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2020 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 90

Plummy, with chocolate overtones, black cherry and licorice on the nose. The wine is medium-bodied, forward, soft and already delicious to taste, finishing with chocolate covered cherries that stay through the endnote. You can enjoy this fruit-filled, round wine on release and over the following decade. 89-91 Pts

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2020 Clarendelle Blanc  (Bordeaux) 89

White peach and pomelo share the spotlight here in this fresh, sweet and open, delicious and refreshing white Bordeaux wine. 89 Pts

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2018 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 87

Forward, medium-bodied, accessible, early drinker with red fruit, cherries and just a bit of tobacco in the mouth as well as in the finish. 86-88 Pts

1,931 Views   Tasted
2018 Clarendelle Blanc  (Bordeaux) 85

Light, bright and fresh, enjoy this yellow citrus filled summer quaffer in the first year or two after it hits the shelf. 85 Points

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2018 Clarendelle  (St. Émilion) 87

Round, forward, soft and showing a nice display of sweet, red cherries and licorice, drink this easy-going, Merlot-dominated crowd-pleaser in its youth. 86-88 Pts

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2017 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 87

A medium-bodied, bright, fresh and soft-textured wine, replete with a dark cherry profile that will be best during its fruit-oriented formative years. 87 Points

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2016 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 86

A perfect example of a wine of pleasure. Forward, not really complicated, but offering some secondary tobacco and fruit notes, a medium body and a fruity finish. This is a wine to drink early in its life. 86 Points

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2016 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 87

Fully ready to go, this delicious, early drinking wine of pleasure is primed for the dinner table, with its soft, open character. This is an excellent Bordeaux for restaurants. 87 Points

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2016 Clarendelle  (Médoc) 87

With an earthy leaning, the medium bodied wine is all about its tobacco and soft, dark red fruit charm. For ordering in a restaurant, this is a nice choice. 87 Points

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2016 Clarendelle  (Pessac-Léognan) 87

A hint of smoke, a bit of licorice and ripe, earthy red fruits are on the nose and palate. With its silky, soft tannins and open approach, this is already perfect for drinking. Enjoy it over the next few years. 87 Points

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2016 Clarendelle  (St. Émilion) 86

With its licorice and plummy profile, this medium-bodied, Merlot based, early drinker is already quite the charmer. 86 Points

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2016 Clarendelle Blanc  (Bordeaux) 85

Fun, summer wine with fresh, bright, citrus and a hint of nutty flavors in the finish. 85 Points

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2015 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 87

Ready for the dinner table tonight, this is light, soft, open and easy to drink. You already find hints of truffle, tobacco and ripe, plummy flavors. This is a perfect Bordeaux for restaurants. 87 Points

2,222 Views   Tasted

Light, easy drinking, fun, Merlot dominated, daily drinker that is uncomplicated, yet fruity and open. 86 Points

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2013 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 83

Already showing secondary notes of tobacco along with its red berries, this medium bodied, light, red berry oriented wine will be best consumed in its youth. 83 Points

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2010 Clarendelle  (Bordeaux) 85

Likable, easy drinking, medium bodied and already open, with a bit of tobacco and oak on top of the black cherry notes. A nice, well priced value wine with character. 85 Points

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