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2018 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 99

The color of the ancient and priceless Sunrise Ruby replete with ornate reflections of royal purple, this wine moves you. Its perfume begins with a lightning bolt of flowers, cocoa, truffle, licorice, black cherry and even blacker plums. On the palate, the wine is extraordinarily concentrated. The fruit tastes and feels darker than usual with more command, opulence, depth and length. The flavors are expansive, moving from plummy mid-palate to a spicy, licorice, dark chocolate, mint and kirschwasser finish that remains with you for well over 60 seconds! The wine reached 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.7. The harvest took place September 13-27 and the wine is aging in 50% new, French oak barrels. 98-100 Pts

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2017 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 99

Truffle, Cuban cigar wrapper, exotic spice, licorice and lilacs create the complex set of aromatics. Powerful yet poised, rich and fresh, dense and velvety, the finish remains with you for close to 60 seconds. The end notes deliver spicy, silky, creamy tannins, ripe, dark plums and darker red fruits that fill the palate. The wine is structured with all the right stuff to age for decades. Produced from 100% Merlot, the harvest started September 8, finishing September 28. The wine reached 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.6 . This is the wine of the vintage. 99 Points

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2016 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 100

Deep ruby in color, here you find truffle, dark chocolate, coffee bean, cigar box, black cherry and dark plums. Full bodied, elegant, velvety, opulent, sweet and fresh, the presence on the palate is silk and velvet in the texture with purity and sweetness to the fruits. The wine is hedonistic as well as intellectual, and a little bit firm. There is serious aging potential. The wine really sticks with you, for over 60 seconds in the finish. Give this at least 15 or more years in the cellar to develop before popping a cork. 100 Points

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Roses, lilacs, Cuban cigar wrapper, dark plums and wild cherries permeate the bouquet. There is a combination of structure and elegance with silky tannins, intensity and concentration. Not that any Petrus is for early drinking, but this one will need a long time to show its array of complexities. Finesse, intricacy and harmony with decadent textures and a beautiful purity of fruit, this wine was produced from 100% Merlot. The harvest started September 28, finishing October 11. The wine reached 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.5. 99 Points

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2015 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 100

Violets, lilies and the wrapper of a fine, Cuban cigar appear without the asking and fuse expertly with black and blue fruit, smoke, incense and damp earth. On the palate, this wine is pure eroticism in texture, royal, arousing yet discreet and with an exotic, cherry liqueur, dark chocolate and licorice presence in the finish. There is length, intensity and a deep, decadent endnote that must last at least 60 seconds. Produced from 100% Merlot, the wine reached 14.6% with pH 3.7. The harvest started September 14, finishing September 29. What made this vintage extraordinary for Petrus was the extended hang time, which for most years is close to 45 days. But with the 2015 vintage, the hang time during the harvest took between 50 and 60 days. 99 - 100 Pts

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2014 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 96

The color of red gems with the quintessence of black raspberry, tiny French lilies, cocoa bean, pink peppercorn and charcoal, this wine is all about the finesse and sublime purity found in the fruit. The silky, sweet cherries in the end note remained etched in the finish. Produced from 100% Merlot, the wine reached 14.5% with pH 3.6. 95-96 Pts

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2013 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 94

The color of garnet, the wine offers a distinctive floral note with cherry liqueur, Asian spice, smoke, kirsch and fresh raspberries. Silky, elegant, supple and soft, this gentle vintage of Petrus is all about the purity of the fruit and fine-grained tannins. Produced from yields of 26 hectoliters per hectare, according to Olivier Berrouet, this vintage reminds him of 1988. 93-95 Pts

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2012 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 98

Much fleshier, deeper, darker, richer and with more minerality than when tasted just few months ago, the fruit has morphed to darker plums with opulent, decadent textures. Note to self, find friends that can afford to buy this beauty! 97/98 Pts

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2012 marks the debut of the new cellars at Petrus with its 12 new cement vats. From yields of just 30 hectoliters per hectare, intense floral aromas with truffle, dark chocolate, licorice, spice, black cherries, blackberry and plum alcohol. The wine is sweet, supple, concentrated and long with a beautiful sense of purity of fruit in the long finish. On the palate, the wine moves from kirsch liqueur to black plums. This vintage of Petrus focuses on purity of fruit with elegant, supple and opulent textures. The property began harvesting September 24, finishing October 8. 96-98 Pts

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2011 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 96

