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Château Haut-Brion

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2018 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 99

It's rare to find the combination of elegance and power that you'll find in this year's Haut Brion. It's incredibly difficult to produce a wine with this much volume, harmony, balance, complexity and refinement. Once the wine hits your palate, it's impossible not to take another sip just to make sure it wasn't just a dream. The purity in the fruit, the silk in the tannins, the seemingly endless finish paired with the ability to age for decades is all here in spades. A blend of 56% Merlot, 37.5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6.5% Cabernet Franc with the harvest taking place September 19-October 13. The wine reached 14.6% alcohol with a pH of 3.8 and 50.6% of the harvest was placed into the Grand Vin. 98-100 Pts

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2018 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Floral with a strong note of pomelo, Meyer lemon and wax, the wine is sweet, juicy and even a bit honeyed. The large percentage of Sauvignon in the blend offers the pop you need. Made from a blend of 80.6% Sauvignon Blanc and 19.4% Semillon, this is the highest percentage of Sauvignon Blanc in the blend for Haut Brion Blanc.

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2017 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

Ripe tannins and volume in all the right places, this wine tempts with verve and depth of flavor, length and complexity and gets up close and personal with the tannins. And in my overeducated and sometimes pompous opinion, the wine is going to require a minimum of 12-15 years of aging before it becomes civilized enough to drink. A blend of 53% Merlot, 40.7% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4.4% Cabernet Franc with a the harvest taking place August 31 to September 29, the wine reached 14.25% alcohol with a pH of 3.73 and represents 45% of the Grand Vin.

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2017 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

The perfume is limestone, quartz and shale crushed into gravel and harboring a basin of fresh sliced lemons. Full-bodied, garden-fresh and so deep you could have an existential crisis. This wine is concentrated, long, bright and focused on sweet, ripe, yellow citrus fruits. You will feel the finish of this sunny wine for nearly a minute. Made from a blend of 56.2% Sauvignon Blanc and 43.8% Semillon, the wine reached 14.3% alcohol with a pH of 3.22.

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2016 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 100

The nose, with its knockout sensations of smoke, mint, cigar wrapper, tobacco and crème de cassis is off the hook. For many wine-lovers that would be enough. But for me, it is the elegance, concentration, complexity, endless length and sensuous textures that hits the bulls-eye. This is one of those dream wines that if you can afford it, it belongs in your cellar!

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Very dark in color, with just a bit of purple in the sheen the wine is the perfect combination of purity, power, refinement, complexity and length. Not as powerful as other recent vintages, you find more elegance on the palate. The finish builds in intensity moving from flavor to flavor, leaving you with this sense of purity and Cuban cigar tobacco. The wine was made from a blend of 56% Merlot, 37.5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6.5% Cabernet Franc. The wine reached 13.9% alcohol with a pH of 3.67. The harvest took place from September 19 to October 13. The wine represents 53% of the Grand Vin.

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2016 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

Juicy Granny Smith apples, lemon rind, mango and grapefruit with a dollop of vanilla produce a fabulous perfume. But it is on the palate, with its zesty splash of just squeezed Meyer lemon and bracing acidity, that brings it all home. Age this beauty for a decade, or two, and you will have something truly special in your glass!

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2015 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 100

If the color does not let you know you're in for a treat, the nose is going to knock you over with its floral, smoke, cigar wrapper, black cherry and cassis notes. The purity of fruit here is off the charts. The wine is all about its silk and velvet textures from that point forward. The finish is so expansive, it feels like it keeps on going, moving across an array of flavors long after you've put the wine where it was supposed to go. This is the best wine yet produced by Jean Philippe Delmas yet. Bravo!

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It is the sensuous texture that really makes this wine rock! The feel is pure silk and velvet and the impressive fragrance captivates with its floral, smoke, boysenberry, cassis and earthy aromatics. This wine has great color, real volume, depth of flavor and despite the fact that it is quite high in alcohol, there is no sense of heaviness or heat. It lacks the depth of the 2009 but it offers more elegance and silk on the palate. Made from a blend of 50% Merlot, 42% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 14.9% alcohol with a pH of 3.73 and represents 55% of the harvest. 98 - 100 Pts

9359 Views   Tasted 99
2015 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 99

With a depth of flavor, you find multiple layers of juicy, fresh, pomelo, green apple, honeysuckle, crushed rocks and ripe pears. It is hard to say if it is the purity, length, complexity or richness which knocks me out the most. The wine impossibly hard to find, and incredibly expensive, but for wine lovers without a budget, this is the equal of just about any great white wine in the world.

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A melange of fresh squeezed citrus, flowers, lemon curd, honeysuckle and rocks are right where they need to be. Incredibly fresh, vibrant, lively and richly textured, the bright yellow fruits in the end really stand out. The wine was made from a blend of 69% Sauvignon Blanc and 31% Semillon. The wine reached 14.3% alcohol with a pH of 3.14. The harvest took place between August 28 and September 7.

2036 Views   Tasted 97
2014 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

Deep ruby in color, sweet, fresh and concentrated with layers of lushly textured, sweet, red and black fruits, this wine is bolstered with smoke, tobacco and tar. Silky, smooth and concentrated with velvety tannins flowing with pure cassis, the freshness feels good on the palate and will only get better. The wine was made from a blend of 65.5% Merlot, 32.5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Cabernet Franc. The wine reached 14.25% alcohol with a pH of 3.67. 94-96 Pts

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2014 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

The mineral-driven grapefruit, lemongrass, flowers, citrus rind, honey and vanilla arouse your curiosity and senses while the layers of citrus peel, lemon custard and honey lure you in for a long, fresh, unforgettable, zippy, expansive, citrus drenched, bright finish. The wine was made from a blend of 55% Sauvignon Blanc and 45% Semillon, reaching 14.75% alcohol with a pH of 3.2. 97 Pts

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2013 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 94

Perhaps the wine of the vintage with its fresh, sweet, black raspberries, cassis and earthy personality. The wine offers volume for the difficult year and the type of personality that many wines in 2013 are lacking.

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With a deep ruby color, the wine opens with a smoky, tobacco, earth, cassis and blackberry nose. Elegant, silky tannins, fresh cherry and cassis are on the palate and carry through to the finish. Blending 50% Merlot, 45.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 4.5% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached 13.1% alcohol with a pH of 3.6. From yields of 26.7 hectoliters per hectare, which represents 45% of the crop. Very little Cabernet Franc was added to the blend in 2013 because of the massive amount of rain 24 hours prior to picking. 92-94 Pts

7420 Views   Tasted 92
2013 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

Lively, bright, sweet, just squeezed, yellow citrus fruits, with searing acidity, the wine makes me think of fresh grapefruit juice drizzled over rocks in the hot sun.

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With 66% Sauvignon Blanc and 34% Semillon, the wine explodes with grapefruit, honeysuckle, honeyed lemon rind, nut, floral and mineral elements in the perfume. In the mouth, the wine is dense, balanced, long and sweet with a finish that carries through from start to finish. Obscenely expensive, but if you have the money, this is a tremendous wine. 97-98 Pts

3514 Views   Tasted 98
2012 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

Tannic and built to age, the wine is not going to be fun to drink young. It will take at least a decade for the layers of fresh, ripe, smoky fruits and polished, lush, soft, elegant textures to begin opening and display their complexities.

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Deep ruby in color, the wine offers tar, smoke, boysenberry, chocolate, cherry liqueur, smoke and earthy notes. Powerful, rich, concentrated and packed with layers of dense, dark, deep, fresh and pure blackberry, boysenberry and cassis, the wine really makes an impression with its long, expansive, polished, refined finish. This is no wallflower of a wine. Produced from a blend of 65% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Cabernet Franc, 2012 is perhaps the smallest amount of Cabernet Franc coupled with the highest percentage of Merlot used for Haut Brion. This wine demands and gets attention. 95-98 Pts

7588 Views   Tasted 96
2012 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

Lemon lime, floral and mineral scents pair perfectly with fat, concentrated, fresh, lively layers of rich, lush, ripe, dense, sweet fruits, flowers and crushed stone. This is incredibly long, complex and vibrant.

3931 Views   Tasted

Honey, beeswax, Midori sour, lemon wax, flowers, spice and fresh Meyer lemons create a complex perfume. Full-bodied, rich and intense, the wine is incredibly, fresh, lively and mouth filling, finishing with serious intensity of flavors. 95-97 Pts

4371 Views   Tasted 96
2011 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 94

Smoky dark, red fruits, tobacco, flowers, espresso and caramel scents create the perfume. Refined in style, the wine has soft tannins and a liberal dose of cherry griotte in the elegant finish. Having tasted some lighter vintages of Haut Brion over the past few days, this should develop nicely with 5-10 years of age.

5342 Views   Tasted

From a blend of 46.3% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34.8% Merlot and 18.9% Cabernet Franc, the wine reached13.3% alcohol. With a beautiful ruby hue, the wine offers espresso, burnt earth, boysenberry, floral, cassis and truffle. This polished, classic, fresh, sweet, ripe, cassis loaded wine has the tannins to age and will require time. 94-95 Pts

5819 Views   Tasted 95
2011 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Stunning levels of vibrant, fresh, lively, mineral driven, citrus fruits, honey, flowers, vanilla and lemon curd that expand and linger.

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Powerful scents of pineapple, honeysuckle, stone and fresh lemon move to a plush, silky, sweet, mouth coating sensation of lemon velvet frehsness that lingers and expands.

