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Château L'Eglise-Clinet

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2020 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 99

Everything you would expect from L'Eglise Clinet is here in spades. The nose shoots from the glass with its truffle, spicy plum, wet earth, herb, smoke, tobacco, cocoa and cherry liqueur scents. Full-bodied, concentrated, focused and fresh, the wine perches on the border between opulence and classic. From a blend that mirrors the vineyard at 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc, the wine packs layers of dark chocolate covered ripe plums that coat your palate, linger and expand. This will age gracefully for 3 decades easily. It is great to see so much continuity here from the Durantou family. 98-100 Pts

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2019 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 97

Like walking into a rose garden, next you find dark cocoa, truffle, violets, licorice and plums on the nose. On the palate the wine is sensuous, opulent, silky and full-bodied. The length is just perfect, as it lets you linger over the layers of fruit, dusty cocoa and truffle nuances that accompany all those gorgeous, velvety plums and black cherries. The wine was made from blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc, reaching 14.5% alcohol, with a pH of 3.75. The harvest took place September 18-26 for the Merlot, with the Cabernet Franc being picked September 26. 2019 the final vintage for Denis Durantou is a testament to his love for his vineyard and wine. It is exactly the type of wine he truly loved making. Owners of this beauty should toast him and his years of work at L\\\'Eglise Clinet. I know I will. 96-98 Pts

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2018 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 98

With a serious depth of color, this hedonistic thrill ride opens with an aromatic display of truffle, flowers, dark chocolate, herbs, black cherries and plum. Plush, opulent, rich and with the texture of silk and velvet, the wine coats your palate with layers of fresh, sensuous, perfectly ripe fruits, chocolate and truffle. This full-bodied wine is only going to get better with age. If you can wait a decade, this will be even better. The wine blends 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc 98 Points

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2017 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 95

Truffle, smoke, tobacco and red fruits are at the core of this wine. On the palate, there is a concentration of flavor. The wine has lift and power but there is a firmness to the tannins in this vintage that will need time to soften before they will captivate the pleasure seeking consumer. The wine was made from blending 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, reaching 14% alcohol with a pH of 3.68. The harvest took place September 12 to September 22. Known to be witty, the proprietor Denis Durantou wrote about his frost effected, small production for 2017, "We produced just enough bottles for my friends." 95 Points

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2016 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 99

Truffles, wet earth, smoke, tobacco, licorice, espresso, chocolate covered black cherry and plum aromatics create the perfume. The wine is full bodied, concentrated and powerful. It is also refined, silky, elegant and velvety. This is Pomerol opulence at its best, with the right amount of flesh and freshness to balance everything out. 99 Points

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Blackberry, floral, earth and smoke aromatics get you going. Not a showy wine, this is more of an intellectual experience. Still, there is no denying all the layers of ripe, dark red fruits, lush textures, concentration, richness and density. This will be one of the longest aged wines from Durantou, as it will not show well young, but with proper cellaring there could be more complexity than previous vintages. Blending 90% Merlot, which was picked from September 21 to October 4 and 10% Cabernet Franc, harvested October 6, the wine reached 14% alcohol with a pH of 3.60 and will be aged in 80% new French oak barrels. Showing his typical sense of humor, when asked how many cases were produced, Denis Durantou replied, "too few." 97 Points

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2015 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 99

With a depth of color that lets you know this is a seriously concentrated wine, when your nose meet the glass, you find roses, truffle, nuts, espresso, dark chocolate, cocoa, mint and ripe plums. The wine is dense and palate staining. The fruit gets into every nook and cranny your taste buds allow. With opulent textures, length and complexity, the wine moves from red to black fruits to chocolate, to licorice and back to the fruit again, as it lingers on your palate. Give this over a decade in the cellar and it could hit triple digits as it ages. 99 Points

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Prepare yourself for a lush mélange of the darkest of dark fruits mingled with truffle, espresso, earth, plum and floral aromas, which pop with little effort. This wine is fertile, deep and concentrated. The character is focused, talkative, lively and laden with sensuality and tannins that feel like spun silk. On the palate, the fruits move from black to red to black again. There is length, volume, intensity and lavishness and the fresh, spicy fruits stay with you from start to finish. Blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14.7% alcohol with a pH of 3.68 and will be aged in 70% new, French, oak barrels. The harvest took place between September 21 and September 25. 97 - 99 Pts