From 100% Merlot, the wine reached 13.5% alcohol. Floral, boysenberry, peppermint, truffle, cocoa, coffee, spice and kirsch. Soft, pure red cherry with refined tannins and a plush, silky, long finish. Lacking the depth and concentration found in 2009 or 2010, there is ample acidity, structure, freshness, balance, length and a strong sense of purity. 95-96 Pts

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2010 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 100

At close to 14% alcohol, (which is high for Petrus) the wine offers intense aromas of chocolate, truffle, minerality, earth, blackberry essence, plum liqueur, blueberry, flowers and black cherry liqueur with kirsch accents. Offering a beautiful sensation of lift and purity along with decadent textures, polished, dark berries, plums, bitter chocolate, fresh cherries on the palate. Seamless and expansive, everything was balanced and in harmony. The finish remains in your mouth for one full minute! There were 3, polished spit buckets in the room. This was Petrus. I did the right thing and put that wine right where it belonged. 100 Points

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Petrus - This deep ruby tinted wine opens with complex aromatics of flowers, black raspberry, jammy plums and chocolate. Powerful, structured, intense, deep, structured and, mouth coating with densely packed ripe, racy plums. Elegance, sensuality and refined power ending with a complex finish that remains on your palate for close to one full minute that morphs from dark spicy fruit to red berries. Petrus fanatics will be forced to pay even more money for the 2010 as the estate produced 10% less wine in this vintage they did in 2009. The wine will be aged in 50% new oak for 18-20 months. 97-100 Pts

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2009 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 100

2009 Petrus is deep ruby with purple tints at the rim of the glass. Spice, plums, blackberries, and blueberries, with cinnamon, clay, mint, mocha, and kirsch, make up the complex perfume. From a blend of 98% Merlot and 2% Cabernet Franc, the wine is rich, concentrated and packed with surreal levels of glycerin. This viscous, thrilling treat provides a seamless, intensely pure finish of spice, jammy cherries, and chocolate. 98-100 Pts

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2008 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 97

It has been about 5 years since I lasted this and time has been good to this wine. Not quite as concentrated as I had hoped, still, the spring flowers, violets, earth, spice, licorice, plum, and cherry nose get your attention. Medium/full-bodied, elegant, soft, refined, and vibrant, the ripe, sweet plums, cherries, dark cocoa, and earthy characteristics shine through in the finish. This is only now coming alive, so it should improve and offer pleasure for at least another 2 decades. 97 Points

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Really tight at the moment, and clearly not showing all it has to offer. Still, it's impossible not to get the richness, luxurious textures, power, concentration and opulence. The fruit shows a beautiful sense of purity, elegance and weight, while also being light on its feet. I'm sure, another 10-15 years will be needed before it comes close to peak. 98 Points

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08 Château Petrus is deep ruby. Violets, spice, perfectly ripe black fruit, truffles, mocha, and rich chocolate compose a perfume that deserves to be bottled. This amazingly pure wine tastes like liquor of Pomerol, filling your senses with perfectly polished, rich, silky, thick and balanced juice. The seamless finish lingers in the mouth for close to one minute. 98-100 Pts

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2001 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 97

As I often say, it's the texture you notice most. And there is no exception here. Luscious, opulent and akin to exotic silks and velvet, the fruits are ripe, sweet and fresh. The truffles, dark cocoa, thyme and myriad of plums with black cherry accents remains on your palate, while the wine expands. Still young, but in a good place, if you are lucky enough, or rich enough to have a few bottles stashed away, you can drink them, or wait for further nuances to make their way into the wine. 97 Points

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2000 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 100

Oh My God! (If I wanted brevity, I could have left it there, as that truly said it all.) This was the real deal. The non-stop perfume explosion reminded me of what Hendrix sounded like at Woodstock! This was thrilling! Chocolate, black raspberry, assorted fresh flowers, herbs, spices, truffles, earth, plums and black cherry could have been enjoyed from across the room. This powerful, concentrated, deep wine filled every nook and cranny of your taste receptors with endless waves of decadent, flawlessly ripe fruit. Purity, velvet, silk, balance and length are the hallmarks of this wine. If I never see it again, (Like Bogart and Bergman, who will always have Paris) I will always remember tasting that bottle. 100 Pts

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1998 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 98

