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Château La Conseillante

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2020 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 99

Dark garnet in hue, the wine explodes from the glass with its showy display of lilacs, violets, spice, chocolate, truffle, espresso and black plum liqueur. On the palate the wine is incredibly sexy with its silk and velvet textured fruits. The wine is showy, ostentatious, opulent and frankly decadent. In other words, this is everything you want in a great Pomerol. Full-bodied, rich and with length, purity and energy, the wine deftly balances density with lift, remaining with you for over 60 seconds in its seamless finish. Different in style, this could be at the same level of quality found in the perfect 2016! The harvest took place September 9-September 30, making this one of the longer harvests in the history of the estate. The wine blends 87% Merlot with 13% Cabernet Franc, 14% ABV, 3.67 pH. 98-100 Pts

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2019 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 99

Lilacs and violets permeate the air before finding bitter chocolate, forest leaf, truffle, black raspberry, plum liqueur and black cherry juice. This wine is drenched in enough velvet to be classified as heart stopping! In fact, when tasting this with Marielle Cazaux, the director, over Zoom, I accidentally blurted out, "Holy F..K!" Yes, this is that good. This is pure bottled decadence that hits all your pleasure buttons. If you are seeking a deal closer, this Dionysian wine is the right choice! This is in serious contention for one of the wines of the vintage. The wine is a blend of 84% Merlot and 16% Cabernet Franc, reaching 14.5% alcohol with 3.67 pH and is aging in 70% new French oak barrels, although 3% of the harvest is aging in amphora. The harvest took place September 17-20 for Merlot and September 30-October 10 for the Cabernet Franc. 98-100 Pts

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2018 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 98

With a heart stopping bouquet of violets, lilacs, cocoa, dark cherries, plums, wet earth and espresso, you are already hooked. But it is on the palate that the show comes to fruition. With depth of flavor, silky, elegant tannins, concentration and countless layers of perfectly ripe, dark red pit fruits, the wine provides a sublime, sensuous experience that no other wine offers. Give this at least 7-8 years before popping a cork. The wine blends 83% Merlot with 17% Cabernet Franc. 98 Points

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Sexy, fresh, rich, opulent and refined, this is Pomerol at its most seductive. The fruits are drenched in chocolate and you'll quickly find truffle, smoke, licorice, flowers and dark, black cherries. With velvety tannins, concentration and depth of flavor, this wine delivers a long attention grabbing finish. And this is a good thing as this is a wine you don't want to lose sight of. Made from blending 83% Merlot and 17% Cabernet Franc and reaching 14% alcohol, the harvest took place September 19 to October 4. Yields were lower than usual at 32 hectoliters per hectare. You need to know that on my initial taste I loved the wine and thought it was the equal of the brilliant 2016 but I went back three times and each subsequent tasting was better than the last. This could top the 2016! 98-100 Pts

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2017 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 96

Sophisticated, sexy and fresh, the wine is lenient and silky. There is a strong violet sensation along with black cherry, boysenberry, truffle and dark chocolate. The wine is classic in style but in a virtuous way. There is depth and volume. On the palate, you'll experience sweet, bright, fresh, dusty, chocolate-covered plums. The harvest took place September 5 to September 9. The wine was made from blending 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc, reaching 13.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.65. 96 Points

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2016 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 100

Spell-binding in every sense of the word, you know this wine is a future legend from the initial sniff of its delicate floral, truffle, dark cherry and cocoa infused perfume. Silk and velvet-textured, ripe, sweet, fresh fruits with a beautiful sense of purity hit you next. The finish keeps all its themes going. This is an incredibly sexy bottle of wine that belongs in every Pomerol fans cellars. Give it perhaps 12 years of sleep and it should start revealing its true potential at that point. 100 Points

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Each time I taste this stunner, it gets just a bit better. This is the best vintage of La Conseillante ever produced! And that says a lot. The fruit has this great intensity. There is purity, freshness, depth and unbelievable sensuous textures. The wine just does not quit on your palate. If you're thinking about it, pull the trigger, this is that good. 99 Points

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As hard as it is to believe, this is even better than when tasted in March, earlier this year. The purity of fruit, silky tannins and velvet drenched textures are just a bit more concentrated and focused. This is a legend in the making. 99 Points

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Dark in color, the wine pops with scents of blackberry liqueur, violets, spice box, truffle, licorice, smoke and plums. On the palate, the wine has a richness and density seldom found here, but don't let that scare you because, as you would expect, the wine is fresh, elegant and refined. Nothing is different; there is simply more raw material. The fruit is perfect, the tannins are ripe and the liqueur and licorice remain with you for close to 50 seconds. The wine was made from a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. Starting with the young vines, the Merlot was harvested from September 21 to October 13, representing the longest harvest in the history of the estate. The Cabernet Franc was picked on two dates, October 12 and October 17. The wine reached 14% alcohol with a pH of 3.65 and will be aged in 70% new French oak barrels. 99 Points

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2015 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 98

This is bottled decadence. The fruit is pure silk and velvet with its layers of polished, ripe, pure berries. The wine has a great future ahead. Give it until the wine hits its 10th birthday before popping a cork 98 Points

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The nose is intoxicating. If you are not hooked right then and there, there is always what takes place when the wine glides from the bottle to the glass, on the way to your palate. This is unbridled sensuality. Pure silk and velvet, the texture is a pure, hedonistic thrill ride. Talking about this wine is one thing. But tasting it is even better. If you want to know why I am raving about this wine, find a bottle and see for yourself. 98 Points

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Talk about silk qualities in a wine should start and end right here. The palate offers this polished, elegance that gets you to take a step back, and think about it how great this feels, before taking the next sip. The fruit is pure, fresh and vibrant, The wine offers length, complexity and character. This stunner should compete with, if not surpass the sublime duo of 1989 and 1990! 98 Points

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That's what I'm talking about. This is so sexy, opulent and silky, it is impossible not to be seduced by its essence. The fruit has the beautiful purity and tannins express a velvet texture, there is freshness, volume, concentration and length. This is better than 1989 & 1990, which says a lot about the wine. 98 Points

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Bottled just 4 weeks ago, this is a beauty, in the mold of the 1989, with perhaps a bit more concentration. Lush, sexy and pure, with a distinctive floral bouquet, elegant character and silky textures, this is a beauty. 96 Points

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With a real depth of flavor that kicks off with a walk in a truffle store, the wine is sexy, elegant, fresh, and polished. The sensuous, black plum, spice, dark cherry notes really show great purity, length and freshness. There is more than ample volume, length and intensity to age quite well, and offer sublime, hedonistic pleasures. 96 Points

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Lithe and limber florals with sweet, lusciously ripe berries that seduce your tongue with a sensuous, velvety feel. Blending 88% Merlot and 12% Cabernet Franc produced a wine that reached 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.7. The harvest took place from September 21 to October 7. The key to this vintage was the parcel selection. The first vintage with Marielle Cazeaux at the helm has turned out to be a winner! 95 - 97 Pts