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2014 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 94

Holding much of what it has in reserve, with coaxing, truffle, herbs, smoke and plums can be found, but it takes effort. At the moment, this is all about its potential, as it's quite tight and needs air, as well as time. Still, once it gets going, you can find fresh, berries, herbs and truffle. This is more of an earthy wine in focus, instead of floral. Give it 7-10 years and this could surprise you. 94 Points

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Truffle, blackberry, espresso and violet aromas ready your senses for more. Lush black cherry, boysenberry liqueur and licorice saturate this bright, fresh, vibrant wine. Concentrated, structured and long, leaving you with a supple, fresh, plumy finish, this wine will need time in the cellar before it reveals its true essence. Blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14% alcohol with a pH of 3.61 and will be aged in 70% new, French oak barrels. 95-96 Pts

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2013 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 94

Floral, licorice and cherry aromatics get along well here. Medium/full bodied, with a fresh, open character. While as you would expect with the 2013 vintage, the wine lacks the weight and density of the top vintages. Yet, the wine is still fun to taste with its silky, soft red fruits, sweetness of flavor and soft textures. Plus you do not have to wait for it to develop, as this is already quite tasty. 94 Points

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Plum liqueur, cigar box, incense, wet earth, smoke and clay scents start off the wine. But it’s the palate—with an intense combination of spicy dark berries, black cherry and plum—that grabs your attention. This is perhaps the most concentrated wine of the vintage with a real depth of flavor. From 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.62 and will be aged in 70% new French oak barrels. The yields were 30 hectoliters per hectare. This is a serious candidate for wine of the vintage. If you are only going to consider one wine to purchase as a future, this is the wine to buy as the quality is high, the production is low and with luck, the price will be low too. 94-96 Pts

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2012 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 97

Concentrated with layers of ripe, fat, fresh, juicy fruits, fresh flowers, truffle and a mélange of cherries, the wine is supple, long and deep, with ripe, silky tannins and a sensuous finish. 97 Points

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One of the deepest colored wines from Pomerol in this vintage, the wine screams with oak, truffle, floral, plums, smoke and charcoal. Full-bodied, rich and packed with licorice, fresh black cherry, plum and dark chocolate, the wine is pure, sweet, concentrated, polished and rich. The silky, polished textures lead to a long, opulent, sexy, rich finish. According to Denis Durantou, part of the success of the 2012 vintage was the willingness to wait to pick the old vine Cabernet Franc and Merlot on a parcel-by-parcel basis. 95-98 Pts

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2011 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 93

Tight at the moment, with its earth, truffle, spice, espresso, chocolate and cherry notes barely coming to the surface. On the palate, dusty tannins, plums and cocoa carry through to the silky, soft, supple, sweet, fruit filled finish. This bottle was tasted twice in the same week, from a pop and poured bottle and again, from a bottle that was decanted before serving. The decanted bottle showed much better. 93 Points

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Chocolate covered plums and floral notes open to a medium bodied wine that is round in texture. The lush, sweet and tart cherry dominated personality is quite successful for the vintage. From a blend of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.9% alcohol. The wine was bottled April 13. 93 Points

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From 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine is aged in 80% new oak. Complex aromas of flowers, chocolate, plum and truffle build in the perfume. On the palate, the wine is silk and velvet. This is a powerful, lush, rich, tannic, full-bodied and structured vintage of L’Eglise Clinet. It will require time to age, soften and develop. 95-96 Pts

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2010 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 99

Already offering everything a great Pomerol needs, it took 60 minutes of air to bring out all the truffles, dark chocolate, cherries and plums we could handle. But here, it’s all that density and concentration with its opulent, velvety textures on the palate with its non-stop layers of decadent fruits in the finish that steals the show. Oh yes, this is Pomerol decadence at its best. 99 Points

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Deep in color, almost opaque, without decanting the wine explodes with smoke, truffle, coffee bean, wet earth, licorice, floral and plum liqueur. This is dense, incredibly rich, layered and concentrated. Structured to age, tannic, powerful and long, this sensuous wine deserves to be laid down for 10, 15 or even 20 years before its decadent nature awakens. 99 Points

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Inky and opaque in color, intense jammy black cherry, coffee, truffle, root beer, boysenberry, and chocolate notes. Powerful, rich, full bodied and structured, this needs more time to develop than the more sensuous and forward 2009 L’Eglise Clinet. The wine remains in your mouth more than 60 seconds building in flavor and complexity. Comparing both vintages over the next several years, or decades is going to be quite a task. Happily, I’m up for the job. 99 Points

