Chateau L’Evangile Pomerol Bordeaux Wine, Complete Guide

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Chateau Levangile Chateau LEvangile Pomerol Bordeaux Wine, Complete Guide

Everything about Chateau L’Evangile Pomerol , Bordeaux wine producer profile, with wine tasting notes , wine and food pairing tips, best vintages, wine ratings , a history of the property, information on wine making and terroir, along with wine tasting reviews . If you want to read about other important, Bordeaux Chateaux: Links to all Bordeaux Wine Producer Profiles

Chateau L’Evangile History, Overview

Chateau L’Evangile is one of the oldest properties in Pomerol. In fact, Chateau L’Evangile has a long history dating all the way back to 1741. Chateau L’Evangile was founded by the Leglise family who resided in Libourne. The first mention the Pomerol estate was under the name of Domaine de Fazilleau and later Le Domaine de L’Evangile ou de Fazilleau. In 1862, the estate was purchased by Jean Paul Chaperon, who was related to the well-known and powerful Ducasse family. It was Jean Paul Chaperon who decided to name the estate, Chateau L’Evangile, which we know it as today. Jean Paul Chaperon was also responsible for constructing the chateau in 1874 as well.

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By 1900, Chateau L’Evangile was widely considered the third best wine in all of Pomerol, just behind Vieux Chateau Certan and Petrus . That was high praise indeed. To keep up with the increased demand, Jean Paul Chaperon also succeeded in adding additional vineyards to Chateau L’Evangile, increasing the size of the property.

Chateau L’Evangile was well established by the start of the 19th century. In fact, the original vineyards of Chateau L’Evangile at that time, are not really not that much different than what it is today. For all intents and purposes, things have not really changed all that much in 200 years, with the exception of a large parcel of new land acquired in 2012.

In 1903, after the owner Jean Paul Chaperon passed away, his family continued to manage Chateau L’Evangile. L’Evangile, like many Pomerol estates suffered intense damage to their Bordeaux vineyards from the deep 1956 frost. It’s amazing when you consider the quality produced at L’Evangile in the 1959 and 1961 vintages, which were in large part, produced from very young vines.

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The Chaperon family remained in charge of Chateau L’Evangile until the Ducasse family began running the estate. If the Ducasse name seems familiar to you, their name appears on the famed St. Emilion estate, Chateau Larcis Ducasse . Simone Ducasse who started taking on responsibilities for the Right Bank estate during the 1940’s, began managing the Pomerol property in its entirety beginning with the 1982 vintage. Chateau L’Evangile remained the property of the Chaperon family until 1990 when Simone Ducasse sold a 70% stake of the property to the owners of the famous, First Growth , Pauillac estate, Chateau Lafite Rothschild . The remaining shares were purchased in 1999.

After the purchase by Domaines de Rothschild in 1999, a lot of money was invested in improvements to the vineyards, wine making facilities and even the chateau of Chateau L’Evangile. A second wine was created, Blason de L’Evangile. Shortly after the purchase, the estate renovated the entire wine making facilities and cellars. Much of the vineyard was replanted. That project was completed in time for the legendary 2005 Bordeaux vintage. In June 2012, the owners of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, the parent company of L’Evangile purchased 15 acres of vines from La Croix de Gay that will allow them to expand Chateau L’Evangile from 40 acres to 55 acres.

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Chateau L’Evangile Vineyards, Terroir, Grapes , Winemaking

Chateau L’Evangile is located next door to Chateau La Conseillante , not far from Petrus and only a stones throw from Chateau Cheval Blanc in the south east section of the Pomerol plateau. In fact, only a small, dirt road separates L’Evangile from Saint Emilion.

The 16 hectare Pomerol vineyard of Chateau L’Evangile is planted to 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc . This shows a change in the vineyard plantings with an increase in the percentage of Merlot. They have a terroir of clay, gravel and sand with iron oxide soil. However, when you take a deeper look at their vineyard, it is more complex as you have sections closer to the peak of the Pomerol plateau, near Petrus with more deep clay. As you get closer to Cheval Blanc and St. Emilion, you have more gravel and sand. They also have soils with a much higher sand content. Those sandy soils are used as the main source for grapes placed into their second wine. On average, the vines are 30 years old. The vineyard is planted to a density of 6,000 vines per hectare.

