1983 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

1983 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

This Bordeaux wine value buying guide page is a list of the top 1983 Bordeaux wines in the market for the money today. These are the best Bordeaux wines from the vintage combining quality, character and price from every major Bordeaux appellation.

1983 Bordeaux wines are fully mature. In fact the majority of the wines are past maturity and are now in a gentle decline. Only Chateau Margaux and Chateau Lafleur will benefit from further cellaring. This short list offers you the best of the wines to buy.  For more details on the 1983 Bordeaux vintage, harvest and the wines: 1983 Bordeaux Wine .  For tips on other Bordeaux value wines and vintages: Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Find the Best Bordeaux for the money to buy today (Vintages 1959 to today)

1983 Sauternes and Barsac are both strong in 1983. With the exception of Chateau d’Yquem, which is stunning, all the sweet wines are fully mature.  They might not improve much,  and while they should last for quite a while, there is no reason to hold them any longer.

Cheval Blanc Very expensive for a wine, but for a mature Cheval Blanc, out of all the vintages in the marketplace, this is the one to buy. 96 Pts

Domaine de Chevalier

Lafite Rothschild If you want to know why people are paying so much money for Lafite, this is not going to explain it to you. But if you the only decent deal for a mature Lafite, this is it. 95 Pts

Margaux 94 Pts

Palmer 98 Pts

Pichon Lalande 93 Pts

Rauzan Segla 92 Pts