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The Top Ten Wine Bars in Bordeaux

The article was written by Pascale Bernasse Wine Tours of France with coordination from Leslie Orndoff. Bordeaux is beautiful city. But face it, today, the region is famous for its stunning wines and not the city. While it’s fun to visit chateau and taste the wine at the property, there are times when you want to e [...]

The Balkan Wine Industry Rapidly Gaining Attention with Consumers

This overview of the Balkan wine region was put together after visiting many of the better known appellations in the Balkan wine region of South-East Europe on numerous occasions. Today, I am enamored with the wines. That makes all the more gratifying to see wines from the Balkan wine region finally gaining traction with [...]

Report on Russian Wine Market Today from Top to Bottom Import, Export

Wine Market Report on Russia Today from Top to Bottom Import to Export Drinking wine in Russia is expensive. There are several reasons for this. Before I explain why, you need to know what takes place. Wines selling for 5 Euros in any Italian, French or Spanish supermarket costs between 20-25 Euros for the same bottle [...]

Value Wine Buying Tips for Savvy Consumers

To paraphrase Mark Twain; Everyone complains about high prices for wine, but nobody does anything about it.  Savvy consumers can do quite a bit about it.  They can explore the wide world of wine and seek values.  While Bordeaux wine at the moment is the main topic du jour, a massive array of wine exists providing value [...]

Dining tips from Philippe Cambie for Chateauneuf du Pape

As anyone can tell you, when you are traveling and looking for suggestions on where to eat, ask a local. In Chateauneuf du Pape, when Philippe Cambie offers a dining tip, trust me on this, take his advice. He know's what he talking about. Jeff Leve Philippe, if a wine lover was visiting the Southern Rhone Valley and t [...]

Kosher Wine Guide with Buying Tips For The Holidays

The market for Kosher wine has been revolutionized from the days of the semi-rectangular, shaped Manischewitz bottle, Mogen David or other syrupy sacramental potions. Today's Kosher wine consumer can choose from numerous blends and grape varietals from a seemingly, endless array of wine making regions all over the world! [...]

Philippe Melka 2012 Napa Vintage Harvest Report, Expecting Greatness

2012 Napa Valley Harvest Written by Philippe Melka, Atelier Melka Following several years of atypical weather, the 2012 Napa vintage brought as close to a true “normal” harvest as the Napa Valley could have hope for. The 2012 Napa vintage is the result of several factors. Due to drought conditions during winter [...]