Having not had the pleasure of this wine until recently, I managed to taste it twice within 90 days. Although this bottle was beautiful, it was just a little less interesting than the previous bottle. Still, there was a gorgeous, silky, opulent, sexy nature that came along with loads of energetic, pure, sweet, ripe, fresh cherries, plums, cocoa and a dash of herbs. Rich, full and long, this is also youthful. I am sure another 5 years will add even more here as it felt like the wine was still holding back its full potential. 98 Points

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Talk about bottled decadence. This sexed-up, sultry, silky, velvet drenched, opulent wine is breath-taking. Deep, luscious and multi-layered with perfectly ripe fruits, the finish is breathtaking, due to its flamboyant nature. Still young, but turning the corner, clearly the best years for this wine lay in the future. 99 Points

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1993 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 91

Slighty dry and rustic, this light wine is better on the nose with its developed cherry, olive and leafy scents than on the red berry palate, which lacks the complexity and textures expected in Petrus. This is a fine Pomerol, but for Petrus, I was hoping for me. 91 Points

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1992 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 89

Very light in color and in concentration. Texturally, the wine was soft, refined and the red fruits were still fresh. But there was not a lot left in the tank here. 89 Points

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1990 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 99

The depth of color, flavor, intensity and levels of richness hit all the right notes. Here you find layers of black plums, blacker cherries, smoke, truffle, dark, bitter chocolate, earth, and flowers that arrive in velvety-textured waves that coat your palate with staying power. The sensuous over 50-second finish seals the deals with its velvet textures. 99 Points

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Flowers, smoke, earth, powdered chocolate, black cherry, plum and truffle pop in the nose. Full-bodied, opulent, concentrated and complex, the wine has density and lift coupled with a basket of just-picked cherries leaving you with a decadent palate presence. While this is entering its plateau of maturity, it will be even better in 5-10 years. It is interesting to note that this is the fifth time I've tasted the wine over the past 11 years, and each time my score has popped up a point. 99 Points

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This is not a wine I see often, for obvious reasons. Frankly, it has not been the most consistent performer with scores ranging from 94-97. But this bottle was a show-stopper! Rich, generous, pure and opulent, as well as youthful, the floral, truffle, plum, cherry and wet earth nose rocked. But the palate stole your focus with its multiple layers of fruit, dark chocolate and surreal velvet drenched textures. What a thrill to experience. 98 Points

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Powerful, intense, concentrated, rich, deep and long, at close to 30 years of age, this is still youthful. The ripe, deep plummy fruit, earth, truffle and floral notes are further complicated by the sensation of wet clay. There is a lot of potential here, but I wonder if all that is hoped for will ever find its way to the surface. Served double blind with the 1989 Petrus, the 1990 came in second place. 97 Points

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The showy nose grabs you with its fresh, pure black cherry notes, earth, plum, floral, blueberry, plum, brown sugar and cocoa aromatics. With the texture of polished silk, soft, refined tannins and lush, sensuous textures, this is a sublime tasting experience. Now, if only I could afford a bottle.... 97 Points

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Structured, tannic and concentrated with layers of dark berry, plum, spice, chocolate, flowers and mocha. The palate enjoyed waves of rich, dark, ripe, pure fruit and ample freshness, giving the wine lift. This dense tannic wine demands time before it fully blossoms and offers its full potential. 96 Points

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1989 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 98

Served blind, there was no doubting this was Pomerol. The concentrated, opulent layers of dark red and black plums, cherries dipped in chocolate, flowers and truffle grabbed you, held you and kept you interested from start to finish. Perhaps at close to 33 years of age, this is starting to show its true colors. 98 Points

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More firm than previous bottles, here you also find a unique set of aromatics focusing on mint, wet earth, oceanic scents and earthy, truffle coated plums. Medium-full bodied, with ample left, but it is a bit hard on the palate. You know the old saying, after 15 years, there are no great wines, just great bottles. 96 Points

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Concentrated, opulent, rich and with serious depth of flavor, the texture blended sensuality with length and volume. The fun citrus note added complexity to the plummy,licorice, truffle, spice and black cherries. Flashy and fleshy, served double blind, this was sublime. Still young, but with secondary characteristics, you can drink this now, or save it for decades. 99 Points

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The bottle needed the air, because after being decanted for 3 hours, it took about 30-45 minutes before the opulent, silky, lush textures kicked in. Immense, concentrated and rich, with a lot of tannin, along with loads of fresh, earthy, plummy fruits, flowers and truffle. The thrill is there with every sniff, swirl and sip. This really needs at least another decade in the cellar. A rare treat indeed! 98 Points