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2014 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 92

A few more years will add more weight and complexity to the sweet, elegant, fresh, bright, black raspberry and plum notes. You can drink this early, but time will allow this to unfurl. Quite nice for the vintage. 92 Points

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A picnic of figs with black and red fruits immersed in earthy scents, silky textures, freshness and a plum and sweet cherry character. Blending 78% Merlot and 22% Cabernet Franc produced a wine that reached 13.5 alcohol with a pH of 3.63. The is the last vintage for Jean-Michel Laporte at La Conseillante, who has been with the chateau since 2004. 92-94 Pts

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2013 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

Already easy and fun to taste, the wine is medium bodied, elegant and soft, with a sweet, but slightly short, fresh, spicy, red plum note in the finish. 90 Points

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Medium bodied, bright red fruits and wet earth notes are already in the open. The wine is light fresh and clean and is something you want to drink in its fruity, vibrant youth. 90 Points

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Plum, floral, truffle, vanilla, black cherry and licorice create the complex aromatics. Silky, fresh and lively, this always elegantly styled wine delivers clean, crisp, bright, pure cherries and plum. This is the first vintage made with consultant Michel Rolland. According to Jean Michel Laporte, the biggest impact from Rolland was to lengthen the maceration time. From a blend of 82% Merlot and 18% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13% alcohol with a pH of 3.50. The wine is aging in 65% new French oak. The yields were 30 hectoliters per hectare and the Grand Vin was made from 88% of the harvest. 91-93 Pts

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2012 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

Floral, mint, sweet, juicy, plum, cherry and truffle notes pop with little effort. Silky, soft, and polished, with elegance, refinement and length, there is ample freshness, complexity and sweet, ripe fruits to make this a winner. You can drink this now, or age it for additional complexity. This is probably the best value for La Conseillante in the marketplace today. 95 Points

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Flowers, truffle, dark chocolate, black cherry, plum and 5 spice create a complex set of aromatics. Fresh and silky, spicy and sexy, give this beauty a decade of aging and enjoy the fireworks. 95 Points

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Smoke, plum, earth, truffle and black plum notes open to a fresh, medium bodied, round, silky, complex, sweet, black cherry filled wine that will be enjoyable at a young age. 95 Points

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For the 2012 vintage, Michel Rolland was involved in the blending. In subsequent vintages, Rolland will work closer with Jean Michel Laporte in the vineyards as well as in the cellars. 2012 set a record for the highest percentage of Merlot used in the blend at La Conseillante, taking up 89% of the blend, 11% Cabernet Franc was also included. The wine reached 14.2% alcohol with a pH of 3.67. The wine will be aged in 70% new French oak. Truffles, earth, wood, floral and black raspberry notes open the wine, but the fireworks start when the wine hits the palate. There is depth, purity of fruit, sweetness and silky, sexy tannins with a long, velvety-textured, fresh, spicy and black cherry-filled finish. 94-96 Pts

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2011 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

Showing a little advance in its color, the wine is medium bodied, rapidly maturing, and already offers its earthy, sweet, spicy profile. The finish is a tad short and dusty, yet there is still a charming spicy, plum note in the finish that carries through. 90 Points

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Plums, chocolate covered black raspberries, espresso bean and licorice aromas lead to a forward, soft, round wine. Very successful for the vintage, there is a hint of dryness in the dark cherry tinged finish. 92 Points

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From 82% Merlot and 18% Cabernet Franc, the wine will be aged in 80% new oak. The wine reached 13.4% alcohol. Flowers, truffle, black raspberry, coffee, spice and earthy scents create a complex perfume. Pure silk and velvet with ample freshness, acidity and chalky tannins, this is a classic vintage for La Conseillante. 93-94 Pts

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2010 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 96

It is young, but it is impossible not to be enthralled with the floral, earthy, cherry, cocoa and plum filled nose. The wine has concentration, balance, elegance, length and purity. The fruit is sweet, fresh and silky. Give it a few hours of air, or 5 years and enjoy. 96 Points

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With age the wine continues developing additional nuances of truffle, and flowers, with sweet, earthy, ripe, deep red fruits. Silkier than when last tasted, the wine offers freshness and sensual textures in the finish. Another 5 - 7 years will add even more to the wine. 96 Points

5,410 Views   Tasted

Flowers, fresh herbs, black cherries, black raspberries and mocha notes create the aromatics with little effort. Silky, soft and polished, there is sweet, velvet textured fruits with a lot of freshness to be discovered in the finish. The wine has the structure to age for decades. I’d wait at least 7-8 years before popping a bottle as it needs time. 95 Points

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With a nose reminiscent of a flower shop, produced from a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc, the wine is packed with fresh black raspberries, cherry blossoms and sweet, dark chocolate. Freshness and concentration lead to a long, tannic, pure, black raspberry and plum finish, with a hint of olive tapenade. 96 Points

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Spicy, floral, pepper, caramel, black plum scents, powerful but soft tannins, sensuous textures and a long, fresh, silky, dark, black raspberry and licorice filled finish. 95 Points

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2010 La Conseillante is stuffed with chocolate, floral and black raspberry liqueur aromas. Concentrated, full bodied and powerful for La Conseillante, this silky, elegant, opulent wine combines freshness, depth and elegance. From a blend that is similar to the vineyard plantings, even though the wine is high in alcohol for the estate at 14.5, there is no sensation of heat in the finish. Racked two weeks ago, the wine was tight aromatically. In the mouth, it’s easy to sense the wine is offering more volume, greater length and additional structure than it showed in April. 2010 La Conseillante was offered at 150 Euros, showing an increase from their 2009 pricing. 95-97 Pts

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La Conseillante Produced from an assemblage of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc, (which is the same as the vineyard plantings,) the wine is slightly higher in alcohol than what they achieved in 2009 at 14.5% . Due to the high levels of acidity from 3.69 pH, there is no sensation of heat. Floral, chocolate, truffle and black raspberry liqueur aromas exude from the glass. Dark and powerful, a unique character for La Conseillante, the wine is rich, intense and filled with plum liqueur, chocolate and black cherry. The wine combines freshness, silky textures and a sense of refined elegance, with the volume turned up. Jean- Michel Laporte feels 2010 is in the same style as 2005. 95-96 Pts

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2009 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

Right off the bat you find flowers, cocoa, truffle and plum on the nose. The wine is vibrant, juicy and fresh. Medium bodied with silky tannins, the fruit is sweet and pure, the wine is elegant, but I wish it had a bit more density. Still, this is a gorgeous wine that is quite nice to taste today. 95 Points

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Just now starting to show its true essence, this is the epitome of silk and velvet. Incredibly refined, with the opulence of the vintage, you can drink this now, if you like primary fruit paired with velvety textures. Or give it another 7 years of ago, for the truffles and dark chocolate that are sure to come. 97 Points

