2021 Generic AOC Bordeaux Red and White Wine Barrel Tasting Report


Some of the best 2021 value wines in all of Bordeaux are the generic AOC Bordeaux wines. And some of the most interesting 2021 Bordeaux wines as well. That is because there are chateaux that produce fabulous wines that are outside of the limits of their appellation, and those wines are sold as simple Bordeaux wine. Although they can be anything but simple.

There are also some vintners with vineyards in the Bordeaux appellation that due to their drive and abilities produce wines far above the level of their simple appellation. The best 2021 Bordeaux wines from those producers deserve attention. One other note of importance, you will also find the best 2021 Vin de France and 2021 Atlantiques wines from Bordeaux producers in this article as well.

All of the following 2021 AOC Generic Bordeaux wines listed below were tasted in April in Bordeaux in non-blind conditions.

2021 dAiguilhe Blanc – Bordeaux – Lemon curd, honeysuckle, spice, green apple, and a touch of vanilla in the deep background create the perfume. On the palate, the wine is fresh, crisp, and packed with Pippin apples, pomelo, and chalky, yellow citrus with a crisp finish. The wine is produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Drink from 2023-2032. 92-92 Pts

2021 Bad Boy Chardonnay – Vin de France – Lemons, flowers, and grapefruit are lively, fresh, and fun to taste, with its citrus and green apple finish. Drink from 2023-2026. 86-88 Pts

2021 Brane Cantenac Blanc – Bordeaux – Light yellow in color, the wine opens with pineapple, mango, green apple, and flowers. Fresh, juicy, vibrant, and focused on its yellow citrus, with just a dollop of honey on the palate, the wine ends with an invigorating, lemon méringue note. The wine blends 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Semillon. Drink from 2023-2027. 92-92 Pts

2021 Blanc de Coralie Boüard – Atlantiques – White peach, mango, orange rind, and a touch of pineapple with just a baby hint of vanilla are what you find here. Fresh, juicy, crisp, yellow citrusy fruits make up the endnote. The wine is produced with 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Drink from 2023-2026. 90-90 Pts

2021 Cantenac Brown Alto de Cantenac Brown – Bordeaux – Lemon peel, orange, white peach, and pineapple show up on the nose and in the bright, fresh, crisp palate. The wine was produced from a blend of 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Semillon. Drink from 2022-2027. 92-92 Pts

2021 Clarendelle – Bordeaux – Medium-bodied, fresh, light bright, plums with cocoa on the nose and on the soft, easy-going palate. You can enjoy this fruit-filled, round wine on release and over the following 5-7 years. Drink from 2023-2036. 87-89 Pts

2021 Clarendelle Blanc – Bordeaux – Crisp lemons, juicy pineapples, green apples, and fresh, white peaches shine in the nose and on the palate of this frankly, delicious, well-priced, white Bordeaux. Drink from 2023-2026. 90-90 Pts

2021 Clos de La Molenie Blanc – Bordeaux – Flowers, white peach, and mango with a dollop of honey come through with ease on the nose and in the creamy textured, sweet, fresh finish. Drink from 2023-2026. 89-89 Pts

2021 Clos de La Molenie Pas de Colline Blanc – Vin de France – The first white Cabernet Sauvignon most of you are ever going to taste, this Blanc de Noir serves up white peach, flowers, orange, and honey. Sweet, bright, and fresh with lemons and pineapple in the finish, this is great to bring to blind tastings. Drink from 2023-2026. 88-88 Pts

2021 Clos des Lunes Lune d’Argent – Bordeaux – White peach, pineapple, apricot, orange, mango and limoncello notes create an interesting bouquet. Bright, crisp, and fresh, creamy, citrus-filled finish, you can drink this with pleasure on release. The wine blends 70% Semillon with 30% Sauvignon Blanc. Due to the frost, close to 50% of the harvest was lost. Drink from 2023-2029. 92-92 Pts

2021 Clos-du-Beau-Pere Blanc du Beau Père – Bordeaux – The first white wine from Pomerol in over 100 years could only come from Jean-Luc Thunevin and Murielle Andraud. Produced from blending 50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Sauvignon Gris, the wine pops with white peach, mango, candied lemon peel, herbs, and green apple. Sweet, creamy, and fresh, drink this on the young side. Good luck finding any as the production is limited to 2,500 bottles. Drink from 2023-2028. 89-89 Pts

2021 Cos dEstournel Blanc – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, lemon peel, flowers, marshmallow, banana and a hint of pineapple create the enticing nose. On the palate, the wine is creamy, fresh, and fruity, finishing with waves of lemon curd, honeysuckle, orange rind, and meringue in the endnotes. The wine blends 71% Sauvignon Blanc and 29% Semillon. Drink from 2023-2032. 94-94 Pts

