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Clos Badon Thunevin

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2019 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 92

Earthy, with nuances of flowers, espresso, smoke and dark ripe plums, the wine is round, lush and generous on the palate. The fruit, licorice and coffee bean-filled finish tops everything off nicely. 91-93 Pts

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2018 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 91

Licorice, smoke and wet earth with ripe dark plums on the nose and a blast of black cherry, licorice and dark mocha on the palate work perfectly here. The wine needs only a few years in the bottle before it all comes together. 90-92 Pts

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2017 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 90

Smoke, earth and licorice with dark red fruits, deep color and a round, red plum finish is what you will find here. A couple years in the cellar should add more softness and complexity to the wine.

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2016 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 92

With a smoky accent, the licorice, dark red fruits, espresso and earthy nuances come through with ease. The wine is Medium/full bodied with soft tannins. It is forward, so this is perfect to enjoy on the young side. However, if you have just a little patience, there is some tannin to resolve, so yu can give it a few years in the cellar.

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Medium/full bodied with polished tannins, ripe sweet fruit, wet earth, licorice and a juicy, energetic fruit finish, this wine will drink well early or offer more nuance with age.

1321 Views   Tasted 92
2015 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 92

This is the best ever Clos Badon. Licorice, blackberry, smoke and earthy character move in quickly, illuminating this deep ruby beauty. Round on the palate, the wine has a fresh, plump quality of fruit that really works this year.

1580 Views   Tasted
2014 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 89

Earthy, lush black cherries with a fleshy, sweet, licorice and cocoa finish. 88-90 Pts

1556 Views   Tasted
2013 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 88

From 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.5% alcohol and offers notes of vanilla bean and dark cherry, an open personality and a sweet, tart and plummy finish. 87-89 Pts

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2012 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 88

Showing depth of color, the wine is earthy with dark berries and a wild strawberry and dark chocolate finish. 87-89 Pts

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2011 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 89

90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc create the blend. The wine reached 13.5% alcohol and will be aged in 100% new oak. Deep in color with oak, toast, vanilla, jammy blackberry and earth in the nose. The wine is polished, lush and round, but there is a bit too much oak in the supple-textured finish that still needs to come together. 88-90 Pts

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2010 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 89

Clos Badon Thunevin From almost 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine offers scents of licorice, jammy dark berries and oak ending in a soft, sweet, fennel and blackberry finish. 88-90 Pts

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2009 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 90

2009 Clos Badon - This rich, round, ripe St. Emilion wine is filled with licorice, blackberry and chocolate covered cherries. This should deliver a lot of pleasure young. 90 Pts

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2008 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 90

08 Clos Badon Thunevin shows deep ruby color. The wine delivers a lot of fresh black raspberry and licorice in the nose. More concentrated than previous vintages, and styled for early drinking, the wine proffers a lot of pleasure. 90-92 Pts

1914 Views   Tasted
2006 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 90

At close to peak, this medium bodied wine delivers that elusive combination of ripe, sweet fruits, freshness, soft, elegant textures and a sweet, balanced, earthy, dark cherry and coffee bean filled finish.

1693 Views   Tasted
2005 Clos Badon Thunevin  (St. Émilion) 90

Already open and accessible, licorice, coffee, black cherry, cocoa and spicy aromas play well the sensuous textures and rich, chocolate covered cherry, fennel and blackberry finish.

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