2011 Chateauneuf du Pape a Drinkers Vintage


Chateauneuf du Pape wines and Bottles

Variety is the spice of life. At least that’s how I see it. The variances in vintage signatures is proof of that. Each vintage carries its own unique character, personality and allure. Of course there are vintages that require time in the cellar for the tannins to meld and allow the wines to develop secondary characteristics. Those vintages are important and sought after by wine lovers and connoisseurs all over the world. Those years are also the most expensive vintages in the marketplace.

Fortunately, there are also vintages that offer complexities and personality, that do not require cellar time. They can be enjoyed in their youth, for their fresh, vibrant forward qualities. That is what you find in 2011 Chateauneuf du Pape wines. They are not the most concentrated vintages,

The wines were tasted in two sessions, in the morning and after lunch. The first session, which is the wines in this report are all Chateauneuf du Pape tradition, classique or regular cuvees. The following 2011 Chateauneuf du Pape wines were all tasted non blind in Chateauneuf du Pape in June, 2014.

2011 Chateauneuf du Pape Wine Tasting Notes.

2011 DOMAINE DE LA BARROCHE SIGNATURE – Licorice, garrigue and kirsch notes lead to a plush, polished, luscious blast of ripe, sweet, peppery fruits in the finish. 91 Pts

2011 CHATEAU BEAUCASTEL – Medium bodied, in lighter, early drinking style that focuses on fresh, sweet red fruits and spice, with a sweet, spicy, slightly dusty, garrigue and kirsch finish. There are some tannins remaining to resolve. This could definitely improve with a few years of bottle age.

2011 DOMAINE DE BEAURENARD – With an earthy quality, the dark cherry notes, forward personality and sweet kirsch in the finish leave a nice impression. 89 Pts

2011 MAISON LOUIS BERNARD – Medium bodied, with garrigue and strawberry in the forefront, the wine is ready for prime time drinking. 86 Pts

2011 MAISON LOUIS BERNARD LA CRAU DES PAPES – Opening with a blast of fresh herbs and cherries, this medium bodied effort leads to a soft red berry ending. 87 pts

2011 DOMAINE BOIS DE BOURSAN – Earthy notes complicated by strawberry and raspberries produced an elegant, clean and fresh wine for early consumption. 90 Pts

2011 BOSQUET DES PAPES TRADITION – Silky, lush, ripe peppery berries, freshness and a blast of kirsch in the end that really stays with you. 91 Pts

2011 MAISON BOUACHON LA TIARE DU PAPE – Fresh herbs, red fruits and a medium bodied soft wine with some dryness in the bright finish. 84 Pts

2011 CAVE SAINT PIERRE – Open and forward, medium bodied and focused on its red berry core. There is a touch of dryness in the fresh finish. 84 Pts

2011 LA CELESTIERE TRADITION – Red berries, earth and herbs, medium bodied with a light cherry note in the finish. 86 Pts

2011 CHAPOUTIER LA BERNADINE – Straight forward, open, medium bodied, pleasant, focused on its cherry core, but lacking in complexity. 87 Pts

2011 DOMAINE LA BISCARELLE – Spicy, jammy, black raspberries, the soft, sweet, ripe and spicy tones really shine all the way through. 89 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DES TROIS CELLIER ALCHIMIE – Fresh, ripe, sweet cherries and fennel open to polished textures and a wild strawberry and herb filled finish. 89 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA CHARBONNIERE – Spicy berries, soft, lusty textures are topped by peppery, fresh, spicy red fruits and herbs in the finish. 90 Pts

2011 CLOS DES BRUSQUIERES – Polished and sweet, ample, sweet red plum, cherry and spice are found from start to finish. 89 Pts

2011 CLOS DES PAPES – Medium bodied, but not light, the nose kicks in with 5 spice, kirsch and peppery scents. The wine offers soft, round textures and a spicy, fresh, cherry, fennel and black raspberry finish that is further complicated by a hint of spearmint on the endnote. 94 Pts

2011 CLOS SAINT MICHEL – Silky, soft, spicy red fruits, earth and pepper start things off before your hit with a blast of spicy red cherries with hints of bright strawberries in the finish. 90 Pts

2011 CLOS DU MONT OLIVET – Fresh kirsch, silky textures and a sweet, soft, polished, peppery, red berry finish are found in this delicious wine. 91 Pts