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OMG!!! That's Oh My God for any newbie reading my notes for the first time. This is the real deal and a great example of why the world's wealthiest collectors buy Petrus. Served blind, it was mind blowing from the first swirl and sniff. The complex aromatics lifted off with their smoke filled tones, coupled with fresh black cherry, truffle, cocoa powder and smells of middle earth. OK, I admit, I am not quite sure what middle earth smells like, but the earthy aromas here were so complex, I am not sure how else to describe the wine and get you to understand the experience. This stunning tasting experience did not stop here, it got better when the juice slid over my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my teeth and gums and completely coating my palate with sensuous layers of pleasure. Thick, opulent, polished decadence meets purity, balance and harmony. If that is not wine porn, I do not know what else to say. The finish was close to 90 seconds! Note to self, find more rich friends with Petrus in their cellar and be much nicer to my brilliant, charming and Godlike friends that are reading this note, in the hopes they will know I am sincere and share more Petrus with me in the future! 100 Points

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Concentrated, velvety and plush, this decadent, dark plum, chocolate and spice wine delivers levels of opulence and level of glycerin that leave you speechless. Young, fresh and tannic, another decade, two or even three more decades will only add to what this wine delivers. 100 Points

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How they managed to fit so much decadent, ripe, silky, hedonistic fruit into a single bottle, I don't know. Silky, velvet like tannins meshed with perfectly ripe, black fruit, spice, truffle and caramel are a thrill to sniff. The rich, decadent, mouth feel is almost endless with pleasure. The long, powerful, decadent finish is seamless. 100 Points

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1988 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 94

Much better than previous bottles from the same case. A friend of mine bought these on release. The has put on weight and the once rustic tannins have melted away. Now you find an elegant, refined, medium-bodied, earthy, truffle laden Pomerol with floral nuances and a sweet, plum and red cherry finish. 94 Points

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Spicy plum, earth, coco, floral and citrus aromas are coupled with a solidy built wine. This does not exhibit the lush, sensuous qualities Pomerol, let alone Petrus is known for. This four square, beffy wine ends with a simple dark berry and plum sensation. Having tasted this vintage several times, it is not going to improve. The line "Sell Mortimer Sell", works well here. 90 Points

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1983 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 90

Not the best vintage of Petrus, and a poor value for a wine, as it's shockingly expensive for its quality. The wine is medium bodied, with a fresh, cherry core and some rusticity in the light, red berry, spicy finish. 90 Points

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Earth, spice, berries, floral, truffle, bitter chocolate and mocha scents were easy to find. This silky textured, charming wine which ends with spice filled, sweet plums is fully mature and should be drunk up sooner than later. 90 Points

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1982 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 96

Perhaps the best bottle of 1982 Petrus I have ever tasted, the wine offered a dark plum, cocoa, and truffle profile with opulent, lush textures, no hard edges, along with richness and length that really stuck with you. 96 Points

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The nose rocks with its floral, chocolate, cherry, truffle, smoke, wet earth, and plummy aromatics. The palate is not quite at the same level. Medium-bodied, with freshness, elegance, supple red fruits and earthy nuances, it is also reserved in character, lacking the opulence and complexity found in the best vintages of Petrus. 93 Points

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This is a very nice Pomerol but considering the price and that this is Petrus, it is a bit of a letdown. The tannins are silky, the fruit is ripe, there is a beautiful, cherry, mocha and earthy note, with floral accents on the nose, and loads of sweet, earthy, plums and cocoa in the finish, but the exotic textural component and richness that is often experienced wiht Petrus is just not there. 95 Points

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There are wines to buy, wines to drink and wines to sell. If I owned 1982 Petrus, I'd be a seller. This is a nice wine, but for thousands of dollars a bottle I want to hear Angels sing, attend a Beatles reunion, have a night with twins, see Hendrix play. That is not going to happen with this wine. 94 Points

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Bricky in color, with a complex nose of truffle, cherry, tobacco, earth and a variety of fresh red and black plums. Medium/full bodied, the fruit is ripe, sweet and fresh, for a Pomerol from 1982, let alone that this is 1982 Petrus, it's a bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong. This is a very good wine. But I was hoping to hear angels sing, instead it was more like the sounds of silence... 96 Points