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2010 L’Eglise Clinet 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc was used for the assemblage in 2010 which reached 14.6% alcohol and a pH of 3.62. Those figures equal what took place in the 2009 vintage. The wine will be aged in 70% new oak. . Fresh picked flowers, spice box, black raspberry, earth, clay and chocolate scents pop from the glass. In texture, the wine is suave, luscious and powerful. The finish is filled with sweet ripe, plums and chocolate that builds in the mouth ending with a long, fresh, pure, intense blackberry liqueur sensation. The only drawback in 2010 according to the owner Denis Durantou is, they produced 20% less wine, making this Pomerol even harder to find than usual. 96-98 Pts

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2009 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 99

Deep, dark, lush and opulent from start finish, the wine explodes with truffle covered black blum, dark chocolate and roses. The wine is incredibly concentrated, wth layer after layer of perfectly ripe, silky, velvet drenched fruit. The wine is powerful, sensuous, long and even though it is still young, there is no doubt about its future legendary status. 99 Points

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5 Spice, smoke, kirsch liqueur, truffle, tobacco, charcoal and floral aromas pop from the glass. On the palate, this deep colored wine is pure, sensuous, silky and rich. Picture each berry wearing a cashmere sweater before it hops into the fermenter and gives up its life to become wine. 2009 Chateau L’Eglise Clinet is Pomerol at its decadent best. Currently, the owner, Denis Durantou ranks his top 5 favorite vintages of L’Eglise Clinet as follows; 2010, 2009, 2000, 2005 and 2001. 100 Points

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2009 L’Eglise Clinet is inky black with hints of purple. With pungent aromatics of flowers, blackberry liqueur, oak, earth, coffee, and spice, the wine fills your mouth with incredible levels of concentration and intensity. Flashy, flamboyant, and fat, this serious wine has an amply fresh finish of licorice, chocolate, boysenberry, and cocoa. 97-100 Pts

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2008 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 94

The fruit is ripe, deep dark and plummy, Concentrated, full and showing its licorice, dark 100% cocoa filled chocolate, tobacco leaf and licorice work well with the ripe, sweet plums. Still a bit tight today, as expected, give this 3-5 years to fill out, soften and come together and you will have an outstanding wine. 94 Points

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Everything is headed in the right direction here. Still young, so at least 2 hours of air is needed to bring out the soft, silky textures, freshness and complexity. Full bodied and concentrated, there is a brightness to the fruit that pairs well with its plummy, earthy, truffle and dark chocolate core. Air or 7 years of rest will bring this around to its full level of enjoyment. 95 Points

4,853 Views   Tasted

Earth, fresh herbs, dark chocolate, licorice, plum and black cherry jam aromas are easy to find. On the palate, the full bodied wine is soft, polished, round and delivers a sweet, lush, cocoa and dark plum finish. If you like young wines, you can pop a cork, else give it another 4-5 years in the bottle. From a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14.5% alcohol. 95 Points

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2008 L’Eglise Clinet continues to improve every time I taste this wine. With complex aromatics filled with spice box, blackberry, oak, chocolate, plums and fresh flowers, this silky, velvet textured, rich, round, concentrated Bordeaux wine ends with a mouthful of deep dark fruits and chocolate. 96 Pts

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08 Château L’Eglise Clinet is deep, dark ruby with purple accents. Blackberry and plum liquor with hints of truffle and Asian spice start off the nose. The fruit is intensely concentrated with great length. Polished and pure, this big Pomerol is better than the quite good 06, but is not at the same level as the majestic 05. Owner Denis Durantou says, “the difference between 05 and 08 was that the long hang time and low yields in 08 allowed the fruit to gain concentration and length”. 95-97 Pts

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2007 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 93

Medium bodied, with an earthy, truffle and cherry core of fruits, the wine is fully mature at this stage. Soft and round in texture, the truffles and cherries carry through in the finish. 93 Points

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With coaxing, flowers, espresso, licorice, herbs and black cherries emerge to create the perfume. Medium bodied, the wine is soft, dominated by sweet black cherries and fennel with a hint of cherry stem in the finish. Knowing the vintage, the wine was quite a nice surprise, as it was richer and more complex than expected. While many wines from the vintage are best enjoyed young, this wine can stand, and in fact would improve with a few years age. 92 Points

