2021 Lalande de Pomerol Wine In Bottle Report with Reviews and Scores


All of the following 2021 Lalande de Pomerol Appellation wines were tasted in my home office in non-blind tasting conditions.

2021 Bertineau St.-Vincent – Lalande de Pomerol – Chocolate covered nuts, espresso, flowers and cherries shine in the nose. The palate is even better with all of its round, black cherries, dark chocolate and mint. This is already delicious and can be enjoyed on release. Drink from 2024-2032. 90 Pts

2021 Chambrun – Lalande de Pomerol – Flowers, mint and cherries are on the nose. The palate is medium-bodied, fresh and lively, but also light, with a short, red pit fruit finish. This is going to be close to impossible to find, due to the fact that almost 90% of the crop was destroyed by frost. Drink from 2024-2033. 89 Pts

2021 Des Ormeaux – Lalande de Pomerol – Floral in nature, with notes of licorice, cherries and herbs to round things out, the wine is medium-bodied, fresh and savory with an herbal accent to the red fruits in the finish. Drink from 2024-2032. 88 Pts

2021 Enclos de Viaud – Lalande de Pomerol – Minty fresh, followed by cherries and flowers in the perfume. The wine is medium-bodied, soft and polished, with a brightness to the red fruits on the palate and in the vibrant finish. Drink from 2024-2031. 88 Pts

2021 Gachet – Lalande de Pomerol – Black raspberries, peppery spice, cocoa and cherry aromas open the wine. The wine is medium-bodied, fresh, a bit oaky, with a light kick of peppery spice that rides on top of the cherries in the elegant dusty finish. Drink from 2024-2032. 87 Pts

2021 Haut-Chaigneau – Lalande de Pomerol – Light in the nose, and on the palate, what you do find is soft and easy-going, but there is not a lot going on this year. Still it is going to offer early, drinking charm over the next few years. Drink from 2024-2029. 87 Pts

2021 LAmbroisie – Lalande de Pomerol – Straight-forward, open, ready-to-go, simple, but pleasant, and without faults, early-drinking, soft-textured, charmer. Drink from 2024-2029. 87 Pts

2021 La Croix Bellevue – Lalande de Pomerol – Dark coco, espresso, black cherries and peppery spearmint make an impression in the nose. The medium-bodied palate is bright, fresh and almost, but not quite light, with its soft, red cherry finish. The wine blends 50% Merlot with equal parts Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Drink from 2024-2030. 88 Pts

2021 La Croix des Moines – Lalande de Pomerol – Forward, soft, fresh, but not overly complicated, the wine is medium-bodied, easy-to-like, and even easier-to-drink, with its cherry and red plum-infused character. You can enjoy this on release. Drink from 2024-2030. 87 Pts

2021 La Fleur de Bouard – Lalande de Pomerol – Espresso, black cherries and chocolate pop in the nose. The palate is supple, creamy and fresh with a finish that delivers sweet, fresh, dark chocolate and cherries on the backend. There is no Le Plus this year, which makes this a stronger wine as all of that old vine Merlot was placed into the blend. Drink from 2024-2035. 92 Pts

2021 La Fleur de Bouard Le Lion – Lalande de Pomerol – Mint leaf, cherries, and cocoa form the core of this soft, fresh, medium-bodied, early-drinking charmer. Drink from 2024-2030. 88 Pts

2021 Les Cruzelles – Lalande de Pomerol – Flowers, plums, black raspberries and mint leaf crowd into the nose. And the palate is even better with its soft, silky, vibrant and fresh core of black cherries and plums and that blast of dark chocolate that comes in at the end of the finish. Clearly the wine of the appellation this year, it is an amazing success for the vintage. Drink from 2024-2037. 93 Pts

2021 Les Cruzelles La Chenade – Lalande de Pomerol – Flowers and plums with hint of cocoa show with no effort in the nose. On the palate, the wine is silky vibrant and fresh. There is sweetness to the berries and an inviting texture on the palate. Produced from 100% Merlot, it is hard to believe this is a second wine in 2021. Drink from 2024-2032. 90 Pts

2021 Sabines – Lalande de Pomerol – Black raspberries, espresso and cherries are front and center in the perfume, and on the medium-bodied, fresh, silky, elegant, bright palate. The chalky finish is made better by the sweetness in the red fruits and just a hint of chocolate that shows in the endnote. Drink from 2024-2032. 90 Pts

2021 Siaurac – Lalande de Pomerol – Lots of oak and chocolate to wade through before getting to the flowers and black cherries in the nose. The palate is soft, fresh, polished, fruity and chocolatey, with a dash of black pepper that pops in at the end of the finish. Drink from 2024-2032. 90 Pts

2021 Tournefeuille – Lalande de Pomerol – Pummy, spicy, earthy and with a backing note of cocoa in the nose, the wine is medium-bodied, soft, fresh, elegant and easy, black raspberries and cherries that show nicely in the mid-palate, through to the finish. Drink from 2023-2034. 89 Pts

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