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Tobacco, cherry, plum and truffle, with a hint of floral notes are the first thing you notice. Next, you move to a refined, silky sensuously, textured, fresh sensation of ripe, sweet, plums and black cherries. There is a beautiful, purity to the fruit in the finish that makes you want to return to your glass for another sniff, sip and swallow. This is quite nice to drink now, if you like young wines, but I am letting mine rest for at least another 7 years or so, give or take. 96 Points

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Earthy, truffle, chocolate, cocoa, wet forest floor, plum and licorice on the nose. The wine is pure silky and velvet, with lush plummy texture, fine tannins and a sweet, purity of fruit and freshness with a chocolate overtone in the finish. If you like wines on the young side, you can open a bottle. But you’ll be amply rewarded if you exercise another 7-10 years as this is really a super wine. 96 Points

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Chocolate, truffle, plums, black raspberry and an array of spicy scents drum up your interest. This round, rich, elegant Pomerol has the structure to age and evolve along with sensual textures. This assemblage of 81% Merlot and 19% Cabernet Franc is not far off from the level of wines produced at La Conseillante in 2005 or 2000! 96 Points

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La Conseillante bottled in early May is packed with fresh flowers, truffles, chocolate, oak and plum aromas. With textures of pure silk and velvet, this opulent Pomerol is filled with sweet black raspberry, plum and spice flavors. The wine ends with a long, fresh, sensuous black cherry filled finish. This is showing great for a wine that was recently bottled. My score could look stingy with more time in bottle. 96 Points

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2009 La Conseillante, from 81% merlot and 19% cabernet franc, is never the deepest colored Pomerol. The nose is of flowers, spice, fennel, oak, plums, and dark berries. The wine has an intense freshness in the mouth that’s accompanied by a long, pure, sweet black cherry and licorice flavored finish. The wine comes in at 14.2% alcohol, but has no sensation of heat. 96/97 Pts

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2008 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 92

Truffle infused red fruits with green leaf, plums and mint. The wine is a bit strict on the palate. The attack is soft and fruity, but there is some austerity in the finish, once the dark, red fruits have started to fade. Give it 3-5 years in the cellar to soften, and it should be a better experience.. 92 Points

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With just weeks to go before the wine hits 10 years of age, the earthy, cherry and floral notes are in full force. With effort, there are scattered truffles to be dug up as well. Med/full bodied, and on the fresher side, the ripe, red, earthy, silky fruits are starting open up in the finish. Another year or two should add more nuance and complexity here. 93 Points

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This suave wine opens with floral, black raspberry, oak, dark cherry and spice box aromas. With textures of silk and velvet, this supple wine feels great as it graces your palate. I would have liked a little more concentration. But this is a very pretty wine. It's in the style of their 1998 and 2001. 93 Points

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2008 La Conseillante opens with blackberry, oak, black cherry coca, cherry and floral aromas. The wine displays ample freshness with a finish that starts with black cherry and ends with fresh, ripe plums. La Conseillante is never about power, it’s a wine of grace with elegance, two characteristics this wine has in abundance. 93 Pts

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08 Château La Conseillante displays an essence of flowers, blackberries, and a touch of oak. The ripe, lush, black fruit is silky and polished. The finish ends with a mélange of raspberry, chocolate, and plum. 93-95 Pts

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2007 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

Better on the nose, with its developed truffle, mocha, floral and cherry tones, than on the medium bodied, bright, red cherry and plum focused palate. The finish has softness and delicacy, but there is not a lot of stuffing here. I'd opt for drinking this sooner than later. 90 Points

3,247 Views   Tasted

Surprisingly good for the vintage. Popped and poured straight from the cellar, the chill added a bit of weight to the medium bodied wine. Fresh, ripe cherries, earth and floral characteristics were easy to find. This is not a wine to age and at 8 years of age, it's probably drinking at close to peak today. 90 Points

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2006 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 92

Quite a firm, tannic, almost strict character here. There is more interest in the nose, with its floral, earthy, red and black fruits, tobacco, truffle and plum, than on the palate. Give this at least a decade, and it could soften, but it is not a lot of fun to drink today. 92 Points

4,269 Views   Tasted

Straddling the fence between strict and seductive, the wine is more successful on the floral, cherry, truffle, plum, cocoa and earthy nose than on the palate. Perhaps more time will add the needed softness to its firm character. 93 Points

3,617 Views   Tasted

Smoky, tannic, black raspberries and cherries are in abundance. The wine is tannic, structured and powerful, with a masculine side to its character. Give this time in the hopes that it softens with age. Knowing the wines well, it should soften with additional age. 92 Points

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This is a structured style of Conseillante. The wine, bottled in April has a nice ruby color, plummy nose with hints of oak. While typical Conseillante elegance is present, this vintage is a little more tannic than most years. It will take longer to develop than the 05. 93 Points

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2005 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 96

The wine continues developing in all the right ways. The floral and truffle nose with its plum, thyme and cherry notes is enticing. The soft, polished tannins and silky red fruits feels as good as it tastes. The wine is close to entering its drinking window. Give it a few more years and enjoy it for about 20 years after that. 96 Points

3,762 Views   Tasted

Combining the structure and tannins to age for decades with the silky textures the estate is known for, this needs a few more years to age and develop. 96 Points

6,626 Views   Tasted

Already starting to show well, the sexy, sensous tannins, freshness and vibrancy of the wine is really starting to shine. A few more years will be better, but it's so good now, it's hard not to want to pop cork. 96 Points

4,508 Views   Tasted

Showing a hint of age at the edge of the glass, truffle smoke and wild cherry is the first thing you notice. The wine is fresh, sweet, sensuous, rich and elegant. There is complexity in the nose and on the palate. If you like young wines that are just now showing secondary flavors, but are not fully developed, this is a nice time to pop a cork. Else you can wait for more evolution. Popped and poured, the wine improved in the glass. 96 Points

3,144 Views   Tasted

Violets, truffle, creamy chocolate, smoke and dark berries have so much to offer, you find yourself looking for other sensations in the complex perfume. The velvety, sensuous, sexy red fruits are impossible not to like. Your glass is empty before you know it. This was too good to spit. You can drink this with pure pleasure now, or age it for more complexity. 97 Points

5,104 Views   Tasted

Truffle, smoke, earth, licorice, earth, dark chocolate and black cherry scents get your attention. On the palate, the wine is rich, refined, sweet, soft, lush, plush, smoky and sensuous with a long, silky, fresh, sexy finish. Drink this now, or age it decade for more complexity, this is serious juice. 96 Points

5,646 Views   Tasted

Still showing a nice, deep ruby hue, a beautiful floral, boysenberry, black raspberry, chocolate, plum, spice and fennel perfume emerges. Suave and sophisticated, with soft, elegant and refined tannins, this silky Pomerol leaves you with a long sensation of fresh, spicy, pure, ripe plums. 95 Points

