Stephen Carrier on 2013 de Fieuzal Bordeaux White Wine Harvest


Fieuzal 2013 harvest

Jeff Leve When did you start picking your white wine grapes for the 2013 de Fieuzal?

Stephen Carrier “We started harvesting the grapes for the 2013 Bordeaux white wine vintage, Monday, September 23rd. We picked some initial parcels for three days. We stopped for a few days to let some of our fruit gain a little concentration.

Jeff Leve Is 2013 de Fieuzal the latest vintage for you at the property?

Stephen Carrier “Yes. The 2013 de Fieuzal sets the record for such a late vintage.”

Jeff Leve When did you finish picking?

Stephen Carrier “For the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, the 2013 Bordeaux harvest for the white wine grapes was finished by Wednesday, October 2.”

Jeff Leve Under what conditions did you pick your Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon?

Stephen Carrier “Most of it was done with nice, sunny weather conditions.”

Jeff Leve What can you tell us about the potential alcohol levels and pH analysis for your 2013 white wines?

Stephen Carrier “The alcohol levels are between 11.5% and 12.5%. The pH varies between 2 and 3.”

Jeff Leve For many reasons, 2013 Bordeaux has been a difficult vintage for growers. Many estates are having to sort much more than usual. How much sorting was required for the 2013 de Fieuzal white wine harvest?

Stephen Carrier “We did all our sorting in the vineyard. We did not need to do any sorting in the cellar because we wanted to respect as much as we can what nature provided with the grapes.”

Jeff Leve Does the potential for the white wine harvest at this point remind you any other vintage in Pessac Leognan?

Stephen Carrier “No, I never compare one vintage to another, just like my kids!

Jeff Leve Did any white wine varietal perform better than others with the 2013 Bordeaux vintage for you with the 2013 de Fieuzal?

Stephen Carrier “The Sauvignon Blanc in the 2013 de Fieuzal will be really amazing this year! The balance in those grapes is great between the pH and the alcohol. The Semillon needed a little more time to be ripen as much as I would have liked.”

Jeff Leve When do you think you will start to pick your red wine grapes?

Stephen Carrier “Early October. We should start picking the Merlot as soon as we are finished with the white wine grapes. The Cabernet Sauvignon needs more time.”

Jeff Leve What will you be doing during the fermentation for the 2013 Fieuzal white wine?

Stephen Carrier “The white Bordeaux wine grapes, if they’re at the correct temperature, we start to press right away. If not we cool them for a few hours. To reduce oxidation, the must is allowed to settle at cold temperatures of about 8 to 10 degrees Celsius before the fermentations start. Next, we choose if want to barrel ferment, use steel or the cement eggs.

Jeff Leve How do you decide on the fermentation vessel you are going to use?

Stephen Carrier “That depends on if the wine is going to be bottled as the Grand Vin or not.”


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