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Château La Croix St. Georges

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2020 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 94

Dark garnet in color, the wine is plush, round and polished. The black plums, licorice, smoke, tobacco and dark chocolate on the nose and palate get your attention. Richly textured with a long blast of black cherry, plum and oak on the palate and in the finish. Let the wine age for 6-7 years allowing enough time for the oak to integrate, as there is more than enough supple textured fruit to soak it all up. 93-95 Pts

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2019 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 94

Deeply colored, the wine offers black and blue fruit, plum, cherry, smoke, licorice and a hint of truffle in the nose. Silky, fresh and energetic, with lush textures, ripe tannins, sweet fruits and cocoa on the palate. This is going to be great with 5 or more years of cellaring. 93-95 Pts

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2018 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 92

Deeply colored, with smoke, wet earth, licorice, plums, vanilla, espresso and floral aromatics, the wine is concentrated, fresh, sweet, lush and round with an array of plums, cherries and dark chocolate in the finish. Give it some time to develop secondary characteristics and it should be a solid Pomerol. The wine was produced from 94% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc. 92 Points

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Flowers, truffle and fresh green herbs along with ripe cherries and vanilla produce the perfume. Round, supple, forward and lush, the wine serves up a perky cherry and plum finish. Give this five years or so before opening a bottle. The wine was produced from blending 94% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc, reaching 13.9% alcohol. 91-93 Pts

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2017 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 90

Floral vanilla and ripe cherries arrive immediately, followed by a mid palate crush of round-textured plum and licorice. The finish is juicy with calm, cushy tannins. Give this seven to eight years for the oak to integrate and it will be even better. The wine was produced from blending 95.5% Merlot and 4.5% Cabernet Franc, reaching 13.5% alcohol. 90 Points

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2016 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 92

Truffle, flowers, smoke, vanilla and licorice are on equal terms with the ripe plum and cherries found here. Soft and round on the palate, with silky tannnins, the wine will be much better with 6-8 years of aging. It was produced from 94% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc. 92 Points

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A nose full of vanilla and an opulently textured, fresh bowl of cherries, the wine is already open. Lush layers of dark, ripe plums, chocolate, licorice, smoke and espresso are impossible to miss. The tannins are polished, the fruit is very ripe and there is a note of spice in the sweet finish that adds an enjoyable edge to this wine. It was produced from 94% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc, reaching 13.8% alcohol. 92 Points

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2015 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 93

Showing a dark, ruby hue the wine springs with a strong truffle essence. From there you find round, fleshy textured, sweet, silky plums with good purity to the fruit. Give this time in the bottle for the oak to fade and this should be an even better wine. 93 Points

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With a touch of espresso bean, licorice, plum and smoke, this wine is fat, succulent, plush and polished like a plump but well-coiffed torch singer ready for a set. 92 - 94 Pts

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2014 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 89

With a nose of vanilla and a fresh bowl of cherries, this wine is soft and supple with a prominent kiss of oak in the finish. The wine is produced from 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Franc and reached 13.5% alcohol. 89-90 Pts

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2013 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 89

Licorice, cherry, espresso and cocoa on the nose, and soft textures segue into a sweet and tart finish filled with cherry griotte. Blending 86% Merlot and 14% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.6% alcohol. The yields were 30 hectoliters per hectare. The wine is aging in 60% new French oak. 88-90 Pts

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2012 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 91

Oak, mushroom, fresh plum and licorice scents on the nose, with a soft, polished, forward, round chocolate covered plum and coffee bean. 91 Points

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94.5% Merlot blended with 5.5% Cabernet Franc produced a wine with espresso, jammy plums and earth. On the palate, the wine is soft, round and fat, ending in a fleshy, plum and oak-filled finish. 90-92 Pts

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2011 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 89

Medium bodied with a bit too much oak for the earthy, red and black plums that carry through from start to the round, soft polished, finish. 89 Points

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From a blend of 94% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc, the wine is aged in 100% new oak, 50% of which are cigar-shaped barrels. Medium-bodied with cherry and a black raspberry finish. 88-90 Pts. 88 Points

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2010 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 93

Fleshy, flashy, plush, opulent, berries, ripe chocolate covered plums and sensuous, rich textures make this wine a winner for any Pomerol lovers cellar. 93 Points

