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2021 Bordeaux Report Barrel Tasting Notes, Harvest Report 2021 Bordeaux In Bottle Report, 750 Wines Tasted and Rated

2021 Bordeaux is a true, modern classic vintage. The wines are on the fresh, and savory side with more red fruits than black. Lower in alcohol than most recent years, with higher levels of freshness, and a minty edge, while you need to approach cautiously, there are wines worth tasting. As an added bonus, even the best wines will all be approachable on release, or with just a modicum of aging.

2020 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Notes, Reviews, Ratings, Harvest, Vintage Report 2020 Bordeaux Complete Wine Buying Guide, In-Bottle Tasting Report

2020 is the third vintage in a row from Bordeaux offering a fabulous array of superb wines in every price category and style. This is the lead article with links to over 20 different articles covering every major appellation in Bordeaux. Not only can you find all the most famous names, but numerous, good scoring, value wines in 2020 Bordeaux.

2019 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Notes, Reviews, Ratings, Harvest, Vintage Report 2019 Bordeaux Complete Guide to the Best 750 Wines Tasted in Bottle

2019 Bordeaux deserves a place as one of the best vintages of all time! There are numerous wines worth tasting, owning, cellaring in every appellation and price point. The best wines offer rich, sensuous textures, ripe, opulent fruits and freshness, and while many can be enjoyed young. they can also age for decades. Plus, many of the wines remain well-priced!

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