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Annual First Growth Bordeaux Wine Tasting and Barbecue Dinner

Clearly I do not post enough about wine. I should write about it more often. I certainly drink enough. Or at least try to. On the other hand, can one really drink enough great wine? I am not sure about the limits some of my friends have, but we tried to find out last week at Chez Leve. The group, a blend of friends and [...]

7 Blind Men Taste the Great 2003 Bordeaux Wine 2003 Rhone Wine

“I think I need a drink... Almost everybody does only they don’t know it." Charles Bukowski was not thinking about wine when he wrote that. But I was thinking about wine when I read it. Which was a good thing as another night with 7 Blind Men was rapidly approaching. I’ve been remiss in not recounting any of t [...]

7 Blind Men Taste Old Bordeaux Wines Blind from 1926 to 2003

When 7 Blind Men meet for our blind tastings and dinner, all the members of the group know, anything can happen and often does.  The wines are generally pulled from the members cellars and reflect their interests. Generally speaking, more often than not, we enjoy Bordeaux.  But other wines make appearances as well.   [...]

7 Blind Men Taste Bordeaux Wine, Diamond Creek, a Spanish Surprise!

  It’s been far too long since I’ve had the chance to write about recent 7 Blind Men tastings.  Fortunately, this isn’t my full time job. If it was, I’d fire me for being late.  Truthfully, I’ve been busy with work related projects which did not allow me free time to write. I also put in a lot of ho [...]

7 Blind Men Taste Bordeaux Rhone California Wine 1961-2001

[caption id="attachment_18092" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="7 Blind Men Wine Tasting"][/caption]   It was another fun night devoted to fun, friends and blind tasting. The most recent "7 Blind Men" dinner allowed me the chance to host and provide the wines.  Knowing what the wines were, I was not allowe [...]

Blind Tasting Bordeaux Wine, Rhone Wine & More 7 Blind Men

  [caption id="attachment_14551" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Bordeaux Wine tasting"][/caption] Blind tasting humbles every wine taster.  They could be drinking Bordeaux wine, or wine from any wine region, it does not matter. Tasting wines blind can be an eye opening wine tasting experience.  Any wine lover [...]

7 Blind Men taste California Cabernet Sauvignon Wine & more!

With my favorite wine tasting group, "7 Blind Men", you never know what wines will be opened.  The inaugural dinner of the year, with its divergent array of wines. was no exception.  The flights were varied.  We had a flight of 1961 Bordeaux, a mini vertical of Grange with 71, 76, 86 and 98 and two flights devoted t [...]