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La Croix St. Georges produced from 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc is aged in 100% new oak of which 50% is a unique cigar shaped, oak barrel. The wine reached 14.5% alcohol. On the nose, oak, flowers, cherry blossom, mocha and coca powder. Full bodied, concentrated and flashy in texture, the wine ends with fresh, a black cherry and chocolate finish. 91-93 Pts

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2009 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 93

Truffle, smoke, tobacco and ripe plums are on the nose and the palate, The wine is supple, silky and lush The fruits are ripe, soft and round, with a hit of espresso and spice in the finish. This is starting to drink well. 93 Points

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Floral, black raspberry earth and smoky aromas open to a flashy, black cherry, jam, raspberry and espresso filled wine. Forward in style, this lush Pomerol can be enjoyed in its youth. 92 Points

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2009 La Croix St. Georges, produced from 80% merlot and 20% cabernet franc, is aged in 60% new, cigar shaped oak. The wine shows earth, licorice, floral, oak, and black raspberry aromas. Full bodied, with ripe black fruit and some oak in the finish. 89-92 Pts

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2008 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 92

Silky, soft, polished, ripe, red fruits with truffle dust is what you find here. The wine is close to fully developed. The wine has filled out with a decade of age. Now you find more sweetness, silky tannins, suppleness and freshness. 92 Points

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08 Château La Croix St. Georges comes from the same gravel and clay terroir as the famed Le Pin. It is only one vine away! This deep ruby colored wine with a perfume of black fruit, orange peel, spice, and oak is a treat to sniff. Mouth filling and sexed up, this flamboyant Pomerol concludes with a long, ripe, black fruit filled finish. However, there was a tiny hint of alcoholic heat in the finish. 91-93 Pts

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2006 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 90

Fully mature, the wine has softened. Medium-bodied, the oak has mostly melded into the round, soft textured wine and the ripe, plummy fruit, truffle and earthy character shines. Not decanted, this is fully ready to go. 90 Points

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Croix St. Georges offers licorice, coffee, vanilla, plums, blackberry, blueberry and spice in the nose. Full bodied and concentrated with layers of sweet, ripe, fruit, this is not a wine for the oak averse. There is a lot of oak in the nose and mouth. With luck, much of the oak will dissipate in time. But I would not bet the farm on it. 90 Points

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Chocolate, coffee and juicy, sweet dark plum and cherry scents work well with the medium/full bodied, soft, round textures of this wine. This is already showing well. I do not think this is going to make old bones. I'd probably opt for drinking it over the next 5-8 years. 91 Points

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Dark cherries, coffee, plums and chocoalte are easy to find in the aromatics. Full bodied and rich, with elegant textures, the wine finishes with ripe dark berries, coffee, coca and espresso notes. If the oak continues to fade, this will become a much a better wine. 92 Points

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This deeply colored wine has a dark black fruit, oak and licorice profile. This is a structured style of Pomero. While it’s filled with ripe berries, along with elegance, the jammy fruit display a hint of alcoholic heat that could be off putting to some tasters. Janoueix thinks this is almost at the level of the 2005. I do not agree. 91 Points

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2005 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 92

Round, soft and plummy, with an open, smoky, espresso, black cherry, earth and plum filled core of fruit, the wine is soft, silky and earthy, but there is still some oak that need to become better integrated into the wine. 92 Points

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Coffee bean, smoke, plum liqueur, candied orange peel, black cherry and chocolate scents create an enticing perfume. Sweet, lush, concentrated and voluptuous in texture, this flashy, exuberant Pomerol ends with a ripe, plush, chocolate covered plum filled finish. 93 Points

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This might be even better than the sublime 2000! Fresh, ripe, black raspberries, blackberries, licorice, coffee, jam and spice start the fireworks. The action kicks into high gear when the ripe, lush, silky fruit pours over your taste receptors filling them with rich, round, dense layers of juicy dark berries. This is a showy style of wine that needs time for the oak to integrate. 94 Points

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2004 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 88

This ripe, plummy, round, ready to drink Pomerol displays licorice, espresso bean, black cherries, smoke and licorice. There is a bit too much oak in the finish. 88 Points