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2006 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 96

Juicy dark plums dipped in chocolate, burning wood and truffle with a background of licorice hits you with your initial sniff. From there, you move to ripe, supple-textured, black cherry infused with very dark cocoa. The tannins have a bit of dust in the sensuous finish. This is close to entering its prime time drinking window. 2-3 more years is all it needs, or 60 minutes in the decanter. 96 Points

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Oh so young, and yet, there is no denying its stunning qualities. The silky, sexy, opulent textures border on decadence. The wine is long, pure, rich, concentrated and delivers waves of pleasure with every sip and sniff. Give it a decade if you can wait that long. Else pop a cork and enjoy it for its youthful pleasures. 96 Points

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A serious contender for the Right Bank wine of the vintage, due to its sensuous, opulent, lush character, layers of ripe, sweet, pure fruits and long, expansive finish. This is one of the wine from 2006 with soft, extremely ripe tannins. 97 Points

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From a blend of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.8% alcohol. Tight on the nose, clearly the wine needs time in the cellar as it’s still quite young. For drinking today, the best part of the experience is the sexy, opulent, fleshy, silky layers of fresh, black and dark red fruits, chocolate and licorice on the palate. 95 Points

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This offers a perfume of melted berries, spice, fennel and oak scents. Intense and lush in the mouth, with ample round tannins, this is a big, rich style of Pomerol. 94 Points

6,813 Views   Tasted

This offers a sex bomb perfume filled with melted berries, spice, coco, flowers and oak. Intense, powerful and lush in the mouth. This concentrated, full bodied wine is tannic, but they are round ,ripe tannins. This vintage adds brawn to elegance. This needs time. 94 Points

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2005 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 100

Poke your head into a flower shop filled with roses, walk into the restaurant next door when they are serving their winter, truffle menu, end the meal with the perfect clafoutis with some licorice on the side, and light up an aged Cuban Cigar to accompany the glass of kirsch liqueur you have been waiting for and you have the nose on this wine. The wine is powerful, intense, silky, velvety and incredibly hedonistic. This is pure decadence in a glass. However it's really young and you can easily wait 5 to 10 years before popping a cork. I’ve tasted this wine a fair amount of times, (yes, I know how lucky I am!) and this is the best showing yet. 100 Points

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Poke your head into a flower shop filled with roses, walk into the restaurant next door when they are serving their winter, truffle menu, end the meal with the perfect clafoutis with some licorice on the side, and light up an aged Cuban Cigar to accompany the glass of kirsch liqueur you have been waiting for and you have the nose on this wine. The wine is powerful, intense, silky, velvety and incredibly hedonistic. This is pure decadence in a glass. However it's really young and you can easily wait 5 to 10 years before popping a cork. I’ve tasted this wine a fair amount of times, (yes, I know how lucky I am!) and this is the best showing yet. Insane… 99 Points

6,469 Views   Tasted

Wow! Popped and poured, this majestic elixir takes over your palate with waves of sweet, sensuous, sexy fruits that remain for over 60 seconds. With a few more years of age, this should easily hit triple digits and become a future Pomerol legend. 99 Points

6,608 Views   Tasted

An Intriguing nose packed with spice, truffle, wild cherries, blackberries, cocoa, oak and liqueur aromas explode from the glass. On the palate, this feels like melted essence of Pomerol. It's powerful, concentrated, lush, pure and decadent. The wine offers countless layers of intense, polished silk and velvet that were drenched in black and red fruits. 2005 L'Eglise Clinet builds in intensity and remains on your palate for over a minute! This is a future legendary Bordeaux wine that improves with each tasting. This could hit triple digits in a few years. 99 Points

9,242 Views   Tasted

Explosive perfume filled with ripe fruits, spice, incense, flowers and chocolate. The rich, sultry texture was off the charts. Opulence does not begin to describe it. Compelling layers of concentration and complexity that make you want to taste and retaste this Pomerol. If you want decadence in a bottle, this Bordeaux wine is it! 98 Points

7,724 Views   Tasted
2004 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 95

Ripe, fat, sweet black cherries, chocolate fudge and truffles were all over the place. Round, lush, rich and ready to go, the wine finishes with layers of dark, ripe plums, cherry and cocoa. 30 minutes was this needed to come around. For L'Eglise Clinet, the wine sells for a song. 95 Points