In 2004, the new vat room and new cellars were completed. This allowed for true vinification on a plot by plot basis at Chateau L’Evangile. The new cellars were dug deep enough to allow for everything to be moved by gravity.

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To produce the Pomerol wine of Chateau L’Evangile, the grapes from each plot are separated into batches, allowing the estate to decide if the fruit is destined for inclusion L’Evangile or the second wine once fermentation has been completed. Vinification takes place in 20, temperature controlled, cement vats that range in size from 35 hectoliters up to 81 hectoliters. They practice pumping over and controlled maceration techniques. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barrel. Chateau L’Evangile is aged in an average of 70% new, French oak barrels for close to 18 months. On average, Chateau L’Evangile produces between 2,000 and 3,000 cases of Pomerol per vintage. There is a second wine, Blason de L’Evangile.

The best vintages of Chateau L’Evangile are: 2016, 2015, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2000, 1998, 1990, 1985, 1982, 1975, 1964, 1961, 1959, 1950, 1948, 1947 and 1945. The wines from the top vintages of Chateau L’Evangile can age quite well.

Chateau L’Evangile is a full bodied, rich, elegant, powerful, opulent, long lived style of Pomerol that ages well. It is not always a consistent performer. However, in the top vintages, many of which start with the 2000 vintage, they produce a compelling, plum, chocolate and floral wine that can offer a stunning, opulent, tasting experience. Chateau L’Evangile is capable of aging for decades.

Serving and Decanting Chateau L’Evangile with Wine, Food, Pairing Tips

Chateau L’Evangile is best served at 15.5 degrees Celsius, 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool, almost cellar temperature gives the wine more freshness and lift. Young vintages can be decanted for 1 -2 or 3 hours. This allows the wine to soften and open its perfume. Older vintages might need very little decanting, just enough to remove the sediment. Chateau L’Evangile is best paired with all types of classic meat dishes, veal, pork, beef, lamb, duck, game, roast chicken, roasted braised and grilled dishes. Chateau L’Evangile is also good with Asian dishes, hearty fish courses like tuna, mushrooms and pasta.

Château L'Evangile Wine Tasting Notes

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  1. 2016 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Incredibly deep in color, the truffle, the flower, the dark chocolate and black cherry liqueur aroma is impossible to avoid. Dense, rich, and full-bodied, this wine has crossed over to the dark fruit side of the style range. It’s masculine, powerful and tannic. The freshness is there, the fruit is there and the long finish is packed with black fruits, fig, plum and chocolate. This is the most powerful and concentrated wine I've ever experienced here – this could be a legend in the making. That being said, consumers will need patience as this is going to demand a decade in the cellar. Made from a blend of 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Franc, this is the highest amount of Merlot used in the history of l'Evangile. The wine is 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.8 and the harvest took place from September 26 to October 10.

      98 points - Tasted
  2. 2015 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Dark in color and dark in fruit, it’s easy to lose yourself in the flume of smoky, black plum liqueur. Inviting with truffle, licorice and wet earth, this is a full-bodied, silky, plush, intense, sumptuous and luxurious wine. Very sexy with red velvet tannins and real density of fruit, there is a lovely expansion of rich, dark chocolate, spice, truffle, espresso and black cherry liqueur in the lengthy finish that is not soon forgotten. From a blend of 84% Merlot and 16% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14.8% alcohol with a pH of 3.8. Picking took place between from September 15 to October 5. The Grand Vin was made from 70% of the harvest and will be aged in 100% new, French oak. 98 - 100 Pts

      99 points - Tasted
  3. 2014 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. With cherry blossom, black cherry, truffle and cocoa on the nose, this is a refined style of wine, which focuses on fresh fruit and elegant, soft tannins. There is a delicate, spicy note in the end that adds complexity. From a blend of 82% Merlot and 18% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14% alcohol with a pH of 3.8. 92-94 Pts

      92 points - Tasted
  4. 2013 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. On the palate, the wine showcases rose, plum, cherry, dark chocolate and truffle with a hint of espresso bean and silky, fresh, clean red berries. This is a good expression of L’Evangile with a lot of density for the vintage, but the wine ends with just a touch of dryness in otherwise fresh finish. From a blend of 87% Merlot and 13% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13% alcohol with a pH of 3.6. The yields were 27 hectoliters per hectare, and the Grand Vin was made from 60% of the harvest. The wine will be aged in 100% new French oak. 90-92 Pts

