2010 Petrus, Jean Claude Berrouet Quotes on Petrus and 2010 Vintage



2010 Petrus Pomerol Bordeaux wine review, tasting note and rating.

2010 Petrus From 100% Merlot, the wine reached 14.5% alcohol, the same level achieved in 2009. In a discussion with Olivier Berrouet, he said “In 2010, the key to making great wine was avoiding over extraction due to the combination of high alcohol coupled with high acidity levels.”  Berrouet added, “To avoid even higher levels of alcohol, they reduced green harvesting and like many top properties, they only allowed for daily pump overs.  The previous Petrus winemaker and father of Olivier Berrouet, Jean Claude Berrouet was also at the tasting. When asked, Jean Claude said he was worried about how well the current vintages of Bordeaux would age. Needless to say, the father and son did not agree with this fact.  I have no doubt about how Bordeaux wine like this will age as well.  Remember, 1947 Cheval Blanc was over 15%. The few lucky wine lovers that have been able to taste ’47 Cheval today can attest to how well that wine has aged.

2010 Petrus  – This deep ruby tinted wine opens with complex aromatics of flowers, black raspberry, jammy plums and chocolate. Powerful, structured, intense, deep, structured and, mouth coating with densely packed ripe, racy plums.  Elegance, sensuality and refined power ending with a complex finish that remains on your palate for close to one full minute that morphs from dark spicy fruit to red berries. Petrus fanatics will be forced to pay even more money for the 2010 as the estate produced 10% less wine in this vintage they did in 2009. The wine will be aged in 50% new oak for 18-20 months, 98-100 Pts

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