6,270 Views   Tasted

Flowers, chocolate, boysenberry and truffles aromas make up the perfume. Elegant and refined in style, silky in texture, this bottle was not as expressive as other bottles I've tasted. On different occasions, from other bottles, the wine has been riiveting. While this usually applies to older wines... You know what they say, "There is no such thing as great wines, just great bottles." 93 Points

6,126 Views   Tasted

A truly, sexy, lush, hedonstic wine. Perfectly balanced with ripe, velvety tannins, concentration and a long decadent finish is a beautiful Pomerol and a stellar La Conseillante 95 Points

6,968 Views   Tasted

Beautiful palate textures are the hallmark of the this sublime Pomerol. Plummy, plush and elegant in style. 96 Points

6,805 Views   Tasted

Deep ruby in color with tints of purple. On the nose, an explosion of toasty sweet oak, vanilla, raspberry, plums, blackberries and spice finishing with a hint of anise. Dense, fat, plump entry on the palate. Tannic. Upon hitting your palate, the best descriptor I can think of is... Boom! Incredible lush waves of ripe, sexy, fresh, polished, Bordeaux Pomerol pure fruit with raspberry accents glide over your tasting receptors leaving you with a satisfied smile on your face. The finish lasts close to 50 seconds! 97 Points

6,806 Views   Tasted
2004 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 91

Lightness is showing through in the garnet color. The truffle, licorice, plum liqueur, cherry blossom and spice box aromas are the best part of the wine. Medium bodied, without the body or depth found in vintages like 2005, but with an elegant, fresh, ready to drink, spicy, red berry personality. This is not a vintage for long term aging. 2004 marks the debut vintage produced by Jean Michel Laporte. 91 Points

4,163 Views   Tasted
2001 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

The best showing ever for this vintage. The floral nuances with their strong violet component, truffles, tobacco and dark chocolate covered plum and cherry tones were exactly what the doctor ordered. Medium/full bodied, with a beautiful, refined, silky mouth feel, this is drinking great today. This could improve a but, but there is no reason not to be popping corks on this wine, if you have some in your cellar. 95 Points

3,537 Views   Tasted

Close to mature, medium/full bodied, with a focus on freshness, elegance and harmony, the wine is soft, fragrant and really drinking well today. No reason to wait on this one. 93 Points

3,409 Views   Tasted

Showing some appropriate age at the edge of the glass, the wine is all truffle, tobacco, plum, flowers and spice. Silky, soft, plush and polished, this seductive, finesse styled Pomerol is drinking perfectly. 93 Points

3,792 Views   Tasted

2001 Chateau La Conseillante is not about power, it’s about finesse. But La Coinseillante is never about power. With lush, soft, elegant textures, a nose of chocolate covered plums, black cherries, flowers and truffle, this is drinking perfectly today. 92 Points

4,949 Views   Tasted

Cocoa, roses, black cherry, roses and truffle, medium bodied, refined and elegant in texture, the wine offers good freshness, but the fruit seems to be fading a bit. There is more acidity and less of the special lush quality found in La Conseillante. This is better on the nose than the palate. I’m going to finish my remaining bottles over the next few years before more of the fruit fades. 92 Points

4,721 Views   Tasted

2001 La Conseillante offers strong scents of chocolate covered raspberry, flowers, cinnamon and smokey black cherry jam.In the mouth, the wine is elegance. Soft tannins and silky textures are followed with a black cherry, chocolate, spice and earthy perfume. I really liked the wine. While La Conseillante is always the quintessentially elegant Pomerol, I prefer the vintages with a little more concentration. 93 Points

6,806 Views   Tasted
2000 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

Still holding on to its last gasp of youth here, this might be a slightly more masculine Pomerol. The soaring aromatics are in play here. Full bodied, concentrated and with depth of flavor, the wine offers a structured wall of ripe, sweet, plum, cherry and truffle, along with a lot of tannin for a Pomerol of this age. Granted, this was from a magnum, so that should be taken into consideration. Still, I would give it a few more years to see where it goes. 95 Points

5,234 Views   Tasted

Showing a hint of age at the edge of the glass, truffle smoke and wild cherry is the first thing you notice. The wine is fresh, sweet, sensuous, rich and elegant. There is complexity in the nose and on the palate. If you like young wines that are just now showing secondary flavors, but are not fully developed, this is a nice time to pop a cork. Else you can wait for more evolution. Popped and poured, the wine improved in the glass. 96 Points

5,452 Views   Tasted

Better than the previous, although this was from a magnum, still, I have better hopes for the future with the wine now. Soft, silky and fresh, with sweet, ripe, red and black fruits, truffle, cocoa and floral notes, if you have a bottle, it's a good time to check in on it and pop a cork. 95 Points

5,859 Views   Tasted

Surprisingly youthful. Popped and poured, it took an hour in the glass for the wine to soften and the floral, dark chocolate, black raspberry and mint aromas to emerge. Smooth, yet firm on the palate, this is a bright, crisp, elegant, very fresh style of Pomerol with a lot of tension. The finish is there with its fresh, sweet, dark cherry and cocoa flavors. My guess is, this will soften and develop more complexities as the wine ages for at least another 5-10 more years. But I do not think this is going to be one of the great vintages for this heralded chateau. 94 Points

5,257 Views   Tasted

This stunningly aromatic Bordeaux wine, with its mélange of juicy, ripe black plums, black raspberry, flowers, truffle, mocha and spice gets you interested. The silky, velvet laced mouth feel keeps you wanting more of this beautiful wine. This decadent treat is a bottle of pure, sexed up pleasure. I’ve seen this recently at reasonable prices. This is a wine to buy! 97 Points

9,078 Views   Tasted

Rockin' right out of the bottle! It reminded me of the 05. The intoxicating aromatics started off with hints of oak, quickly shifting to black fruit with cherry accents and spice. Round and opulent feeling in the mouth. Still young, this needs another 5-8 years until it all comes together. 94 Points

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1999 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 88

Lighter in style and brighter in profile with more red than black tones along with some fresh herbal notes complicated by hints of fennel is better in the mouth than the palate. After a few hours of air, the wine declined in the glass. 88 Points

4,435 Views   Tasted
1998 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 93

Medium-bodied, elegant, light, sweet, fresh and floral, you also find hints of mocha, licorice, truffle and plums. Soft, polished and ready to go, this is probably at full peak today. 93 Points

2,571 Views   Tasted

Elegant, soft, refined and floral, the wine is medium bodied, fresh and polished. The red fruits shows a brightness and leafy quality. The wine is probably drinking close or at peak today. 92 Points

3,044 Views   Tasted

More medium than full bodied, and moving to the red side of the style range, the wine is bright, crisp and fresh, but not as silky and plush as I like to find, with the wines of La Conseillante. My instincts say drink this over the next 5 years or so. 91 Points

