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Château Kirwan

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2018 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 91

Medium bodied, with sweet red fruits, coffee bean, flowers and herbs in the nose, the wine is fresh, bright and juicy in the finish. 90-92 Pts

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2017 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 89

With its floral notes and spicy red fruits, the wine is medium bodied, sweet and fresh with an upright cherry core, creating a lighter style and an early drinking vintage. The wine was produced from blending 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot. The harvest took place September 14 to September 28.

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2016 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 92

Tobacco, flowers, earth and red fruits come alive in this medium bodied, fresh, juicy, ripe, soft textured gem. Give it a few years in the bottle before pulling a cork.

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The nose of wet earth, flowers, thyme, and fresh, bright cherry is just great. The palate is about the soft, bright fresh red fruits with a hint of licorice and polished tannins.

1651 Views   Tasted 92

Lilies, oak, smoke and black cherry form the character of this medium-bodied wine. With round polish to the tannins, this is the first vintage produced in the new cellars of Kirwan and it should be ready to drink after a few years of aging.

2959 Views   Tasted 91
2015 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 92

Opulent, lush, forward style of Margaux with good florality, sweet, ripe, round red fruits, a touch of smoke, cocoa and tobacco leaf, plush, polished tannins and a soft, silky finish. Still young, without much secondary development, give it at least 5 more years, or maybe a bit longer.

1286 Views   Tasted

Violets, lilacs, sweet cherries, wet earth and just a hint of tobacco. On the palate, the wine is lush, soft, silky and loaded with sweet, dark red fruits. There is sweetness, elegance and purity in the finesse driven finish.

4301 Views   Tasted 92

Showing much better from bottle than it did in barrel, the full bodied, nuanced wine offers lush, soft textures, silky, ripe, sweet, dark red fruits and a polish in the finish that stands out in a crowd. This will be even better with age. There is a lot of charm here, making this without doubt, the best wine Kirwan has ever produced.

3080 Views   Tasted 92

Nice wine here. Supple textured and with a refined, elegant, silky quality to the tannins. The fruit is ripe, fresh sweet and juicy. There is good concentration, energy, length and enough complexity to keep you interested. This should age and develop nicely.

3353 Views   Tasted 92

Medium-bodied with a forest floor and cassis character, this wine is elegant, soft and polished with sweet, fresh, dark, red fruits in the finish. 89 - 91 Pts

2589 Views   Tasted 90
2014 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

Flowers, earth, espresso and plum notes get the wine going. Medium bodied, bright and focused on its red fruits and almost crisp finish, this needs some time to better come together.

2432 Views   Tasted

Ripe dark berries with hints of cassis, thyme, espresso and earth lead to a round, soft, fresh wine with a black cherry inspired finish. 89-91 Pts

3249 Views   Tasted 90
2013 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 88

Focused on red berries, flowers and oak, this forward styled, medium bodied, elegant, soft textured, early drinking wine is ready to go.

1878 Views   Tasted
2012 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 91

Forward, and already easy drink, the black cherry, smoke, coffee and earthy notes show up with little effort. Soft, smooth and easy to drink, this medium bodied wine is already quite charming. A few more years will add more to the wine, but it's going to be an early drinker. This bottle was popped and poured.

3557 Views   Tasted

Blending 71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot, the wine shows floral, espresso bean, sweet, black cherry and earthy notes. The polished tannins need a few years to soften, while the wine adds complexity. The wine has improved quite a bit from barrel to bottle.

3541 Views   Tasted 90
2011 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 86

Medium bodied, short, sweet and tart red berries, spice and earth are found in this wine. From a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petit Verdot, some green, drying notes appear in the bright, red berry finish.

2252 Views   Tasted

From 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petit Verdot, reaching 13.4% alcohol, the wine will see aging in 45% new oak. Coffee, black cherry, and licorice with medium body and fresh, ripe cherry, coffee and bitter chocolate in the finish. 89-90 Pts

2507 Views   Tasted 89
2010 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

Coffee bean, flowers, oak, smoke and black cherry notes are the best part of the wine. While sweet, round and well made from a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Franc and 6% Petit Verdot, in the end, the wine lacks that extra special something.