2011 DOMAINE COMTE DE LAUZE – Medium bodied, spicy, fresh and serving up a tasty blast of sweet, peppery, black raspberry notes in the finish. 89 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE CRISTIA – Truffles hide just behind the sweet kirsch sensations. This is followed by a plush, sensuous pop of ripe, spicy, black cherries to complete the experience. 91 Pts

2011 DOMAINE LA CONSONNIERE – Fennel and garrigue bring you to a medium bodied, light, open styled cherry filled wine that needs to be consumed young. 87 Pts

2011 MAISON DELAS LA HAUTE PIERRE – Unadorned, simple, but correct, the wine is on the short and sweet side. 85 Pts

2011 DOMAINE ISABEL FERRANDO COLOMBIS – Medium bodied, flowery red berries, soft, open and forward, the wine is all about the elegant fresh, ripe cherry and garrigue character that carries through the finish. 91 Pts

2011 DOMAINE LA FAGOTIERE- Fresh, short and sweet, the wine is spicy with red plum and cherry tones. 86 Pts

2011 DOMAINE FINES ROCHES – Medium bodied with red fruits and spice, the wine is open already, ending with a soft, kirsch finish. 88 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE FONTAVIN TRADITION – Elegant and soft, this medium bodied, lighter styled, red berry filled wine display’s some dryness in the finish. 87 Pts

2011 DOMAINE FONT DE MICHELLE – Spicy, peppery, soft, ripe fruits in a forward style that is already showing its stuff. 90 Pts

2011 CHATEAU DE LA FONT DU LOUP – Silky, ripe, round cherries, mint and peppery herbs get you going and keep you there from start to finish. 90 Pts

2011 CHATEAU FORTIA TRADITION – Light ruby in hue, this medium bodied, earthy, cherry dominated wine is already open and ready to drink. 88 Pts

2011 CHATEAU DE LA GARDINE TRADITION – Medium bodied, easy going, simple, peppery, red fruits are presented in a pleasant, straight forward manner. 87 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DU GRAND TINEL – Silky smooth, medium bodied with a kick of kirsch. That fresh, red berry sensation continues through to the fresh finish. 90 Pts

2011 LES GRANDES SERRES LA COUR DES PAPES – Forward and ready for drinking with its open, spicy, cherry and plum character. 88 Pts

2011 DOMAINE GIRAUD TRADITION – Kirsch, kirsch and more kirsch, coupled with spicy, peppery notes lead to an approachable, rich, sweet, silky finish. 92 Pts

2011 CHATEAU HUSSON – Medium bodied, open and accessible, there is a softness in the texture of the peppery, kirsch finish. 88 Pts

2011 DOMAINE ALBIN JACUMIN – Oak, black pepper, garrigue and black raspberries, this medium bodied, forward kirsch expression is already fun to taste. 88 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA JANASSE – Sweet, ripe, silky red berries linger, until more, spicy, fresh fruits make their way into the long, seductive, fruit filled finish. 91 Pts

2011 CHATEAU JAS DE BRESSY – Round textured and supple, the wine has a plush, polished spicy personality with ample, fresh, sweet red fruits. 90 Pts

2011 DOMAINE LAFOND ROC EPINE – Soft textured, open and with good freshness in the sweet, ripe, black raspberries and kirsch flavors that are at the heart of this wine. 90 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE MARCOUX – Floral in nature, with sweet cherries and silky textures, the essence of kirsch shines through to the peppery finish. 91 Pts

2011 DOMAINE MATHIEU – Light red berry notes, elegantly styled, this will drink best young. 87 Pts

2011 MAISON GABRIEL MEFFRE LAURUS – Sweet, spicy red fruits, soft, medium bodied, with fresh, spicy plum and fennel notes that stick with you through the finish. 88 Pts

2011 MAISON GABRIEL MEFFRE SAINT THEODRIC – Light in color and fruit, this correct, medium bodied, red fruit dominated wine is an easy drinking charmer that will be best young. 86 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA MILLIERE VIEILLES VIGNES – Light red fruits with a hint of licorice in the short, clean finish. 87 Pts

2011 CHATEAU MONGIN – Oak dominates the nose in this early stage, the supple textures are a treat, but the oak carries through to the finish. Modern in style, some tasters will like this better than others. 86 Pts

2011 DOMAINE LA MONTAGNE VIEILLE – Medium bodied, on the light side of the style range, there is some dryness in the red fruit finish. 85 Pts