      90 points - Tasted
  5. 2012 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. The Merlot was picked from September 20 through October 9. The Cabernet Franc was harvested over 2 days, October 6 and October 8. From a blend of 93% Merlot with 7% Cabernet Franc, this is one of the highest percentages of Merlot in the estate’s history. However, this was not due to the lack of ripeness in the Cabernet Franc. Much of the Cabernet Franc was replanted starting in 2006. It is expected that the estate will be using closer to 20% Cabernet Franc in the blend starting in 2020. The wine reached 14.4% alcohol with a pH of 3.7. Yields were low at 31 hectoliters per hectare. Deep ruby in color, the wine exudes truffle, chocolate, plum liqueur, tobacco, smoke, roses and cherries. On the palate, the wine is pure silk and velvet in texture with volume, depth and length. Picture chocolate-covered cherries that you can eat, or drink, your choice. 94-96 Pts

      95 points - Tasted
  6. 2011 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. From a blend of 94% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.6% alcohol and will be aged in 100% new oak. Yields were 32 hectoliters per hectare with the Grand Vin representing 73% of the harvest. Deep in color, licorice, chocolate, spice, black cherry, floral, plum and black raspberry liqueur scents create the perfume. Rich, dense and concentrated, this classic style of L’Evangile is tannic with powerful, chalky tannins and a long, stylish finish. 93-95 Pts

      94 points - Tasted
  7. 2010 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. 2010 L’Evangile is filled with flowers, chocolate, sweet black cherry, jammy plums and truffle in the perfume. Power meshed with silk is an apt descriptor. There is a lot of volume with this vintage of Chateau L’Evangile in the mouth. Chocolate covered plums last for close to sixty seconds in the finish. This is showing much better than it did when I tasted it in April. With only 31 hecoliters per hectare, yields were low in 2010. Production is down about 25% from 2009. From an assemblage of 88% Merlot and 12% Cabernet Franc, Jean-Pascal Vazart confirmed the wine reached a record high level for alcohol at 14.7% alcohol. With a 3.75 pH, the wine feels fresh as well as lush. This is one Pomerol I wish I could afford. They offered their wine at the same price as last year, 190 Euros. 96-97 Pts

      96 points - Tasted
    2. 2010 L’Evangile With only 31 hecoliters per hectare, yields were low in 2010. From an assemblage of 88% Merlot and 12% Cabernet Franc, Jean-Pascal Vazart confirmed the wine reached a record high for the property at 14.7% alcohol with a pH of 3.75. This unique combination of high alcohol and acidity allows the wine to feel fresh on your palate. Deep in color, fresh flowers, chocolate, black and red plums, black cherry and truffle make a complex perfume. Rich, concentrated, plush with freshness, the wine finishes with creamy chocolate covered dark berries, licorice and plum liqueur. This wine could increase in score as it evolves. 94-95 Pts

      95 points - Tasted
  8. 2009 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. 2009 L’Evangile clocks in at 14.6% alcohol. But there is no sensation of heat found in this wine of 95% merlot and 5% cabernet franc. Inky colored, the wine opens with scents of a fresh flower market, plum liqueur, chocolate, and pure blackberry jam. On the palate, this opulently styled Pomerol is dense, rich, concentrated, fleshy, and powerful. It ends with fresh, chocolate covered black raspberries. Jean-Pascal Vazart prefers the 2009 over other recent vintages. When asked to compare the styles of 2005 and 2009, Vazart called the 05 “strict.” 96-98 Pts

      97 points - Tasted
  9. 2008 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. 2008 Château L’Evangile is a blend of 88% Merlot with 12% Cabernet Franc. The merlot was picked over a two week period while the cabernet franc was harvested in a single week. Notes of flowers, chocolate, and jammy blackberry are easy to discern. Fat and concentrated, with a lush texture and silky tannins, this is a hedonistic wine. Part of the reason L’Evangile has been producing improved wines since 2004 is the new fermentation vats. The Châteaur ecently added 21 vats to allow for greater control in vinification on a plot by plot basis, according to Jean-Pascal Vazart. 92-94 Pts

      93 points - Tasted
  10. 2006 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Firm, fresh and fragrant, the nose pops with its ripe, dark red fruits, earth and cocoa aromatics. There is still tannin to resolve, but the wine is starting to open and come together, ending with a blast of ripe black raspberries, spice and dark chocolate. Produced from a blend of 86% Merlot and 14% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14% alcohol.