2746 Views   Tasted 97

Blending 57.9% Semillon and 42.1% Sauvignon Blanc, produced a wine that reached 14.4% alcohol and will be aged in 50% new oak. – Wake up in the morning, grab a plate of ripe citrus and start squeezing grapefruit, lemon, lime and tangerine. Pick fresh flowers, pour it over rocks, add honey and a hint of ginger and you have the perfume. Pack a magnum of wine into a single bottle to obtain incredible viscosity and concentration which gives you the feel. Taste this elixir and allow it to explode in your mouth for well over 60 seconds for the finish! 97-99 Pts

3815 Views   Tasted 98
2010 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 100

Intense, deep aromas of earth, burning wood, truffle, hot bricks, tar, licorice, espresso, smoke and blackberry. There is an incredible sense of purity in the fruit. The wine is rich, concentrated and multifaceted. Each layer of the finish delivers something new, making it one of those rare wines you want to keep going back to. Frightfully expensive, but if you have the money, coupled with the patience to age the wine for more than a decade, and probably closer to 20 years, along with a cold cellar to keep it in, this is a wine for the ages. The finish kept building and expanding for close to one minute.

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Haut-Brion From a blend of 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc, this unique blend is made from one of the highest concentrations of Cabernet Sauvignon in the history of the property. In 2010, the wine reached 14.6% alcohol with a pH of 3.63. This combination allows for more ripeness as well as greater freshness. The effective yields are lower in 2010. Only 42% of the crop was included in the Grand Vin. For those that like statistics, 2009 Haut Brion is slightly lower in alcohol at 14.2 % alcohol with a pH of 3.9. . 2010 Chateau Haut Brion is deep ruby with a purple rim that shines in the glass. The wine is filled with smoke, earth, hot stones, spice, blackberry, cassis and hints of licorice. Full bodied and concentrated with multiple layers of spicy, fresh, rich dark fruit and cassis flavors that fill your palate, this elegant, regal wine builds in the mouth. From the first touch on your palate, it’s difficult to imagine the incredible length found in this wine. I timed the finish twice to make sure I had not lost track of the time. I shook my watch to ensure it was running correctly. This incredible wine remains on your palate for close to 80 seconds! Balanced, harmonious and regal, this will be an amazing wine to experience at maturity. 98-100 Pts

14125 Views   Tasted 99
2010 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

2010 Haut Brion Blanc – With its green tinted, straw color, waves of sweet, refined, lemon, pineapple, grapefruit rind and citrus oil coats and lingers in your mouth. The wine is made better with the perfect amount of ripeness and acidity, giving the wine sweet fresh fruit and lift. 97-98 Pts

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2009 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Tasted twice in the same week, this is insanely good. Silky, rich, lush and polished. There is a symphony of fresh, bright, citrus fruits with the perfect amount of honeysuckle and crushed rocks to add complexity. The wine fills your mouth, palate and taste receptors. This will age effortlessly for decades.

2170 Views   Tasted

It's impossible not to be blown away by this wine. Yes, it's young and tight and requires coaxing to bring out its layers of perfectly ripe citrus fruits that taste like they have been stored in rocks for years. Sweet, lush, fresh, ripe and opulent, the wine coats your mouth with fruit and flavor. The trick is to have very rich friends with the money to buy the wine and store it to maturity.

3363 Views   Tasted 99

Stunning in every way really is all that needs to be said. The aromatics are off the hook with their showy, mineral, citrus, floral, vanilla and honeyed essence. On the palate, this thick, rich, wall of velvet drenched citrus is hard to beleive. The finish must last for over 60 seconds.

3658 Views   Tasted 99

Blending 62% Sauvignon Blanc with 38% Semillon produced a wine that is close to perfection. With intense aromatics packed with fresh squeezed lemon, grapefruit, minerality and an array of flowers and assorted citrus fruits, this is thick, rich and powerful. The fruit is sweet, ripe and concentrated, but the freshness and acidity give this the perfect sensation of lift and grace.

3509 Views   Tasted 98
2009 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 100

Not a lot of wines leave me speechless from start to finish. But this wine did! Still deep, dark, almost inky in color, the wine offers off the hook aromas of smoked truffle, cigar box, tobacco, black and dark red fruit with spice box, tobacco leaf and smoke filled nuances. Deep, rich, full-bodied and with this incredible blend of elegance, power and sensuality, this wine is going to age for decades. The wine was made from blending This 46% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 14% Cabernet Franc.

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With serious depth of color, a cornucopia of scents blast from the glass with smoky barbecue, wet earth, truffle, espresso and a variety of liqueur aromatics including plum, blackberry and cassis. Silky, creamy tannins and an intensity of flavor, this wine fills your mouth and coats your palate with layers of opulent, ripe, pure fruit and glycerin. Yet everything is in balance with the structure to age, complexity that builds in the mouth, purity and freshness.

12442 Views   Tasted 100

2009 Haut Brion is a strong candidate for wine of the vintage. This wine has it all. And it went back and got more. Produced from 46% merlot, 40% cabernet sauvignon, and 14% cabernet franc, this inky black wine, tinted with purple and blue, explodes with smoke, truffles, cassis, caramel, minerals, crushed rock, spice, and cigar box aromatics. This intense wine is packed and stacked with multiple layers of powerful fruit; it shows intense purity, freshness, harmony, and balance. The seamless finish lasts over sixty seconds. Few wines grab you with a single swirl and sniff. But this wine does. If only I can find friends with enough money to afford it. While it’s high in alcohol, 14.2%, it has no sensation of heat. Another interesting statistic, for those who like stats, is that the 2009 Haut Brion shows a high pH level, 3.9, yet the wine displays ample freshness. Because higher levels of alcohol require more care, Delmas shortened the period of maceration to reduce the potential levels of extraction. According to Delmas, that choice made a big difference in 2009. 99/100 Pts

14623 Views   Tasted 100
2008 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

Oh so young, but oh so good. At this stage, it is all about the promise, yet, with its elegant, silky tannins, refined layers of fruit, polished, textured and 40-50 second finish, there should be no doubt as to what you should expect with another decade or two of aging. The wine was made blending 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 41% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Franc.

4419 Views   Tasted

08 Château Haut Brion shows a good depth of color with dark ruby and purple hues. Fresh black raspberry, oak, tar, and spice are in abundance on the nose. The wine has a rich, opulent character. Multi-layered pure, ripe fruit and elegant tannins fill your mouth as you taste. The polished, balanced wine ends with an elegant, long, rich finish expressing purity in the fruit. In 2008, the merlot at La Mission Haut Brion and Haut Brion was picked over a three week period. According to Jean-Philippe Delmas, the reason for the much longer than usual merlot harvest was that the picking was done berry by berry, ensuring only perfectly ripe fruit was used in the wine. The wine was produced from a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 41% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Franc. 95-98 Pts

14472 Views   Tasted 97
2007 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 95

Served double blind, the wine showed a light color. Very young. This needs decanting or several more years in the cellar before its ready to drink. With effort, vanilla, lemon peel, orange, smoke and yellow citrus aromas began to wake up. The wine is rich, plush and polished, but clearly not ready for prime time drinking.

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2007 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Medium/full bodied, with elegance and charm, coupled with softness on the palate. Cigar box, tobacco, dark cherry and smoked earth create the nose. The mouth feel is really fine, with its ripe, polished, silky tannins. Not deep, but ready to drink and more than charming. Compared with La Mission Haut Brion, here, you find more elegance and refinement in the tannins. There is less density, but the palate feel makes up the the difference. There is still some room for improvement here. The wine was made blending 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 43% Merlot and 13% Cabernet Franc.

3140 Views   Tasted
2006 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Deep ruby in color, with the tell tale aromatics of cigar box, tobacco, tar, cassis and dark ripe fruits, while it's still in the primary stage, it's impossible to deny the class, charm, elegance and concentration, as well as the length found here. Give it another decade for it to expand and develop.

4149 Views   Tasted

Far too young to be opening this wine. It's still sleeping. There is definitely ample concentration and structure to the wine. But it's going to be a firm, classic style of Haut Brion that requires at least another decade of cellaring.

9535 Views   Tasted 94

This shows a complex perfume of ripe, black fruit, tar, herbs, cassis and smoke. In the mouth, the wine is plush, rich, opulent and full bodied. This elegant wine ends with a rich mouthful of sweet, spicy, ripe, juicy dark plums, cassis and dark berries.

8032 Views   Tasted 95
2006 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

From a blend of 55% Sauvignon Blanc and 45% Semillon, the wine is bright, fresh, lively and delivers a blast of honeysuckle, pomelo, lemon rind and vanilla aromatics with a stony essence. Rich, fresh and refreshing, you can drink this now, or age it for years.

2483 Views   Tasted
2005 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

Showing maturity in color, the wine pops with vanilla, grilled nuts, honeysuckle, citrus and toast. Refined, rich and still young, the ripe, sweet, fresh, mineral drive, fruit packed finish stays with you.

4222 Views   Tasted

This Bordeaux Blanc offers intense floral and mineral notes with hints of lemon and lime. Full bodied and packeed with ripe fruit, the long finish ends with a lemon wax, honey and orange rind component.

2991 Views   Tasted 95
2005 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Leather, smoke, tobacco, cigar box and an array of red and black fruits create the complex nose that pops with little effort. The wine is silky, smooth, ripe, concentrated and opulent, displaying a youthful, pure essence of fruit.

10171 Views   Tasted

Still as young as you might imagine, but that did not stop the sublime character of this wine from shining through. Filled with smoke, flowers, licorice, espresso beans, licorice, burnt embers and extremely ripe black cherries, this wine is rich, lush, soft, polished, fresh and sweet. Everything is in the right place for a long life.

9429 Views   Tasted 98
2004 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 94

Bright citrus flavors, green apple, stone and floral notes, medium bodied, with a crisp, bright, lemon and grapefruit finish.

3291 Views   Tasted
2004 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 94

Finesse styled vintage of Haut Brion, which offers a perfume of smoke, cigar box, cherries, forest floor and green, leafy aromas. Soft and elegant, the finish, with its ripe, black and red fruits, spice box and plum sensations is refined in character. This drinks well today and should be even better with a few more years in the bottle. This is the first vintage where Jean-Philippe Delmas was fully in charge from start to finish at Haut Brion.

4055 Views   Tasted

Deeply colored, this opens with a smoke and violet nose that includes earth and cassis scents. Full bodied with a soft, elegant, plush mouth feel, the round styled finish ends with ample fresh, blackberry and spice notes.