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Fresh plums, flowers, forest floor, truffle, cherry pipe tobacco, 5 spice and dark berries opened the perfume. The palate enjoyed round, silky textures. But the finish is not exciting and is short. The levels of depth found in the best Pomerol wines are not present. This is a very good wine. But it's not a great Petrus. There are wines to drink and wines to sell. 82 Petrus belongs in the second category. 95 Points

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1978 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 84

This rustic style of Petrus is light in body and texture. The finish shows hints of green flavor coupled with fresh cherries. 84 Points

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1975 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 92

Firm, rustic, masculine, powerful style of Petrus that is typical for the vintage. The fruit is ripe, the nose comes with a bushel of truffle, but the stern, austere nature of the vintage demands far too much attention. Perhaps time will help soften the wine, but as it's heading to its 50th birthday in 5 years, I doubt even the magic of time will help much here. 92 Points

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Hard, rustic and somewhat austere in nature, the nose, with its earthy, stony, plum, cherry and leafy, cocoa notes is much better than the palate here. Despite the accolades, the wine receives from others, is a wine to sell, not to buy, due to its high price and continuing slide to the severe side of the style range. 92 Points

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A powerful, robust, rustic style of Petrus that does not exactly float my boat. It's big, concentrated and deep, but without the hedonistic, opulent qualities that makes Petrus the special, unique wine it is supposed to be. 94 Points

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A very nice mature Pomerol, yes! A great vintage of Petrus, no. The perfume, with its gravel, spicy dark cherry, plum, truffle and tobacco nose was a treat. The wine had concentration, along with depth, but it lacked the purity, refinement and opulence Petrus can express. 95 Points

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Wild cherry blossoms, truffle, cocoa powder, forest and black cherry aromas start off the experience. Soft, delicate, polished and supple, there is an exotic quality to the fresh, sweet plums and cherries that is not available in other wines. This bottle was so good, I was sad to see it go. 98 Points

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It's not often I get to taste Petrus from bottle. So, I was more than thrilled when a friend brought a bottle to lunch. Mature in color, with bricking at the edges, truffle, smoke, tobacco, earth, cocoa powder, cedar and Asian spice created the complex set of aromatics. The wine has a masculine edge to its personality, finishing with plums, spice and black cherries. On the palate, the concentrated wine offered a combination of the exotic, opulent textures that Petrus is known for, but there was a bit of rusticity to the tannins that is never going to dissipate. 96 Points

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Big, bold, concentrated, but tannic and beefy in personality. Layer after layer of rich, chocolate covered blackberry with floral essence fill your palate. But the brawny style of the tannins take much of the pleasure away for me. 95 Points

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This was nothing to rave about. It was huge, very tannic and concentrated with elements of black fruit and spice. But it was not fun or memorable to drink. It was hard and steely. Will this ever come around? 90 Points

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1971 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 94

Just a gorgeous style of Petrus here. Silky, elegant, refined, regal and also sexy and lusty The plums, cherries, smoke, truffle and bitter chocolate with the right amount of fresh roses are all over the place. But it is the sensuality and opulence in the finish that owns the wine. Fully mature, there is no reason to hold off drinking this wine as it has faded just a bit from its peak. 94 Points

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It is not often I get to taste Petrus, especially with bottle age, so this was an unexpected treat. The wine is all about the opulent, dense, sensuous textures. The fruit is ample, the nose, with its truffle essence is compelling, but it is the unique, mouth feel that separates this from most other wines, as it combines density, freshness, opulence and harmony. Fully mature, this is not a wine to hold for ages, as this is not going to get better. 95 Points

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1971 Petrus opens with a showy nose of dark chocolate, earth, forest floor, orange rind, truffle, mocha, plum and cinnamon stick. Soft, plush and opulent in texture, this stylish, fully mature Pomerol ends with a spicy, silky, rich, sweet, chocoalte covered, black and red plum finish. Previous bottles showed a little more power and freshness. 94 Points

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Full-bodied, rich, thick flavors of sexy, juicy, ripe fruit unfolds all over your palate. The sensation was like pouring wine the weight and density of motor oil that just glided across your tongue and palate. The fragrance was as complex as any wine or perfume I’ve ever nosed 97 Points

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Concentrated, rich, velvety plummy fruit, chocolate, flower and spice that coated your palate with silky essences of Merlot. This is like pouring liquid silk down your mouth! 96 Points

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1970 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 96

If you are looking to buy a fully-mature Petrus with the best QPR possible, this is the vintage. Sensual, sexy and silky, the ostentatious display of truffle, cherries, plums, flowers, smoke and earth are ready to deliver their full potential. The depth, length and complexity, coupled with its flamboyant nature really hit the spot! 96 Points