4753 Views   Tasted
2009 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 92

This is really developed nicely. With a floral edge, the fresh cherries, smoke, espresso and tobacco notes are right out in front. Soft, polished, round, easy to like and easy to drink, with a bit of air, this is drinking quite well.

2045 Views   Tasted

Lushly textured, round, supple, and already expressive. Very ripe on the nose, with richness on the palate.

4264 Views   Tasted 91

Smoke, incense, truffle, blackberry, barbecue and floral notes create the aromatic profile. With an hour of air, the wine softened, filled out and served up a lush, textured, dusty, earthy, dark chocolate and black cherry profile. While quite tasty now, even though it's young, this should be even better with another 5 years of age.

3824 Views   Tasted 92

The blend of 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Merlot and equal parts Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc produced a wine that opens with licorice, cocoa, smoke and aromas of fresh dark berries. The medium/full bodied, wine ends with chocolate covered, black raspberries.

4897 Views   Tasted 91
2008 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

This wine opens with floral cassis, earth and spice aromatics. The elegant, already open Margaux, combines cassis and cherry flavors in the finish.

4811 Views   Tasted

08 Château Kirwan sported a lot of color and body; but while the wine was certainly well made, it lacked the level of complexity found in the 05. 86-89 Pts

4822 Views   Tasted 87
2007 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

A melange of red fruits, made from cherries, black raspberries and plums, the wine is elegant, refined soft and charming. Medium bodied, with all its tannin melted away, this is quite nice for the vintage.

2538 Views   Tasted
2006 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

Medium bodied, soft textured and showing ripe, sweet, dark, red fruits, earth, hints of flowers, black cherries and thyme on the nose. You can drink this now, or age it for up to another decade. The wine was made from blending 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot, 10% Petit Verdot and 8% Cabernet Franc.

3622 Views   Tasted

Developing nicely, with a nose of dark red fruits, flowers, wet earth and tobacco, the medium bodied, soft textured wine finishes with fresh, sweet black raspberries.

2953 Views   Tasted 90
2005 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

Still deeply colored with licorice, espresso, cassis, blackberries and earthy scents, this round textured, flashy, Margaux wine needs at least another 5 years before it moves into its prime time drinking stage.

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2004 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

Mature, with a secondary nose of tobacco, earth, smoke, lead pencil and blackberries, the wine is soft, easy to drink and finishes with spicy, earthy, black cherries. From a blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc and 10% Petit Verdot. There is no reason to hold this any longer.

2824 Views   Tasted

Coffee, licorice, spicy black cherry jam and earthy scents open up the wine. Tannic and sturdy in nature, the wine needs at least a few more years before it beings to soften and open up.

5118 Views   Tasted 90
2003 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 91

Licorice, coffee, floral, plum, damp earth and cassis scents pop from the still deeply colored wine. With rich, fat, round textures and a sweet, ripe, licorice, chocolate and jammy plum tinged finish, this fleshy, opulent Margaux wine is already is starting to drink well.

4869 Views   Tasted

Licorice, smoke, coffee, juicy black plums and jam make up the fun perfume. Fleshy, soft and round in texture, the wine ends with a black licorice and blackberry liqueur infused finish. This is drinking well now and should continue to improve for at least another 10-15 more years.

4876 Views   Tasted 91
2001 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 90

Ready for prime time drinking, the wine is round, medium/full bodied, smooth textured and delivers earthy, sweet, black cherries and tobacco with a sweet plum and cocoa note in the finish.

4278 Views   Tasted
2000 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 88

Black fruit and licorice filled perfume pairs well with soft textures and reasonable concentration, but lacks excitement.

7398 Views   Tasted
1996 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 87

Medium bodied, elegant and fresh, but a bit too short and simple. More charm here, than complexity.

3040 Views   Tasted
1990 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 85

Medium-bodied and on the bright, crisp, side of the red berry fruit range, the wine is fully developed and is already starting to fade. Drink up.

2358 Views   Tasted
1961 Château Kirwan  (Margaux) 75

Hanging on to life by a thread, with effort one could find the few remaining smidgens of fruit buried deep within its earthy, tobacco filled character.

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