12313 Views   Tasted 92
2003 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

On the orange citrus side, with lemon zest, flowers and tangerine the wine is low in acid, round and fleshy. Drink this now...

1176 Views   Tasted
2003 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Like many wines from Pessac Leognan in 2003, this has developed at a rapid pace. You can see it in the color, note it in the perfume and feel it on the palate. There is complexity, but the fruit is slowly starting to fade before its time. This should be drunk up before the wine hits 20 years of age, if not a few years sooner.

6487 Views   Tasted
2002 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Medium/full bodied, the developed nose shows dark berries, olives, smoke, tobacco, herbs and earth. On the firm, masculine side for Haut Brion, you can drink this now, or age it. I doubt it will gain a lot more complexity with time. It's a nice Bordeaux, but not a great Haut Brion.

6778 Views   Tasted
2001 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

Smoky, rich, ripe multiple layers of complex aromatics and an opulent palate presence make this a wine with a great future ahead. It reminded me of a young version of 85 Haut Brion.

7539 Views   Tasted
2000 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 99

Elegant, refined, regal and harmonious, the wine takes a while to unfurl, allowing to experience its beauty. But once it gets going, the sensual experience is almost off the charts. The smoky fruit builds in intensity. The tannins are silky. There is length, complexity and purity. While a pleasure to drink today with a few hours of decanting, another 5-10 years will add a lot to this wine.

2204 Views   Tasted

Just a super wine that is close to leaving its adolescent period, but not quite ready for prime-time drinking yet. This has everything you want in a wine. It is rich, concentrated, silky, full bodied and complex on the nose and palate. The palate presence is off the hook, as is the long finish. This should offer pleasure for 30-40 more years with ease.

3973 Views   Tasted 99

Almost inky in color, from the hue alone, you know this is a special wine. The smoke filled, cigar box nose, with all its tobacco, black and dark red fruits and wet earth delivers intensity, depth, opulent textures and a finish that is pure silk and velvet. Cleary this is still young. But it is impossible not to see the makings of greatness in this wine.

5424 Views   Tasted 99

This is going to be one of the great wines from the already legendary vintage with another decade of age. Powerful, yet refined, concentrated and pure, the tannins are silky, there is freshness, complexity and that unmistakable smoky fruit that you cannot find in any other wine. I am happy to have a few bottles tucked away for future drinking.

5853 Views   Tasted 98

Silky, velvet textured tannins, ripe, fresh, sweet, lively fruits with purity in their essence and a tobacco, cigar box, smoke and earthy tint is available from the get go. With 3 hours of air, the wine really came around. This is a quintessential example of the elegance and refinement found in a great Bordeaux. I'd probably hold the wine for at least another 5 years before popping a cork. If you cannot wait, and I can't blame you if had to open a bottle, give it a few hours of air.

6015 Views   Tasted 97

This is all about the potential as this is so young and primary. It's fresh, vibrant, concentrated and deep. Clearly, there is the structure to age for at least 50 years or more! There is length, texture and balance, but it demands another 5-10 more years of age before it shows what it's really made of.

5872 Views   Tasted 97

If the nose doesn't grab you, you do not like the smell of graet Bordeaux. This is fresh, soft, refined and most importantly, elegant. Still young, the wine demands another decade to continue to soften and develop.

7027 Views   Tasted 97

With the texture of polished silk and velvet, this elegant, subtle and supple wine is everything a great wine should be. It combines sophistication with elegance to produce what is developing into bottled decadence. Still young, if you are looking for secondary aromas, hold off another decade. This just keeps getting better and better.

5889 Views   Tasted 98

Filled with tobacco, tar, cassis, black fruit, herbs and caramel scents. Soft, round, elegant, harmonious, concentrated, fresh and refined. The wine is pure silk and velvet with a lot of polish and finesse in the long finish.

11478 Views   Tasted 97
1999 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Served blind, this was much better than I would have thought, given the vintage. Soft, delicate, medium bodied, with an elegance to the fruit and texture, this is drinking great today. With luck, in a few years, it could be even better.

4562 Views   Tasted

Smoky, spicy, earthy and open, tobacco, truffle, black cherries and 5 spice aromas are easy to find. Polished, and silky, the wine feels great on your palate with its velvet textures. Over the years, this has developed nicely. While there is no hurry to drink it, there is no reason to wait before popping a cork.

5134 Views   Tasted 94

1999 Haut Brion is produced in a lighter, early maturing style. Tobacco, herbs, olive tapenade and blackberry aromas introduce a medium bodied wine with cherry, cassis and cranberry flavors in the finish. 91 Pts

10458 Views   Tasted 91
1999 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

1999 Haut Brion Blanc, aged in 50% new oak offers scents of honeysuckle, vanilla, orange zest, creme brulee and lemon. Soft, textured fruit ends with sweet citrus flavors. 92 Pts

2142 Views   Tasted
1998 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 95

This is a gem that I wish I could afford. The opulent, textural component rocks! The purity in the sweet, juicy, fresh, pomelo and lemon peel, with a dab of flowers, vanilla and honeydew gets you going back for sip after sip. Still young and quite vibrant, this should evolve for at least another 15-20 more years.

2000 Views   Tasted

Full bodied, rich and expansive, this intensely concentrated wine is all about the blend of its parts. Freshness, fruit, flavor and finish, with serves up ripe, juicy, sweet, pineapple, custard, butter, orange rind, rocks, stones and flowers. I suspect this will only get better with age.

3605 Views   Tasted 95

Honeydew melons, flowers, and slight citrus tones are in abundance. This thick, very concentrated wine fills your mouth with fresh, bright citrus flavors.

2784 Views   Tasted 94
1998 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Clearly, this is at the level of the much more expensive 1990. Combining elegance and power, soft, silky tannins and concentration, smoke, red fruits, tobacco and earthy nuances and a refined finish that seems to stick with you for 50 seconds, this is just starting to drink well. In 5 years, it promises to be even better! For a high-quality vintage of Haut Brion, especially one with bottle age, this is the best deal in the marketplace today.

6539 Views   Tasted

If you're seeking to discover what Haut Brion is all about, or if you just want to check out a First Growth Bordeaux, this bottle is for you. Rich, fresh, polished, long and deep, with vibrant fruit and complexity. Yes, it is still young, but it is so good today, and it is the best value play for Haut Brion.

4740 Views   Tasted 97

This is a beauty in every sense of the word. Its silky essence is rich, complex and regal. This finesse driven, elegant wine offers a beautiful purity of fruit, smoke and earth. There is more than enough fruit to make if fun to drink now. Yet patient consumers will be rewarded if they can wait 5-10 more years.

6458 Views   Tasted 98

Smoky, with rich layers of ripe, elegant, plush fruits, a tannic backbone to age and a long, stylish finish that does not quit. With about one of decanting, this was rockin'!

6436 Views   Tasted 97

Still young, but this is a treat at any age with its showy nose of tobacco, cigar box, tar, smoke, cassis, dark berries and earth. Concentrated, pure, refined and fresh, the fruit has a beautiful, pure, silky personality that continues to build in the finish. If you like wines on the young side, with 2 hours of air this is a wonderful tasting experience. If you prefer more secondary aromas, flavors and textures, wait 10-20 years and this will be stunning!

9181 Views   Tasted 97

This has been a delight to taste the day it was bottled and it keeps getting better and more interesting with each passing year. Strong notes of smoke, cigar box, black raspberry and earth create the perfume. On the palate is where the wine shines with its silky tannins, rich textures and elegant, supple finish

8236 Views   Tasted 97

Picture smoke, hot stones, pipe tobacco, cassis, oak, forest floor and earthy, truffle scents, and you get an idea of the aromatics starting to make themselves known in this wine. On the palate, purity and elegance, soft textures and refined silky tannins that remind me of a better version of the delicious 1985 Haut Brion. While this is already drinking well today, it's only going to get better over the next few decades.

12399 Views   Tasted 97

1998 Haut Brion is filled with pungent spicy blackberry, tobacco, smoke, cedar chest and cigar box aromas. Deep, rich, concentrated with layers of rich, ripe fruit. This wine fills the palate with ripe, sweet, soft textured dark fruit with a purity of flavor and ample freshness to give it lift. Everything is in balance. This great wine can be opened young, or aged for decades. It remains one of the best vintages of Haut Brion to buy in the market place today. 97 Pts

13314 Views   Tasted 97

This perfectly combines liquid silk, elegance and power to make a magic elixir. This is serious wine. The complex nose alone makes it worth the price of admission. Filled with scents of cassis, tobacco, smoke, truffle and spices, it’s a treat for the senses. But the multiple layers of rich, velvet laden, sensuous fruit that cascade over your palate in endless waves prove this Haut Brion is the real deal. I have loved this wine from minute one. This is a great Haut Brion that might turn out almost as good as the majestic 90 in another decade or two. It is much better than the fabulous duo of 95 & 96. I imagine this will mature in 10-15 years and remain at that peak level for decades. Along with the stellar 1985, the 1998 represents the best deal in the market place for a high quality Chateau Haut-Brion.

5118 Views   Tasted 97

This splendid wine offers a complex smoky, truffle nose with cassis, herbs, and earth. Perfectly balanced on the palate with a wonderful texture. The finish is close to seamless

5090 Views   Tasted 96

The nose alone with its complexities makes it worth the price of admission. But the multiple layers of rich, silky, sensuous fruit that cascade over your palate in endless waves prove this is the real deal.

5167 Views   Tasted 97

A deep, complex compelling perfume and layers of rich, ripe, decadent fruit are easy to discern. This will only get better with time.

5031 Views   Tasted 95
1996 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

This is a very good wine, and a superb Haut Brion that continues stubbornly hanging on to its youth. After 90 minutes in the decanter, the tannins subsided and the wine popped with its tar, tobacco, smoke and dark red berry nose. Full-bodied, concentrated, regal and with some tannin needing to be resolved, give this until 2025 and you will have a fabulous drinking experience in your glass.

