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2010 Bordeaux Wine Tasting Notes Reviews Ratings Buying Guide

2010 Bordeaux Wine Vintage Report and Buying Guide with Tasting Notes, Reviews and Ratings for the top 250 wines from every Bordeaux wine appellation, St. Estephe, Pauillac, St. Julien, Margaux, Pessac Leognan, Pomerol, St Emilion and more. 2010 Bordeaux Wine St. Estephe tasting notes, reviews, ratings

Bordeaux Wine History and Description of the Wines

The page offers a complete history of the Bordeaux wine region along with a detailed description of the style and character of its wines. The history covers its days when vines were first planted by the Romans through the 1855 Bordeaux classification of the Medoc up through today. This page also takes a look at the soil, [...]

Bordeaux Vintage Guide, The Best Vintages and Wines 1900 to Today

A detailed Bordeaux vintage guide and summary covering the years 1900 to today with detailed information on the different Bordeaux vintage conditions, growing seasons, harvest reports, temperatures and picking dates. Links are offered for buying tips that focus on wines that offer the best quality and price value ratio fr [...]

Best White Bordeaux Wine Guide, Top Chateau, Taste Character Grapes

This article is a guide to white Bordeaux wine with information on the best vineyards and the top chateaux making white Bordeaux wine, the grapes used to produce white Bordeaux wine along with the taste and character of white Bordeaux wine, plus tips to help with matching white Bordeaux wine with wine and food pairings. T [...]

Complete All About Bordeaux Wine Guide to Bordeaux and its Wines

All About Bordeaux Wine, The Complete Bordeaux Wine Guide and Bordeaux Resources Page This page is all about Bordeaux wine. It is the complete guide to Bordeaux with easy to follow links to everything you want to know about all th [...]

Bordeaux Vintage Chart 1959 to Today, Vintage Rankings Characteristics

The Bordeaux vintage chart gives you ranking for every Bordeaux vintage from 1959 to today. You'll find detailed information every vintage including details on the wines, growing seasons, weather reports, harvest conditions, style and character of of the wines and vintages covering 1959 to today. You can read about the gr [...]

Bordeaux Wine Production, Facts, Figures, Grapes, Vineyards

This page offers facts and figures for the production of Bordeaux wine in all the major Bordeaux appellations in Left Bank and the Right Bank. This page also lets you discover the breakdown and percentage of grape varieties and their percentage planted throughout the entire Bordeaux appellation along with a look at the si [...]