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  1. Stephanie Gregoire on

    My best experience ever was a Petrus 89, I’ve never had tasted such a perfection! Just reminding it brings a certain emotion to me…

  2. Thank-you Jeff for providing this valuable and timely harvest information to us Bordeaux lovers. There are so many good Bordeaux wines but my favorite across many years is a controversial one to many….Gruaud Larose. This is a wine that really does not show what it’s all about until it’s got a bunch of age on it. Probably true that the older ones were of higher quality (70’s and 80’s) than most of the vintages since (with a couple exceptions) but I just love the stuff and I’ve got a nice collection of many vintages since the 95 in deep storage. Sounds like the 09 is going to be a good one so I bought a couple cases on futures. Gruaud has this rustic/classic style that is just right for for my palate. – Chris

  3. Chris sargent on

    I’m relatively new to Bordeaux, so most of the wines in my cellar are too young. But I will say that a 2001 Pavie I had was outstanding, and I also was blown away by the 03 Leoville Barton. ’98 Las Cases was beautiful as well! So there are three.
    Btw, nice website, Jeff! I love the guest contributors and your harvest updates.

  4. ’98 La Mission Haut Brion
    Love the sweet tobacco and gravel intermixed on the palate…. the 96 isn’t bad either…

  5. La Conseillante. It hits a perfect vibe for me almost every vintage (except ’02 – bleh.) The ’01 is almost a house wine.

  6. Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou is my absolute favorite Bordeaux. Their vintages have been consistent and have made a huge hole in my pocket but it was worth it!

    • Hi Grace… Thanks for visiting! Ducru is great and IMO, Borie is making the best wines ever produced at the property today. While it’s not cheap, grab any 08 Ducru that is not sold yet. It’s going to get a high score and it will be very hard to find for the same price after that.

  7. 1959 Lafite
    It was the first truly great wine I tasted and it has remained imprinted in my memory. I’ve tasted it again twice since then and it remains a landmark wine that awakes fond memories.

    • Hi Julia… 59 Lafite is one of the great Bordeaux wines of all time! I might not have any 59, but when you finally come visit, I think I can find a bottle or two that you will like? How are things with you?

      PS. Thanks for the Twitter tips. I’ll play with it again next week.

  8. Apart from the big names in Bordeaux I have only visited one or two. To make things a bit different and for good value Chateau Plince in Pomerol I will go for…

  9. In general, Right Banks are my favorite, but there are some amazing Left Banks. Not sure if you wanted a single wine or a winery.

    For a single wine, regardless of price, 1989 Petrus. Saving this for a very special occasion. We had a 1971 Petrus and that is still our one favorite single bottle (a lot probably had to do with the occasion).

    For a single wine, factoring in cost, 1989 La Conseillante. All the bottles I’ve had (4) have just been so good. Waiting to start popping the 2000s.

    For a single wine, Pavie. In fact, I love all the Perse wines.

  10. Barbara Burlingame on

    Favourite: Château Le Tertre Rôteboeuf. First had it in a blind tasting, up against La Conseillante, Masseto, others, and it topped them all.

  11. Lol! Jeff, I just clicked over from your Facebook message and notice that we have the same birthday! I’ll have to remember to pass some good wishes when it comes around!

  12. Jeff

    Favorite wine has to be the 1975 La Mission Haut Brion. Last time I had this was this past spring at a special dinner at Tour D’Argent and the bottles we had from their outstanding cellar were among the finest I have ever enjoyed.

  13. La Mission Haut Brion for being excellent in multiple vintages. If we could forget about the slump at Chateau Margaux in 60’s up to mid 70’s, I would make it my favorite.

