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Annual First Growth Bordeaux Wine Tasting and Barbecue Dinner

Some of these winesare now so expensive, they are treated more like treasures than wine. Meaning, they are often relegated to being opened only on rare, special occasions. Or when other wine lovers congregate where everyone enjoys, and gets to taste some of these potentially majestic elixirs.

7 Blind Men Taste the Great 2003 Bordeaux Wine 2003 Rhone Wine

“I think I need a drink... Almost everybody does only they don’t know it." Charles Bukowski was not thinking about wine when he wrote that. But I was thinking about wine when I read it.

7 Blind Men Taste Old Bordeaux Wines Blind from 1926 to 2003

Perhaps, these were not the best pairings. But over the years, I've become less worried about pairings. While this is heresy to many people, the best wine and food pairings are when you're drinking wines you like, with food you like.

7 Blind Men Taste Bordeaux Wine, Diamond Creek, a Spanish Surprise!

1978 Diamond Creek Lake was a wine I thought I'd never see an empty bottle of, let alone have the opportunity to taste, With it's singular characteristics and stunning quality, it's easy to see why this vintage Caifornia Cabernet remains a legenday bottle of wine.

7 Blind Men Taste Bordeaux Rhone California Wine 1961-2001

When you want to have fun with your friends in a blind tasting, open one bottle or a magnum and serve the same wine in 3 or 4 glasses in the same flight. Not one person will get it. It's a fun trick. Trust me, I know. It's been played on me multiple times!

Blind Tasting Bordeaux Wine, Rhone Wine & More 7 Blind Men

Blind tasting humbles everyone, especially when it's a night with 7 Blind Men featuring Bordeaux wine, Rhone Wine, old California Cabernet and more...

7 Blind Men taste California Cabernet Sauvignon Wine & more!

Like all the bottles from this evening, the Harlan Estate was served blind. I bring this up so that you know, out of a table with 8 people, not one taster mentioned finding VA in the this particular bottle.

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