Robert Parker App, Wine Critic Releases New App For iPhones



Robert Parker goes Mobile

Robert Parker APP, the world’s most famous wine writer and critic has made it easy for readers to use his buying tips with his just released product, “The 3 W’s of Wine.”

“The 3 W’s of Wine” stands for  What grape variety, Where the wine is from and When did the vintage take place. This service offers buying tips any wine lover can use, at any time or place.  The application features a  database of over 2,000 of the best affordable wines from top producers around the world.  You’ll find a lot of the Bordeaux wine we talk about here, as well as great wine from regions all over the globe. It’s perfect for consumers seeking tips on the best buys from wines on restaurant lists or wine stores.  This is available for use with the iPhone.  It can be purchased for $3.99 by going to the iPhone App Store on your iPhone.  It’s easy to find the app. Just enter  “robert parker.”  

Alternatively, subscribers can use 
to get the 3 W’s of Wine page on On the page, simply click the available on the iPhone App Store icon.

The application is easy to use.    For example, simply touch the category you want to search, for example, “By Region” and the app will list all the wines from that region. Or try “By Style.”  That’s all there is to using it.  The app allows you to look up wines by country, grape, color or even the food you’re eating. Enter what you are looking for, continue adding additional information and the software does the rest of the work for you.

The application includes an interactive version of the Parker wine vintage chart. At a glance, he’ll tell you the best years for all the top wine regions from all over the world.

If you liked a wine, or not, you can add it to your personal database allowing you to enjoy more of what you like, and avoid wines you did not care for. It’s easy to create your own personal listing and star ratings of a wine and share that information with other members of the 3 W’s of Wine community.  You’ll also be able to see what other community thought of the same wine you tasted. You can even search the community comments to help you decide if you want to try it a wine you’ve been thinking about, or avoid a wine that does not seem appealing.

Summing this up in one sentence is easy. Robert Parker took the advice of Pete Townsend and he’s “Going Mobile.”


  1. paul s. minor on

    Jeff: I want to subscribe to your newsletter-put me on the list and tell me how much and who I pay. As a 40 yr. plus collector, I am very impressed with your writings and in particular your recent interview with Eric Asimov (who i am a big fan of). Thanks for your insightfulness–Paul M, New Orleans, La

  2. Hi Paul

    Thank you for posting. I agree with you. I would not be happy if someone started using it during a dinner either. Of course I don’t think people should use cell phones in restaurants either:-0) The app was designed to help people pick a wine at a store or before a dinner.

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