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Chateau Haut Beausejour, located not far from Phelan Segur in St. Estephe, was purchased by the Jean Claude Rouzaud, the owner of the famed Roederer Champagne house. They also own Chateau Pichon Comtesse de Lalande in Pauillac as well as Chateau Bernadotte  and Chateau  de Pez .

While the majority of Bordeaux chateaux have long histories in the Medoc , that is not the case with Chateau Haut Beausejour. In fact, Chateau Haut Beausejour was created after the vineyards were obtained by the Rouzaud family in 1992 when they purchased two St. Estephe properties from the Brossard family, Chateau Picard and Chateau Beausejour. The new owners created one large estate from both chateaux, thus, Chateau Haut Beausejour was born. A few years later, Chateau Haut Beausejour sold 17 hectares of what they considered to be less their desirable vineyard land to the negociant Mahler Besse.

Following the purchase and creation of the Left Bank estate, Chateau Haut Beausejour enjoyed significant improvements from its new owners in the vineyards and wine making facilities. In an effort to produce the best wine possible, they declassified their entire first vintage, the 1992, due to a lack of quality in the grapes . They use the same technical wine making team and philosophy as their sister property in St. Estephe, de Pez . Some of the changes include manual sorting, green harvesting and most importantly, increasing the percentage of Merlot as well as the amount of new oak Haut Beausejour is aged in. All of this has clearly boosted the quality of Haut Beausejour. All these improvements are easily seen when tasting the wines from vintages 2009 forward at Haut Beausejour.

The 20 hectare St. Estephe vineyard of Chateau Haut Beausejour is dominated by Merlot. The vineyard is planted to 52% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Petit Verdot . Previously, the vineyard had up to 5% Malbec , but those vines have since been removed. The terroir is gravel and clay with some limestone in the soil. They have old vines, some of which are close to 60 years of age. The wine of Chateau Haut Beausejour is vinified in traditional, large, oak vats. Malolactic fermentation takes place in tank. The wine is aged in about 35% new, French oak barrels for about 12 months. On average, close to 12,000 cases of Chateau Haut Beausejour are produced every year.

Wine Tasting Notes

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  1. 2015 Château Haut-Beauséjour

    1. A medium-bodied, crisp, earth-centered wine with a bright, red berry character that is ready for early consumption 85 - 87 Pts

      86 points - Tasted
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  2. 2014 Château Haut-Beauséjour

    1. Medium-bodied, this is a soft, black raspberry centered wine with a bold, red berry character. 86-88 Pts

      87 points - Tasted
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  3. 2012 Château Haut-Beauséjour

    1. Medium bodied, forward, with bright, red fruits, tobacco and dusty tannins, this will be best in its youth.

      85 points - Tasted
    2. Light red berries with an austere finish. 85-88 Pts

      86 points - Tasted
    Average Selling Price: ($28.8)  • Find this wine to buy on Wine-Searcher
  4. 2010 Château Haut-Beauséjour

    1. 2010 Haut Beausejour With 53% Merlot and 47% Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend, this well-priced St. Estephe wine combines smoke, espresso bean, red and black fruit and hints of spice for a wine with freshness, backbone and a fair price. A top value Bordeaux wine pick from St. Estephe. 88-90 Pts

      88 points - Tasted
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  5. 2009 Château Haut-Beauséjour

    1. Beausejour is another value play from the vintage. From a terroir located close to Phelan Segur, this is a supple style of wine and should drink well early.

      89 points - Tasted
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