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Château Le Gay

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2019 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 96

Dark in color, this is stunning, due to its multiple layers of chocolate-covered plums, cherries, truffle and silky, gently dusted tannins. Full-bodied, rich, sensuous and concentrated, this is a beautiful example of what Le Gay does best! Aging will add even more to this wine. Made from blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc. 95-97 Pts

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2018 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 96

Wow could be the perfect descriptor here. If only brevity sufficed. This stunner is rich, concentrated, full-bodied and packed end to end with countless layers of perfectly ripe, velvet drenched, fruits, licorice, smoke, chocolate and truffles. Dark, brooding, long, complex and intense, as well as sensuous and palate coating, this is just beautiful. Time is your friend here. If you can wait for 8-10 years, this is going to be a cellar treasure. The wine is made from blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc and is 100% entirely vinified in new, French oak barrels. Less than 1,500 cases are produced so if you want the wine you need to buy it early. 96 Points

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Full-bodied, concentrated and abundant in depth, this wine balances its power, grace, elegance with ribbons of ripe, dark, red pit fruits from start to finish. The fruit comes in gradations, building and expanding on your palate -- and it just doesn't quit. The plummy finish rocks! Give this 7-9 years, allowing the wine to soften, flesh out and encourage the truffles, flowers and chocolate to unfold. The wine is made from blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc and is 100% vinified in barrels. The harvest took place September 19-October 3. Less than 1,500 cases are produced so if you want the wine you need to buy it early. 96-98 Pts

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2017 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 94

Opaque in hue, lusciously textured, the wine is rich, supple and fresh with a strong, dark chocolate, plum liqueur and licorice character that stays in the mouth throughout the finish. Aging will add even more to this wine. Made from blending 90% Merlot 94 Points

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2016 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 95

Earthy, spicy fresh and juicy, with layers of ripe, fleshy cherries, espresso, and truffle. The wine is concentrated, complex and fresh, you can feel the fleshy and freshness as well as the silkiness in the tannins, but it is starting to tighten up. So you should definitely hold your bottles for at least 7-8 years allowing the wine to develop before everything really comes together The wine was made from a blend of 90% old vine Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc. 95 Points

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This will need time to develop before the deeply-colored wine comes together and you can enjoy the layers of concentrated boysenberry, plum, black cherry, earth, truffle and flowers it has to offer. Structured to age with purity of fruit and ripe, firm tannins, this is going to reward cellaring. The wine was made from a blend of 90% old vine Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, reaching 14% alcohol. The harvest took place from September 29 to October 14. 96 Points

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2015 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 97

A deep, jewel of a color, this wine is filled with black plum liqueur, flowers, black cherry and fig aromatics. Opulent, sexy and with depth of character, like the ultimate first date, it’s ripe with tremendous potential for a long-term pleasure. With tannins as velvety as the thighs of a virgin bride, there is an expressive, sensual, hedonistic texture awash with dense, ripe plums, chocolate, truffle and caramel covered nuts in the finish. The wine was made from a blend of 90% old vine Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, reaching 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.7. The harvest took place from September 27 to October 8. The Grand Vin was made from a whopping 50% of the harvest, so it's going to be hard to find this wine -- only 16,000 bottles were produced! I have a tendency to under estimate this wine in barrel, as there is so much going on, so I would not be surprised to see this get even better in the bottle. 96 - 98 Pts

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2014 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 93

Medium bodied, silky textured, elegant, soft, fresh and reasonably forward, requiring maybe 5 years or so, for the all the exotic textured, plums, cherries, wet earth, truffles and flowers to develop. 93 Points

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Sweet plum, fig and black cherry prepare you for sultry, round textures and a soft, polished mid-palate. A distinctive medium-bodied, classic Pomerol wine, that leaves you with a fresh, crisp, black cherry essence. 92-94 Pts

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2013 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 90

Medium bodied and finesse in style, the fruits are fresh, spicy and vibrant, but the wine clearly lacks the depth to age for years. You are best off drinking this earthy, red plum filled charmer in its youth. 90 Points