      94 points - Tasted
    2. Powerful deep, dark and almost brooding, this is still quite young and tannic. There is a lot of ripe, fresh fruit, with loads of truffles, but you need to get past the muscular tannins first. Give it another decade and this should be a beauty.

      94 points - Tasted
  11. 2005 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Still dark in color, the complex perfume is packed with chocolate, plum liqueur, truffles, flowers and black raspberries. Full bodied, rich and round, this opulent, suave, concentrated Pomerol from a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc ends with a boysenberry, dark chocolate and spicy black raspberry finish.

      96 points - Tasted
    2. Deep in color, with a truffle, black cherry, plum, licorice and earthy nose to get things started. This lush, rich, concentrated, velvet textured has volume, length and density, leaving you with silky, plummy, chocolate sensations long after the wine has left the glass. The wine was produced from a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc.

      96 points - Tasted
  12. 2004 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Medium bodied and dominated by its red fruit and earthy profile, this blend of 89% Merlot and 11% Cabernet Franc finishes with a fresh, red plum and earthy finish that lacks the sought after, lush opulent qualities the wine usually delivers.

      91 points - Tasted
  13. 2001 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Clearly, this is a little better in the nose than on the palate, with its notes of tobacco, red and black plums, mushroom, earth, cocoa, spice and flowers. Medium/full bodied, but a little rough around the edges in texture for this normally, opulent Pomerol, the wine ended with fennel, plum and chocolate.

      91 points - Tasted
    2. Smoky, black fruit and cherries. Medium bodied with a short finish.

      88 points - Tasted
  14. 2000 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Silky and concentrated, this rich, round wine is filled with plumy, blackberry, chocolate covered fruit.

      95 points - Tasted
  15. 1998 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Black raspberry and dark cherry notes with hints of chocolate, truffles and underbrush start off the aromatics. Good structure and balance with ripe tannins to age. Plush and concentrated on the palate, ending with a long, rich, decadent finish. A few more years of bottle age will add additional complexity to the wine

      94 points - Tasted
    2. Truffle, earth, black cherry, smoke, spice, floral and forest floor scents grab your focus. Just starting to open, this concentrated, rich, supple textured, powerful L’Evangile seems to show better every time I taste it. I expect it to continue improving over the next several years.

      93 points - Tasted
    3. Truffles, tobacco, earth, plums and chocolate on the nose lead to rapidly maturing vintage of L'Evangile. Soft, round, sweet and polished, but it exchanges concentration and depth for refinement. The finish is all about the fresh, chcocolate covered plums and blackberries. This is not a wine to make old bones. I'd drink it before the wine hits its 20th birthday.

      93 points - Tasted
    4. Coconut, chocolate, plums and blackberry greet your nose. This bottle shows less concentration than other examples. The finish is clean, but short. I've had better bottles.

      91 points - Tasted
  16. 1995 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. A bit firm and structured in style, medium bodied and slightly more interesting on the nose, with its earthy, fresh, bright red and dark red berries, earth, cocoa, tobacco and floral profile, than on the palate. At 20 years of age, my guess is, it is, what it is. But I've been surprised more than once as wines age.

      90 points - Tasted
  17. 1994 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. In the nose, chocolate mint, blackberry, smoke and truffle scents. In the mouth, this medium/full bodied wine is slightly stern in personality. The finish ends with fresh, chocolate covered cherries and spice. I was surprised by the quality if this wine. Having tasted it before, I was not expecting this to be at this level of quality. For a 94, this is quite good and I'm happy to have a few bottles left in the cellar.

      92 points - Tasted
    2. This requires drinking before the fruit fades any further. Over the past few years, the tannins, with their now rustic style have continued stripping the wine of its softness. This is more interesting on the nose, due to its truffle and plum personality than on the palate, which is starting to slowly dry out.

      90 points - Tasted
  18. 1990 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Decadent black fruit, coffee and sweet roasted plums filled the air. Extremely refined and elegance, but loaded with powerful layers of perfectly ripe fruit. Great balance.

