Pontet Canet 1945, 1959 Chateau Pontet Canet and more decadence!


Late to bed, early to rise and dinner at Pontet Canet

Sunday June 15, 2008

There is only one direct flight from Stockholm to Bordeaux each day. It leaves at 6:55 in the morning.  Normally, I’m an early riser. So taking a flight before 7am is no problem. But after hanging with Andreas Larsson all night, opening countless bottles of Bordeaux and Cote Rotie and tasting different levels of Pata Negra at numerous restaurants all over Stockholm, I’m hurting. But like the song says, I hurt so good.

Is all progress a good thing? Is all change progress?

I asked myself that while walking up to the rental counter to pick my already reserved car.  When I booked the reservation, I requested an automatic.  Something happened between the time I made my reservation and the moment I arrived at the counter.  Not one single, automatic was in stock.  In fact, not only did they not have my automatic, they no longer carry automatics at Bordeaux airport or even at the train stations.  I can drive a stick. I admit, it’s been years, and going uphill is a bit of a dilemma. But I can handle a stick. It’s just too much work. With no other cars to choose from, I lugged my bags to space 34 and was off for brunch with Francois Mauss.

Before seeing Francois again, I wish there was someone to wager with me on whether he would be in sandals or red socks.  It’s always one or the other. It’s never both! That would be worse than stripes with plaid, smudges on a crisp white shirt or me in Burgundy.  No, no, no.  If that were to happen I fear it would be a far worse disaster than Superman flying into a mountain of Kryptonite.

Dinner at Pontet Canet with Melanie Tesseron & her friends was the perfect first night in Bordeaux.  Pontet Canet has been on fire since 1994 and truly kicked into high gear with their amazing 2003.  After a vertical tasting of Pontet Canet, which produced an outstanding 2007, (Which was very difficult to do in that vintage) and a very good 2006, plus a sublime 2005, it was time for dinner.

Pontet Canet 1959 is a truffle lovers delight. Truffles, earth and more truffles. Did I say truffles yet? Tart, black cherry in the mouth. The style of the wine was a bit austere. Very old school in style and probably slightly past its prime. Still, the honor of tasting this wine at the Chateau was not lost on me. It was great being able to experience it with Melaine. 87 Pts

Pontet Canet 1945 was sublime. Remember when I said “Oh my God” earlier. Let me say it again. This wine was off the charts! Ruby with brick tints, this wine did not look 63 years old. Its held up better than Raquel Welch. The perfume as a complicated melange of coconut, smoke, caramel, coffee and tobacco with hints of earth. Very concentrated and still young. Your palated was soothed with a gentle bath of fresh strawberry, cassis, and ripe, black cherry. The sublime wine finished with a compelling sweet, syrupy texture that seemed to remain in your taste receptors for ages. The wine continued improving in the glass for over two hours. This is what great wines are all about. Now, if only I can find some of this magic Bordeaux wine elixir when I get home. I imagine 05, with its selection and better wine making skills will be this good or better at 60 years of age. Will anyone reading this be around to find out? 96 Pts

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