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Blending 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13% alcohol and will be aged in 100% new French oak. Not much wine was produced, as the yields were only 18 hectoliters per hectare. Black raspberry, spice, coffee bean and licorice create the floral perfume. There is good sweetness in the fruit, transitioning from black to red cherries. 92-94 Pts

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2012 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 95

2 hours of air is all that's needed to bring out the truffle, chocolate covered plum, boysenberry, mint, coconut and violet aromatics. Soft, polished, tannins, with a slight dusty texture in the long plummy finish wrap everything up nicely. Still young, but it's already delicious. Good now, but this will really be rocking with another 5 years or so of age. 95 Points

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Concentrated, deep, soft, fresh, polished ripe fruits, smooth, silky tannins and a long rich, character driven finish. Give it at least 5 -7 more more years and you’ll have a stunning, decadent treat. For a Pomerol of this quality, this still sells for a song. 94 Points

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Full bodied, rich, concentrated and showing good intensity, the nose pops with smoke, licorice, cocoa and ripe black and blue fruits. There is a vibrant, fresh, polished center of juicy, sweet, black and dark red fruits that really shines. This has really improved since bottling and is one of the top Pomerol's of the vintage. For a wine of this quality from Pomerol, it's a steal in the marketplace! 95 Points

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For the 2012 vintage, the wine of Chateau Le Gay was produced using the same methods as they employ at La Violette. 90% of the fruit was vinified in barrel. From a blend that is the same as the plantings at 90% Merlot at 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.5% alcohol. Deep ruby in color, the wine offers licorice, oak, earth, jammy black raspberry, chocolate and floral notes. On the palate, the wine is rich, round, supple and lush. Each sip is packed with ripe and overripe black cherries, licorice and dark chocolate. The tannins are ripe while the finish expands, moving from cherry to black raspberry and spice. Sadly, Catherine Pere Verge, the grand woman of Pomerol passed away the day before she was going to present her wines at a dinner for friends and members of the press. She will be missed. 93-95 Pts

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2011 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 91

Not showing quite as well as in previous tastings, the wine displayed ample, sweet, juicy, plum, black cherry and earthy characteristics, but the finish also showed drying tannic qualities. 91 Points

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Dark ruby in color, the wine is packed with fresh, earthy, sweet red berries, plums, cocoa, soft textures and a medium bodied, spicy, plush red berry finish. 93 Points

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90% Merlot with the remainder coming from Cabernet Franc produced a deep-colored wine with intense floral, chocolate, truffle and black cherry liqueur notes. This full-bodied, rich, sweet and concentrated Pomerol is packed with ripe, opulent chocolate-covered cherries and minerality. 92-94 Pts

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2010 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 93

Le Gay - In 2010, with the help of the new managing director, Jerome Ducasse, (who replaced Jean-Christophe Meyrou,) the estate produced a wine from blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. The wine reached 13.5 alcohol. Scents of oak, flowers, jammy black raspberries and chocolate are coupled with a concentrated, juicy, plush and polished, black and red plum finish. 93-95 Pts

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2009 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 96

Just starting to develop its dark red fruits, truffle, roasted berry profile, the wine is powerful, concentrated, tannic and deep. The fruit is perfectly ripe, there is sweetness, spice, earthiness and vibrancy. But it is going to need at least 5 more years before you should pop a cork. It is a beauty and worth the wait! 96 Points

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Deep ruby in color, truffle, earth, floral, ripe plum, cocoa and spicy scents lead the way to a full bodied, deep, long, fresh, spicy, blackberry and cherry filled Pomerol with the structure to age and evolve. Give it 5-10 years to develop as this opulent wine needs to time. 94 Points

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2009 Le Gay is deep ruby, with a nose of tobacco, truffle, forest floor, blackberry, boysenberry and oak. Full bodied and concentrated, silky and round, this ripe dark berry flavored wine is outstanding, although for me the reference point of the modern era remains the 2005. 93-95 94 Points