3,350 Views   Tasted

In the sweet spot, it took only 30 minutes in the decanter to release all the chocolate, plum and truffle essences here. Lush, opulent and silky on the palate, you can age this longer but there is no reason to wait to pull a cork. 94 Points

2,865 Views   Tasted

Still young, the wine has richness, soft tannins, concentration and a nose that combines that combines figs, black cherry, chocolate, truffle and hints of mint. On the backend, you do find a touch of olives and herbs that somewhat mar the wine, but I found more than enough fruit that I was happy with the wine in my glass. About 45 minutes to 1 hour in the decanter adds more softness, while bringing out the complexities in the wine. 93 Points

4,211 Views   Tasted

It is hard to believe that with only 11 years of age, this is already delivering the goods. Splash decanted, it took only 20 minutes for the truffle, chocolate, plum, black cherry and floral personality to emerge. Silky, rich and fresh on the palate, the wine feels as good as it tastes. If you are not yet familiar with the wines being produced here, and the ever increasing cost of young vintages has made it difficult to buy, grab a bottle of this beauty and pop the cork. 95 Points

3,668 Views   Tasted

Tasted three times over a two week period, from bottle and magnum, this is a treat. Smoky cherries, truffle, plum, incense, licorice, spice and black raspberry aromatics pop with no effort. Concentrated, full bodied and deep, with freshness, purity, intensity, silky, sensuous tannins and a sexy, opulent, velvety finish. This is a serious contender for the wine of the vintage. 95 Points

2,967 Views   Tasted

If you like truffles, you came to the right place. Add smoke, licorice, dark red berries, silky tannins, sensuous textures and a rich plummy palate and you get the picture. the wine is in a good place now and it’s only going to get better with a few more years of bottle age. This wine transcends the quality of the vintage. In fact, this is the only 2004 I did not already own that was so good, and fairly priced, I bought a case when I returned home! 95 Points

3,656 Views   Tasted

Blending 90% Merlot with 10% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.5% alcohol and was aged in 70% new, French oak barrels. With little effort, fudge, cocoa dusted cherries, flowers and hints of coffee bean please the aromatic senses. Round textures with a hint of dust in the tannins, along with fresh, sweet dark cherries and chocolate are sensed in the finish. Give this beauty a few more years before opening a bottle. It's almost there. 93 Points

4,796 Views   Tasted

Opened far too young, but sometimes you need to do it in the name of science. Still, even with the cloak of youth, licorice, cocoa, black cherry liqueur, truffle, vanilla, earth and black raspberry scents were all over the place. On the palate, the wine is concentrated with juicy, ripe, lush, round berries that ends with a long, fresh, still tannic, long, sweet, lush blast of plums, cherries, cocoa, vanilla, fennel and spice. My bet is, in another 5 years, when everything comes together, this will be a much more, opulent, complex tasting experience. In a good, but not great year for Bordeaux and Pomerol, this is shaping up to be one of the top wines of the vintage. While L'Eglise Clinet is an expensive wine, due to the reputation of the vintage, this is one of the best buys from this chateau. 94 Points

4,618 Views   Tasted
2003 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 91

The color is showing its age, the nose the finer points of cherries, the palate its soft, ripe, smooth textures. There is no reason to age this further as this is fully ready to drink and is not going to make old bones. 91 Points

2,464 Views   Tasted

Chocolate, licorice, black raspberries, black cherry, jam, raisin and fig create the aromatics. On the palate, the wine is pure Pomerol with lush, sexy textures. The finish that does not display any character of over ripeness or cooked flavors often connected with the vintage. In fact, I was more than surprised I liked this wine so much. This is not a wine for long aging. I'd drink it over the next 5-7 years. 91 Points

3,916 Views   Tasted
2002 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 89

Earth, smoke, caramel and baked cherries on the nose, the wine is all about the mélange of red, black and white cherries. There is no reason to hold this for further aging, this is ready to drink. 89 Points

4,714 Views   Tasted

With coaxing, some oak, earth, licorice and plums came to the forefront. Medium bodied, with a slight rusticity to the tannins, the blackberry filled wine ends with a minor hint of dryness in the finish. I’d drink this sooner than later. 89 Points

3,480 Views   Tasted
2001 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 94