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With its jammy, plum and dark berry, chocolate infused nose, this rich, round wine is already starting to drink well. 90 Points

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2003 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 87

This wine is light and a bit thin in the mouth. Like many Pomerol from 2003, the wine tastes like it was made from cooked fruit. The aromatics and flavors show some raisin characteristics. 87 Points

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2002 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 88

This is short, not full ripe and lacks ample complexities to make it interesting. 88 Points

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2001 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 92

I am down to one bottle from the original case. This penultimate wine was a treat. With 20-30 minutes of air, the softened, filled out and delivered a sweet, plush, soft, plum, black cherry and chocolate wine with sensuous textures in its soft finish. If you have a bottle, it's the right time to pop a cork. 92 Points

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Concentrated notes of spicy red and black fruit, vanilla, and espresso bean create a potent perfume. Plush and round, this modern Pomerol wine ended with rich chocolate covered, boysenberries. 91 Points

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Coffee, coconut, blackberry, jam, licorice, orange peel and spice aromas fill up the perfume. Rich, full bodied, lusty and luscious, the wine is drinking great today. It should remain at this level, and probably improve over the next 10-15 years. 92 Points

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Smoke, caramel, cassis, coffee, chocolate, clay and orange peel were found in this complex nose. This full bodied wine is filled with ripe, blackberry, plum, a hint of citrus and a kiss of oak. At close to 10 years of age, I'd like to see a little less oak in this richly styled Pomerol. It's drinking well today and it will improve for several more years. 91 Points

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Shows an attractive ruby hue with slight lightening at the edges. Licorice, plums, coffee, dark chocolate and five spice aromas pop from the glass. In the mouth, this plush, ripe wine fills your mouth with long, rich, black cherry and blackberry with an exotic background note of orange peel flavors. This soft, opulent wine drinks great today and should continue gaining complexity over the next several years 92 Points

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This sexy wine is already showing well. With a perfume filled with black raspberry, cherry liqueur and mocha, this round, fleshy and flashyPomerol ends with a velvety finish filled with ripe dark berry and supple black cherries. This is my favorite vintage of La Croix St. Georges for current consumption. 93 Points

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Great perfume with raspberry, cherry liqueur notes and a velvety finish. I'd drink this over the next 10-15 years. 91 Points

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2000 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 93

Licorice, coffee bean, coconut, black cherry and an intriguing scent of menthol were the first things that caught your attention. On the palate, the wine is full bodied, lush, round and a little oaky, finishing in a flashy display of black cherries. This is showing very nice today. 93 Points

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Coffee bean, licorice, coconut, black cherry, earth and chocolate scents open to a soft, round, fully accessible, lush Pomerol wine that is ready to drink now. However, there is no hurry to drink it as the fruit is still fresh. 92 Points

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La Croix St. Georges starts with fresh plums, chocolate, oak, licorice and spice aromas. The wine is concentrated, fleshy and ripe with jammy plums, blackberries and a hint of oak. This bottle was a better tasting experience than the last bottle I had. This is a good sign as it should develop more complexity when the oak melds further into the wine. 92 Points

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This kicks off with an exotic perfume filled with orange peel, floral, plum,toast and vanilla aromas. The opulent wine offers a long black raspberry and licorice tinged, velvety finish. A few more years should help better integrate the oak in the wine as well. 93 Points

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This fabulous Pomerol has aromatics of earthy plums, dark berries, espresso and a melagne spices and blackberries. Full bodied and concentrated, this opulently textured wine offers layers of dark fruit, sweet licorice, plums and coffee beans in the lusty finish. You can drink this now, but a few more years will better integrate this Bordeaux wine 95 Points

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Opulent, flamboyant nose with blackberry, spice, earth, vanilla and red fruit liqueur notes stands out in a crowd. But the palate is the best part as it's bathed in a silk infused melange of concentrated rich, ripe, deep fruit. Very sexy wine in a semi flashy style. 94 Points

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1999 Château La Croix St. Georges  (Pomerol) 90

This is ready for current consumption. Chocolate covered plums, dark cherries and mocha kick off the perfume. The wine finishes with a velvety display of ripe black fruit. If you have this wine in your cellar, there is no reason to wait to enjoy its charms. While tasty today, I doubt it will improve much from here. 90 Points

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