2010 Beausejour Duffau 2010 Pavie Macquin 2010 Larcis Ducasse

Nicolas Thienpont St. Emilion 2010 Bordeaux wine

Nicolas Theipont with 2010 Beausejour Duffau, 2010 Pavie Macquin, 2010 Larcis Ducasse

I’ve been in and around Bordeaux for almost 2 weeks tasting 2010 Bordeaux wine for the second time this year. My schedule has not allowed any time to put together notes and articles. Thank God for airport lounges, as this is the first time I’ve been seated in front of my computer with ample time to jot down my thoughts and I cannot get the stunning 2010 Beausejour Duffau out of my head!

Nicolas Thienpont and Stephane Derenoncout have been a hot streak lately, 2010 Bordeaux futures sales have been sluggish as many of the wines have been priced higher than the market seems willing to bear. That is not the case with the top wines from Thienpont and Derenoncourt. Having tasted their 2010 wines in April, 8 weeks later, they are showing as good or even better! 2010 Beausejour Duffau is one the most anticipated wines to be released yet. It will be interesting to see what that wines comes out at, as it’s on the top of my buy list for the vintage, It could be any day. Stay tuned.

2010 Beausejour Duffau-Lagreosse –  This stunning  Bordeaux wine is the color of black ink with shiny purple accents. Aromatically, the wine open with fresh picked flowers, espresso bean, chocolate covered black cherries, blueberry, licorice, crushed stone and truffle. In the mouth, this incredibly concentrated wine fills your palate with layers of rich, ripe, black, blue and red fruits. Everything is in balance and harmony. Nothing is out of place in this sublime St. Emilion which builds in your mouth for a finish that lasts over 60 intense seconds! 98-100 

2010 Larcis Ducasse – Inky in color, with licorice, truffle, black cherry, oak and spice aromas. The palate enjoys, layers of sweet, jammy black fruits, spice, licorice and round tannins. It’s easy to sense the minerality in this wine in the long fresh, black cherry filled finish. This is showing better than it did in April. 96-97 Pts 

2010 Pavie Macquin – Oak, licorice, stone, flowers and plums. Full bodied, concentrated, filled with minerality, density of flavor and length. This St. Emilion wine combines freshness and purity. 96-97 Pts 

2010 George is produced by Nicolas Thienpont from the vines of Puygueraud. The wine comes from the same vineyard as Puygueraud, but it is a unique blend that is different from the better known Thienpont wine. George is not made in every vintage. Produced from 45% Malbec, 35% Cabernet Franc and 20% Merlot, the wine offers pepper, flowers and jammy berry scents. Tannic, the wine requires time before its black cherry and pepper profile comes around. 88-90 Pts 

2010 La Prade Deep color, spice, black plum and spice, this full bodied wine finishes with a blast of ripe, black plum jam and blackberries. 89-91 Pts 

2010 Puygueraud Deep colored, licorice and jammy blackberry scents, uncomplicated fresh, zest blackberry finish. 89-91 Pts

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