  14. Still have a lot more Bordeaux to taste, but I was originally sucked in by a Figeac and, subsequently, by Cos d’Estournel. I have to say, I’m collecting a number of Cos d’Estournel wines now. When they get it right, there is just so much going on with these. Hugely dense, yet so light on its feet, with cool fresh flavours and balanced acids. And yet, the best of them are still relatively afordable. I may be alone, but I have to put my vote with Cos d’Estournel at this time! 🙂 Robert

  15. Jeff
    I’ve been collecting for 40 years and had many, many great bordeaux including 45 Mouton, 61 Latour, 47 Cheval, etc, etc. The most memorable wine IMHO has been the 47 Lafleur. Tasted approx 15 years ago, it was absolute perfection and tasted alongside the 45 Mouton, which it easily overshadowed. As for my most recent favorite, it would have to be 61 La Mission Haut Brion. I rated it easily a 100 pt score. Easily the best bordeaux in the past few years.

    • Roger… Thanks for dropping in. You have great taste and a lot of experience. I hope you’ll keep posting when you can. I’ve had a lot of the wines you mentioned, but not all of them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. Jean Christophe… You are very funny! I will ask Mark Wessels if you can have a Cote Rotie instead:-0)

    But if you are still coming to visit in October, I have 89 & 90 Tertre Roteboeuf. Which would you prefer we open?

    And you still owe me your harvest news and pictures of the wine making!!!

  17. Leoville Barton 2005. It was part of a special pairing menu that the former chef a the former Bastide did for me. It threw me over the wall with excitement — and it was one of the first times I started to love French wines. My wine education started (mon dieu!) drinking California wines. For a long time, I was madly in love with qualities I now dislike and would call “jammy” and “overextracted.” It was one of the most magical nights of my life, that night at Bastide, and the pairing was superlative.

  18. Mike Pobega as I live and breathe! As you know, I think Pavie ROCKS!

    We’re going to arrange for people to publish their own articles in the near fugture. Would you like to write something for California wines?

  19. Ki… 98 Trotanoy is one of the best Pomerol wines I’ve ever had. As I wrote to Renee, 08 and 09 are probably better wines!

    Do you think we should do a Trotanoy dinner?

  20. Kim… You have great taste. I love 1990 Bordeaux too. I’ve been tasting as many as possible over the past several months. I will write an article on all the wines tasted at the end of the year.

  21. Leoville Barton.
    Beside loving this wine year in and year out, I think we should all appreciate the effort here to keep prices at a reasonable level.

  22. Simon… You are right. Starting with 2005 Chateau Palmer became very expensive. For me, the best vintages for the money of Palmer are 2004 and 2008. They are both great wines and sell for a fair price.

  23. It may not be the best wine in the world, but Chateau la Raze Beauvallet. Simply because it was the wine that sparked my love affair with Bordeaux wines, and in particular those of the Medoc.

  24. Jean-Christophe MEYROU on

    Salut Jef,

    I would say TERTRE ROTEBOEUF when it gets 15 and more yers old. This is the “Burgundy” of Bordeaux. Delicate.

  25. Just about anything from the 1990 vintage.

    Angelus has never failed to please….but…if money isn’t a consideration….Haut Brion and Margaux…always make me smile too!

  26. Rene… Trotanoy! You are a a woman after my own heart. You heard it here first. 2008 and 2009 Trotanoy are the wines to own. Grab the 2008, it’s off the charts and sells for a lot less money than the 2009.

  27. Tom… Lynch Bages from the 80’s is the read deal. However, 2009 Lynch Bages is as good, and possibly even better than 89 or 90 Lynch Bages! And that is saying something. By coincidence, we just published a long article from Jean-Michel Cazes on the replanting of the Lynch Bages vineyards.


    Please let me know what you think.

  28. So tough to choose just one, Jeff! As much as I love the Left Bank & St. Emilion, I’ve got to go to Pomerol and say Trotanoy is my fave. Cheers, dear.

  29. Pontet Canet- since 1996 quality has gone thru the roof and until recently the price has been very reasonable, and only compared with Pontet Canet’s historical pricing do the current releases look expensive. All of this while producing a wine that rivals First Growth’s year in and out, many time out-performing Mouton Rothschild at a fraction of the cost in any vintage. This is a property that everyone in BDX and the world for that matter should try to emulate, produce the best wine you can while keeping it in a category that enables it to be a consumable versus a collectible, or a brand (like Prada or Louis Vuitton).

    Cheers, KP

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