2932 Views   Tasted

This particular bottle was the best example of this wine I have ever tasted! Double decanted about 4 hours or more, this really grabbed me in all the right ways, and in all the best places. Picture a dark chocolate covered cigar, with smoked cherries, tar, leather and cigar box aromatics. Full bodied, concentrated, long and fresh with this beautiful, sweetness and purity of cherry fruits and cassis. The texture was silky, lush and with a bit of tannic bite, paired with crunchy, berries in the long finish. This felt as good as it tasted. It is worth popping a cork now, if you have a bottle and if you wait, this will be even better with another 5-10 years in the bottle.

4364 Views   Tasted 98

Better on the nose than the palate at the moment, but that could change with more time. The smokey, tobacco, wet earth, cigar box and sweet red cherries in the perfume really grabs you. The wine lacks the concentration found in the top years, but the tannins are ripe, the fruits are fresh, refined, elegant and long, leaving with sensations of cassis, blackberries and Cuban cigars in the finish. This is still quite young and should be even better with another 5 years or so in the bottle.

4842 Views   Tasted 96

A beautiful, classic vintage of Haut Brion here. Still young, with some air, truffle, smoke, cassis, blackberry and chocolate aromas emerge. The wine is full bodied, rich, soft and supple. This is quite nice now and with 5-10 more years, if you can keep your hands off it, it's only going to get better. This is one of the better values for high quality Haut Brion in the marketplace today.

5493 Views   Tasted 96

1996 Haut Brion is filled with smoke, tobacco, cigar box, ash, kirsch, blackberry and licorice aromatics. This is a big, chewy, masculine style of Haut Brion. Tannic and tight, this needs time to develop and flesh out. Another 10 years will allow this to mature into something special. 95 Pts

12569 Views   Tasted 95
1995 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

This is really coming on strong, if you like that cigar box, tobacco, cedar, smoke, pure dark cherries and cigar wrapper type of thing. Full bodied, refined, but with a regal, tannic bite, with a few hours of air this is a pleasure to taste.

4694 Views   Tasted

Medium bodied and charming, this is starting to come into its own. Tobacco, earth and smoke notes added to the sweet, ripe, soft fruits. On the palate, the elegant, finesse driven wine was on the fresh side, with its red and black fruits. At 20 years of age, this is probably going to be a good, but not great vintage for Haut Brion.

5188 Views   Tasted 94

1995 Haut Brion is showy wine. With a perfume that took time to coax its scents, black cherry, cassis, smoke, tobacco, truffle and earthy notes could be found. This deep wine demands a few more years before revealing all its charms. The juicy, mouth filling finish is filled with rich, dense fruit. 96 Pts

12520 Views   Tasted 96
1994 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

With some austerity, there is a distinctive leafy, forest, and herb edge to the tobacco, red plum and cedary, smoky personality. Firm tannins with some toughness on the classically styled palate, decanting helps, but at close to 25 years of age, this is what it is.

5075 Views   Tasted

More interesting on the nose with its smoke, tar, earth, cassis and leaf filled perfume, than on this palate, due to its rustic, old school finish. At 20 years of age, this is what it is. Aging will not improve this wine.

5059 Views   Tasted 92

1994 Haut Brion is probably fully mature. Tobacco, licorice, cassis, earth, cherry and green pepper notes are found in the aromatics. Produced in an austere style, this steely wine displays some rustic tannins in the finish. 91 Pts

9531 Views   Tasted 91
1994 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

1994 Haut Brion Blanc pops with a perfume filled with honey, smoke, wood, fresh cut grass, citrus oil and lemon wax. This is rich, full bodied, intense and palate filling. The long, fresh, citrus intensive finish feels great while it remains in your mouth. Still young, this should age for decades. 96 Pts

2934 Views   Tasted
1993 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

1993 Haut Brion offers a tobacco, leaf, smoke, herb and cassis scented perfume. Medium bodied, with a light, red fruit accented finish, this wine needs to be drunk up. 89 Pts

6671 Views   Tasted
1992 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Very citrusy on the nose and palate. Meduim bodied, not as deep or long as the 85 or 89 tasted that day.

2325 Views   Tasted
1990 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Just like walking into a Cuban tobacco store with all its smoky, leaf, cassis, cedar, forest floor and campfire aromatics. Full bodied, deep, powerful, rich, mouth filling, and with intensity and character, this is a stunner to drink today and for the next few decades. I am also thinking this is just about ready for a score upgrade as this really grabs and holds you right where you need to be grabbed and held.

4697 Views   Tasted

This never fails to provide an extraordinary, tasting experience. With elegant, silky textures, ripe, sweet, smoky, tobacco laden, dark red berries and more smoke, earth, tobacco leaf, cigar box, black cherry, earth, blackberry, cassis and thyme on the nose, to say it is a knock out, does not say enough. Prices have been climbing for this beauty lately. Even though it is quite pricey, when compared with current, top vintages, or the 1989, it's sill reasonable. If you have the money, it is worth considering.

4604 Views   Tasted 98

Silky, elegant, complex, refined and ready for prime time drinking. There is that beautiful smoky, tobacco, cigar box character that is made even better by the sweet, delicate, polished dark red fruits and cherry pipe tobacco that permeates the wine. Drink this beauty now, or lay it down for 10-20 years, if you are young enough, and have that much patience.

4463 Views   Tasted 98

This is a stunner. With its smoke fuled, cigar box, caramel, cassis, florest floor and blackberry nose to get you going, things are just getting started. The luscious, perfectly ripe fruits with layers of hedonistic fruits just doesn't quit from start to finish. This is drinking now and it's still young! You can pop a cork today or in 10-15 or 20 years. It's up to you.

5239 Views   Tasted 98

Now we're talking. Edging close to its 25th birthday, the wine is clearly expressive. Smokey, tar, cigar box, forest floor, cassis and blackberry, with hints of dried cherry make up the nose. Sweet, soft and velvety, the wine personifies grace and elegance.

5338 Views   Tasted 98

A little bit of air or decanting would have added more to the experience. Still, even popped and poured, it was easy to find the smoke, black raspberry, Asian spice, leather, cigar box and plum filled aromatics. On the palate, the wine was rich, silky and alive leaving with a beautiful sense of purity of fruit in the long, graceful finish.

5936 Views   Tasted 97

1990 Haut Brion opens with licorice, tobacco leaf, cassis, smoke, fresh herbs and stone. Soft, round, plush and sexy, this hedonistic wine pleases the palate and senses. 97 Pts

15176 Views   Tasted 97

WOW! This knock out perfume pops with smoke, tar, creme de cassis, leather, earth, tobacco, hot stone, cigar ash, blackberry and spicy aromas. If this does not get you going, Haut Brion is not your thing. Intense, powerful, concentrated and rich, with textures of sillky and velvet, there is not a hard edge to be found. The long, pure, clean, opulent, fresh, pure, spicy finish remains in your mouth for close to sixty seconds. This is not that far off the legendary 1989 Haut Brion. As this sells for half the price, this is the wine to buy.

12895 Views   Tasted 98

1990 Haut Brion is the real deal! Cigar box, smoke, earth, truffle, roasted dark berries, plums and tobaccos aromas make up the perfume. In the mouth, this plush, round, opulent, sexy wine coats your palate. The intense, rich, pure finish is loaded with sweet cassis, chocolate covered blackberry and dark cherries. 98 Pts

15449 Views   Tasted 98

Served blind at Chateau La Mission Haut Brion over dinner - This aromatic delight opens with jammy dark berries, smoke tobacco, hot stones, licorice, cigar box and baked cherries. Sensuous opulence could be the name of a porn star, or the right descriptor for this silky wine which ends with a rich bath of cassis and black cherries.

15419 Views   Tasted 98

The wine sported a very, dark ruby tint. Smoke, truffles, herbs, cassis and black fruits galore made their way to your nose. This wine is very intense. Stunning levels of concentration coupled with multiple layers of flavor make this a treat for your senses. Layer after layer of flavor fill your mouth with joy. Very classy and elegant as well as rich.

7358 Views   Tasted 97

Lovers of Haut Brion cannot have enough of this wine in their cellar. This is almost at the level of the legendary 89. But, the 90 is much more fun and open to taste today. This is so packed and stacked with smoky fruit, it's almost unreal. The intoxicating perfume offers black fruit, forest floor, smoke, tobacco and spice notes that roar from the glass! Great concentration. Layer after layer of rich, deep, polished, rich, ripe roasted fruit take over every nook and cranny of your palate. The long finish is seamless and lasts close to a minute. The corpulent texture is pure silk and velvet. This is sublime. Still young, this will improve for decades. I hope the 98, 00 & 05 are this good!

5895 Views   Tasted 98

Herbs, coffee, cassis, licorice and black fruit entice your senses. Perfectly balanced, but not as concentrated or layered as the 89.

5347 Views   Tasted 96
1989 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 100

Sadly, since this has become so expensive over the past few years, I see it a lot less often. But when I do, OMG, it is off the charts! Explosive in nature, the wine is intense, full-bodied, complex, powerful, concentrated and all of that is balanced by its elegance, purity, richness and refined tannins. The finish, which surpasses the 60-second mark is seamless. This is a beauty today, and yet, even at days before its 31st birthday, I am sure there is room for more evolution!

4080 Views   Tasted

A clear contender for wine of the decade, this is so rich and concentrated, it tastes and feel like an entire magnum of wine was stuffed into a 750 ml bottle! Young, but a treat to taste today, the finish sticks with you for at least 60 seconds! You can drink this now, or save it for decades. Either way is the right choice here...

8312 Views   Tasted 100

There is no better wine to express what great Bordeaux is all about that in the modern age, than 1989 Haut Brion. Perfectly combining elegance, refinement and concentration with textures of pure silk and a finish that sticks with you for over 60 seconds. Prices have jumped over the past year or two, but setting that aside, this is pure bottled perfection. I wonder if the 1961 showed like this at the same age?

