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Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion

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2020 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

The nose hits you with its dark red fruits, spice, smoke, tobacco, espresso and fireplace aromatics. Refined, elegant and fresh, you enjoy a fabulous sweetness and purity to the fruits on the palate and in the elegant finish. Give this 5-7 years in the bottle and this will really start to show its stuff. This should age quite nicely. 92-94 Pts

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2020 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

Honeysuckle, white peach, yellow tropical fruit, waxy lemon and lawn grass aromas make for a catchy perfume. Sweet, creamy, juicy and fresh with loads of sweetness and lift in the finish, this will be beautiful to enjoy on release. 92 Pts

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2019 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Smoked cherries, flowers, licorice and plums show up on the nose easily. Medium-bodied, elegant and refined, with loads of freshness, silky textures and dark red, earthy fruits in the finish are found here. This should drink well with just 5 years or so in the cellar and provide pleasure for at least 2 decades after that. 92-94 Pts

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2019 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Floral in nature, this is all made better with all the sweet, ripe, yellow citrus lemon peel, white peach and honeysuckle in the perfume. The silky, round, lush palate with all the vanilla, vivacious green apple, lemon and crushed stone taste and feels great. 93 Pts

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2018 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Fresh, round, lush, polished, energetic, tobacco filled wine with elegant, silky textures and layers of perfectly polished, sweet tobacco leaf tinged red fruits. Clearly, this is the finest vintage for Larrivet Haut Brion I have ever tasted! This should offer two decades of pleasure with ease. 93 Points

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From the initial sniff and sip, this wine is richly textured with sweetness in the fruit. Fresh, silky, medium bodied and energetic, the purity in the tobacco leaf tinged red fruits is just right in the nose, on the palate and throughout the finish. I am sure this is the finest vintage for Larrivet Haut Brion I have ever tasted! This should offer two decades of pleasure with ease. 92-94 Pts

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2018 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

This has really jumped in quality since it was in barrel. Now, the wine has taken on more weight, allowing you to experience the complex aromatic profile which shows off its flowers, lemon, white peach and vanilla. Lush, round, juicy and fruity, the finish is sweet, lively and loaded with delicious fruits. 93 Points

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With a nice aromatic profile of grapefruit and lemon, this wine is medium bodied and while it shows good sweetness and some tension, this is not a wine for long term aging. So enjoy it in its youth for all that juicy, yellow citrus fruit. 91 Points

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2017 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

The freshness is there and so is all the sweet, ripe, juicy, citrus fruits, flowers, honeysuckle and vanilla. Lively and exuberant, with loads of pomelo and vanilla all tempered with stony minerality and steely tannins. 93 Points

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2017 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Red fruits and flowers on the nose create an attractive perfume. On the palate, the wine is medium bodied, soft, earthy and bright. Give this merely a few years in the cellar to smooth out the edges. 91 Points

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2016 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Elegant, refined, fresh and pure, the sweet, earthy, red fruits, tobacco and plums come through with ease. Medium bodied, soft and sweet, here you find lift, energy and loads of smoky red berries. This should age quite nicely. 93 Points

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Medium bodied, fresh, silky, ripe and with sweet, smoky, red fruits and tobacco leaf, the mic of energy and sweet, fruits is exactly what the doctor ordered. 90 Points

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2016 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

The waxy, lemon peel and grapefruit are sweetened with hints of vanilla and honeysuckle. Sweet, juicy and fresh you can enjoy this on release. 91 Points

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Soft, medium bodied, forward, elegant and refined, the fruit is ripe, plummy and smoky. The tannins are silky and the finish is refined. 92 Points

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2015 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Soft, polished, elegant, supple, ripe, red fruits with a plummy edge are made even better due to a spicy quality that shows through the smoke, tobacco, espresso and earthy complexities. The refined, fresh edge on the palate gives the wine lift and extra overtones. You can drink this early and age it for more secondary notes. 93 Points

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Round supple textures, smoky plummy and earthy, with ripe fruit, espresso and thyme notes that are all over the place. With more volume and depth than usual, the medium/full bodied, soft, tobacco laced, fruit filled finish is right where it needs to be. 91 - 93 Pts

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2015 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

With a strong sense of minerality, lemon peel, juicy grapefruit and vanilla bean, the wine offers freshness and a zippy style, allowing the wine the right amount of tension, and sweetness from the ripe fruits. 93 Points