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2008 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 94

A bit reserved, this can use another 2-3 years in the cellar before all its richly textured, full-bodied, multi-layered black plum, espresso, truffle, violet, and cocoa charms are fully ready to imbibe. This is going to be worth the wait. 94 Points

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Just starting to develop its secondary aromatic profile you find truffle, licorice, smoke, wet earth and sweet red fruits. On the palate, the wine is concentrated, lush, round and tannic. The wine needs at least 5 more years in the cellar to allow for more softening and secondary development. 94 Points

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2008 Le Gay is filled with truffles, Asian spice fresh plums and oak in the nose. On the palate the wine is rich and intense with layers of ripe black cherries, chocolate, licorice and blackberry. 96 Pts

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08 Château Le Gay comes from iron enriched clay soils. Intense floral scents with dark berries, chocolate, oak, and vanilla abound. Full bodied and intensely concentrated with layers of sexy flavors, this decadent wine fills your palate with ripe plums and black fruit. 94-97 96 Points

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2006 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 93

Fresh spring flowers, truffle, smoke, black and red plums with forest scents are the first thing you notice. On the palate, the wine is fresh, silky, with a firmness to the tannins that will require more time to soften as the wine continues to fill out. The finish leaves you with fresh, spicy, dark red fruits. 93 Points

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Still tight, the wine need air and coaxing to reveal its chocolate, plum, coffee, smoke, black truffle and floral personality. Concentrated, powerful, tannic and slightly brawny, this Pomerol demands another 5-8 years before its ready to drink. 92 Points

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2005 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 95

Just starting to become civilized, the wine is powerful, full-bodied, concentrated and loaded with dark, black cherries, ripe, juicy plums, dark cocoa, smoke, licorice, flowers, espresso and wet earth. After 16 years, the wine is starting to deliver the goods in its unique, robust style. That being said, another 3-5 years in the cellar and this promises to be even better. 95 Points

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Full-bodied, concentrated, robust Pomerol with a nose of roses, espresso, truffle, dark chocolate, smoky plum and black cherries. The wine is rich, deep, powerful and earthy, with a dark cocoa and ripe, black cherry, smoky finish. 90 minutes to 2 hours in the decanter helps the wine. This should be quite long-lived. 94 Points

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Starting to soften, but this is still a muscular, full-bodied, powerful Pomerol with layers of ripe, juicy plums, truffle and dark cocoa. Another few years will add more nuance and softness to the wine. 94 Points

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Stubbornly holding on to its youth, the wine is concentrated, full bodied, powerful, masculine and tannic. With 2 hours of air, you find truffle, cherry and floral notes, but perhaps 3-5 years are still needed to add more softness and nuance to the wine. 94 Points

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Powerful, youthful, fresh, vibrant, tannic and packed with all the plums, cherries, super dark chocolate, black licorice and truffles you can eat. The first top vintage for the new owners needs at least another 5 years of rest to soften and flesh out. 94 Points

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Luscious, sumptuous, sensuous and sexy, this is what you want to find in Pomerol. Rich, fresh, sweet and velvety, drink this now, or age it. You cannot go wrong either way, although I’ll be aging mine for at another 3-5 years. 96 Points

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Oh my God! This is my first time tasting 2005 Le Gay and I cannot believe how good the wine is. It is incredibly thick, rich, pure and luxurious. Liquorious aromas of blackberries, spice, plum, anise and coffee are easily found in the nose. The palate is flooded with waves of decadent, chocolate covered black fruit. Lots of tannins are present in the wine. But the tannins are elegant, fine and polished. 2005 Le Gay is definitely a sexed up bottle of Bordeaux wine and belongs in any Pomerol lovers cellar. 95 Points

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2004 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 92

At 12 years of age, this medium/full bodied wine is starting come around and offer its secondary, truffle, cocoa and black cherry profile. The wine is fleshy and starts to get going on the palate, but the tannins are just a bit too dry in the finish, else this would earn a higher score. 92 Points