3,438 Views   Tasted

Ready to drink, I can easily like this wine, but it is not a wine to love. Lacking the concentration and freshness found in the top vintages, the wine really tries its best to deliver. While the fruit is ripe, the texture is polished and the aromatics are pretty, this is a good, but not great vintage for La Conseillante. 92 Points

3,434 Views   Tasted

Since it was first released, the wine has continued to improve, adding depth and complexity with its chocolate covered plum, black cherry, truffle and floral personality. Medium bodied, this finesse style of Pomerol offers a lot of pleasure with its silky textures and purity of fruit. Drink this now, or over the next decade. 92 Points

4,454 Views   Tasted

Medium bodied and displaying the lush, velvety character the Chateau is famous for, the wine lacks the depth of the best vintages. That being said, this is a beautiful style of wine. It will not be long lived. But it is a lot of fun and very pleasurable to drink today. 91 Points

6,420 Views   Tasted
1995 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

At 21 years of age, this still shows a firmness to its character. Medium bodied and more interesting on the nose, with its floral, earthy, fresh fruit charm, than on the palate, which while nice, lacks the elegant, sensuous personality I prize in La Conseillante. It is not likely time will change this. 90 Points

4,209 Views   Tasted
1994 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

fully mature, medium bodied, with a bouquet that easily shows of its floral character, and bright red fruits. Missing the feminine qualities found in the best years, there is still a nice, earthy, plummy, mocha character on the palate. This meant for current consumption, as further aging will not add to the wine. 90 Points

3,630 Views   Tasted
1990 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 97

Clearly, all bottles are not created equal as this bottle hit all the right notes. Medium-bodied, elegant and refined, the wine feels like pure silk and velvet on your palate making all those ripe plums, cherries, truffles and flowers stand out and get noticed. This is a very sexy wine that is at peak maturity. Popped and poured, at 30, this is a rockstar vintage for La Conseillante. 97 Points

2,183 Views   Tasted

At full peak, this bottle is rocking the house. The ostentatious, supple character is there. The juicy, ripe, silky plums wrapped in a cloak of truffle and dark chocolate hit the spot. Velvety on the palate, the finish is all about that sexy fruit. But I do not see this as a long term hold, drink it over the next 5 years for maximum pleasure. 97 Points

3,301 Views   Tasted

Full bodied and concentrated, the wine needed about 30-45 minutes to open and show off its ripe, fresh, sweet, cherry, plum, truffle, dark chocolate and floral notes. Silky viscous and long, the wine feels as good as it tastes. 97 Points

4,045 Views   Tasted

This is what mature Pomerol is all about. The purity of fruit, silky, luscious, sensuous mouth feel and velvety plums and dark chocolate in the finish. Talk about hitting the sweet spot... 97 Points

3,287 Views   Tasted

Another stunning showing for this beautiful Pomerol… With flowers, black raspberry, cocoa and truffle on the nose, the wine is silky, soft, sensuous and sexy ending with sweet, fresh, opulent berries that really feel great on your palate. 97 Points

4,446 Views   Tasted

Black raspberries, cocoa powder, flowers, cherries, truffle and earthy scents created the aromatics. On the palate, this is pure silk and velvet. The sensuous finish ends with sweet, ripe, cherries and plums with just a hint of dark chocolate. This is probably close to fully mature. There is no reason to wait to pop a cork. 96 Points

4,466 Views   Tasted

If silky, velvet textures, layers of opulent, juicy ripe, plums and cherries, chocolate, flowers, truffles and spice are your thing, look no further. This is drinking at the perfect sweet spot and if well stored, should continue at this level for at least another decade or two. But there is no reason to wait to pop a cork. 97 Points

4,553 Views   Tasted

A beautiful floral nose filled with chocolate, boysenberry, plum, earth, spice and truffle is the first thing that grabs your attention. But not the last. Voluptuous, sexy and plush, in texture this polished, sensuous wine is drinking perfectly. If you're seeking a Pomerol that offers taster an idea of why a mature bottle of La Conseillante is special, this is it. 96 Points

6,702 Views   Tasted

For years, the sublime 1989 La Conseillante was my favorite wine of this exalted duo. Eventually that shifted to a coin toss. Over the past few years, the 1990 La Conseillante has continued improving and is now the better of the two vintages. Filled with licorice, flowers, plums, chocolate and black raspberry, this opulent Pomerol borders on decadence. Polished, sexy, lush and delicious, this could even get a little better with more time. 97 Points

7,369 Views   Tasted

Filled with fresh, ripe plum, chocolate, spice, floral and truffle aromas. This elegant, suave, plush, sexy wine feels like polished silk and velvet as it flows over your palate, The finish is filled with chocoalte covered plums & black raspberries. This wine might improve, but there is no reason to wait It delivers a sublime drinking experience today. The wine remained at the same high level for over two hours in the glass & bottle. 97 Points

7,564 Views   Tasted

This exploded from the glass with scents of violets, bitter chocolate, fresh herbs, black raspberries, plums, cherries, fig, exotic spices and spring flowers. Rich, concentrated, opulent, flashy textures play in your mouth. There is ample acidity giving it lift that perfectly meshes with a core of ripe, fat, sexy, fleshy fruit that coats your palate. Sweet, ripe, juicy plums are all over the place in the :40 finish. This is pure silk, velvet and decadence. For the first 2 decades of life, I found the 89 to be a better wine. Not any more. 97 Points

6,289 Views   Tasted

This kicks off with a core of ripe, rich, black fruit. Almost chewy on the palate. Full bodied with a beautiful finish of dark chocolate, covered cherries. Close to fully mature. More structured and less evolved than the 89, but not as plush or hedonistic. It will age longer, but it's slightly firmer and a bit less sexy in style. Still, it's an amazing treat I'd happily drink anytime. 96 Points

3,355 Views   Tasted

What a sexy treat. Oceans of ripe, sweet, decadent, polished black tinted fruit coat your palate. As good as this is now at 18, it will only get better. The roasted quality of the best 90's really comes across in this beauty. Delicious since the day it was released and it's still going strong! 95 Points

3,188 Views   Tasted

As soon as the wine is poured, your nose is greeted by a rush of black raspberries, plums and vanilla. Very plush, sexy and polished on the palate. The opulent finish lasts over :45 seconds! The 90 still has some tannin to resolve.This decadent Pomerol has at least 2 decades of positive evolution in its future. The only problem I have with this wine is, I can never decide if I prefer the 89 or 90. 97 Points

3,484 Views   Tasted

Plummy, blackberry, floral and forest notes were easy to find. Very extracted and concentrated, but if you’re thinking this is going to provide a sexy experience like the 89, think again. The big difference between the 89 and 90 is, aside from the sheer size, the 90 also sports a slight tannic, chocolate quality in the finish. This remains a big, brooding Pomerol with all the right stuff, but it’s still so young. 95 Points

