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Does France still have a Taste for Life and Wine?

The wine industry in France is dying a slow death under the weight of all these annoying, petty administrative burdens.

The Top Ten Wine Bars in Bordeaux

For some odd reason, wine bars are only now gaining in popularity in Bordeaux. If you're looking for the best places to taste wine in Bordeaux, this covers the top 10 best Wine Bars in Bordeaux!

The Balkan Wine Industry Rapidly Gaining Attention with Consumers

Wines from the Balkan wine regions are gaining in popularity with more than sommeliers. Consumers looking for value and character are tasting more wine than ever from Greece, Croatia, Hungaryd, Serbia and other Balkan regions today.

Report on Russian Wine Market Today from Top to Bottom Import, Export

High prices for wine in Russia are due in part to money importer’s pay supermarket manager’s and restaurant owners insuring wines are in restaurants and stocked in the best Russian wine stores. These extra costs add between 20-30% to the importer’s official price.

Value Wine Buying Tips for Savvy Consumers

When we say something is a good value in the wine business we’re talking about wines that could be $3- $3,000 a bottle, due to the relativity of that value in comparison with wines of the same quality, ilk, style, demand and score.

Dining tips from Philippe Cambie for Chateauneuf du Pape

I have the perfect place here in Provence. It's close to Avignon and not far from Chateauneuf du Pape. The restaurant is located in their home. You can enjoy the pleasures of Provencal, gourmet cuisine with a great selection of Southern Rhone wine!

Kosher Wine Guide with Buying Tips For The Holidays

Great tips of Kosher wines for the holidays from Bordeaux, California , Israel and other wine producing appellations.

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