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Crushed rocks, juicy grapefruit and vanilla with a blast of lemon and lime in the finish, give this wine freshness and sweet, citrus fruits from start to finish. 93 Points

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2014 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

Medium bodied, soft, fresh, elegant and charming, the wine has a refined character to its bright, fruit, texture and smoky, tobacco laden, palate presence. 89 Points

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Medium-bodied, sweet and supple, this wine is laced with smoldering black and red fruits, soft tannins and a smoky finish. 89-90 Pts

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2014 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

Crisp, refreshing citrus fruits are all over the place here. The finish is equally fresh, with all its ripe, yellow, citrus fruits that are aided by just a touch of honey. 92 Points

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With a warm blast of brioche, vanilla and grapefruit at the start, the experience is enhanced by upbeat, citrus notes in the finish. A zesty, amiable wine. 92 Pts

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2013 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 86

Light in color, light in fruit, the wine is on the bright, crisp, tart side of the cherry and cranberry side of the style range. The tobacco notes in the nose add to its perfume. This will be best on the young side. The wine was produced from a blend of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Franc. 86 Points

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Oaky with a nutty, leafy and red berry-filled nose, the wine is medium bodied with a light red cherry finish. The wine was produced from a blend of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Franc. 87-88 Pts

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2013 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Forward in character, with a sweet citrus and stone note that carries through to the crisp, bright, fresh, yellow citrus fruits in the bright finish. 91 Points

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Vanilla, flowers, grapefruit and citrus peel deliver a juicy, refreshing mouthful of fresh-squeezed lemon and lime that lingers on your palate. 91-92 Pts

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2012 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Soft, lush, ripe and open, there is a nice plummy quality to the fruit, with hints of cocoa and tobacco in the nose. The wine was produced from a blend of 56% Merlot and 44% Cabernet Sauvignon. 90 Points

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With smoke and bright red and dark plums, this medium-bodied, soft wine finishes with an easy-to-drink, light black cherry note. 88-90 Pts

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2012 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Using a blend of 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Semillon, the wine has a floral, stone, lemon, grapefruit and orange peel nose. Fresh, medium bodied and citrusy, this can be enjoyed young. 91 Points

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2011 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 88

Light in style, with an herb, olive, leaf, pepper, cranberry and cherry personality, there is a touch of dryness in the finish. 88 Points

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Smoke, earth, cedar wood, cassis and green leafy aromas lead to medium body and a crisp cranberry and cassis finish. 87 – 89 Pts

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2010 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Larrivet–Haut Brion Medium full bodied with soft textures and a sweet, spicy berry filled finish. 89-91 Pts

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2009 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

From an assemblage of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot, the wine opens with scents of oak, cassis and red berries. Medium bodied, with some dryness in the tannins, this will need time before it becomes fun to drink. 89 Points

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2009 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Drinking at its potential apogee, the nose with its floral character is made even better with slightly honeyed lemon peel, pomelo, tart green apple and honeydew notes. Round, a bit oily and with good sweetness remaining, if you are holding any, it is time to drink up. 91 Points

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2008 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Just starting to wake up and come alive, the smoky, ripe, sweet, dark cherry, plum, espresso and incense filled character pairs perfectly with the soft, elegant, round, texture and smokey, fruit in the finish. 90 Points

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2008 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Bright, fresh, crisp lemon, grapefruit, floral, orange and honeyed notes are all over the place. The finish is packed with fresh, sweet, citrus and green apple flavors. 90 Points

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2007 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Honeysuckle, lemon wax, oak, citrus oil and floral scents accompany the concentrated, fresh, spicy, lemon, lime and orange peel filled finish. 91 Points

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2006 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 88

Medium bodied, with crisp, red, smoky berries, tobacco and earth. the fruits are bright with a slighty tart, tannic edge. Burgundian in style, others will probably like this wine more than I did. 88 Points

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2005 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Filled with blackberry, plum, smoke, dark cherry, cocoa and spice, this deep colored, round, soft, tannic beauty asks for a few more years before it really starts to open. 91 Points

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2001 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Elegant, charming, soft, refined, medium bodied and fully ready ready to go. The wine offers a sweet, fresh, smoky, spicy, red fruit character. Popped and poured, was all it needed. 90 Points

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2000 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Ready to go, this medium bodied, round, soft, smoky, tobacco, earth and plum driven wine serves up a nice potion of cherries, tobacco, earth and espresso. 90 Points

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