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2010 St. Julien in Bottle Tasting Notes from UGC Tastings in Los Angeles

2010 St. Julien is extremely successful in every commune, from top to bottom. The wines are rich, deep, vibrant, powerful, yet refined and display great purity of fruit.

2010 Margaux in Bottle Tasting Notes from UGC Tastings in Los Angeles

2010 Margaux wines are not as lush as 2009, but the wines have more freshness, good concentration and display a great purity of fruit, with ripe, round tannins.

2010 Pomerol in Bottle Tasting Notes from UGC Tastings in Los Angeles

While the Pomerol selection for the UGC is small, the best wines displayed great quality, character and style in the 2010 Bordeaux vintage.

1982 Pichon Lalande, Pauillac Perfection in a Glass for Fathers Day

The best wines of Bordeaux offer great pleasure in their youth, middle age and at full maturity. In part, that is a key characteristic of a great wine, which few wines offer. 1982 Pichon Lalande has all that and more in spades.

7 Blind Men A Night to Remember with Bordeaux Wine, Rhones & More

There is no group I have more fun tasting with, than “7 Blind Men”. Devoted to blind tasting, you never know what wine is going to show up. For each tasting, all the wines are served double blind. Guessing what the wines are combines an interesting skill set ranging from recognizing familiar scents, flavors and […]

1989 Montrose, 1990 Montrose Which Vintage Is Better Today?

For years I've preferred the cleaner, fresher stylings found in 1989 Montrose. 1990 was a bigger, more powerful and tannic wine, but the extreme brett found in some bottles was a little too much like being on a date with Mr. Ed. It was far too horsey.

Ducru Beaucaillou 2009 2005 2003 2000 1995 with Bruno Borie

Bruno Borie is fun, charming, well-spoken, knowledgeable and a good sales person. After all, while he enjoys traveling as much as the next person, he's here promoting his wines because he wants you to buy them.

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