5944 Views   Tasted 100

There are great wines. Those wines can be even better when the bottles are also great. And then there are the perfect bottles of great wines that if the scale went past 100 Pts, they would break into that rare territory. This bottle of 1989 Haut Brion deserved 101 Pts. Perfect in every sense of the word, if you have the money, or if you really want to know what great Bordeaux is all about, this is the wine to buy! There are more than enough tasting notes from me on this wine, describing it in detail. So I will just jump to the high points. The wine fills your mouth, coats your palate and takes over your senses. Everything is in perfect balance. The finish sticks with you and expands for more than 60 seconds. Everything you could want in a wine, except for the price is here in spades. This will age and improve for decades.

7343 Views   Tasted 100

Tasted at the same lunch as the 1989 La Mission Haut Brion, which I scored 100 Pts, this was even better. The nose, with its smoke, fire, burning embers, barbecue, cassis, tar and tobacco notes was clearly off the charts. But the palate, with its unparalleled levels of concentration allowed the tasted to feel voluptuous textures paired with rich, layers of perfectly ripe, sweet, fresh, silky berries. The finish lasted over 60 seconds. If you're lucky enough to own a bottle of this liquid gold, pop a bottle now, or give it to your grand children. Either way, you'll come out a winner!!!

7947 Views   Tasted 100

A sublime bottle of 1989 Haut Brion is everything great Bordeaux should be. The nose was off the hook with its flamboyant, smoky, tobacco, tar, cigar box, blackberry and truffle personality. Massive in size, yet, refined, elegant and poised, the endless finish serves up layer after layer of sweet cherries, cassis, spice and earthy sensations that last for at least 60 seconds!

8438 Views   Tasted 100

It does not matter how many times I taste this wine. It remains one of the most exciting wines I've ever tasted. Soaring aromatics, palate staining fruit and an endless finish. This is the real deal.

7082 Views   Tasted 100

Clearly this is the most consistent, high quality Bordeaux made in the last 50 years. If someone wanted to make the claim it was the most consistent over the last 100 years, they would get no argument from me. Tobacco, cigar box, smoke, campfire and black fruit aromas pop from the glass with an intensity that cannot be ignored. On the palate the wine is powerful, rich, dense, sweet, pure and fresh. The coating on your palate sticks for more than 60 seconds with its sumblime display of fruit, complexity and freshness. Still young, in time, this will be a legend in the decades to come that will be considered the equal of wines like the 1945 Haut Brion.

10482 Views   Tasted 100

I'm normally a decisive person. But when presented with 1989 Haut Brion and 1989 La Mission Haut Brion in the same flight, I often have problems picking a favorite. It could be one, the other or often the bout comes out in a tie, and for different reasons. Few wines offer this much concentration of flavor and material coupled with pure silky tannins, elegance, refinement, balance and persistence of flavor. With a finish of well over sixty seconds, it's not difficult to understand why many tasters think this is the modern day version of the 1961!

10032 Views   Tasted 100

By coincidence, this was served at two different, back to back dinners. The first bottle was sadly, ever so slightly corked. The nose was muted, and the flavors, coupled with the intensity were not on full display. That bottle would score in the low 90's, a far cry from the wine can deliver. Bottle number 2 was a completely different story. Tobacco, smoke, earth, tar, leather, Cigar box, cedar, cassis and black berry got the wine going. Power, silk and velvet textures supported the elegant, refined, harmonious character. The wine continued to improve during the night with each taste. Still young, it's greatness can be enjoyed today, but if you want to try this at the start of maturity, give it another decade.

8724 Views   Tasted 99

Clearly this legendary wine is a strong possibility for wine of the decade. It does not take long for to taster to understand why, with its intense aromas of smoke, hot bricks, cassis, spice, truffle, cigar box and forest floor scents. If that wasn’t enough to get you going, countless layers of powerful, rich, intense, pure, velvet and silk berries are packed into each sip. The wine is expansive, growing better and becoming more interesting and complex with each, sniff, swirl and sip. 1989 Haut Brion deserves to be looked at with the same reverence as the legendary 1945 and 1961. It is that good!

16386 Views   Tasted 100

Compelling aromatics filled with smoke, tobacco, blackberry, cassis, tar, leather, cigar box and pie tobacco. Tannic, refined, harmonious, mouth coating and attention grabbing, it's hard to believe this wine is close to 22 years old, It tasted at least a decade younger. Complex, pure, supple, polished and intense, the finish remains in your mouth for at least one full minute! Tasted form a half bottle, it did not have the same level of plushness found in 750 Ml bottles.

17528 Views   Tasted 98

The perfume pops from the glass like a Jack in Box that has been waiting to be released for decades. Cassis, earth, Cuban cigar, hot rocks, truffle, plums, earth, tobacco, smoke, tar and mocha scents take over your nose. Intense purity of fruit, powerful, refined and elegant, this is what great Bordeaux wine is all about. The seamless finish is pure silk and velvet.

22171 Views   Tasted 100

1989 Haut Brion explodes with a concoction of spice, truffle, tobacco, leather, smoke, cassis, tar, forest floor and black cherry liqueur aromas. With mouth coating intensity and port like textures, this compelling Bordeaux wine ends with a long, fresh, sensuous, seamless finish. The scary thing is, this will only get better over the next several decades. 99 Pts

18926 Views   Tasted 99

1989 Haut Brion remains the quintessential Haut Brion of our time. At 21 years of age, this wine is still young. Tar, incense, smoke, tobacco, truffle, bitter chocolate and crushed stone with forest floor scents make up the perfume. This concentrated, dense, powerful wine fills your palate with multiple layers of dark berries and plums. This intense wine demands another decade before it begins to reveal its secrets. 99 Pts

18406 Views   Tasted 99

1989 Haut Brion steals your attention with an impressive display of kirsch, blackberry, minerality, smoke, spice and earthy aromas. The wine coats every nook and cranny of your palate with long, fresh, pure, blackberry and cassis filled flavors that must last close to sixty seconds! This is a remarkable when that is still young. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a wine, this is the wine buy. 99 Pts

18300 Views   Tasted 99

Served blind at ChateauLa Mission Haut Brion over dinner- This powerful, complex perfume grabs you with smoke, tar, tobacco, cassis, Cuban cigar, leather, spice and cherry pipe tobacco aromatics. This is rich, dense and full bodied, yet light on its feet and perfectly in balance. The wine feels graceful in your mouth. The finish is long, clean, pure, seamless and silky. Still young this will only continue getting better over the next several decades.

16531 Views   Tasted 99

A definite candidate for wine of the vintage as well as a strong contender for wine of the decade. And then some! I tasted 5 different bottles recently. My note is for the best bottle. Other bottles were more mature and not as expressive the one I note here. Sadly, one bottle was corked. The best bottles of this legendary wine can bring tears to the eyes of even the most jaded tasters. Deeply colored with a cornucopia of aromatics including smoke, tar, herbs, cassis, blackberry, truffle, Cuban cigar, and fennel. The layers of deep ripe fruit that fill your mouth seem endless. Very concentrated, rich, deep, and opulent, this tremendous wine ends with a seamless, black fruit finish that lasts over a minute. Still young, this wine will evolve for decades. This is Haut Brion at its best. At full maturity it may end up better than previous legends like 1961 or 1945.

14826 Views   Tasted 100

More often than not, when 89 Haut Brion comes out to play, it's the wine of the night. However, I was moved to tears because it was not even close to wine of the night on this occasion. Either poorly stored or from a bad cork seal, this was not a pristine bottle. The color was very advanced. The usually explosive nose expressed simple spice and earthy notes. Silky on the palate, but very light in weight. This was a nice Bordeaux, but not a great Haut Brion. Once again the old adage came true, after 20 years there are no great wines, only great bottles.

9779 Views   Tasted 93

This wine shot off all the bells and whistles anyone could want in a Bordeaux wine. This wine makes the blind see, the deaf hear and can be used at revivals to help the wheelchair bound walk again! This was off the charts. If the scale ran over 100, this bottle would bust the triple digit mark. The perfume was intoxicating. Very rich, deep, concentrated and complex. The non stop layers of flavors and sensations that cascade over your palate like water at Niagara Falls is something that has to be tasted to be believed. The seamless finish lasted over a minute, I timed it! Absolutely incredible. If anyone doubts this wine is equal to, or better than the more famous and expensive Haut Brion, they need to taste it. This was a mind blowing wine! Still young, this sublime elixir can be tasted today for its incredible richness, but another decade will do magical things.

12924 Views   Tasted 100

This opaque colored wine offers a perfume full of smoke, spices, truffle and fruit, it’s easy to lose yourself in its charms. Massives waves of perfectly ripe, intense black fruit, along with velvet tannins and an endless, seamless finish make this one of the best wines I've ever tasted.

9347 Views   Tasted 99

Firing on all 12 cylinders as usual, this wine offers a perfume as complex and compelling as any other wine. Spice, black fruit, tar, tobacco and truffle are all over the place. This is so rich and concentrated, it's almost too much wine to fit in one glass. Concentrated and complex. This is the real deal.

9266 Views   Tasted 99

“Wow, this has it all!” And it does in abundance! Spices, cigar tobacco, herbs, cooked black fruit, cassis, earth, coffee and smoke. Thick rich, dense, endless layers of unctuous ripe fruit coat your palate. The seamless finish seemed endless. This was out of control and off the charts.

9252 Views   Tasted 99

“Liqueur of Graves!” The 89 Haut Brion offered the silkiest, sexiest mouth feel of the night. This was a perfect bottle of a perfect wine. If wine gets better than this, let me know as I want to buy a case!

12411 Views   Tasted 100
1989 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

Great purity of fruit here. The citrus notes, with the aid of flowers, white peach, nuts. a drip of honey, lemon peel and ocean notes came through loud and clear. Soft, silky and with volume, this was showing remarkably young and fresh characteristics.

