2010 Rauzan Segla Harvest John Kolasa talks about Growing Season



John Kolasa is responsible for managing two Bordeaux chateaux.  This difficult situation is exacerbated by the fact that the properties are on both sides of the river with Château Canon  in St. Emilion  and Château Rauzan-Segla  in Margaux.   This article deals with 2010 Rauzan Segla Harvest. 

John Kolasa puts the straight back into straight talk. If you want a direct answer, ask him a straight question.  We did. This is what we learned. John started off telling us about the current strategy for the 2010 Rauzan Segla Harvest in Margaux.

You’re picking what?

According to reports, Rauzan Segla was in a stop and go pattern. I asked John to explain exactly what is taking place as of Tuesday, October 5.   “Rauzan is at a halt. Our cooler terroirs need more time. We start again on Friday and finish on Saturday”.  With which varietals? “We still have 3 hectare of merlot to pick plus a tank of petit verdot on quality terroir”.  What about your cabernet?  “Cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon will be picked next week”. 

Cabernet or Merlot?

How are the grapes looking at this point in time? “The cabernet look great”. And the merlot? “The cabernet are better looking than the merlot in the Medoc that suffered during flowering”. With low yields and more cabernet in the blend, what immediate problems are you facing?   “With the lower yields, especially in the old vines, we have had to sort carefully”.

So far, so good…

What is your opinion on the fruit you already brought in? “The wines explode of aromas and fruit. Will the intensity last? Only time will tell. We shall listen and watch very carefully. We are trying to add many little elements of quality to be sure of simply doing our very best to achieve another great Rauzan”.  If you were keeping score, how would you rate your progress? “So far we have only accomplished a third of the exercise”.

It’s going to be a different wine altogether

Simply because the vintages are back to back, consumers will naturally compare the vintages.  Even though we both know it’s too early, how do they stack up in your mind? “Somehow I don’t think we can make twins and do a copy of 2009. It is going to be a different wine altogether”.

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