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2023 Bordeaux Wine Guide Vintage Report with Tasting Notes and Ratings for all the best wines

2023 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Notes Vintage Guide 2023 Sweet White Bordeaux Sauternes Barsac Guide to the Best Wines

2023 Sweet Bordeaux wines are terrific! If you like the beautiful golden charms of Sauternes and Barsac as much as I do, (And I love them) there are several stunning wines. Fortunately, the crops are much more abundant than last year, so not only is the quantity high, but the wines are going to be easy to find. And, just because these are sweet wines, it doe not mean you need to drink the at end of the meal. We often enjoy sweet Bordeaux as an aperitif, or with spicy, or delicate, savory courses. If you haven’t tired them in that fashion, give it a try!

2023 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Notes Vintage Guide 2023 St. Emilion Wine Buying Guide, Tasting Notes, Pt. 3, Wines M-Z

2023 Saint Emilion wines, as you might expect, run the gamut. But, do not let that dissuade you from tasting these wines, because several of the best wines are clear candidates for wine of the vintage! The ability to react quickly to the mildew pressure, manage high yields, and the drought, as well as maintain a cool touch during the fermentations were the key to produce absolutely gorgeous wines this year.

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