3,127 Views   Tasted

The first sign a wine is a rock star takes place the moment the cork is popped. If a perfume jumps from the bottle into mid air, you have are going to have a great experience. Violets, bitter chocolate, fresh herbs, black raspberries, plums, cherries and fresh spring flowers explode in your face. Rich, concentrated, opulent, flashy textures play in your mouth. There is ample acidity giving it lift and a core of ripe, fat, sexy, fleshy fruit to fill your palate. Sweet, ripe, juicy plums are all over the place in the :40 finish. This is drinking perfectly. 96 Points

3,820 Views   Tasted
1989 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 97

Just like us, every bottle ages just a little bit differently. Here, this bottle was pure elegance and refinement, silky, sexy and fresh. Quite floral on the nose with a wealth of perfectly ripe, plums, cherries and truffle on the palate and in the finish. No decanting is needed, just pop, pour and enjoy. 97 Points

2,092 Views   Tasted

The quintessential example of elegance in Bordeaux. The floral nose, with its accents of truffle, mocha, cherries, plums, and wet earth is divine. Silky, sexy, and incredibly refined, the fruit is pure with an Asian spice accent and comes along with truffle and dark cocoa in the finish. This is at its apogee, so decanting is not needed, except to move the wine off its sediment. Pop, pour, and enjoy. 98 Points

3,129 Views   Tasted

It is hard to say why some bottles from the same case are so much better than their brothers or sisters. But it does happen. This example is the best 89 I've tasted in years. Not decanted, the nose shot out its roses, truffle, smoke, licorice, cocoa and ripe plums once the cork left the bottle. Medium-bodied, silky, elegant, fresh, sexy and impossible to stop drinking, this is what mature Pomerol is all about! Shared with a bestie for life, the memory will linger. 97 Points

3,809 Views   Tasted

I am thinking this previously, decadent, sexy beast is on the other side of its prime time window. The color is lighter, the fruit has lost weight, the length and opulence is not as pronounced as it was in its prime. This is still a very good wine. It is sexy, silky and loaded with truffled plums and cocoa, but it is not the majestic experience it once was. Sort of like what happens to older wine lovers, we are good, just not quite at our peak any longer. If you are sitting on bottles, you need to start popping them over the next few years. 95 Points

3,671 Views   Tasted

Perhaps this is starting to fade just a bit from its peak. But who cares? This is still so damn sexy, silky, fresh, pure and polished, the plum, truffle, floral and cocoa character hits the spot! 95 Points

2,146 Views   Tasted

Fully mature, at most, a splash decant is all that's needed to bring out the silky textures and floral, sweet, cherry and truffle essences. This is all about the finesse, purity of the fruits and the incredible silky textures on the palate and in the finish. 96 Points

3,178 Views   Tasted

Fully mature, this sexy little devil grabs with you its silky, sensuous textures, truffle dominated nose and ripe, sweet, plum and cherry notes. It is impossible not to want a second glass of this beauty. 97 Points

2,690 Views   Tasted

Fully developed, the truffle, floral, earthy character stands out here. Silky, plush and with more than enough, sweet, ripe, lush, fresh, cherry and plum on the nose and palate, this is at peak. 96 Points

4,407 Views   Tasted

Still right there with its floral, earthy, truffle and red fruit nose, silky, sensuous textures and long, refined, sexy finish. 20/30 minutes of air was more than ample. Sadly, my stock of this beauty is really dwindling. I remember the good old days with 3 cases of this in my cellar, bought at the then $40 per bottle price. 96 Points

4,011 Views   Tasted

This elegant beauty is fully mature. The nose of delicate truffle, smoke. licorice, spice, herbs, cocoa and cherry liqueur moves you in the right direction. Medium bodied, elegant, fresh and refined, it's hard to decide if the silky textures or the sweet, ripe boysenberries, earth and cherries is the better part of the experience. The bottle was drained long before I could make up my mind. A splash decanting was all this needed before it was poured and tasted. 95 Points

3,844 Views   Tasted

Sensuous, charming, medium/full bodied, elegant, fresh and mature, with silky tannins and a polished, refined, silky, ripe, fruit filled finish. This is really in the sweet spot today and does not require additional aging. 96 Points

3,684 Views   Tasted

Pure sensuality, with its velvet and silky textures, ripe, pure fruits and long exotic, lush finish. Drinking in the perfect place, this was the best bottle I've tasted in years. 98 Points

4,570 Views   Tasted

With freshness, lift, silky textures and layers of ripe, sweet, black raspberries, plum, truffle, dark chocolate and floral notes, this is at peak drinking today. If you have a bottle what are you waiting for? 95 Points

4,564 Views   Tasted

My first Bordeaux of the new year! Over the past few years, the wine has exchanged its fruits for an earthier, tobacco, truffle, black plum and fennel character. Elegant, soft, refined, medium bodied and silky, there is a good sensation of freshness in the spicy, black raspberry filled finish. Light ruby in color, the wine is fully mature. While it does not require drinking in the near future, there is no reason to hold this any longer. This was only splash decanted. I do not think extended air is in the best interests in this delicate wine. 96 Points

5,279 Views   Tasted

1989 Chateau La Conseillante was the first Bordeaux wine I purchased by the case. I remember those early days in the mid 1990’s, when the wine was stacked from the floor to ceiling and was priced at a whopping $40 per bottle! While this is close to fully mature, the wine still delivers lush, opulent, sensuous textures, licorice, plum, chocolate and plum fragrances and a finish that offers a beautiful sense of purity, freshness and velvet. There is no hurry to drink it, but I doubt it’s going to improve. 95 Points

5,115 Views   Tasted

Floral, bitter chocolate, licorice and black raspberry aromas made up the perfume. Pure silk and velvet in texture, 1989 La Conseillante remains the quintessential example of a perfectly refined, elegant, mature, sensuous Pomerol. 96 Points

5,689 Views   Tasted

This Pomerol has never closed down. It's been great since the day it was bottled. Flowers, licorice, blackberry, cherry and truffle aromas lead to a pure, silk and velvet wine. Elegant and sensuous, the wine ends with polished, sweet, plush, fresh, ripe dark berries and chocolate. 96 Points

5,844 Views   Tasted

With scents that remind me of a flower shop that caught on fire and was engulfed in smoke, add truffles, black raspberry, chocolate, caramel, licorice and wet earth aromatics to make up the perfume. What the wine lacks in power, it makes up for it with opulent, silky, refined textures that finish with chocolate coated, black raspberry and dark cherry. This bottle offered a better tasting experience than the previous bottle from the same case. That being said, this is fully mature and is probably best enjoyed over the next 3-10 years. 96 Points

6,341 Views   Tasted

Sting might have sang about a message in a bottle, but this wine was all about sex in a bottle. Filled with elegant, liquid silk and polished velvet textures, coupled with beguiling aromas of violets, chocolate, truffle, black cherry, tobacco, molasses and brown sugar, this decadent charmer hits all the right notes. The wine finishes with chocolate covered blackberries and spicy plums. The only thing sexier than this wine was the special woman sharing it with me. This is close to full maturity. There is no reason to hold it any longer. While it might gain in aromatics, the sensuous textures could subside. 97 Points

