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The Top Ten Best Wines Tasted in 2014

I always enjoy reading top ten lists. It's the perfect set of cliff notes on a topic. It gives you a quick look at the writer’s preferences on a topic. My list of the top ten best wines tasted this year combines the best wines I have been able to taste over the past 12 months with memories of the year. Face it. Withou [...]

Top Ten Wine and Food Resolutions for 2014

It’s time for my annual list of the top ten wine and food resolutions for the year. Generally speaking, I am not one for making lists or resolutions. In part, because I cannot make up my mind if making a resolution is positive or not. For example, say I make a resolution and do not follow though. Now, I have to deal wit [...]

The list of my Top Ten Value Wines Tasted in 2013

Putting together my list of the top ten wines I experienced over the past 12 months was an interesting exercise. Making a list of the top ten value wines tasted in 2013 was much more work. The extra effort needed was not because it was difficult to find wines that belong in list of the top ten value wines in 2013. In fact [...]

List of the Top Ten Wines of 2013, Plus a Wine Deserving Honorable Mention

Putting together the top ten wines of 2013 was fun, interesting, and introspective. It allowed for a leisurely stroll down memory lane. 2013 was a year filled with laughter, learning, joy, pleasure and growth. For those of you that have visited The Wine Cellar Insider before, as you can see, we also have a brand new websi [...]

Top Ten Easy Tips to Make Great Wine and Food Pairings

Coming up with great, wine and food pairings is easy. It's not scientific. It's not difficult. And the best part of this is, it's fun coming up with great wine and food pairing ideas! First things first. Start with this simple, but important tip. Get a wine you like, prepare something you enjoy eating, or pick a res [...]

List of the Top Ten Wines Tasted in the Year 2012

    Putting together a list of the top ten wines tasted in 2012 was not easy.  The wines included on this list of the top 10 best wines tasted in 2012 combine quality with the memory of the moment.  It’s easy to pick the best wines. But the special bottles that offer a lasting memory that remains etche [...]

List Of The Top Ten Wines that Rocked me in 2011

This is a list of the Top Ten Wines tasted during the year, 2011... When thinking about the best wines from 2011, there were as many wines to chose from as there were reasons to pick them. My mission was to narrow down the list, as well as the reasons why some wines made the list, while others were excluded. As a p [...]