      96 points - Tasted
    2. The earthy, mushroom, plumy fruits are made more complex with dashes of coffee. Very rich and opulent with a sexy mouth feel. However, this bottle was slightly more advanced than other bottles. Still, this was a treat

      95 points - Tasted
    3. This deep colored, sultry wine is very concentrated. Dense, thick, rich almost chewy plumy fruit in every taste. Still youung with tannin to resolve, this wine will continue to get better with more age.

      95 points - Tasted
    4. Mature, full bodied and richly textured, the concentrated wine delivers a blend of truffle, plum, black cherry and dark chocolate. Lush, opulent and with staying power, this is probably close to fully mature.

      94 points - Tasted
    5. Mature, and serving up a liberal dose of sweet plum, truffle and cocoa, the tannins show their soft, silky side, finishing with elegant cherries in the end note. This is at full maturity, if you have a bottle, there is no need to wait to pop a cork.

      93 points - Tasted
    6. A finesse styled charmer, which is probably slightly better with its ostentatious nose, than on its silky, soft, spicy, medium/full bodied, elegant, silky palate.

      92 points - Tasted
    7. Mature, with the patina of aged silk in its texture, a nose of floral, truffle, plums and cherries and soft,fresh, clean, but not quite exciting, slightly dusty finish. The wine was very good, but it seems to lack the level of excitement expected from a 1990 Pomerol. I'm happy to drink what I have, but I would not buy more to replace them when they are gone.

      92 points - Tasted
    8. The initially closed nose opened after much coaxing to notes of herbs, cherries, strawberries and hints of black fruits. On the palate the wine is pleasant, but it lacks the richness and excitement from previous bottles. I am not clear this bottle was correct. I'm going to open one of mine to compare in the near future as this bottle seemed to have matured far too rapidly.

      91 points - Tasted
  19. 1989 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Plums, cherries, coffee and spice make a splendid perfume. While a beautiful, luxurious style of wine, it lacks the concentration and complexity of a great vintage. But with so much pleasure in the glass, who cares? Fully mature, there is no reason to hold this any longer.

      92 points - Tasted
    2. This opens with spicy, chocolate tinged plums and earthy notes. The palate enjoys a warm, opulent array of flavors and velvet like textures. Dark cherry, plum, blackberry spice and mocha tones fill your mouth with pleasure. Fully mature, I'd drink it over the next few years as it might slowly start losing its fruit at this point.

      91 points - Tasted
  20. 1985 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. The intoxicating perfume of raspberries, anise, mushrooms and spices fill the air. The palate is bathed in silky, essences of ripe red and black fruits. If a dictionary gave an example of a sensuous, elegant Bordeaux, the 85 L' Evangile would be the wine used to illustrate that example. Close to full maturity, this will easily 15 or more years.

      95 points - Tasted
    2. Truffles, plums bitter chocolate, spice, cassis and earthy aromas, soft, delicate, feminine textures and a black cherry, spice and plum finish are found in this fully mature Pomerol wine.

      95 points - Tasted
    3. Beautiful truffle scents, fresh plums, complicated by coffee, smoke, chocolate, forest floor and all spice creates a beautiful complex perfume. This fully mature Pomerol is pure sensuous, elegance in a glass. Sweet ripe plums, cherries, cocoa and spice linger in the finish.

      95 points - Tasted
    4. Chocolate covered cherries, truffle, plums, spice box and fresh floral scents emerge with little effort. This is a rich, concentrated, full bodied effort that offers an opulent, sophisticated character. The wine finishes with a sensuous, lush, long, truffle, spice and black cherry liqueur sensation. This Pomerol is fully mature. There is no reason to wait as it's unlikely to improve much from here.

      95 points - Tasted
    5. Fully mature, with a truffle, tobacco, plum, dark cherry and earthy nose, the wine is soft and round, finishing with an elegant, plum and cocoa note. Fully mature, there is no reason to wait to pop a cork.

      94 points - Tasted
    6. Truffle, tobacco, chocolate, plum, mocha and fresh berrie scents poke out of the glass. This plummy wine is soft, elegant, supple and round in texture and ends in a fresh, black raspberry, plum and coco filled finish. This is probably close to full maturity.

