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Celebrate International Sweet Wine Day May 8!

May 8, International Sweet Wine Day is the perfect reason to open a great sweet wine of pleasure, unbridled, hedonistic pleasure..

Joseph Phelps Napa Valley Visionary and Pioneer Dead at 87

Joseph Phelps one of the original Napa Valley pioneers dies at the age of 87.

Best Places and Dates to Taste 2014 Bordeaux Wine En Primeur in April

All the information you need to on when, where and what to taste for the upcoming 2014 Bordeaux wine En Primeur tastings in Bordeaux in April.

Chateau Pavie With New Label for 2012 Vintage Celebrating New Status

Chateau Pavie creates new label and bottle shape for the 2012 vintage to celebrating their promotion to Grand Cru Classe A status.

Does France still have a Taste for Life and Wine?

The wine industry in France is dying a slow death under the weight of all these annoying, petty administrative burdens.

Robert Parker, Neal Martin now Bordeaux Critic at The Wine Advocate

Robert Parker takes another step closer to retirement and names Neal Martin as the new head Bordeaux reviewer at The Wine Advocate!

2015 UGC in America Los Angeles New York Chicago San Francisco Canada

2015 UGC Union of Grand Cru Bordeaux come to America Los Angeles New York Chicago San Francisco Canada to show thelates wines, the 2012 Bordeaux vintage.

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