2021 Cos dEstournel Pagodes de Cos Blanc – Bordeaux – Bright, crisp, fresh, and juicy, the wine leans to its yellow citrus side with a nice bite of pomelo and lemon curd in the light, but vibrant finish. This is fully ready to go. Drink from 2023-2027. 91-91 Pts

2021 Domaine de Cambes – Bordeaux – Earthy, savory, leafy, fresh, bright, chewy, crisp, peppery red fruits and strong floral nuances. Medium-bodied with a core of earthy, sweet, fruits in the mid-palate and in the finish that should be a treat to enjoy on release. Drink from 2023-2031. 91-90 Pts

2021 Clos Dubreuil Chardonnay – Vin de France – The nose pops with its lemon peel, pear, green apples, and a hint of tropical fruit accents. Fresh, sweet, bright, and creamy, this is also a treat to taste and will make a fun wine to bring to a blend tasting! Drink from 2023-2028. 90-90 Pts

2021 Fleur Cardinale Intuition Blanc – Bordeaux – White peach, lemon chiffon, honeysuckle, and a touch of mango on the nose. Fresh, vibrant, sweet, tangy, and peachy, enjoy this over the next few years to capture all the sweet fruits. The wine is produced from a blend of 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Semillon, and 25% Sauvignon Gris. Drink from 2022-2026. 90-92 Pts

2021 Girolate – Bordeaux – Earthy, savory, herbal, and bright, the wine is on the leafy side of the crisp, red plum and cherry style range. Drink from 2023-2028. 85-87 Pts

2021 Grand Village Blanc – Bordeaux – Waxy lemons, white peach, and pear, with a touch of orange blossom, hit the spot on the nose and on the juicy, sweet, crisp, palate with all of its mango, orange rind, lemon meringue, green apple, and yellow plums. The wine truly lingers, with its sweet yellow citrus long after the wine has left your glass. This blend of 73% Sauvignon Blanc and 27% Semillon is ready to go. Drink from 2022-2029. 92-92 Pts

2021 Hubert de Boüard Cabernet Franc – Bordeaux – Flowers, spice, and crisp, sweet, red fruits show with ease, in this ready-to-drink, medium-bodied wine. This is quite interesting to taste one of the few Bordeaux wines made from 100% Cabernet Franc. 87-89 Pts Pts

2021 Hubert de Boüard Cabernet Sauvignon – Bordeaux – Medium-bodied, forward and already easy to taste, this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon shows a nice, juicy, sweet core of creme de cassis on the nose and palate. Drink from 2023-2028. 87-89 Pts

2021 Hubert de Boüard Merlot – Bordeaux – Medium-bodied, soft, forward, fruity, and focused on its core of earthy, plummy fruits with a hint of tobacco leaf in the endnote. Drink from 2023-2026. 85-87 Pts

2021 Hubert de Boüard Sauvignon Blanc – Bordeaux – Bright, fresh, crisp, and fruity with loads of sweet, juicy citrus, flowers, and green apples in every sniff, swirl, and sip. Open this on the young side for all of its ripe, sweet fruits. Drink from 2023-2027. 90 Pts

2021 La Grande Clotte Blanc – Bordeaux – The bright, fresh, crisp, juicy nature here creates the perfect backdrop for all the white peach, lemons, flowers, and grapefruit that are on display in the nose and on the palate. Drink from 2023-2030. 91 Pts

2021 Lafaurie-Peyraguey Blanc – Bordeaux – White peach, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, and flowers on the nose and on the crisp, bright, pure, clean palate. This is already just great to taste. Drink from 2023-2032. 92-92 Pts

2021 Lagrange Les Arums de Lagrange – Bordeaux – Flowers, white peaches, tangerine, and yellow citrus notes with a deft touch of honeysuckle are fresh, vibrant, crisp, and also creamy in the finish. Drink from 2023-2032. 90-90 Pts

2021 Laurence Blanc Sec – Bordeaux – Green apples, mint leaf, lemons, spice, flowers, and grapefruit aromatics create the complex perfume. Bright, crisp, and fresh on the palate, the wine leaves you with a refreshing blast of creamy, vibrant, yellow citrus with a hint of pear. Drink from 2023-2030. 91 Pts

2021 Leroy-Beauval – Bordeaux – Round, fresh, ripe, and focused on its sweet plums and fresh cherries, the wine is medium-bodied with chocolate overtones on the palate and in the spicy finish. Drink 2023-2028. 88-90 Pts

2021 Les Champs Libres – Bordeaux – Flowers, yellow citrus, honeysuckle, green apples, and bright pineapple create the exotic perfume. Fresh, crisp, and juicy, with a sweetness on the mid-palate and in the creamy, vibrant finish, all those fabulous yellow fruits build in intensity as they linger in the endnote. The wine is produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, picked September 9 – September 11. Drink from 2022-2035. 94-94 Pts

2021 Lynch Bages Blanc de Lynch Bages – Bordeaux – A straight shot of lemons, white peach and lime, vanilla, and green apple form the core of this crisp, vibrant, bright, lemon-dominated wine. Drink from 2023-2032. 93-93 Pts

