2011 Leoville Barton Problems Exaggerated according to Anthony Barton


The 2011 Bordeaux growing season for Anthony Barton was even busier than usual with the 2011 Leoville Barton just finishing.  This was the first time he was responsible for harvesting three Bordeaux estates. Chateau Leoville Barton and Chateau Langoa Barton, both located in St. Julien and his newest acquisition, Château Mauvesin Barton, located in Moulis.

Jeff Leve: Was this an early season for you with the 2011 Leoville Barton?

Anthony Barton “Yes. The entire growing season was early for us, staring flowering onwards with the 2011 Leoville Barton and our other wines “.

Jeff Leve: What was the 2011 Leoville Barton growing season like for you?

Anthony Barton “Excellent! There were storms in early September. But the rain and hail were localized. On the whole it was a dry summer. Rumors of a “difficult” season were exaggerated”.

Jeff Leve:  Was the drought a problem for your vines?

Anthony Barton. “No. The drought gave us small grapes with good concentration”.

Jeff Leve: Are you happy with the levels of ripeness in your fruit?

Anthony Barton “We picked when we considered the grapes had become ripe. We did not delay just because the weather was good”.

Jeff Leve:  When did you start and finish harvesting?

Anthony Barton “We started picking September 12, and finished September 23”.

Jeff Leve: How important was sorting for you with the 2011 Bordeaux vintage?

Anthony Barton “Sorting is always important.  To help, this year we are using new “vibration” sorting machines”.

Jeff Leve: What yields do you expect this year?

Anthony Barton “We’ll have less wine than we did in 2010. Our yields are 38 hectoliters per hectare”.

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