Clos Haut Peyraguey Sauternes Bordeaux, Complete Guide


Learn everything about Clos Haut Peyraguey Sauternes, Premiers Crus with wine tasting notes, and wine with food pairing tips. Learn all the best vintages, a history of the property, and information on the vineyards and winemaking. If you want to read about other important, Bordeaux Chateaux: Links to all Bordeaux Wine Producer Profiles

Clos Haut Peyraguey History, Overview

Originally, back in the 17th century, Clos Haut Peyraguey and Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey were once part of the same, large Sauternes property. As you can probably imagine, just by noticing the similarity in both of the estate’s names. The name Peyraguey can be translated into the word hill, which is due to the superior elevations and slopes enjoyed by the vineyard.

In 1879, the Duchatel family, who also owned Chateau Lagrange in St. Julien made the decision to split the large Sauternes estate into two separate vineyards, with the vineyards located at the peak of their elevations passing to Clos Haut Peyraguey. The remaining portion became known as Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey.

The modern era of the estate begins with the Garbay family when they purchased the property in 1914. The estate was most recently managed by Martine Langlais Pauly, a direct descendant of Eugene Garbay until 2012. In 2007, the property changed its name slightly, dropping the word “Chateau” from its labels and promotional material.

In October 2012, Bernard Magrez purchased Clos Haut Peyraguey from the Garbay family. With the obviously proven, golden touch of Bernard Magrez, it will be interesting to see what he does with this well-known Sauternes property.

My guess is, consumers should expect to see quality and prices rise in the future. This is not the first purchase for Bernard Magrez in Sauternes, he also owns Chateau Romer and Chateau Latrezotte in the appellation.


Clos Haut Peyraguey Vineyards, Terroir, Grapes, Winemaking

The 21 hectare Sauternes vineyard of Clos Haut Peyraguey is planted to 90% Semillon and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. This shows a continuing increase in the amount of Semillon planted in their vineyards as well as an increase in the size of the vineyard.

The vineyard has a terroir of gravel mixed with sand and clay soils. The Clos Haut Peyraguey vineyard is quite small for the region. In fact, here is a good piece of trivia for you, the estate was the smallest vineyard of all the Premiers Crus in Sauternes at the time of the 1855 Classification.

Clos Haut Peyraguey is located on the highest part of the Sauternes appellation in the commune of Bommes.

Their elevations range from 50 to 80 meters. The vineyard can be divided into 6 main parcels and further sub-divided into 44 separate parcels. The chateau is not located all that far from Chateau dYquem. In fact, 4 of their 8 vineyard parcels are connected to the vineyards of Chateau d’Yquem. The majority of their vines are in Sauternes, but they also have vines in Barsac which are used for their second wine,

To produce the wine of Clos Haut Peyraguey, vinification takes place in French oak barrels. The wine is aged in up to 50% new, French oak barrels for about 18 months.

The best vintages of Clos Haut Peyraguey are: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 201y6, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2003, 2001, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1990, 1989 and 1988.

There is a second wine, Chateau Haut Bommes. In 2014, the name of the second wine was changed to Symphonie de Haut Peyraguey. On average, the production is 3,000 cases of Chateau Clos Haut Peyraguey per year.

When to Drink Clos Haut Peyraguey, Anticipated Maturity, Decanting Time

Clos Haut Peyraguey can be enjoyed on the young side with no decanting. In fact, it is delicious and quite a treat young, even on release! However, like all great wines, Chateau Clos Haut Peyraguey is much better with age and does not reach full maturity until it’s between 12-30 years of age, or in some years, perhaps even longer in the best vintages!

That is when the magic happens! But that is unrealistic for 99% of the world’s wine drinkers. So, enjoy it on any special occasion that calls for it.

Of course, the wine is sweet, but there is so much, incredible, racy acidity, the wine always feels fresh, and never cloying, which makes it quite fun to enjoy young. With Clos Haut Peyraguey and frankly, all Sauternes, the temperature is more important than decanting.

Serving Clos Haut Peyraguey with Wine and Food Pairings

Clos Haut Peyraguey is best served at 14 degrees Celsius, 57 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool, almost cellar temperature gives the wine more freshness and lift. The wine will naturally warm in the glass, while it develops more aromatic complexities and fleshes out.

Clos Haut Peyraguey can be served with seafood dishes, especially shellfish, lobster, crab, and oysters on the half shell. Foie gras is a perfect pairing with its natural sweet, salty and savory characteristics. Clos Haut Peyraguey can also be paired with roasted chicken, veal, and pork dishes that are either spicy or prepared with a touch of sweetness.

Spicy Asian cuisine, raw fish, like sushi or sashimi, and cheese, both hard and soft also make great pairings with Clos Haut Peyraguey.

Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey Wine Tasting Notes

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2021 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 93

Honeysuckle, apricots, flowers and overripe pineapples are drenched with honey and vanilla, finishing with the amount of racy acidity to give everything lift and energy. Drink from 2023-2044. 92-94 93 Points

21 Views   Tasted
2020 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 92

Roasted pineapple, ginger, white peach, flowers and orange, all coated with honey aromas, start the wine off. The wine offers the right balance between sweet and fresh, finishing with vibrant, yellow tropical fruits and vanilla covered with honey and roasted nuts. You find that on the palate and in the sweet fresh finish. 91-93 Pts

980 Views   Tasted
2020 Symphonie de Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 87

Honey-coated lemon and candied grapefruit shine through here in this sweet and savory, light-bodied, early drinking wine. This would make a very fine afternoon aperitif on a hot summer day. 86-88 Pts

780 Views   Tasted
2019 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 94

Honeysuckle, spice, white peach, flowers, spiced honey and vanilla nuances get you ready for the layers of fresh, sweet, honeyed tropical fruits, caramel, vanilla, apricot and touches of spice on the palate. The wine offers the perfect balance between its sweet, honeyed side and all the ripe, vanilla toned, honeyed fruit in the fresh palate. This is one of the best vintages of Clos Haut-Peyraguey I have ever tasted. Drink from 2023-2045. 94 Points

1,104 Views   Tasted

White peach, tropical fruits and honeysuckle with a nice vanilla accent create this sweet treat. The lift in the end makes it all work. 90-92 Pts

3,439 Views   Tasted
2018 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 92

A lighter, forward styled, sweet wine focusing on its Christmas spice, honeyed tangerine, mango and pineapple fruits on the nose and palate. I really like the nutty spice character with the cinnamon and orange sickle notes in the finish. 92 Points

759 Views   Tasted

Honey, sugary, summery tropical fruits and apricots are concentrated, but there is a slight lack of botrytis and freshness here. 91 Points

1,652 Views   Tasted
2018 Symphonie de Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 87

Flowers, orange rind and sweet yellow citrus with a light touch of orange honey creates the core of this lighter styled, sweet wine. 87 Points

1,683 Views   Tasted
2017 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 93

Sweet honeyed tropical fruit, vanilla and honeysuckle with a touch of candied citrus peel invites you get into the wine a little deeper. The acidity is there to liven up all the honeyed tropical fruits. 93 Points

2,657 Views   Tasted

Honey, banana, vanilla, apricots and – did I sense a Hawaiian fruit plate? A tropical bakery? Sweet ingenuity is all over the place here. The wine is voluminous with a clean lift in the energetic, apricot confection of a finish. 94 Points

2,213 Views   Tasted
2017 Symphonie de Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 90

Fat, juicy and sweet with offerings of honey-glazed apricots and candied orange rind in the nose and on the sweet, round palate – could it really be a second wine? 90 Points

1,897 Views   Tasted
2016 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 93

Forward, fresh, and showing off its spicy, tropical fruit, apricot, orange and honey infused character with ease. 93 Points

1,988 Views   Tasted

Tropical fruits galore, with vanilla custard, honey and apricot. Medium/full bodied, with a juicy, over ripe, pineapple and honey accented finish. 92 Points

1,577 Views   Tasted
2015 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 94

Honeyed tropical fruits with a lean to the pineapple and apricot side, this honeyed coated, vanilla tinged treat is rich, yet, fresh on the palate. 94 Points

2,442 Views   Tasted

Honeyed pineapple, papaya, mango, vanilla and apricot on the nose, the wine is sweet, rich, concentrated and powerful. There is a lot of sweet, fat honeyed fruit and botrytis in the mouth. This property has really kicked into high-gear since it was purchased by Bernard Magrez. 93 - 95 Pts

2,311 Views   Tasted
2014 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 92

Sweet, bright, fresh, lively, medium bodied Sauternes, that has enough lift to allow it to be paired with select savory dishes. The wine was made from a blend of 95% Semillon and 5% Sauvignon Blanc. 92 Points

2,784 Views   Tasted
2013 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 92

Notes of honeyed apricot, ripe and overripe pineapples with assorted tropical fruits are found in the nose and the palate. There is a line of bracing acidity that keeps everything here alive, adding freshness and length. 92 Points

2,325 Views   Tasted
2011 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 90

Apple and pears blend with the tropical tones and honeyed, floral notes in this medium bodied, fresh sweet treat. I've liked subsequent vintages better. Obviously on the young side, perhaps it can improve with time. 90 Points

2,264 Views   Tasted
2010 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 90

Medium bodied, fresh, sweet and almost bright, the honeyed orange apricot, vanilla and spicy notes are starting to shine. 90 Points

2,898 Views   Tasted
2009 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 89

I like the fruit, there is just not enough of it to go around. Medium bodied, with sweet, honeyed tropical fruits and vanilla, this is a nice wine, but it is not going to excite most seasoned Sauternes drinkers. 89 Points

2,851 Views   Tasted
2007 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 92

Medium/full bodied with a fresh, honeyed, citrus peel, floral, orange, vanilla and apricot nose, the bright finish ends with sweet, fresh, nectarine, white peach and spicy, honeyed orange marmalade. 92 Points

3,225 Views   Tasted
2003 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 90

Fresh, vibrant, medium bodied, open style of sweet, Bordeaux wine with bright, spicy, vanilla tinged, honeyed tropical fruits, candied orange and tangerine. 90 Points

3,329 Views   Tasted
2001 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 91

Apricot, orange rind, pineapple and overripe white peaches with layers of honey, vanilla and nuts. Medium bodied and a fresh, honeyed, pineapple filled finish. This is not going to make old bones. I’d drink this over the next decade to enjoy its sweet, fresh, honeyed fruits. 91 Points

4,073 Views   Tasted
1990 Château Clos Haut-Peyraguey  (Sauternes) 88

Getting long in the tooth at this stage of life, the wine is dropping its fruit and sweetness and developing more brunt sensations and orange characteristics. This requires consumption sooner than later. 88 Points

2,269 Views   Tasted