8,532 Views   Tasted

89 La Conseillante at its best can simply be described as bottled hedonism. Fortunately for us, this bottle was at its best! Truffles, spice, fresh flowers, dark berries, coca powder, Asian spices, black cherry and a hint of bitter chocolate made up the perfume. In the mouth, the fireworks took off! Cashmere textures coupled with a cornucopia of silk drenched plums, berries and spices led into a long, sexy, velvet laced finish. I remember purchasing a few cases of this stunning wine for about $40 a bottle. Ahhhh, those were the days. 97 Points

7,910 Views   Tasted

Spicy roasted blackberries, truffle, forest floor, plum, coco and black raspberry scents open the perfume. Lush, elegant, sexy and rich, this sublime Pomerol offers hedonistic thrills. This is drinking at the perfect place. 97 Points

6,835 Views   Tasted

The perfume explodes with complex notes of blackberry, black cherry, plum liqueur, truffles, and Oriental spices with chocolate. The fireworks start in the aromatics, but on the palate is where this sexy beast really struts its stuff. Truly a wine for hedonists. Pure silk, velvet, and satin. Incredibly lush and opulent. The wine doesn't have a single hard edge. The beautiful finish fills your palate with ripe raspberries, plums, and blackberries that you wish would last forever. The amazing thing about the wine is that it showed great the day it was bottled. 98 Points

6,326 Views   Tasted

I remember multiple cases of this wine when I first starting collecting Bordeaux in the mid 90's for about $40 a bottle. I bought a lot and every time I taste it, wish I had purchased more. The perfume explodes with complex notes of blackberry, black cherry, plum liqueur, truffles and Oriental spices with chocolate. The fireworks starts in the aromatics, but on the palate is where this sexy beast really struts its stuff! Truly, a wine for hedonists. Pure silk, velvet and satin. Incredibly lush and opulent. The wine doesn't have a single hard edge. The beautiful finish fills your palate with ripe raspberry, plum and blackberries that you wish would last forever. As good as it is, this decadent will only continue improving over the next decade or two. The amazing thing about this wine is, its showed great the day it was bottled. 98 Points

4,884 Views   Tasted

If you like a sophisticated wine that offers a "sex in a bottle experience," run, do not walk and buy this wine! Purchased on release and perfectly stored, the perfume explodes from the glass. Aromatic plums, and extremely ripe cherries, flowers and spice fill your senses. But, the orgasm in the glass starts when the wine crosses your palate. Thick, rich, opulent, hedonistic and pure velvet. This is incredibly silky and seductive. If I could last as long as this seamless finish, I'd get a new career! While mature, this might improve. But, who cares? It's so good now, it was impossible to put the glass down. 98 Points

4,293 Views   Tasted

This sexy, sultry Bordeaux explains why the top Pomerol’s are in such high demand. Drinking this opulent wine is akin to pouring liquid silk down your throat. The exotic plummy, chocolaty, earthy perfume adds to the experience. 98 Points

4,454 Views   Tasted

Plush, velvety and filled with ripe, dark fruit, but slightly higher pitched than fully crrect bottles. Good, rich palate presence, but not at the level of the best bottles 95 Points

3,497 Views   Tasted

Supple, sexy, silky and sensuous. Does any other wine have those characteristics in this quantity? The wealth of ripe, velvety fruit is so elegant, I picture the family hand polishing each grape before gently placing them in the vats. For lovers of elegant wines, you cannot own enough of this in your cellar 98 Points

4,458 Views   Tasted

The dried cherries, plums, figs, roasted nut and toasted oak aromatics are the type of perfume that should be bottled! Perfect seamless finish of elegant, opulent, decadent, black fruit topped it off. Wow! What a wine! The finish lasts at least 45 seconds. 98 Points

4,274 Views   Tasted

The perfume is intoxicating with its exotic array of flowers, plums, chocolate and spice. The mouth feel is like pouring liquid silk down your throat. This incredibly round, opulent and sexy wine ends in an ocean of black fruit and elegant, velvety plums. The wine deserves the decadent trophy. 98 Points

4,344 Views   Tasted
1985 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 94

Just a super wine. There is sensuous, silky quality to the texture that gets your engines going. The truffle, mocha, wet earth and floral scents that show on top of the plums and cherries is just what the doctor ordered. There is no reason to age this any longer. 94 Points

3,709 Views   Tasted

What a beauty, with its silky, fresh, sensuous style. At full maturity, the floral, truffle and cherry characteristics, along with its purity and sensuous finish really make an impression. 95 Points

2,430 Views   Tasted

This bottle was the finest example of this vintage I've ever tasted. The nose was compelling with its floral and chocolate scents. The pllush, velvety mouth feel was to die for. This was better than both previous bottles of 89 Conseillante tasted during the same week. 95 Points

2,921 Views   Tasted
1983 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 87

Past its prime, and from a difficult vintage for Pomerol, the nose offers barnyard, earth and animal scents along with red fruits. Round in texture, the medium-bodied wine has ripe, red fruits, but while the texture is fine, the finish is a bit short. 87 Points

2,586 Views   Tasted
1982 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

This was the best bottle of this I've had in years. Clearly at maturity, the nose, with its blend of truffles, flowers, smoke, plums, cherry and bitter chocolate was enthralling. Medium-full bodied, with an elegant, refined character, silky, soft tanins and fresh, sweet plums with a touch of cocoa felt great and tasted even better. Pop and pour was all this beauty needed to show its best. There is no reason to continue aging for more development, as this is at the full peak of its evolution. 95 Points

3,953 Views   Tasted

Slowly starting to fade from its decadent peak, there is still a lot to like here. Soft and silky, fresh and refined, the earthy, mocha and plum finish does not have quite the same level of volume or length it offered in its youth. If you are holding any bottles, and I think I have a few left as well, you should drink them over the next couple of years, before the wine continues its slow ride into the sunset. 93 Points

3,088 Views   Tasted

My penultimate bottle of this beauty was sacrificed close to the end of 2015. With a beautiful floral nose that was made even better with its truffle, tobacco, black raspberry, mocha and dark cherry aromatics, this was pure silk in texture. Medium bodied, refined and elegant, the finish was all about its freshness, silk and sweet red fruits. There is no reason to hold your bottles any longer. 94 Points

3,340 Views   Tasted

This plum, floral, black cherry, earthy, spicy scented wine is all about elegance and charm. Plush, round and with velvety textures, the wine ends with a chocolate and plum filled finish with hints of fresh dark cherries. Fully mature, there is no reason to wait to open this wine. 95 Points

6,394 Views   Tasted

Earthy, truffle aromas complicated with spicy black fruit start off the perfume. Lush, sexy entry. Multiple layers of red and black fruits turn the finish into a delicious, silky, satin filled treat! This wine is fully mature. I plan on drinking my remaining bottles over the 7-10 years. 95 Points