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1989 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 90

Clearly, age has been good to this wine. And my instincts suggest, the wine can continue to evolve with additional cellaring. A classic styled Pomerol, with cherry, plum and earthy notes in the perfume. On the palate, the wine starts off charming, but finishes with some dryness and a hint of green. That was with 1 hour if air. With a little over 2 hours of air, the wine truly improved, softened somewhat, and became more fun to drink. Lovers of old school Pomerol, that are convinced the world has gone to hell in a hand basket after Parker are going to go bonkers for this wine. I like it, but I am more than happy this is my last bottle. 90 Points

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Truffle, earth, chocolate, tobacco and plums dominate this full bodied and concentrated, masculine styled Pomerol. The wine has softened a bit over the past few years. 90 Points

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Black fruit and plum aromas with dense, dark fruit on the palate. A traditionally styled Pomerol lacking the charm and elegance usually found in the region. The wine is austere in texture and still tannic. 88 Points

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Black fruit aromas. Dense, dark fruit on the palate. Simple, one-dimensional, concentrated, but asutere and tannic. 88 Points

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1982 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 93

Burly, concentrated, masculine-styled Pomerol with loads of dark, ripe, plums, black cherries, truffle and cocoa. Full bodied, deep and long, this is drinking in the sweet spot today. 93 Points

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This was a very nice bottle of this wine. It was youthful, full bodied, concentrated and also with a polish to its refined, slightly masculine side. Plums, flowers, tobacco and wet earth were all over the place from start to finish. There is no hurry to drink this, but I doubt there is any reason to hold it any longer either. 95 Points

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Truffle, chocolate, earth, spice box and plum notes develop with little effort. Big, masculine and brawny in style, this structured Pomerol wine should continue to age and evolve for several more years. But it's not going to develop into a decadent Pomerol experience. 93 Points

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Big, dense, powerful and concentrated, this full bodied and large scaled style of Pomerol is filled with black fruit, spice, earth and floral notes. This structured, plummy wine still has some tannin to resolve. 94 Points

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Still young, this concentrated, old school styled Pomerol has a lot of deep, dark, plumy fruit in its essences. Made in a bigger, masculine style with tannin to age for decades, this wine requires at least another decade before it becomes civilized. 92 Points

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1975 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 92

Smoke, minerality, raspberry, griotte, spice, floral and forest floor scents come alive after 20-30 minutes of air. On the palate, the wine is powerful, dense and shows the patina of age with its thick textures. The wine ends with a griotte filled finish. 1975 Le Gay is masculine, but in a refined manner. The wine stopped improving after the first hour, but it stayed at that level for at least 3 hours. 92 Points

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1964 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 91

Concentrated, firm and almost muscular, with a mouthful of mineral driven, dark cocoa, cherry and truffle, the wine leaves a long impression on the palate. 91 Points

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1961 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 93

Firm style of Pomerol, slightly better on the nose with its port-like aromatics that come along with smoky plums, herbs, truffle and cigar box scents. Concentrated, long and dense, without much sensuous elegance. However, the power, depth and length kept you interested. 93 Points

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1955 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 95

Just beautiful, that is, if your thing is old Pomerol. Here, you find all the truffle, wet forest, woodsy notes and plums you can handle. The wine retains concentration and ripe, sweet, earthy fruits. Good luck finding any, but if you do, and it is well stored, grab some! 95 Points

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1947 Château Le Gay  (Pomerol) 97

This is the best example of port like in an older, dry wine I have ever experienced. The decadent, lush texture is pure exotic pleasure. The nose, redolent of fig, dark cherry, truffle and wet earth is off the hook. But it is on the palate, with all its decadence, that is the true shine of this wine. Perhaps, it was a bit much for many tasters in its youth, but now, this is almost obscene in its nature. Long in the finish, this is a wine you are not going to forget if you ever get the chance to taste it. I know I won't! 97 Points

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