1989 Angelus Last Bottle Before Tasting 2010 Bordeaux Wine


Chateau Angelus with Josette Meeks

I’m off to Bordeaux today to taste the new 2010 Bordeaux wine vintage. I can’t wait.  I’ll be in London in time for dinner at The Ledbury Monday night.  Tuesday I’ll be in Bordeaux starting with lunch at Chateau d’Issan with Emmanuel Cruse.  All the rumors about the vintage and the few dozen wines I’ve tasted so far has whetted my appetite and sparked my curiosity.  I am fired up and ready to taste!
For my last dinner at home for a few weeks, certain choices had to be made.  The first and most important decision required no thought. It was obvious. Who would I want to share my last night with?  Like Indiana Jones, trust me, I chose wisely.  That was not the only three word phrase that was uttered during the night to Josette Meeks. We’ll get to that later.
Next, what should I make for dinner? What wine should Josette Meeks and I have for our special occasion?  Should it be a Bordeaux wine? After all, I was probably going to taste at least 500 Bordeaux wines over the next two weeks? Or should I go for something different?  Those important questions demanded answers. On my Facebook page, I asked; “Kinky, exotic and erotic, or supple, opulence with silk and velvet for tonight?”
The choices were Guigal La Mouline, my favorite Rhone wine. Or Chateau Angelus? I went for the 1989 Angelus knowing Josette, with whom I having dinner with would love it!
With a roaring fire on a cold, Los Angeles night, the sweet, soulful sounds of Nat King Cole and Billie Hoiliday, The Beatles White Album and a few other assorted tracks filling up the background sounds, the night became one of those perfect evenings where everything from start to finish was perfect.  Had I sat down in front of the screen I am facing now and composed a list of what goes into a perfect night, it could not have been any better than it was.
The best wines do more than offer perfect pairings for food. They compliment life.  They allow you to share time while awarding you a memory of the occasions.  Recalling the exotic perfume, sensuous textures and the joy of sharing let you remember the night anytime you wish.  That is the magic great wine offers.  The bottle of 1989 Angelus we shared was sublime. We’ll both remember sharing it.
1989 Chateau Angelus – Striking aromas of fresh truffles, chocolate, juicy black and red plums,  fresh berries and a melange of wet earth scents with hints of tobacco captured our attention.  Silk and velvet textures with layers of supple, opulent, sweet plums, blackberries, dark cherries, licorice and spice lingered for close to 45 seconds!  One of the marks of a great bottle is the ability to evolve and improve in the glass. Purchased on release and perfectly stored, the wine developed additional complexities while adding layers of elegant, soft textures to the finish.  Perfectly stored bottles have at least 12-20 years of a positive future to look forward to.  97 Pts
Oh… those three words I longed to hear. “More wine please,” was a nice way to start three word phrases.
By the way, if you’re in a rock & roll mood and you’re not listeneing to this site with the volume on, you’re missing out!


    • 1989 Angelus was one of the first Bordeaux wines I purchased when I started collecting. It sold for the then very expensive price of $30 per bottle. I scored 2 cases. I still about 10 bottles left and every bottle has been great.

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