2009 Right Bank Value Bordeaux Wines from Stephane Derenoncourt


Stephane Derenoncourt Bordeaux wine

2009 Bordeaux value wines, tasting notes, ratingsreviews and buying guide. The wines tasted for this article were produced with the help of Stephane Derenoncourt and his team. All the wines in this report have been bottled. All the wines in this report are from the Right Bank of Bordeaux.  To read about the 2009 wines by Derenoncourt from the Left Bank and Pessac Leognan: www.thewinecellarinsider.com/?p=14833

Bordeaux wine has justifiably earned a reputation for being expensive, due to the high prices being paid for the finest Bordeaux wines. Bordeaux deserves equal attention for the numerous over performing small properties that produce outstanding value Bordeaux wines. These delicious wines can be enjoyed young and they will stand up to some ageing as well.  Because many of these value Bordeaux wines are produced in large quantities, most are easy to find.

Many of these wines are produced from some of the best terroir found in satellite apellations. For example; Cotes de CastillonFronsac, Canon Fronsac and Bordeaux Superieur.  Some of the top value wines were even from St. Emilion!

Most of the wines in this report should be closer to $20 than $30. Some will be less than $20. This report is small because it was based on in bottle tastings from one consultant. At the time of my tasting in June, not many wines had fully recovered from bottling to be able to taste them, so the selection was limited.

The following value 2009 Bordeaux wines were tasted with Stephane Derenoncourt in June. This is not a full report on value wines that can be found in the region. But it should offer a glimpse into what some of the top 2009 value wines from Bordeaux taste like, now that they are in bottle.

2009 derenoncourt bordeaux wines

2009  Chateau  Beausejour Montagne 1901 From vines that were planted back in 1901, this is stuffed with licorice, black cherry, truffle, sweet, plums and coffee on the nose.  Medium/full bodied, this ends with a soft plum, licorice and black cherry finish. Not exactly a value wine in the literal sense, it’s difficult to fine many wines produced from 110 year old vines, especially in Bordeaux.  90 Pts

2009 Chateau La Bienfaisance Smoke, earth, gravel, jammy berries and anise, soft textures, medium bodied and produced in an early drinking style. 88 Pts

2009 Chateau Cadet Bon An improvement from pervious vintages, this soft textured, medium bodied, round textured wine made from 85% Merlot is filled with stone, dark fruit and jammy strawberries in the perfume. This fleshy wine should drink well early. 88 Pts

2009 Chateau Cote Montpezat Roasted dark berries and jammy plums and soft textures are the hallmarks of this fun wine.  This should drink well on release. 87 Pts

2009 Domaine de Courteillac – From a blend of 70% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and  15% Cabernet  Sauvignon, this already delicious wine is filled with licorice, jam and soft textured red and black fruits.  This should deliver pleasure on release. 88  Pts

2009 Chateau Edmus Stone, licorice and red with black fruits open this medium bodied, soft textured St. Emilion wine.  This easy to like wine will award pleasure early.  89 Pts

2009 Chateau Faurie de Souchard With a nose of jammy berries, black cherry, stone and earthy scents, the wine ends with soft textures and some green notes in the otherwise, ripe berry filled finish. 88 Pts

2009 Chateau GAUDET Spice, stone, plums and licorice pair well with this medium bodied, soft textured, early drinking Bordeaux wine.  88 Pts

2009 Chateau Godeau Deep in color, the aromatics are filled with smoke, licorice, roasted black cherries and jam.  From a blend of 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Fran, this supple and silky delicious Bordeaux is already showing well.  2009 Godeau remains one of the top value wines from St. Emilion in 2009.  Sooner or later, word will get out on what a great value this offers.  Godeau has stepped up the level of wine being produced at the property today thanks to the new owner who added Stephane Derenoncourt to his team. 92 Pts

2009 Chateau  Gree-Laroque  From a blend of mostly Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc, the wine offers a spice, mushroom, jammy dark berry and licorice filled perfume.  Soft, round and packed with ripe fruit, this easy to like wine ends with layers of fresh blackberries. 89 Pts

2009 Chateau Haut Ballet was a new discovery for me. From vines averaging 30 years of age that are planted on serious limestone terroir in Canon Fronsac, the perfume was loaded with licorice, jammy berries and spice.  This seems to be hard to find, but if you run across a bottle, it’s worth picking it up and trying it. 90 Pts

2009 Chateau Hostens Picant Forest floor, spice strawberry and pepper on the nose, medium bodied with some green notes amongst the black raspberry flavors are found in the slightly drying finish. 85 Pts

