe, earthy, truffle accented fruits with more of those dark chocolate and espresso notes on the back end. This is an outstanding, little-known Pomerol that remains fairly priced in this ever increasingly expensive appellation. Drink from 2024-2037. 92 Pts

2019 Montviel – Loaded with chocolate-covered plums, spice, smoke. earth and truffle, the wine is soft, polished, fresh, medium-bodied, elegant and rich. The earthy, fruit-packed, dark chocolate accented finish seals the deal. Give it a year or two in the bottle and it should be even better. This is the best vintage of Montviel I have ever tasted. Drink from 2023-2032. 92 Pts

2019 Nenin – Richly colored, with a nose of flowers, boysenberry,, chocolate, plums and Asian spice, the wine is lush, soft, polished and medium/full-bodied. The fruit is fresh, vibrant, polished and structured to age, leaving you with layers of cherries, truffle and dark chocolate in the endnote. This should age quite well. The wine was made blending 70% Merlot with 30% Cabernet Franc. Drink from 2024-2042. 94 Pts

2019 Nenin Fugue de Nenin – Medium bodied, early drinking, Merlot based charmer with a nice core of soft, textured, round, sweet plums with a tinge of truffle and cocoa to round things out. This is great to drink now while waiting for its big brother to develop. Drink from 2022-2029. 88 Pts

2019 Petit Village – Medium-bodied, fresh, bright, soft and silky with a focus on its red cherries and plums, with accents of flowers, truffle, licorice and spice. The finish continues with its core of earthy, soft, fresh, silky fruits and hints of cocoa, spice and earth in the finish. Drink from 2023-2042. 93 Pts

2019 Plincette – Medium-bodied, soft, fresh, lighter, fruit-oriented Pomerol with silky textures and a nice sweetness to all the ripe plums. The wine has a dusty, earthy, cherry and raspberry finish. Drink from 2022-2032. 89 Pts

2019 Porte Chic – Chocolate mint, smoke, licorice, incense, flowers and plums create the nose. The wine is round, plush, polished and all about its inner core of sweet, ripe, plums, black cherries, licorice and cocoa. Produced from blending 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, even though the wine reached 15% ABV, there is no touch of heat. Opulent in style, this is going to be easy to enjoy on release. Drink from 2022-2033. 91 Pts

2019 Rouget – Soft, silky, fresh, and elegant, the richly-textured, medium-bodied layers of cocoa-covered black cherries, licorice, espresso, flowers and wet earth are already a treat to experience. Lush, supple and creamy on the palate, you can enjoy this early, or age it for more complexity. Drink from 2023-2039. 93 Pts

2019 Sacre Coeur – From 100% Merlot, the wine is fresh, fruity, soft, elegant, sweet and offers ripe, plums with a touch of chocolate, licorice and cherries on the nose, palate and finish. This is perfect for drinking today and over the near future. Drink from 2022-2032. 91 Pts

2019 de Sales – With a solid core of cocoa infused, plums, flowers, and wet earth, there is a nice vibrancy, freshness and silky touch to all the sweet, ripe red fruits. Elegant, refined, earthy, and with a cool, truffle and herb accent on the nose, this is already nice and promises to be even better with a few years of age. Things have really been on the upswing here lately as the wines have really stepped up in quality lately starting with the 2018 vintage and 2019 is even better! Drink from 2023-2034. 91 Pts

2019 Tour Maillet – Soft, silky, lifted, vibrant and elegant, the wine is medium-bodied, and filled with soft-textured, sweet cherries from start to finish. Drink from 2023-2036. 91 Pts

2019 Trotanoy – This could rival the heart-stopping 2018. The depth of color lets you know this is special. One whiff of its showy display of plums, flowers, truffle, chocolate, black cherries, and incense, and you are sold. But when you get to the velvet-textured, opulent palate, you are blown away by how this caresses your palate. Plush, lush, silky, velvet-drenched layers of fruit hit you in non-stop waves. When this wine matures, it is going to be one of the great vintages of Trotanoy, Fans of the estate and Pomerol with the disposable income should be all of this gem. Wait a minimum of a decade, twice that if you can, and enjoy for 2-3 decades after that! Drink from 2030-2055. 100 Pts

2019 Valois – Savory, earthy, smoke and red cherry filled, medium-bodied, fresh, lighter styled Pomerol with a touch of chocolate on the back end for early drinking pleasure. Drink from 2022-2032. 89 Pts

2019 Valois de L’Eclat – Soft, polished, fresh and fruity, the core of sweet, ripe, dark plums come through easily accompanied by layers of chocolate covered cherries, espresso bean, smoke and minty herbs. Give the wine a year or two in the cellar for more complexity and better integration of the oak and this should be good to go. Drink from 2024-2037. 91 Pts

2019 Vieux Chateau Certan – There is no hotter wine these days in Pomerol than Vieux Chateau Certan. Since 2009, vintage after vintage has been extraordinary and 2019 continues its hot streak! The first thing you notice is the perfume, which is just like walking into a flower store with rows of roses, violets, and lilies along with forest greenery, spice box, plum liqueur, black cherry, truffle, and dark chocolate scents come alive. But it is on the palate that leaves you wanting more, due to non-stop waves of perfectly ripe, black cherries, plums, blackberries, and blue fruit which feel like each berry was hand-polished with a velvet cloth. The seamless finish delivers cashmere textures for more than 60 seconds! You can drink this relatively young for its hedonistic thrill-ride, or age it for additional complexities. Either way, this is a future legend. Drink from 2026-2060. 99 Pts

2019 Vieux Maillet – Medium-bodied, floral, fresh and energetic, with a core of sweet, ripe, red and black plums topped with cocoa, espresso and wet earth, and a dark, cherry-tinged, savory, finish, this will provide pleasure early in the life, yet age for 12-15 years as well. Drink from 2023-2033. 90 Pts

2019 Vieux-Taillefer – Medium bodied, soft, silky, fresh and refined, with a core of sweet, ripe, black cherries, savory herbs, wet earth and 5 spice notes. Vibrant, dusty and fresh in the finish, with a nice, kirsch note on the backend, this is showing much better in the bottle than it did in the barrel. Drink from 2022-2033. 90 Pts

We are continuing our coverage of the 2019 Bordeaux vintage and publishing these tasting reports as fast as possible. With this report, we are finished with all the 2019 Right Bank wines we have tasted. Tomorrow we are diving deep into the 2019 Left Bank wines starting with 2019 Pessac Leognan followed by the rest of the 2019 Medoc wines.

We are publishing our 2019 Bordeaux reports as fast as we can. Our next article focuses on the best 2019 Pessac Leognan red and white wines. Guide to all the top red and white Pessac Leognan wines from the 2019 vintage From there, we continue our reports with the remaining 2019 wines from the Left Bank.

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