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2013 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide With Tasting Notes on 400 Wines

2013 Bordeaux is not the vintage of the century. The growing season, with its cold, damp character made sure of that. 30, 40 or 50 years ago, a year the quality of 2013 Bordeaux would have been a complete disaster. But that is not what took place with 2013 Bordeaux. With the willingness to sacrifice quantity for q [...]

Philippe Cambie on 2013 Chateauneuf Southern Rhone Vintage and Harvest

You remember the phrase Bo knows Football? Or was that Baseball? Well, Philippe Cambie knows Chateauneuf du Pape. It’s difficult to disagree with that statement. Philippe Cambie works with more growers and producers in the Southern Rhone Valley than any other consultant. He is involved in the vineyards and the cellars. [...]

Jaboulet and La Lagune Combine Grapes Create New Bordeaux Rhone Wine

Starting with the 2010 vintage, Caroline Frey, the young, dynamic owner of multiple prestigious estates began producing a new wine made from grapes grown at Chateau La Lagune in the Haut Medoc appellation and from her Domaine Paul Jaboulet Aine vineyards in the Hermitage appellation of the Northern Rhone Valley. The wine [...]

Sylvie Cazes of Lynch Bages buys Chateau Chauvin in St. Emilion

With the purchase of Chateau Chauvin, Sylvie Cazes buys her first vineyard in the Right Bank. According to Sylvie Cazes, the St. Emilion property was purchased for her family, which includes her three children, Pierre Regimbeau, Francois Regimbeau and Julie Regimbeau. If the name Sylvie Cazes seems familiar, that is b [...]

2013 Bordeaux Petit Chateau Satellite Appellation Tasting Notes

While the most expensive, glamorous and famous wines and wineries of Bordeaux get most of the press and attention, some of the real stars of Bordeaux are the numerous, 2013 petit chateau, 2013 Bordeaux Superieur wines from the smaller terroirs. The wines from the 2013 satellite appellations in the Right Bank, the 2013 Cot [...]

2013 St. Emilion Wines, Tasting Notes, Comments, Images and Reviews

St. Emilion has its fans and its detractors. Count me in as one of the fans. 2013 St. Emilion is not big, bold, concentrated, opulent and bursting at the seams with ripe, ostentatious fruits like you would find in 2009 or 2010. 2013 St. Emilion wines are at their best, the product of low yields and severe selection. This [...]

2013 Pomerol Wines Tasting Notes Ratings Comments

2013 Pomerol is one of the bright spots in this challenging Bordeaux vintage. However, nature did not help much with the 2013 Pomerol growing season. From start to finish, to produce 2013 Pomerol, growers had to contend with poor flowering, long periods of non-stop rain, a lack of sun, uneven ripening of their grapes and [...]