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The nose, with its truffle, wet earth, cherry, plum and tobacco essence was not matched on the palate. Assuredly there was concentration and intensity, but this bottle waffled between sweet and soft, to tart and overly bright on the palate and in the finish. There was some rusticity in the endnote as well. I have had much better bottles, but it's been a few years, so it is hard to say, if this was just this bottle, or has the wine and close to 50 years of age faded. My bet is, it was a little of both. As incredible as it may seem, our host popped 2 bottles of this legend tonight, as the first wine was off, probably heat damaged at some point. The second bottle was better, but not the supple textured beauty I have encountered before. 93 Points

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Fully mature, with a silky, exotic, opulent quality its earthy, truffle and cherry character, this is at absolute peak. If you're lucky enough to own a bottle, or rich enough to buy one, there is no reason to age this any longer. 97 Points

4,025 Views   Tasted

Stunning in every way, with its expressive, complex, earthy, spicy aromas of black cherry liqueur, coconut, dark chocolate and truffle. Soft, lush and opulent, everything is in all the right places. I cannot imagine this getting any better. If you are lucky enough to own a bottle, drink it. 97 Points

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Wow! This exotic spice rack, filled perfume is intoxicating. Cinnamon, anise, cloves, tobacco, plums, coffee, truffle, dark chocolate, violets and more scream from the glass. And that's just the opening act. The real deal is when this silk drenched wine floods your palate with velvety textures. This intense wine offers purity, balance, finesse and harmony made even better by decadent, syrupy, spicy fruit that remains on your palate for close to 50 seconds! So this is Petrus. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. If I don't get to see you again, please know, I had a great time spending the night together. 98 Points

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1967 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 89

Not much going on here anymore. The fruit has mostly faded away, along with the once, silky textures. The complex, earthy, truffle laden nose is better than the rustic plum palate presence. If you need this for a birth year, I get it. Else, drink up. 89 Points

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1966 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 90

A definite contender for the most austere vintage of Petrus I remember tasting, the wine has a rustic character to its earthy, truffle and plum point of view. The wine has volume, and it's still relatively youthful, but it lacks elegance and charm. At today's prices, this is more than a bit difficult to swallow. 90 Points

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1964 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 95

A wonderful example of old-school Petrus, that even though it is starting to fade, still offers a sultry, sensuous, truffle laden experience that coats and glides over your palate with layers of dark, sweet, opulently textured plums, cherries, spice, licorice, smoke, tobacco and spice. 95 Points

4,150 Views   Tasted

From a perfect bottle that was owned and cellared by the same family since release, this was thrilling to taste. Intense ripe and over ripe fruits, plums, truffle, chocolate and earth, this was ongk intense and pure opulence. 96 Points

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Slighty more interesting on the plum floral, spice, wet earth and fennel nose than on the palate. The wine, at least this bottle was slightly rustic on the palate, with hints of green in the finish. Served blind, it was sad to see it was Petrus from such a famed year. Drink up if you are lucky enough to have a bottle. If you are lucky enough to know someone with a bottle, have them drink up and share it with you sooner than later. 92 Points

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1961 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 96

Here's a wine I thought I would never see in my life. Served next to Trotanoy, it did not share the same level of concentration, or silkyness. That aside, the wine offered a haunting nose of flowers, smoke, dark cherry liqueur, tobacco and truffle. There was richness and length. So what is the quibble? It did not offer the same length as the Trotanoy, and there was some rusticity in the tannins. Few wines live up to their legendary status, especially as time passes. This was clearly very good, but it lacked greatness. 96 Points

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1959 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 95

Slightly better in the nose, with its truffle, black cherry, cinnamon, smoke, tobacco and earthy profile, the wine was loaded with earthy, cherries in the finish. But it lacked the silky, opulent, decadent qualities of Petrus, as well as Pomerol in the finish. 95 Points

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The wine offered an intoxicating perfume of cassis, earth, plums, truffles, tobacco and exotic spices. The texture was pure silk and velvet. 95 Points

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1955 Pétrus  (Pomerol) 95

What a nose! This rockstar blasts off with its rich, earthy, spicy, cherry pipe tobacco and floral aromatic display. Even better with the silky, sexy, sensuous, exotic textures of pure, sweet, red cherries, plum and cocoa in the long finish. 95 Points

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