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Des Laudes Chateau des Laudes St. Emilion Bordeaux Wine

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Prior to becoming a vineyard and winery, Chateau des Laudes started out life as a farm in the 1600’s. At the time, the estate was better known for the production of agricultural products. In fact, the chateau, which continues to maintain the look of a 17th century farm house was built in 1658. Today, Chateau des Laudes is owned by the Artigue family.

The small 3.8 hectare, St. Emilion vineyard of Chateau des Laudes is planted to 75% Merlot , along with 20% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon . The terroir in the vineyard of des Laudes is situated on a clay, sand and limestone soil. The vines are on average kept close to 25 years of age. The vineyards are located in the commune of Saint Christophe des Bardes. The grapes are whole berry fermented in large, French oak vats. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barrel. The wine is aged in a combination of new and used, French oak barrels before bottling.

On average, 1,500 cases are produced of Chateau des Laudes each vintage. Bernard Artigue manages the Right Bank estate today. The vineyard management and wine making for Chateau des Laudes took a change with the 2007 vintage when they hired the team of Stephane Derenoncourt as their consultant.

The estate also produces two additional Bordeaux wines from their family owned estates. They produce another wine from the St. Emilion appellation, Chateau Galeteau as well as Chateau Beaule, which is located in the Entre deux Mers appellation.

Wine Tasting Notes

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  1. 2012 Château Des Laudes

    1. Early drinking, uncomplicated, Merlot based, Right Bank wine that makes for easy going, uncomplicated, drinking with a dark, red plum core of fruit.

      86 points - Tasted
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  2. 2010 Château Des Laudes

    1. Pleasant, easy drinking, medium bodied, round quaffer, with a bit of oak, licorice and dark cherries.

      85 points - Tasted
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  3. 2009 Château Des Laudes

    1. Roasted strawberry jam with hints of licorice combine with a medium bodied wine that ends with a light red and black fruit finish.

      84 points - Tasted
    2. 2009 des Laudes, with its spicy, jammy berry, and licorice flavored profile, is a nice value wine. 84-86 Pts

      84 points - Tasted
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