1870 Views   Tasted

1989 Haut Brion Blanc opens with aromas of fresh picked flowers, honey, caramel, grass, lemon, lime and orange. With textures of rich, polished fruit, the wine ends with a melange of citrus flavors. 95 Pts

3608 Views   Tasted 95

The nose, with coaxing offered lanolin and violets with honey. Bigger and more concentrated than the 85. Ends with long, fresh, lemon, citrus oil note.

2480 Views   Tasted 97
1988 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

This is a Bordeaux for Burgundy drinkers. It is all about the fabulous nose. The wine wants to get where it needs to be, but there is a strictness to its personality and some dryness in the tannins that take over on the palate. 3 hours of decanting did not help. This is perfect for tasters bemoaning the classic taste of Bordeaux, but it really was not a lot of fun to taste.

4930 Views   Tasted

Is it you, or is it me? Hard to say as I'm not yet sure if it was the wine, or the specific bottle. With effort, wet earth, cocoa, smoke, black plums and dark cherry scents are there. But the wine is a bit dry and shows some greeness in the finish. This is still young, but the style of the tannins might become more of an issue as the wine ages.

5411 Views   Tasted 92

1988 Haut Brion greets you with tobacco, smoke, stone, cassis, earth spice aromas. Elegant, smooth, soft and open, this mature wine ends with smoky, cassis and cherry flavors.

10998 Views   Tasted 93

1988 Haut Brion is a traditional style of Haut Brion. Cassis, spice, earth, smoke, mushroom and tobacco notes open the perfume. Full bodied and filled with ripe, juicy cassis, the wine lacks the polish and ripeness found in the top vintages. 93 Pts

11415 Views   Tasted 93

Smoky aromatics, cassis, tobacco and fresh ground spices, full bodied, concentrated with hints of underripeness that appears in the otherwise, stylish finish, this is a good but not great Haut Brion.

4477 Views   Tasted 93

The black fruit, tobacco and spice perfume was reticent and needed a lot of swirling to come out and play. Structured, tannic, needs time.

4216 Views   Tasted 90

Coffee, licorice, cassis and herbal notes filled the air. Full bodied, lush, rich and tannic. Cassis and blackberry with spicy tones are easy to find in the finish. Needs another decade of sleep.

4367 Views   Tasted 94
1987 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 83

Clearly fading, the increasing levels of acidity, along with more of an oxidative quality are starting to override its remaining citrus notes. This requires drinking.

1293 Views   Tasted
1986 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 95

At 30 years of age this can easily go another 30 years without breaking a sweat. There is a softness to the powerful, ever present tannins that the other top wines from 1986 do not display. The smoky, tobacco driven nose is a treat as well. 2 hours of air will help, and ten more years in the bottle will help even more!

3422 Views   Tasted

Light up a great Cuban Cigar, eat fresh cherries and blackberries and sit in an herb garden and you'll come close to recreating the perfume. On the masculine side of the style range, the wine is still youthful, concentrated, fresh and tannic. The end note is firm and a bit dry, if you have a bottle and you love old school Bordeaux, pop a cork. If you're hoping for more softness like I am, wait 5-10 more years. There is enough fruit and structure to evolve over that time. This note was taken after 90 minutes in the decanter from a perfectly stored bottle, purchased on release. 6 hours later, the wine improved but there was some dryness in the tannins in the finish. If you do pop a cork today, give this at least 6 hours in the decanter, if you bottle has been well stored.

3995 Views   Tasted 93

Smoke and tobacco coupled with spicy cassis on the nose. There is a slight hardness to the wine. The wine finishes with a black fruit character.

5348 Views   Tasted 90

Still young at 25, this Pessac Leognan is filled with smoke, tar, tobacco, hot stone, cassis, earth, blackberry and spice filled scents. Full bodied, concentrated and balancing masculinity, tannin and charm, this Bordeaux wine has years to go.

10598 Views   Tasted 93

1986 Haut Brion offered smoke, leaf, forest floor and earthy aromas. With rough textures, the wine seemed to be slowly drying out. 89 Pts

11004 Views   Tasted 89

With a smoky, tobacco, truffle and spice nose, this finesse style of Bordeaux, ended in an elegant spicy, cassis finish

7002 Views   Tasted 93

Aromas of cassis, earth and minerals could easily be found. The finish was slightly clipped. Not a perfect bottle.

3695 Views   Tasted 90

Initial barnyard notes quickly faded to an intoxicating perfume of smoke, black fruits, cassis, coffee and tobacco. Full bodied and tannic, this needs time. Big, dense layers of black fruit and a slight chalky feeling are found in the finish.

3933 Views   Tasted 95
1985 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

Honey, flowers, orange rind, caramel, smoky vanilla and crisp, bright, yellow citrus and a nice pop of honeyed grapefruit is drinking perfectly today.

1363 Views   Tasted

Light yellow with a hint of gold in the color, the wine is loaded with ripe, sweet, mineral-driven, citrus peel, honeyed grapefruit and floral notes. With good volume and freshness, the fruity filled, full finish leaves you with slightly honeyed lemon and grapefruit notes.

1597 Views   Tasted 94

Deep yellow in color, with some gold. Lemon wax, floral, rocks, spice and a hint of honeysuckle appear in the perfume. More medium than full bodied, with a mineral driven, citrus finish, this bottle lacked the depth and concentration found in the best bottles. I have enjoyed much better bottles in the past. 90 Pts

4369 Views   Tasted 90

Flowers, honey, stones and grilled nuts jumped from the glass. Thick, concentrated and probably mature with a long life ahead. Beautiful, seamless finish.

2447 Views   Tasted 96
1985 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

What a beauty! This is probably drinking at close to perfection. This is all about the blend of ripe, sweet, cassis and red fruits with smokey, tobacco and cigar wrappers. Elegant, easy to drink, fresh and with silky fruits and tobacco in the endnote.

3310 Views   Tasted

There is no better vintage of mature, Haut Brion in the marketplace that competes with the 1985. And for good reason. The fruit is ripe, smoky, earthy and rich. The tannins are soft, elegant and refined. There is a touch of peppery, greenery in the finish, but who cares? All the cedar, cigar wrapper, dark red fruits and plush textures are what you are going to pay attention to. Popped and poured, this was great from the get go!

3416 Views   Tasted 96

Light up a nice Cuban Cigar, some it outside near a forest, giving you all these great, leafy, smoky, earthy scents and make sure you have a basket of fresh berries to make the bouquet complete. Polish the tannins to a silky texture and spend time with the wine, so you get feel each lingering sensation. This is ready now, and it could be even better with another 3-5 or more years of aging.

3434 Views   Tasted 95

From a perfect bottle, this could be the wine of the vintage. Soft, silky, smooth, fresh, sweet, ripe, complex and delicious, the tannins caress your palate, the fruit lingers and the smoky, tobacco drenched character of Haut Brion really shines through. At 30 years of age, this wine is drinking perfectly. And frankly, for an Haut Brion of this quality, it sells for a song in the auction marketplace today.

4004 Views   Tasted 96

If you are looking for power and concentration, you came to the wrong place. If silky, refined, elegant textures, a nose of smoke, tobacco, dark cherry, wet earth, cigar box and spice, and a character that can be best defined as regal is what you are after, you're going to love this wine. Decanted about an hour, this was singing! It is hard to find a better Bordeaux from 1985.

4534 Views   Tasted 95

Crème de cassis, cedar wood, tobacco, smoke, forest floor and truffle are found with little effort. This is probably close to fully mature. Drink it over the next 10 years to get the most from this soft textured, elegant, smoky, blackberry, earth and cassis filled wine.

6149 Views   Tasted 94

1985 Haut Brion opens with a complex bouquet of floral, smoke,cassis, truffle, earth, tar and mineral aromas. With soft, elegant, supple textures and a long, ripe,round, sweet finish that's filled with chocolate, blackberry and dark cherries, this wonderful Bordeaux wine is drinking perfectly today. It's probably the top vintage of any First Growth in the market today for the money. 95 Pts

8273 Views   Tasted 95

1985 Haut Brion gets better each time I taste it. It is in competition for the wine of the vintage. Smoke, ash, leather, tar, tobacco, forest, BBQ and hot brick aromatics are all over the place. In the mouth, the wine offers soft, elegant, juicy, plums with round, plush textures. The wine ends with layers of silky, dark chocolate, black cherry and spice flavors. 96 Pts

8364 Views   Tasted 96

1985 Haut Brion is drinking perfectly today. Great nose, concentration of flavors and balance. This is not the best Haut Brion produced in the 80's. 82 and 89 are much better wines. But who cares? With its elegant, suave, round, opulent It's drinking at the perfect place today. This is what great Claret is all about. 94 Pts

3370 Views   Tasted 94

Smoky, cassis, earth and tobacco notes start off the perfume. This elegant,complex, suave and very sophisticated wine is drinking perfectly today. This is truly a pleasure a drink. The finsh is close to 40 seconds. My father is not a wine buff, but I get immense pleasure sharing special wines with him.

3257 Views   Tasted 96

This mature Haut Brion offers a cornucopia of aromas. Smoke, earth, iron, spices and mushrooms jump out of the glass. The palate is bathed in a complex array of ripe, mature black fruits. This is a beautiful example of Haut Brion and the value of aging wines

3276 Views   Tasted 96
1983 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Slightly past fully mature, this elegant, medium bodied, finesse styled wine delivers sweet cherries, smoke, tar, tobacco and forest floor scents. Soft and refined, this lighter vintage requires drinking, as there is not enough stuffing to allow for further development. It was nice seeing this wine after so many years as it was the first vintage of Haut Brion I ever tasted.

4470 Views   Tasted
1982 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

What a stunner! It's easy to get stuck just smelling the wine, with all its smoke, wet earth, hay, spice, campfire, tobacco leaf and sweet cherry nuances. But that would be a mistake if that's all you did, as you'd miss the sensuous, silky, elegant, long, refined layers of sweet and savory fruit. Delicate, but not light, the finish is long, silky, and fresh.