5,410 Views   Tasted

Cedar wood, spearmint, red and black fruit, earth and spicy plums wowed your nose. Great depth and concentration. When La Conseillante rocks, it offers one of the sexiest mouth feels and this bottle was on fire! This was thick, elegant and plush with rich layers of ripe, black, red and blue fruits. 94 Points

2,361 Views   Tasted
1975 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

Past its prime, but still a treat with its dried plum, earth, truffle, tobacco and cherry character. Medium bodied, with a hint of dryness in the tannins, there is an earthy, dusty, earthy, red and black plum personality in the finish. I imagine this was a much more interesting wine about 10 years ago. Fading, if you have a bottle or so laying around, you should open them sooner than later. 90 Points

2,879 Views   Tasted
1971 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 93

Medium-bodied, floral, elegant and refined. The wine is all about the roses, red berries and earthy notes on the nose, the silky, light touch of earthy, red fruits on the palate and the graceful, soft textured finish. This is probably a bit more than full-mature, but it is a solid example of an older, classic vintage for La Conseillante. No decanting needed. If you have any, this is not a vintage to hold for further development. Drink up and enjoy. 93 Points

2,223 Views   Tasted
1970 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 92

Elegant, soft, refined and silky, the wine is medium-bodied and on the fresh, earthy, cherry and red plum side of the style range. There is no reason to hold this for further evolution. 92 Points

2,632 Views   Tasted

This was my last bottle of this vintage of La Conseillante. I wish I had more. It was showing more fruit and freshness than I would have anticipated. Plummy, lush, round, textures, floral aromas with hints of cocoa and a soft, polished, fruit filled finish are found in well stored bottles of this wine. However, there is no reason to age this further. 92 Points

4,885 Views   Tasted

Light in color, with scents of flowers, black cherry, spice, truffle, tobacco, forest floor and chocolate, this medium/full bodied is pure silk in texture. The wine finishes with soft, elegant spicy plums and cherries. This is fully mature and should be opened sooner than later. 93 Points

3,806 Views   Tasted
1964 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 94

Perfectly mature and stunning, this wine had everything I want to find in an aged Pomerol. Notes of flowers, tobacco, truffle, smoke, cocoa and red fruits with a hint of cold steel were just great to inhale. Medium/full bodied, with silky textures and an earthy, clay and bright, sweet, cherry notes in the finish that sealed the deal. Popped and poured, this is a beauty. 94 Points

2,255 Views   Tasted
1961 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 90

I would love to taste a pristine bottle of this wine, perhaps even more now that I have tasted a moderate example of a negociant bottling. Delicate, elegant and refined, but light, the nose was much more complex than the refined, but fading clean, red berry palate. 90 Points

3,205 Views   Tasted
1959 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

The gorgeous purity in the sun-drenched fruit, the sexy, silky tannins and the still floral, truffle and plum nose all work in tandem, to make this an off the hook tasting experience. 95 Points

2,198 Views   Tasted

From a bottle that has never left the chateau, this was stunning in every sense of the word. Lush, sensuous, opulent and frankly decadent, the wine has depth, silky tannins, complexity and a finish that does not quit. A treat and a thrill. 97 Points

2,626 Views   Tasted

I wish I had more of this beauty in my cellar. My one and only bottle was popped and poured and it delivered from start to finish. Medium bodied, silky, refined, fresh, sweet and with length, allowing you to savor the almost 60 year old fruit, and stick with the silky textures as well. There is no reason to hold this any longer. 94 Points

2,802 Views   Tasted
1955 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 93

A beautiful wine at slightly past its peak but there was so much to like here, who cares? Soft and silky, with the patina of age in the color and the nose, the texture caressed your palate, and the fresh, sweet, spicy, earthy, red fruits tasted and felt great! Popped and poured, I would not hold this any longer. 93 Points

2,632 Views   Tasted

1955 Chateau La Conseillante faded far too fast in the glass. Medium bodied, plummy, with earth and tobacco aromas, the wine did not have the stuffing to stand up the much air once it was poured. 87 Points

3,282 Views   Tasted
1953 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 85

More than fully mature, the wine is still showing, soft, gentle, elegant textures, but the nose is closer to old wood, earth and tobacco than fruit and while the finish still delivers soft textures, the fruit is clearly fading. Well, you know what they say, with wines older the 15 years, there are no great wines, just great bottles. However this is not a wine for holding, it is a wine for drinking. 85 Points

1,623 Views   Tasted
1952 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 84

Better than the last time I tasted this wine, but there is not much there. Slightly rustic on the palate, the wine was much better on the earthy, tobacco, forest and bright cherry nose than on the palate. Drink up. 84 Points

2,838 Views   Tasted

This bottle was loaded with VA, coffee, spice and mocha. The wine ended with a tart, strawberry flavored finish. 72 Points

3,514 Views   Tasted
1949 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 96

Wow! Spellbinding is a good place to start. Served double blind, the high quality was easy to find. The dark cherries, cloves, flowers and truffle notes did not quit. On the palate, the rich, sexy, refined, elegant cherries were soft, sweet, pure, long and vibrant. If you get a chance to taste a bottle of this treasure, you are in for a treat! 96 Points

3,359 Views   Tasted
1948 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 93

This was a beauty. Much better than the 2 previous bottles tasted, which is to be expected, at 70 years of age. But you know they say, the third time is a charm, and they right with this one. Round, plummy, earthy and loaded with truffle and cigar, some sweetness of fruit remained in the soft, supple finish. 93 Points

1,425 Views   Tasted

Better on the nose, with its truffle, earth, tobacco and bright red fruit character, than on the metallic, earthy, sweet and tart, (More tart than sweet) red berry finish. The tannins were slightly rustic in the finish. This is not a wine I'd be holding for it's 100th anniversary. Fun to taste, but not a vintage I'd seek out at auction, based on this bottle. 87 Points

1,864 Views   Tasted
1946 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 88

My first bottle of 1946 was a blast to taste. More earthy than fruit, as you should expect at 75 years of age, the wine is fading, but there is still enough gas in the engine to deliver dark earthy, mocha tinged, plums, smoke, tobacco leaf, cigar box and truffle. Medium-bodied, short on the fruit, long on the earth and truffle, this is not a wine to hold til its 80. But it was a killer treat to taste today. 88 Points

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1943 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 87

Light in color, light in fruit, but the wine was elegant, soft and the fruit offered character and breed. 87 Points

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1917 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 88

What a surprise to find a war year bottle that was rocking'! At 101 years of age, this still had gas in the tank. Most of the fruit has faded, but the earth, spice, tobacco, smoke, truffle and ash still allowed room for plums to poke through. Ruby with amber in color, there was freshness, soft textures and hints of cherry in the finish. What a privilege it was to taste bottled history, made while World War 1 was raging. 88 Points

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