Bordeaux Wine Roast Chicken & Mashed Potatoes a Perfect Pair


Pairing wine and food is a passion. At times it starts in the kitchen. On other occasions, a trip to the wine cellar offers the inspiration.  It’s art, artistry and fun when everyone chips in and helps. Bordeaux Wine Roast Chicken is one of those great pairings that always works.

The entire process from beginning to end makes it creative and fun. The process often starts with starts with shopping at the Farmers Market and finishes when the wine is served and tasted with the nights pairing. 

I’m not a  planner when it comes to most things.   I prefer improvising. I enjoy a morning trip to the local Farmers Market in search of what’s fresh. Depending on what I find at the markets, form that point on, the menu starts coming together. 

The perfect chicken requires resting in brine for about 8 hours.  Roasting at high heat is the best method. The bird is finished when the juices from the bird run free and clear. A sauce is easily made from free run, pan drippings cooked with wine and butter. And who doesn’t love rich, creamy mashed potatoes?   Of course with truffles then they are in season. All of this makes the perfect pairing for red or white wine, but in this case, we went  for Bordeaux wine.

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