1966 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

1966 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

This Bordeaux wine value buying guide page is a list of the top 1966 Bordeaux wines in the market for the money today. These are the best Bordeaux wines from the vintage combining quality, character and price from every major Bordeaux appellation.

1966 Bordeaux wine was well received when it was first tasted and released.  The majority of the better 1966 Bordeaux wine came from the Medoc.  The 1966 Bordeaux vintage definitely had the structure to age as some of the wines are still showing quite well today. And this is close to 50 years after the vintage!  1966 was not only memorable in Bordeaux, it was great for music. Jimi Hendrix was discovered and moved to London. The Beatles quit touring and released Revolver. Cream was about to hit the scene big and the Stones were touring in support of Aftermath. Plus the American Rhythm and Blues acts were on fire!

With 1966 Bordeaux, St. Julien was probably the most successful appellation overall. Several good wines came from that commune in 1966. However, the best 1966 Bordeaux wines came from Pauillac, with Chateau Latour and Margaux, with Chateau Palmer.

For details on the 1966 Bordeaux vintage, harvest and wines: 1966 Bordeaux Wine .  For tips on other Bordeaux value wines and vintages: Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Find the Best Bordeaux for the money to buy today (Vintages 1959 to today)


Branaire Ducru 90 Pts

Ducru Beaucaillou

Gruaud Larose

Lascombes 88 Pts

Leoville Las Cases 85 Pts

Latour 93 Pts

Palmer 97 Pts

Pichon Comtesse de Lalande