3257 Views   Tasted

This is just a beautiful wine. It's pure silk on the palate. The fruit is ripe, sweet, fresh, subtle, and the smoky, cigar wrapper, wet earth, burning campfire and sweet, cherry notes just sing. it is hard to say what is better, the nose or the palate. And who cares? Both are equally stunning! Popped and poured, this is in the sweet spot, and it should get even better, if well stored.

3491 Views   Tasted 98

Drinking beautifully today, the tobacco, smoke and cigar box notes perfectly frame the fresh, sweet, plums and cherries. When the earthy, truffle notes popped in, everything began coming into place. Elegant, refined and silky, the wine is a real treat today and over the next few decades.

3146 Views   Tasted 97

Elegant, refined, regal and polished, the smoky, tobacco, wet earth, tar and dark red fruit aromatics really stand out. This is the most open of all the 1982 First Growth wines.

3499 Views   Tasted 96

Like smoking an aged Cuban cigar, toss in truffle, sweet fresh cherries and silk and you get the idea. As this continues to age, it's taking on a more pronounced tobacco and cherry personality. There is no hurry to pop a cork. But it's clearly open, mature and secondary.

4112 Views   Tasted 97

Smoke, tar, olives, truffle, cassis, tobacco and crushed stone start off the aromatic fireworks. Refined, elegant, soft and expressive, thee wine remains on your palate serving up a healthy dose of sweet, silky, pure red cherries. Fully mature, there is no hurry to drink it, but I am not sure how much better it’s going to get. This pristine bottle was one of the best examples of 1982 Haut Brion I've tasted.

4546 Views   Tasted 97

This was killed by the 1982 La Mission Haut Brion served at the same dinner. Elegant, perfumed, graceful, fully mature, refined, pure, soft and silky, this was a very nice wine, but it was not going to be confused with a great bottle of Haut Brion. It is important to remember that not all bottles are created alike. The next bottle could be the same, or it could be better.

4862 Views   Tasted 94

This bottle seemed lighter in color and more advanced than other bottles tasted recently. The nose offered an array of smoke, tobacco, cigar box, ah, blackberry, cherry, earth and wet forest notes. On the palate, the wine was pure silk and velvet, but it was missing the depth found in other bottles I liked more. Once again, it's all about the provenance.

5200 Views   Tasted 95

With a captivating, smoky, tobacco, tar, wet earth, black berry, spice, plum and cherry filled nose, the wine is pure elegance. This is not the most concentrated vintage of Haut Brion, but there is a beauty to the finesse textures coupled with a purity of spicy, sweet, ripe cherries in the finish that makes this a treat! While there is no hurry to drink this wine, at 30 years of age, I'm not sure how much more evolution will be gained by holding it longer.

6009 Views   Tasted 95

1982 Haut Brion is loaded with smoky kirsch. tobacco, crushed stone, spice, coffee, cigar box, cedar and cassis aromas. With sexy, velvet laced textures and layers of soft, polished, ripe fruit, this wine delivers a sublime tasting experience. 97 Pts

10460 Views   Tasted 97

1982 Haut Brion offers smoke, Mesquite wood, truffles, earth, caramel, Cuban cigar tobacco and stone aromatics. With polished, round, silky, opulent textures, this sexy wine ends with waves of soft, velvet laced fruit. This is drinking great today, But it should improve for at least another 15-20 years. 97

8818 Views   Tasted 97

1982 Haut Brion smells like cassis was spilled over hot bricks. The perfume was further complicated with aromas of smoke, licorice, truffle, honey and wood, which added more complexity to the wine. This elegant Bordeaux wine finishes with dark chocolate and ripe black cherries. This wine continues to improve every year. It’s still young, fresh and vibrant. I would not be surprised to see this get better over the next few decades or longer. Over the past few years, this wine has really improved and become a much more exciting wine to drink. 97 Pts

8566 Views   Tasted 97

his jumps out of the glass with sweet blackberry, tobacco, herbs, caramel, smoke, under brush and truffle notes. Soft, silky and elegant, with polish and style, this still youthful Bordeaux ended with a long, pure, dark fruit filled finish.

6848 Views   Tasted 96

This is deep ruby in color with hints of brick around the edges. Aromas of smoke, spice, cassis, plums, coffee, hot wet stones and a faint hint of licorice make an incredible perfume. In your mouth, the texture is akin to letting ripe fruit melt over your palate with countless layers of velvety, plush fruit. Everything is in balance. The wine continued improving over the few hours it remained in our glasses. This stunning Bordeaux wine personifies power, grace, elegance and lust.

5668 Views   Tasted 97

Classy notes of smoky, cherry, pipe tobacco, tar, cedar and cassis. Very seductive and elegant. This is probably close to maturity. The style is elegant, plush and regal. The long fresh finish with its round, silky style is a treat.

3117 Views   Tasted 96

Smoky with gobs of black fruit, tobacco, tar, spice, earth and forest floor aromas. Elegant and sophisticated in style, this plush, polished wine is a treat for the senses..

3031 Views   Tasted 95

The wine has gained in stature and complexity. Very smoky and rich, this still young wine will continue evolving for decades.

3047 Views   Tasted 95

Compelling aromas of smoky, black and red fruits with spices happily introduce themselves quickly. Full Bodied with ripe cassis and blackberry. Soft, elegant and polished.

3049 Views   Tasted 94
1982 Château Haut-Brion Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 96

I have never tasted this vintage of Haut Brion Blanc before. Sadly, now I know what I have been missing. At days before its 37th birthday, this is a beauty. Lush, round, full and rich, the ripe, sweet citrus and green apple show just a hint of honey. This tastes, smells and feels great. If you are lucky enough to own any bottles of this gem, pop that cork as this is probably at its maximum peak.

1523 Views   Tasted
1981 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Elegant, charming and loaded with tobacco, smoke, campfire embers, cigar wrapper, ash and red fruits, this medium bodied, refined, earthy wine needs consuming sooner than later, before the fruit continues fading.

2643 Views   Tasted
1979 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 93

Quite a charmer. From a perfect bottle, this medium bodied, finesse styled, smoky, cherry pipe tobacco, earth and forest scented wine, offered, soft, smooth, refined textures. Fully mature, do not hesitate to pop a cork.

4721 Views   Tasted

1979 Haut Brion is a medium bodied wine with tobacco, kirsch, camphor, cherry and earthy aromas. Light in style, this soft, elegant wine ends with a kirsch finish. 90 Pts

7558 Views   Tasted 90

The nose offers intense aromas of smoke, licorice, cigar box and wood scents. Very enjoyable. Medium bodied with a great silky texture, deep flavors and an elegant finish. This is fully mature but will easily last 10 more years.

5400 Views   Tasted 94
1978 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

You need to be a big of tobacco, cigar box, tar and smoke to dig this wine. But if you like that, and I do, as you look into the wine further, you find earthy, tobacco coated, red berries, earth, and forest notes. There is more to like on the mostly secondary nose, than on the palate, which is short and a little green in the finish. This is not a wine to hold, as I suspect more of the fruit will fade sooner than later.

4157 Views   Tasted
1976 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 87

Considering the vintage, this was better than expected. It's all about the smoky, tobacco, cigar box and cherry nose as the wine is light and fading. Drink up.

6242 Views   Tasted
1975 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

Much better on its tobacco driven nose, that also offered tar, leather, wet earth, cedar and cigar box charms, than on the stoic, firm, gritty palate. Lovers of older, classic wines will probably like this a lot more than I did. This is fully mature and while there is no reason to wait, I doubt at 41 years of age that it will get much better from here.

3698 Views   Tasted

I was more than surprised to discover how much I liked this wine. At 40 years of age, the once hard tannins have receded, the textures have become soft, adding a previously missing elegance and charm and the smoke, tar, tobacco, cigar box and fresh, dark red fruits were finally allowed to shine. The wine is fully mature and while there is no hurry to drink it, there is no reason not to pull a cork either.

4368 Views   Tasted 94

Rustic charm abounds in this mature vintage of Haut Brion with its tobacco, cedar, cassis and smoke filled personality. This is not going to improve, but with its massive tannin level, it’s not going away quickly either. This is for fans of older, traditionally styled Bordeaux.

4613 Views   Tasted 92

Old school in style, with smoke, tobacco, earth, cassis, blackberry, mushroom and forest floor aromas, this fully mature Bordeaux wine has some rough edges on the palate. The wine ends with hints of tartness in the smoky, rustic cassis filled finish.

5812 Views   Tasted 90

1975 Haut Brion is fully mature. Tobacco, cedar, smoke, dark berries, earth, minerality, leaf and tar aromatics are easy to find. The wine has an austere, rustic side to its personality. Some green flavors are blended in with the cassis and cranberry finish. This wine will last for decades, but it will not get better and will probably dry out in time. It's a solid example of an old school Bordeaux. 91 Pts

6739 Views   Tasted 91

Decanted 3 hours, this wine did not display the hard, austere nature of most 75’s. Tobacco, smoke, spice, herbs, truffle and baked black cherry aromas drifted from the glass. In the mouth, this medium bodied wine displays an elegant side. The tannins have resolved. The wine is fully mature. While I do not know if it will improve, it’s not in any danger of falling apart over the next several years.

7083 Views   Tasted 93

This is filled with rich, wonderful, smoky, tar, tobacco and truffle Graves character. This medium weight Haut Brion is in an austere style, which is expected for the vintage. Still, this is one the best 75's I've tasted.

5559 Views   Tasted 94
1970 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 88

If the strong scent of cigar box, tobacco, smoke, wet forest and dark cherry aromatics is your thing, this wine is for you. Fully mature, medium bodied, soft, but lacking in fruit, as the secondary characteristics permeate the wine, it requires drinking, not cellaring.

3124 Views   Tasted

Light in color and lighter in weight, lacking concentration. This is much better on the nose than the palate with its earthy, cigar box and smoky nose. This fully mature wine requires consumption sooner than later before the remaining fruit fades away.

