1995 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

1995 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

This Bordeaux wine value buying guide page is a list of the top 1995 Bordeaux wines in the market for the money today. These are the best Bordeaux wines from the vintage combining quality, character and price from every major Bordeaux appellation.

When 1995 Bordeaux was initially tasted during the April En Primeur tastings, the ratings were high. The Wine Spectator raved about the vintage.  This was at the start of my wine buying and wine appreciation days.  Prices were shockingly high for their day. The First Growths were an astounding $1,200 a case!  Things have changed since then for wine prices and the quality of the vintage.  Currently, the price for most First Growth wines is close to $1,200 per bottle!

But this page is about quality and price.  At least in my view, 1995 Bordeaux has not lived up to its early lofty billing.  The tannins are not ripe and in many cases, the wines are hard, with an austere leaning.  There are some very good 1995 Bordeaux wines, but across the board, it’s not my favorite vintage. In fact, to purchase 2009 Bordeaux futures, I sold most of my 1995 Bordeaux. For detailed information on the 1995 Bordeaux vintage, harvest and the wines: 1995 Bordeaux Wine. For tips on other Bordeaux value wines and vintages: Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Find the Best Bordeaux for the money to buy today (Vintages 1959 to today)

1995 Bordeaux Wine Values Left Bank
Grand Puy Lacoste 93 Pts
Haut Brion 96 Pts
Leoville Las Cases 95 Pts
La Mission Haut Brion 95 Pts
Pichon Comtesse de Lalande 95 Pts
1995 Bordeaux Value Wines Right Bank

Canon La Gaffeliere
Clinet 94 Pts
L’Eglise Clinet
Tertre Roteboeuf