      94 points - Tasted
    7. 1985 L'Evangile is filled with truffle, plum, floral, tobacco, forest floor, nutmeg and earthy aromas. Fully mature, with the patina of age in the mouth, elegant and refined textures, the wine concludes with spice filled, blackberry and red plum sensations. This wine is at the peak of maturity. It needs to be drunk up within the next 5 years before it starts to gently decline.

      94 points - Tasted
    8. Textbook mature Pomerol packed with truffle, plum, chocolate, black cherry and spice, plush textures and a a layer of sweet, ripe, dark red berries and cocoa in the finish. The is showing great today. There is no reason to age this any longer.

      94 points - Tasted
  21. 1983 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Notes of english breakfast tea, strawberry jam, cherries, smoke and coffee are easy to find. The palate shows a pronounced strawberry flavor. But, while the initial attack is lush, that quickly dissipates and the flavors become tart. Fortunately, the finish is short. This is not a wine to buy. This is a wine to open if you have it as it will only get worse from here.

      87 points - Tasted
  22. 1982 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Plummy, truffle, licorice, dark chocolate, mint and fresh strawberry notes open up the beguiling perfume. Silky, sexy, polished, and lush, the finish feels great on your palate with its opulent, sensuous textures.

      98 points - Tasted
    2. Ready to go, this is rockin at full speed! Lush, sensuous, opulent textures, loads of sweet, juicy black plums, smoke, licorice, dark chocolate and truffle, with a silky, sweet, dark, red berry finish. This is a hedonistic treat indeed.

      98 points - Tasted
    3. This wine grabbed me from the first whiff of its ostentatious perfume. Truffles, chocolate fudge, Asian spice, forest floor and a hint of cherry pipe tobacco. This powerful wine is smooth as silk that feels like it was just polished with crushed velvet. Mouth coating layers of rich, black cherry liqueur and dark plums with hints of chocolate remain on your palate for almost 60 seconds! The improved in the glass for 2 hours. This will only get better with time.

      97 points - Tasted
    4. Plums, oak, spices and a mélange of red and black fruit were easy to find. But the layers of decadent, ripe Pomerol fruit grabbed and kept your attention.

      96 points - Tasted
    5. Wow, this is a sex bomb of a wine. Thick, rich, deeply concentrated. Very opulent. The texture is like drinking liquid velvet. Still not fully mature, I expect this to improve and develop more complexity. But there is no reason to hold it as it’s so good today.

      96 points - Tasted
    6. Plums, spices, black fruit and truffles soared from the glass. The palate was pleased with its silk meets power texture. The velvet laced finish was filled with plums, chocolate and spice.

      96 points - Tasted
    7. A stunning nose of truffle, earth, chocolate, coffee, plums, barnyard, spice and black cherry explode as soon as the wine hits your glass. This is sexy, fat, dense, concentrated, lush and packed with silky, ripe and almost over ripe cherries. Opulent, bordering on decadence, this beautiful Bordeaux wine is drinking perfectly today.

      96 points - Tasted
    8. Tasting this wine reminded me of biting into a juicy ripe plum and savoring the fruit as it remained in my mouth. This wine was all about silk, opulence and satin. But it's no wimpy wine. It offers the palate a selection of ripe and almost over ripe red and black fruits. The texture silk and velvet.

      95 points - Tasted
    9. Ruby in color, scents of truffle, smoke, black raspberry and hints of violet come forward with just a little bit of effort. With silky textures, the wine is supple and long ending with a sweet, fresh cherry finish with just a hint of green in the end note. This was a good bottle of a wine that is at times stunning.

      95 points - Tasted
  23. 1975 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Rust colored, but with a complex nose of root beer, licorice, truffle, earth, spice and smoke. The finish was short and lacked the same level of complexity found in the nose. I imagine there are much better bottles of this wine

      89 points - Tasted
  24. 1948 Château L'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. My first 1948 Pomerol was a revelation. What a stunner. With the patina of age, there was still some sweetness left in the ripe cherries that married perfectly with the truffle and tobacco notes. Pure silk textures and an elegant finish wrapped things up nicely.

      95 points - Tasted
  25. 2009 Blason de l'Evangile ( Pomerol. )

    1. Ready to drink, this medium bodied, easy to like Pomerol is sweet, soft and smooth, with an earthy, truffle and plum character, with floral, espresso and tobacco scents to round things off. The wine was made from a blend of 76% Merlot and 24% Cabernet Franc.

      90 points - Tasted