International Grenache Day, September 24 is here!


What Grenache based wine are you opening for International Grenache day?

Wine lovers all over the world are celebrating by opening any Grenace based wine of their choice. It could be from Chateauneuf du Pape, California, Spain or any other country. To participate, open the bottle of your choice and if you like, post a tasting note, letting others know what you enjoyed.

This is good for the entire 24 hours period all over the world! If you like post your notes on Facebook, twitter, or this blog. I am thinking Rayas is the wine to open.

What are you thinking of?


  1. Laurent… I am sorry that I did not see this earlier. 1990 Rayas is beautiful. But I think I might even prefer the 89 today. Let me know what you think after tasting it.

  2. Stephen Robins on

    Alban Grenache 2006 was available at The Sampler in Islington for a while, but I picked up six bottles for £90 per bottle from Majestic Wine Warehouse (Highbury branch).

    Bizarrely, Majestic Wine Warehouse currently has a huge amount of Alban Viognier 2008 (£25) and Alban Roussanne 2006 (£50) – I guess the white wines are harder to sell!

  3. Hi Laurent

    It’s good seeing you over here! Your Rayas tasting made me very jealous! I have tasted every vintage starting from 1978, until 2001. My favorite is still the amazing 1989! I have 2 perfect bottles of the 89 remaining.

  4. Alban Grenache 2006 … it totally rocks. The most amazing thing is … blind, you would never know that it is 16.5% ABV.

    Also, a great grenache Q.P.R. is the Janasse CdR Les Garrigues … 2005 in particular … 100 per cent grenache from old vines … better than a lot of CdP on the market …

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