2021 Margaux Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux – Bordeaux – White flowers, yellow citrus and orange rind with a hint of white peach. green apples and spice nuances are all over the place here. The wine shows a lushness and rich character that is equally fresh, crisp, and vibrant on the palate and in the finish. In fact, it is almost racy in its attitude. The wine is produced from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. 13.3% ABV. Drink from 2024-2037. 95-95 Pts

2021 Marjosse – Bordeaux – Forward, soft, medium-bodied, charming, red cherry and currant filled, refined, soft-textured wine that will be perfect for early-drinking pleasure. Drink from 2023-2032. 88-90 Pts

2021 Mouton Rothschild Aile D’Argent Blanc – Bordeaux – Notes of white peach, ginger, flowers, and lemon curd are all over the place. The wine is sweet, fresh, and filled with even more of those ripe, sweet, white peaches and pomelo in the zesty finish. You can enjoy this on release. The wine was made from a blend of 45% Sauvignon Blanc, 36% Semillon and 19% Sauvignon Gris. Drink from 2023-2030. 94-94 Pts

2021 Nardian Blanc – Bordeaux – Honeysuckle, orange rind, vanilla, green apple, and a touch of lime show on the nose and in the fresh, bright, crisp palate. I like all the freshness here. Drink from 2023-2026. 92-92 Pts

2021 Pabus – Bordeaux – Forward, fruity and fresh, with a core of ripe, sweet, juicy plums and a hint of chocolate on the back end, drink this on the young side. Drink from 2023-2028. 87-89 Pts

2021 Plain-Point Blanc – Bordeaux – White peach, grapefruit, and sweet lemon nuances show up in the nose and on the crisp, bright, juicy, citrus-dominated palate. Drink from 2023-2027. 88 Pts

2021 Puy Redon Chardonnay – Vin de Pays Pyrénees-Atlantiques – Unfiltered, the wine opens with flowers, pears, yellow citrus, banana, and roasted nut aromas. Fresh, bright, and zesty, the wine finishes with loads of creamy, sweet, fresh, yellow citrus in the endnote. Drink from 2023-2028. 91 Pts

2021 Puygueraud Blanc – Bordeaux – Blending 64% Sauvignon Blanc and 36% Sauvignon Gris, you find white peaches, mango, pineapple, and honeysuckle on the nose and in the sweet, juicy, creamy, crisp, tropical edged finish. Drink from 2023-2029. 91-91 Pts

2021 Suduiraut Lions de Suduiraut Blanc Sec – Bordeaux – A fresh, crisp, lively shot of lemon, grapefruit, flowers, spice, and white peach that is delivered in a creamy, zesty style, making this perfect for early drinking pleasure. Sadly, this is going to be quite difficult to find as the yields were only 3 hectoliters per hectare. Formerly known as Le Blanc Sec de Suduiraut, this is the same wine, but with a new name. Drink from 2023-2030. 91-91 Pts

2021 Talbot Caillou Blanc – Bordeaux – Sweet lemon rind, flowers, orange, and honeysuckle, with a nice bite of Granny Smith apples on the palate work well here in this early drinking, refreshing wine. The wine blends 73% Sauvignon Blanc and 27% Semillon, 13.5% ABV. Drink from 2023-2027. 91-91 Pts

2021 du Tertre Blanc – Vin de France – White peach, vanilla, flowers, melon, vanilla, lemons, and spice create the complex nose. Fresh, sweet, juicy, and creamy, with peach and lemon rind in the finish. You can enjoy this on release. The unique blend is made from 38% Gros Manseng, 25% Viognier, 25% Sauvignon Blanc and 12% Chardonnay. The wine was vinified in stainless steel and barrel and aged in 100% new, French oak barrels. Drink from 2023-2027. 90-90 Pts

2021 Valandraud Blanc de Valandraud – Bordeaux – Flowers, honeysuckle, vanilla, and yellow with orange citrus create the nose. On the palate, the wine cracks with bright, crisp, lemon peel, a touch of orange, spice, and pineapple. The finish balances between its opulent, flamboyant nature and its fresh, bright citrus side. The wine blends 50% Sauvignon Gris, 35% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Semillon. The harvest took place September 7 – September 20. Drink from 2023-2037. 95-95 Pts

2021 Virginie de Valandraud Blanc – Bordeaux – Flowers, yellow citrus, lemongrass, white peach, spice, and grapefruit pop on the nose. On the palate, the wine is even better with all of its juicy, sweet freshness, racy lemons, and fresh pomelo with just a touch of spice in the finish Drink from 2023-2032. 92-92 Pts

Up next, we focus our attention on all of the outstanding dry, 2021 Dry White Bordeaux Wine before we get to our last set of tasting notes which takes a look at the best 2021 sweet white Bordeaux from Sauternes and Barsac that we were able to taste.

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