The Perfect Meatloaf, Potatoes, Bordeaux Wine and Food Pairing


Meatloaf and potatoes is perhaps the quintessential, American comfort food. Filled with simple flavors, it pairs perfect with a myriad of red wines, especially Bordeaux wine.

Everyone has their own way to make meatloaf.  As with most recipes, there is no right or wrong way to prepare it. For the most flavor and texture, I include 3 different meats, fresh vegetables and make sure the dish develops a crust. This seals in the flavor and provides texture.

With equal amounts of beef, pork and veal, blend in bread crumbs, egg yolk, salt, pepper and a little olive oil.  Using about 50% onion, 25% carrot and 25% celery, dice the vegetables and place them in a hot pan with olive oil and cook them down until they soften.  Add chopped garlic to the mixture after you’ve cooked them down and blend that with the meat, bread crumbs and egg yolk.

Place that in a rectangular cake pan and put it in your oven. Your oven should be on full blast.  Leave it under the high heat for about 20 minutes.  reduce the heat to 325 and cook until it feels done. The inner temperature might be close to 160.

Let it rest for 10 minutes, slice and serve with potatoes and pair it with any red wine of your choice.  This dish would be a perfect match for a lot of big, young red wines as well as for older red Bordeaux wine.


  1. Hi Alana… 3 different meat loaves. I love the idea!

    Do you mind share your favoritre recipe?

    Also, Bordeaux is not the only wine that works. In fact, young, rich, California wines would also make a great pairing.

  2. Interesting way to cook it. I just bought 3 lbs of meat so I can experiment with 3 different meatloaves. I’ll definitely try cooking it that way. I think I came up with the best recipe last week so I have to try it again..and again..and again…. Oh, yes, I’ll try it with a Bordeaux too.

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