2009 Chateau Hostens Picant Lucullus Cuvee d’Exception is the top wine from Hostens Picant. Stone, licorice and blackberry jam scents open to a medium bodied with soft, round textures that ends with a tasty plummy finish. 89 Pts

2009 Chateau Jean Faure  Spice, black raspberry, licorice and earthy scents lead to a  medium/full bodied wine with soft textures and a long, round, ripe black cherry filled finish 89 Pts

2009 Chateau Jean Faux   – With aromas of jam, licorice, black and red fruits and smoke, this supple textured wine ends with a fresh black cherry finish 89 Pts

2009 Chateau l’Isle Fort Aromas of spicy red and black fruit open to a medium bodied Bordeaux Superieur wine with soft textures that ends with a sweet black raspberry jam filled finish. 87 Pts

2009 Chateau des Laudes Roasted strawberry jam with hints of licorice combine with a medium bodied wine that ends with a light red and black fruit finish. 84 Pts

2009 Chateau Moulinet Short, sweet and simple, this wine ends with a soft, black cherry finish. 85 Pts

2009 Chateau Le Pin Beausoleil Licorice, jammy red berries, spice and round textures can be found in this wine, finishing with an opulent black cherry filled finish. 88 Pts

2009 La Prade Bottled late May and produced from 100% Merlot, the perfume offers scents of oak, licorice, plum and jammy black raspberries. Full bodied, soft textured and packed with sweet, juicy plums, vanilla, black cherry, pepper and cassis, this is a delicious wine. 91 Pts

2009 Puygueraud Bottled June 10, from a blend of 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Malbec, the wine opens with sweet licorice, tobacco, black raspberry and spice scents. Medium bodied, this ends with soft textured, sweet, black raspberry and chocolate in the finish. 88 Pts

2009 Sanctus de la Bienfaisance Produced from 65% Merlot and 35% Cabernet Franc from a small parcel located in the St. Emilion vineyards of La Bienfaisance, the wine is packed with black licorice, jammy berries, crushed stone, spice and sweet juicy plums. With character and complexity, this 14.8% alcohol wine does not show any sensation of heat in the long, mineral driven, licorice and dark berry filled finish. 91 Pts

2009 Chateau La Tour Figeac Truffle, spice, mushroom, black pepper, jammy blackberries, full bodied, filled with ripe dark fruit, round tannins and a soft, plush, red and black fruit filled finish. 92 Pts

2009 Chateau Vrai Canon Bouche From a blend 98% Merlot and the remainder made from Malbec, this licorice, truffle, blackberry jam filled wine offers supple textures and an appealing black and red fruit finish. This is another outstanding value Bordeaux wine from 2009 made with the help of Stephane Derenoncourt and his able team. 91 Pts

This was an interesting exercise. According to Wine Searcher, these are average prices for the following wines. Some of these wines are not typically bought as futures and should be available in America when they are in bottle. FWIW, while not tasted in bottle, the always stunning La Fleur Morange Mathilde is now about $30 and it’s a great deal for a wine of that quality. I think it was under $20 as a future. It is bottled, shipped and sold early. I think bottles are available in stores today.
Some of these wines need American distribution!  I hope some of the people in the business reading this article consider how much the American market needs more Bordeaux wine that offer value, quality and character at an affordable price.
2009 Chateau Beausejour Montagne 1901 is about to be available in US! The owner, Pierre Bernault, saw my review this morning and posted on my Facebook page that they now have a US distributor!
2009 Chateau La Bienfaisance $19
2009 Chateau Cadet Bon Not available in US
2009 Chateau Cote Montpezat $17
2009 Domaine de Courteillac $12
2009 Chateau Edmus Not available in US… Odd since the owner is an American
2009 Chateau Faurie de Souchard Not available in US
2009 Chateau GAUDET $40, not available in US
2009 Chateau Godeau $30
2009 Chateau Gree-Laroque $25, not available in the US
2009 Chateau Haut Ballet $30, not available in the US
2009 Chateau Hostens Picant $25, Not available in US. The Lucullus is more money.
2009 Chateau Jean Faure $30, Not available in US
2009 Chateau Jean Faux $28
2009 Chateau l’Isle Fort $20, Not available in US
2009 Chateau des Laudes $30, Not available in US
2009 Chateau Moulinet $25, Not available in US
2009 Le Pin Beausoleil $25, Not available in US
2009 La Prade $16
2009 Puygueraud $14
2009 Chateau La Tour Figeac $35
2009 Chateau Vrai Canon Bouche $23


  1. Thanks for your latest review, Jeff. Chateau Edmus is distributed in Massachusetts through Ideal Wine and will soon be introduced in the New York market with Verity. It is also available on our website in some states for direct delivery.
    Phil Edmundson, co-owner

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