Full-bodied, rich, concentrated, plummy and round, there is a depth of flavor, dusty tannins, length and structure. The wine is powerful and loads you up with truffle, dark red fruits, earth and dark chocolate. 94 Points

3,675 Views   Tasted

This is quite close to drinking at its peak. I am sure it will be at its best about 2021. But even today, with just a short decant, the luxurious, silky textures coupled with the truffle, dark chocolate, ripe black cherry, plum and licorice really hit the spot. Full bodied and sexy, this is just great juice for Pomerol lovers. 96 Points

4,089 Views   Tasted

Truffle, earth roses, hints of blue fruit, licorice, smoke and dusty chocolate aromas come right to the surface. Decanted 1 hour, the translucent ruby colored wine delivers a silky, sweet plum, black cherry finish that straddles the fence between refined and sensuous. This should continue getting better with age. 95 Points

3,785 Views   Tasted

With one hour in the decanter, the was served up sensuous, opulent textures, pure, plummy fruit and chocolate covered, black cherries, ending in a concentrated, wave of silky, sweet fruits. If you're looking to see why L'Eglise Clinet is on fire these days, this is a good bottle to try. 95 Points

3,863 Views   Tasted

Roses, truffle, chocolate, kirsch, black cherry, smoke and licorice create the complex perfume. Full bodied, smooth, silky, tannic and needing time, especially in this case as the wine was tasted from an undecanted magnum. 94 Points

3,440 Views   Tasted

2 hours of decanting brought this wine where it needed to be. Full bodied, rich and youthful, it's packed with juicy ripe black cherries, black raspberries, plums, truffle and dark chocolate. Rich and lush, this is very good now, and will be even better in a few more years. For some reason, I concluded this was a Thinking Man's Pomerol. 95 Points

3,944 Views   Tasted

Flowers, truffle, spicy blackberry and leafy aromas. Silky tannins, spicy black plums, sweet dark cherries and chocolate sensations are found in the plummy, supple finish. This is just opening up and starting to drink well. 93 Points

6,321 Views   Tasted

Licorice, coffee, herbs, dark berry and candied red fruit. Elegant, supple textures, full bodied and a long, rich dark fruit finish. This was one of the more backwards 2001 wines from the tasting. 92 Points

5,380 Views   Tasted
2000 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 97

The first of the great wines produced under the direction of Denis Durantou, picture a boatload of chocolate covered cherries, truffle, plum liqueur and Asian spices in the complex aromatics. On the palate, the wine is full bodied, dense, rich, plush and exotic. The wine is youthful, exuberant, sensuous and rich. You can drink this now. But I’m waiting for 3 to 5 years before popping my corks. This is the last vintage aged in 100% new, French oak. The wine reached 13.5% alcohol, with no touch of heat. 97 Points

4,350 Views   Tasted

The explosive nose was stuffed to the brim with fresh black plums, black raspberries, chocolate, spice, herb and truffles. The wine filled your mouth with lush, rich, intense opulent, fresh fruit that remained with you. The long finish was fresh, fleshy and deep. Still young, this elegant, yet powerful, sensuous wine will only get better with time. 98 Points

7,890 Views   Tasted
1999 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 90

With a developed nose of tobacco, cigar box, earth and plums, the wine is medium bodied, soft, expressive and focused on its fresh, spicy, red fruit character. This is drinking at full peak today. 90 Points

4,483 Views   Tasted

Light in style. This medium bodied wine is already mature. This is a wine that is best enjoyed on the young side. 90 Points

3,089 Views   Tasted
1998 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 96

Still young, tannic and slightly muscular, the wine has character, complexity, opulence, balance and freshness. I would like to see a bit more of a velvet edge to the texture, but this is turning out to be a very good wine that should offer pleasure for at least another 25-30 years. 96 Points

4,005 Views   Tasted

This is taking a long time to develop, but the old adage, good things are worth waiting for" is certainly true with this beauty. Intensity, concentration, depth of flavor and raw material really give your palate something to think about. With an hour in the decanter, the nose, with its sweet, cherry, earth and licorice come alive. The tannins are soft and silky, and the fruit has a spicy, pure sensation that really lingers. I suspect this will be even better in another 3-4 years. But there is no need to wait. If you have a bottle, pop a cork! 96 Points