2011 CHATEAU MONT THABOR – Candied red berries, medium bodied and forward, this lighter styled wine should be best young. 87 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA MORDOREE LA REINE DES BOIS – Licorice, vanilla and spice framboise couple with floral notes to create a smoky, sensuous, rich wine, finishing with ripe plum notes. A few years of age should add even more complexity to the wine. 93 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE NALYS – Earthy dark cherries, polished textures and a spicy, peppery finish. 87 Pts

2011 CHATEAU LA NERTHE – Coffee bean, fresh, ripe red berries and spice on the nose carry through to the silky, smooth, creamy, kirsch filled finish. 90 Pts

2011 CHATEAU LA NERTHE LES GRANIERES – Light on the nose, medium bodied on the palate, the forward styled, easy to drink wine requires consumption in its youth to get the most from its red berry character. 85 Pts

2011 DOMAINE L’OR DE LINE – Medium bodied, finesse styled wine with an herbal quality in the red fruit finish. Drink young. 87 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE PANISSE CONFIDENCE VIGNERONNE – Light in style, with a short, tart, fresh, red berry finish. Drink this young. 85 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DU PEGAU CUVEE RESERVEE – Earthy, barnyard and wild cherry scents lead to you to a rich, warm, full bodied, spicy wine that is filled with garrigue, pepper and jammy strawberries in the finish.

2011 DOMAINE DU PERE CABOCHE – Medium bodied and elegantly textured, there is good freshness in the spicy finish. 88 Pts

2011 DOMAINE PONTIFICAL – Light in the nose, the wine serves up delicate, tart fresh red plums in the spicy finish. 87 Pts

2011 PORTE ROUGE – Medium bodied, soft and forward, this easy drinking wine ends with a spicy, kirsch filled finish. 86 Pts

2011 MAISON RAVOIRE ET FILS OLIVIER RAVOIRE – Medium bodied early drinking wine with an herbaceous, cherry center. 86 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA RONCIERE LOUIS GEOFFREY – Sweet and spicy, with an open, peppery, dark red berry, elegant personality. 89 Pts

2011 CHATEAU DE RUTH CUVEE EMILIE – Light in hue, light in fruit and flavor, drink this light wine young. 84 Pts

2011 DOMAINE SAINT PREFERT CUVEE CLASSIQUE – Licorice and kirsch notes to a soft, medium bodied, open, fresh core of spicy, fresh red and black plums. 90 Pts

2011 DOMAINE SAINT ROCHE – Fennel and garrigue, complicated by spearmint and red berries develop into a soft, medium bodied, spicy, red kirsch filled wine. 88 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DES SAUMADES – Light in color, floral in nature, this medium bodied wine will show its red berry charms best in its youth. 86 Pts

2011 DOMAINE SERGUIER – Fresh herbs and pepper couple with sweet kirsch, soft textures and a forward, medium bodied style. 87 Pts

2011 CHATEAU SIXTINE – Lush red fruits and spice, with a polished, black cherry personality with good character and a supple finish. 91 Pts

2011 CHATEAU SIXTINE MANUS DEI – Supple easy tasting and forward, some dryness is found in the spicy, cherry and wild strawberry finish. 87 Pts

2011 CUVEE DES SOMMELIERS – With a light cherry and garrigue nose, the wine offers soft textures, a medium body and freshness in the red berry finish. 87 Pts

2011 – DOMAINE PIERRE USSEGLIO – Black cherry liqueur, garrigue and fresh kirsch are on display in this , plush, open wine that is already drinking with pleasure. 91 Pts

2011 CUVEE DU VATICAN – Easy drinking and forward in style, enjoy this, bright, red berry focused wine young. 86 Pts

2011 CHATEAU DE VAUDIEU – Medium bodied, soft, forward and spicy, ample red berries and garrigue carry though from start to finish in this tasty wine. 91 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA VIEILLE JULIENNE LES TROIS SOURCES – Sweet flowery cherries and red berries bring you to young, tannic wine that finishes with fresh, crisp raspberries in the end note. This will be better with a few years of age. 92 Pts

2011 DOMAINE DE LA VIEILLE JULIENNE LES HAUT LIEUX – Earthy, fresh, spicy fruits with a peppery, zippy personality, leaving you with an impression of sweet, ripe, black raspberries and kirsch in the lush finish. 93 Pts

The next report will focus on the 2011 Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Special wines. This should be published later this week. At least that is plan.


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