2011 Lafleur Tasting Notes, Interview with Jacques Guinaudeau



2011 Lafleur – The wine was produced from a blend of 53% Cabernet Franc and 47% Merlot. Violets, truffle, cherry, forest, earth and spicy aromas couple with concentrated, sensuous layers of ripe, fresh and pure clean plum, cherry and blackberry. On the palate, the wine moves between red to dark berries while building and expanding in depth and intensity. 96-98 Pts

2011 Pensees de Lafleur is produced from a blend of 54% Merlot and 46% Cabernet Franc. This wine with truffle, black raspberry, jam and earth offers fresh, sweet black cherry and opulent textures. 90-91 Pts

Chateau Lafleur Pomerol

Jeff Leve “Was the growing season for 2011 Lafleur difficult for you in Pomerol?”

Jacques Guinaudeau “Not really. At Lafleur, 2011 Lafleur was not a difficult vintage.”

Jeff Leve “What did you do special in your vineyard work this year to produce 2011 Lafleur?”

Jacques Guinaudeau “In April, we gently raked the top of our soils. This helps keep the earth fresh and loose, while helping retain moisture.”

Jeff Leve “What did you do later in the season to help 2011 Lafleur?”

Jacques Guinaudeau  “The year was dry. In fact, it was similar to what is currently taking place in 2012. The the management of the leaf canopy was of key importance in the 2011 vintage.  Paying attention to make sure the Cabernet Franc was protected from sunburn was needed. As you know, Cabernet Franc is susceptible to sunburn.”

Jeff Leve “When did you harvest?”

Jacques Guinaudeau  “The Merlot was harvested over two days, August 31 and September 12. Cabernet Franc was picked September 22 and September 23.”

Jeff Leve “What are your yields for 2011 Lafleur?”

Jacques Guinaudeau “Yields for 2011 Lafleur were 29 hectoliters per hectare. This is less than one bottle of wine per vine.”

Jeff Leve “Was sorting more of a problem than usual in this vintage?”

Jacques Guinaudeau  “Sorting was not too difficult this year because much of the unripe, unwanted fruit was removed throughout the growing season.”

Jeff Leve “How much of the wine goes into the 2011 Lafleur this year and how much is reserved for Penses de Lafleur?”

Jacques Guinaudeau  “2011 Lafleur represents 55% of the harvest. 20% of the harvest goes to Penses de Lafleur and the remaining 25% is allocated as bulk wine.”


  1. Izak… I do not have a problem with Lafleur being the best 2011. It’s in my top 5 and probably my top 3 wines for 2011 Bordeaux. If only I could afford it…

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