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Exotic plums, truffle, ripe, sweet black cherries and forest floor notes are easy to find in the perfume. Concentrated, lush, ripe, full bodied, round and sweet, this is developing well, showing its secondary characteristics, but it’s still youthful, finishing with sensuous textures and layers of plummy fruit. 95 Points

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Built to age, still young, this fresh, vibrant , young, structured wine has depth of flavor, with truffle, earth, cocoa and dark berries in its personality. The long finish is filled with ripe, black raspberries, cherries and spice. The wine is a bit on the firm side for Pomerol. 5-7 more years in the bottle should soften its character. 94 Points

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This dark hued wine is a structured, serious Pomerol. Filled with spice, black cherry, coco and black raspberry aromatics and concentrated with satiny fruit, this sublime wine will continue developing complexities forat least two decades. 94 Points

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Black raspberry, spring flowers, mocha and an exotic orange peel note start the wine off. Full bodied and filled with ample layers of sexy, polished dark berries, ripe plums and opulent black cherry in a long, pure finish. 95 Points

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This is a structured and serious Pomerol. Black purple color with spice, black cherry and black raspberry aromatics. Still young, this intense wine needs another 5-10 years before entering maturity. 95 Points

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1997 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 92

Coconut, espresso, wet earth, plum and cocoa in the perfume, with a developed, soft, silky, plum and sweet cherry finish. Fully mature and drinking in the sweet spot today, there is no reason to hold this bottle any longer. 92 Points

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1996 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 92

Plum and tobacco, with floral and cocoa notes on the nose, rounded, firm tannins and a mature, dusty, sweet and tart plum finish. I would not age this further. 92 Points

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1995 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 93

More compelling on the nose with its savory, earthy, black plum, smoke, thyme and cherry tobacco nose than on the firm, palate. Even with 4 hours of air, the wine is still on the strict and firm side of the style range. It has a soft side that is begging to come out, but with the wall of tannin, it's having a hard time being heard. Perhaps like 1975, the vintage only needs 40 years to come around. I have 8 more bottles to go to find out. 93 Points

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Showing its age and maturity in the color, on the nose the wine is earthy, with tobacco, leaf, smoke and dark red berry scents. Soft, with a hint of dust, tannins and tartness to the fruit on the palate that takes away from the polished, fresh, ripe, spicy plums trying to jump out and take the center court. Interestingly, the wine was served at a tasting from bottle and magnum. I preferred the softer, more developed texture of the bottle, while the British tasters preferred the magnum which was firmer in texture and less developed than the bottle . 93 Points

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This wine has finaly turned the corner and the hard tannins have started to soften. This is a much better wine today than it was a few years ago. The nose of truffle, cocoa powder, flowers, ripe boysenberry and earth is a treat. Velvet textures, dusty tannins and a lush, long, red and black cherry finish are now the signature of this wine. 95 Points

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Firmer and with more structure than anticipated at 16 years of age, the wine offers truffle, chocolate covered cherries, spice, smoke and black plum scents. The tannins are a bit rustic, which give the wine a masculine personality. It might get smoother with more time, but with its 17th birthday coming up, this Pomerol will probably always be on the beefy side of the style specturm for Pomerol. 93 Points

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1994 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 87

Tart, charmless and showing the underripe character for the vintage. Drink up. This is only going to get worse. 87 Points

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1990 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 94

Tasting this elixir, all I could think of was liquid silk gliding over my palate. Very rich, filled with plums, black and red fruits. The wine continued improving in the glass. A few more years will improve this wine, but, if anyone wanted to open it today, they will reap the rewards of a wonderful bottle of Pomerol 94 Points

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1989 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 90

This wine has displayed an advanced color for several years. At full maturity aromas of truffle, flowers, plum and wet earth create the perfume. The wine is medium bodied, silky and soft, but it lacks the depth of material for further aging. 90 Points

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Truffle, spice, sweet dried flowers, burnt sugar, and marzipan filled out the aromatics. Slightly light on the palate, ending with plum and blackberry flavors with a hint of cherry. Fully mature. 90 Points

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1986 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 93

A surprise in a vintage not known for producing good Right Banks. Fully mature, this soft, opulent wine is an amazing success for the vintage 93 Points

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1985 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 93

Fully mature, and not quite the level as the last bottle, but at this age, both the wine and I, anything can happen. On the nose, truffle, olive, earth, forest floor and plums were right there. Soft and gentle in texture, the fruit was mixed with herbs, earth and olive, adding old school character to the dark, cherry notes. There is no reason to age this classic, evolved Pomerol any longer. Drink up. 93 Points

