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For three vintages in a row, the dry white Bordeaux wines from Pessac Leognan are contenders for the best wines of not only the appellation, but in all of Bordeaux.

In some vintages like 2009 Margaux and 2010, Margaux, while the differences in quality are noticeable between the properties at all ends of the spectrum, those variances are much more pronounced in a difficult vintage like 2013.

At their best, 2013 Pauillac are light, fresh, focused on bright, pure cherries. The wines are pretty. They are in most cases ripe, without dryness. But they are not deep, exciting or structured to age.

2013 St Julien wines are clearly from the most consistent appellation for the vintage with their fresh, approachable style and ease of drinkability.

2013 St. Estephe is a mixed bag. There is a marked difference, even more than you might expect from the top terroir to the lesser soils, as this was a vintage of extreme challenges.

The problem with 2013 Bordeaux for consumers and chateau owners will be the price. There is some truth in the old saying that difficult vintages can never be priced low enough to spark demand, while the great years are never priced high enough to satisfy chateau owners.

Everything you ever wanted to know and more about were to taste 2013 Bordeaux wine, plus tips on the best new chateau to see and visit during the week.