2022 Bordeaux Superieur Guide to All the Best Wines to Buy


For a full, detailed overview and analysis of the 2022 Bordeaux vintage and harvest with producer quotes… 2022 Bordeaux Vintage, Harvest Report

All of the following 2022 Bordeaux Superieur wines were tasted in Bordeaux in April. Most of the wines were tasted at Negociants, Consultants or with trade groups. Whenever possible the wines were tasted more than once.

Some of the best value wines from the 2022 Bordeaux vintage come from vineyards in the Right Bank in Bordeaux Superieur. Fresh, tasty, delicious, ready to go and they are all extremely well-priced. Savvy shoppers and wine lovers should be all over these wines.

2022 Bordeaux Superieur Wine Tasting Notes

2022 Balthus – Bordeaux Supérieur – Round, plummy wine with chocolate, espresso, mint and cherries in a round, forward, creamy, lush, rich, fruit-filled, forward style. Drink from 2025-2037. 90-91 Pts

2022 Bouscat Caduce – Bordeaux Supérieur – Dark, round, fresh and fruity, with creamy textures and dark chocolate coated plums on the back end. This is a steal for the price, and it is perfect to enjoy on release. Drink this charmer over the next few years. Drink from 2025-2030. 89-91 Pts

2022 Bouscat Cuvee la Gargone – Bordeaux Supérieur – Inky, dark in color, the wine is packed with flowers, black cherries and chocolate. Lush and creamy on the palate, this is already a pleasure to taste. Drink from 2024-2028. 90-92 Pts

2022 Bouscat Les Portes de L’Am – Bordeaux Supérieur – Dark in color, the wine is all about its multiple layers of unctuous black, red and blue fruits. The wine has density, richness and concentration. The wine blends 50% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 25% Malbec. This wine is a Signature Selection Exclusive. Drink from 2025-2035. 91-93 Pts

2022 Clos de La Molenie Michelot – Bordeaux Supérieur – Fruity, forward and fresh, with a nice, juicy blast of dark red fruits on the nose, mid-palate in the finish. This is a well-priced, early drinking charmer. Produced from 60% Merlot, and equal parts Cabernet Franc. Drink from 2025-2030. 89-91 Pts

2022 De La Cour d’Argent – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium-bodied, soft, supple, round and fruity, the sweet plums and cherries on the backend come along with nuances of cocoa and licorice. The wine blends 95% Merlot with 5% Cabernet Franc. Drink from 2025-2031. 88-90 Pts

2022 Grand Village – Bordeaux Supérieur – Nutty, spicy, floral, and fruity in the nose, the wine is ripe, round, lush, rich and fragrant in the mouth. The finish is long, lifted, and spicy, with layers of dark pit fruits, cocoa and a touch of salt on the back end of the finish. This is one of the great Bordeaux value wines you can purchase by the case, if you can find it. And it is ready to be enjoyed on release! The wine blends 80% Merlot with 20% Cabernet Franc. Harvesting took place September 9 – September 23. Drink from 2025-2037. 92-94 Pts

2022 Gree-Laroque – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium bodied with black cherries, licorice, espresso and savory herbs on the nose and palate. The wine is forward, fruity and savory in the finish. Drink this on the young side. Drink from 2025-2031. 90-92 Pts

2022 Jean Faux – Bordeaux Supérieur – Savory herbs, crushed stone, flowers and red fruits combine in this medium-bodied, fresh lively, vibrant wine. This is already easy to enjoy with its juicy fruits on the palate and in the finish. Drink from 2025-2032. 90-92 Pts

2022 L’Isle Fort – Bordeaux Supérieur – Bright, fresh, red berries with floral accents and a crisp edge to the palate. Drink from 2023-2032. 88-90 Pts

2022 Lamothe Vincent Le Grand Rossignol – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium-bodied, with cherries and herbs in the nose, the wine is sweet, fruity and vibrant on the palate, with a cherry-oriented, chalky finish. You can enjoy this on release. Drink from 2024-2028. 87-89 Pts

2022 Laurence – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium-bodied, soft, forward, fruity and early-drinking, the wine is filled with sweet, juicy, fruits, cocoa, licorice, soft textures and freshness. Drink from 2025-2032. 89-91 Pts

2022 Le Pin Beausoleil – Bordeaux Supérieur – Bright, fresh, fruity, chewy and oaky, with a refreshing touch of citrus in the finish. This medium-bodied wine will be ready to go on release. Drink from 2025-2032. 90-92 Pts

2022 Les Perrieres – Bordeaux Supérieur – Flowers, black raspberries, red plums, cherries, chocolate and black raspberries are all over the place. The medium-bodied wine has a strong sense of minerality you can taste and feel on the mid-palate and in the long, perfectly-ripe, fruit-filled finish. The fruits taste as if they were blended with crushed stones, giving you lift, complexity and vibrancy in the elegant finish. The wine blends 50% Cabernet Franc with 50% Merlot. The harvest took place September 9 – September 22. Drink from 2023-2040. 93-95 Pts

2022 Pey-La-Tour Reserve – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium-bodied, soft, red berry oriented wine with a touch of spice and freshness at the end. This will be ready to go on release, and will be at its best over the next few years. Drink from 2025-2030. 89-91 Pts

2022 Prieuré Marquet – Bordeaux Supérieur – Chocolate, plums, black cherries, and cocoa with a savory, leafy edge on the nose. Medium-bodied, forward, soft and approachable, you can enjoy this 100% Merlot on release. Drink from 2025-2030. 89-91 Pts

2022 Reignac – Bordeaux Supérieur – Rich, round, forward, fruity, ripe, sweet and packed with chocolate coated cherries, this is ready to go on release and will be fun to enjoy for up to a decade. Drink from 2025-2032. 90-92 Pts

2022 Tour de Bellegarde – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium-bodies, forward, and already showing its licorice, and chocolately, plummy profile, the wine is round, soft and already easy to drink, finishing with lush, sweet, cherries. Drink from 2025-2032. 89-91 Pts

2022 Trocard Monrepos – Bordeaux Supérieur – Medium-bodied, forward, easy-to-drink, wine of pleasure produced from 100% Merlot that is perfect for easy going consumption. Drink from 2025-2029. 88-90 Pts

2022 Vermont L’Ame – Bordeaux Supérieur – Dark in color, the wine offers chocolate-covered, red pit fruits, licorice, spice, flowers and espresso in the nose. Round, plush and creamy on the palate, the wine finishes with dark chocolate, plums, black cherries, and espresso with a nice spicy kick on the back end. This is one of the best Bordeaux Superieur wines made today. Not much is made. The production is limited to only 600 bottles. The wine blends 40% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 30% Petit Verdot. Drink from 2025-2030. 91-93 Pts

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