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A super bottle of this wine, much better than the previous bottle from a months ago. Decadent, sexy textures, aromas of truffle, black cherry, dark chocolate and black cherry liqueur and a sensuous, earthy finish hit as soon as the wine was popped and poured. 95 Points

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Not quite as good as the last bottle from the same case, this bottle showed some gruffness to the tannins in the otherwise, plummy, cherry and chocolate finish. Slightly more interesting on the truffle centric palate, this is fully mature. 93 Points

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Fully mature, with a nose of chocolate, plums, flowers and truffle, the silky wine feels great when it slides across your palate, finishing with rich layers of plum, black raspberry and just a minor hint of tartness. This is definitely drinking in the sweet spot of life. The debut vintage for Denis Durantou has truly shaped up nicely. If you own it, pop a cork. 95 Points

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Either we caught this wine at the perfect moment, the bottle was flawless, or both, clearly, this fully mature L'Eglise Clinet is a sublime bottle of Pomerol. Truffle, earth, black cherries, tobacco and floral notes led to a silky, round, velvet textured wine that ended with layers of ripe, opulent berries. There is no reason to wait to pop a cork on this stellar wine. 95 Points

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Earth, plums, dark chocolate, roses and an array spices produce an exciting perfume. Supple, round and opulent in texture, this rich, sexy Pomerol ends with a long, sweet red and black plum, black cherry and cocoa filed finish. The wines being made by Denis Durantou today at Chateau L'Eglise Clinet are even better than the previous generation of older wines from the famous Pomerol chateau. I can't wait to taste them at maturity. 94 Points

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85 Eglise Clinet seems to have a lot of bottle variation. I have had bottles that showed an unripe, slightly green component while other bottles have shown incredibly youthful and offered an intense Pomerol experience. Bacchus was on our side with Last night, the wine Gods were on our side because this was a great bottle! Served blind, everyone felt the wine was from the mid 90’s or younger! Intense aromatics accompanied by a huge dose of concentrated plum, black and red fruits. The finish was close to 45 seconds. 96 Points

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This is so thick, I had to decide if I wanted to eat it or drink it! This is the real deal. The color is a dark, opaque, purple with no signs of lightening. The wine was compared with two other Pomerol wines from the same tasting icluding, L'Evangile and Certan de May. The wine remains youthful and still is not offering secondary aromas. Of the three 85 Pomerols, it showed the most improvement with time in the glass. Thick, unctuous, rich and concentrated almost beyond belief. Pure, ripe, black fruit notes and the essence of plums coat every nook and cranny of your palate. The texture is plush, opulent and extraordinarily rich. 96 Points

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The color displays a medium shade of ruby with a slight amber at the edge. On the nose, notes of chocolate covered blackberries, figs, spices and an hour later, aromas of truffles. The palate shows a great viscous mouth texture that puts on weight throughout the night. The flavors displayed on the palate include ripe red & black fruits, raspberries, cherries and a hint of mint in the finish. 85 Eglise Clinet is close to full maturity, but it has a bit of tannin to resolve in the finish. 94 Points

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1982 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 87

Medium bodied and tired, the wine offers red berries, earth and tobacco notes. This is clearly fading and needs to be consumed. 87 Points

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1975 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 80

Quite herbal, with sharp red berries, cedar, leaf and tobacco notes, the wine is medium bodied, bright, crisp and short. Longer aging will not help. Drink up. 80 Points

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1970 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 75

There was little fruit remaining. Dry, tart and earthy to the extreme, this wine should not be purchased today. The wines being made today by Denis Durantou are where you should focus your thirst for L'Eglise Clinet. Such is life... 75 Points

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1961 Château L'Eglise-Clinet  (Pomerol) 96

The wine is bricky and rose hued in color. With a nose of smoke, tobacco, fresh herbs, flowers, plum cherry and wet earth in the aromas. After 15 minutes in the glass, the wine softened and unfurled, leaving you with a good concentration of flavor, which is incredible, as much of grapes were from young vines. The wine is silky, ending with sweet, spicy, plum, cherry, earth and cashew nut flavors. The wine is fully mature and does not require additional aging. But I suppose the point is moot, because unless you have a bottle in your cellar, it's going to be impossible to find it in the marketplace these days. 96 Points

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