4404 Views   Tasted 87

1970 Haut Brion started off with smoke, cherry pipe tobacco, cassis, earth and spicy aromas. Medium to full bodied, this lighter style of Haut Brion needs to be drunk up sooner than later. Time will not be kind to this wine.

7902 Views   Tasted 87

T n T means many things. In this case, it stands for truffles and tobacco. This wine is filled with both scents along with cassis, underbrush, leather, spice and cassis. This wine is slowly fading. Theold school finish ends with cassis and hints of tart red fruit.

8308 Views   Tasted 87
1966 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

Much better on the nose, with its wonderful, smoke, tobacco, cigar box, wet forest floor and cherry pipe tobacco filled nose, than on the light, slightly rustic palate. There was a discernible green note in the finish, that took away from the earthy, red fruits. Fully mature, there is no reason to hold this any longer.

3448 Views   Tasted
1964 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 92

Smoky, medium bodied, with more tobacco, truffle, cigard box and earth, than sweet cherries in character, this requires consumption as it lacks the depth of raw material for further aging.

2868 Views   Tasted

Light in color with smoke, tar, earth, tobacco and sweet, red berry nose. Medium bodied with soft, delicate, spice filled, strawberry and cherry finish. This is on the downside of life and requires consumption.

3963 Views   Tasted 90

This bottle was was rockin’! From an original case, I’ve had 10 bottles of this wine. Most of the bottles seemed tired. But not on this night! It was dark in color with port like scents along with caramel, smoked, frilled meat, tar and tobacco aromas. Elegantly styled, this medium/full bodied wine finished with round, supple textures and spicy, smoke filled black cherry and cassis flavors. Having had this wine on numerous occasions from my cellar and from from cellars of my friends, this was the best bottle of 64 Haut Brion I will ever have. The point being, there is no reason to hold this wine. Drink 'em if you have 'em.

5587 Views   Tasted 93

This lighter style of Haut Brion has started to fade. Aromatically, the wine offers tobacco, smoke, earth, forest, five spice and tar notes. This is better in the nose than on the palate. Medium bodied with a light, short finish that ends with cassis and spicy strawberry flavors. This was richer and more interesting a few years ago. Drink up.

5515 Views   Tasted 86
1961 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 100

Incredible levels of density and intensity, with a beautiful purity fruit that seems as though you were eating the berries in a cigar lounge. There is richness, silky tannins and a finish that leaves you breathless.

1685 Views   Tasted

Intensity, vibrancy, concentration and complexity, what more could you ask for? OK, I'd ask for another glass of this smoke-filled, earthy, spicy, luscious, rich, full-bodied wine with its endless finish please.

2657 Views   Tasted 99

If you ever want to experience what great Bordeaux, fully mature is all about, and if you either recently won the lottery, or have very, wealthy friends, this is the wine to buy! That should be enough of a tasting note. But for those that want details, intensely, or is that insanely concentrated, there is enough smoke, tobacco, cigar wrapper, rocks, truffle, campfire, and dark red fruits to open the first combination cigar and fruit shop. Lush, silky, deep and long this just gets better in the glass. Save your great vintages, because those should be even better at the same age.

5158 Views   Tasted 100

When a wine leaves you speechless, that should be the end of it. There is so much concentration, intensity and richness going on here, frankly, this wine is off the charts. Blind, you would never guess this was close to the 50 year mark. The remarkable finish is still expansive.

3192 Views   Tasted 100

Heart stopping from start to finish. The nose reminded me of walking into a store that sold only flowers, spice and Cuban cigars. The texture felt like spun silk. This is purity and elegance at its best, with a sweetness of fruit, concentration of flavor and a smoky, spicy, pure, fresh cherry finish that demanded you take another sip. The finish must have remained in your mouth for at least 60 seconds. Popped and poured, this was an incredible tasting experience!

4647 Views   Tasted 100

1961 Haut Brion explodes from the glass. The powerful aromatics are filled with truffle, Cuban tobacco, earth, herb, rhubarb, cigar, leather and smoke sensations. This Bordeaux wine is huge, but perfectly in balance. Soft, sweet, structured, elegant and graceful is what this feels like on your palate. The long spicy, cassis and earthy finish is pure harmony. About a glass remained in the bottle overnight. The bottle was simply left on the counter and a cork was placed back in the neck. In the morning, while some of the fruit had faded, the textures and fragrance remained. Well stored bottles will easily last another 20, 30 or 40 years!

10538 Views   Tasted 98

This was a pristine bottle that has been stored at the chateau since the wine was first bottled. 1961 Haut Brion is riveting. This Bordeaux wine captures your attention. Grabbing you like a great piece of music, each sip compels you to focus on the experience. The smells, the feeling and the flavors last long after the bottle is empty. Wines like this make memories. Smoke, tobacco, cigar box, earth, cassis, truffle, tar, crushed stone, spice, ash and wet forest floor aromas pour out of the glass. And that's just the opening act. In the mouth, the wine drenches your palate with waves of opulent, sweet, smoke filled cassis and dense, rich ripe cherries. The texture is pure silk and velvet with the weight and feel of motor oil. This elegant, concentrated, suave, regal wine is balanced, harmonious and ends with a seamless finish that lasts at least 60 seconds. 100 Pts

12632 Views   Tasted 100

This deep colored, smoky, jammy wine had additional notes of cedar, caramel and earth. Extremely concentrated, almost dense. This had so much sexy, ripe, sweet, black fruit, I thought I was losing my mind! The finish was absolutely seamless. The palate presence was similar to silky motor oil. When you see the descriptor “Port Like” the 61 Haut Brion should be pictured next to it!

8431 Views   Tasted 99

1961 Haut Brion tasted from two different bottles. There was a slight difference between the bottles. One bottle displayed more concentration with deeper, darker more intense flavors. The better bottle yielded an exotic perfume of spice box, tobacco, fresh leaves, truffles, soy, leather, smoke, tar and earth. Richly colored for a wine this old makes it look like a wine from the 70's. The purity, freshness and depth discovered in the wine was off the charts. Very concentrated with plush, opulent andsilky textures. As good as bottle wine was, the next wine was even better! 1945 La Mission Haut Brion out of magnum. Trust me, this was a hard act to follow. With glass in hand, I was ready.

10031 Views   Tasted 98

This is stunningly thick, rich and dense on the palate. On the nose, this bottle was not as fragrant as other bottles.

9367 Views   Tasted 95
1959 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 98

Intense, full, rich, deep, complex and knocking on the door of mind-blowing, the wine provides all the sweet, earthy, ripe, pit fruit, smoke, tobacco, ash, cigar box, tar and hay nuances you can handle. Ripe, fresh, sweet, complex, and sensual, with silky tannins and a smoky, red cherry finish, this is just an inch or so behind the other-worldly 1961.

1539 Views   Tasted

The smoke filled nose, with its campfire embers, cigar box, cigar wrapper, ash, tobacco and earthy, deep, red fruits creates a divine perfume. Silky, opulent and richly textured, this really lingers on your palate, which is just amazing as this is creeping up on its 60th birthday! Not as concentrated as the 1961, which was served in the same flight, but the opulent character really showed great here.

3649 Views   Tasted 98

This is the best bottle of this wine I have ever tasted. Picture an incredibly, sexy, sensuous woman lounging in a cigar shop, and you only start getting the idea. I've posted more than enough notes on the array or tobacco and other scents that there is no need to repeat them here. What made this a breathtaking bottle was its purity of fruit, concentration and sensual, silky, elegant textures, with a finish that never quit. Paired against the 1961, (Both bottles came from the chateau) they were equally perfect, but quite distinctive in their style. This is intellectual hedonism at its best!

3285 Views   Tasted 100

There is such a beautiful, elegance to Haut Brion, especially as it ages that it's hard not to be enthralled, anytime you get to taste mature bottles. The nose, with its truffle, cedar chest, Cigar box, tobacco, tar, smoke and wet earth nose, could keep you busy for hours. The wine has concentration, soft, polished, elegant textures and the roundness that only comes from the patina of age. The finish really lingers on, with its fresh, sweet, ripe cherries and juicy plums.

3001 Views   Tasted 98

1959 Haut Brion is filled with smoke, truffle, cigar box, pipe tobacco, mineral, cassis and blackberry aromas. Supple, opulent, round and soft, this sensuously textured wine feels great as it slips and slides over your palate. 97 Pts

6878 Views   Tasted 97
1955 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 97

The smoke, tobacco, tar, wet earth, burning wood and red fruit aromas truly captivate your senses. Soft, supple, elegant and carrying the patina of 60 years of age quite nicely, this was a treat in every sense of the word. The wine was stood up for a few days in advance, popped and poured.

2523 Views   Tasted

This was a good, but not great example of this rare treat. Still, the intensely smoke filled nose, with its tar, truffle, cigar box and spicy cherry nose, soft, elegant textures and long, sensuous, spicy, red berry finish was a thrill to sip.

3239 Views   Tasted 93

Smoke, tar, leather, earth, tobacco, cigar box, spice, truffle, cassis, cherry and scents of incense are in full force. Soft, round, earthy and regal, this bottle had everything you want and more in a mature Bordeaux wine, including a long finish that leaves you with a myriad of assorted cherry flavors, flowing from light to dark.

4029 Views   Tasted 95

1955 Haut Brion pops with smoke, earth, fire, cassis, BBQ, tobacco and mushroom scents. Full bodied and filled with fruit, but there is a sense of greenness in the finish along with tart sensations. This Bordeaux wine offered further proof that with age, there is no such thing as great wines, just great bottles. 90 Pts

6965 Views   Tasted 90
1953 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 99

Mind-blowing from the initial sniff, let alone sip. The perfume could keep you busy for hours. But the palate, with its silky sensuous, elegant textured, layers of fruit, wet earth, smoke and tobacco stole the show. The finish was seamless and seemingly endless. What a wine!

2625 Views   Tasted

From a bottle with the original cork still intact, the wine was splash decanted and served. From the moment the wine hit the glass, we all knew we were in for a mind blowing treat. On the nose, the smoke, tar, tobacco, cigar box, cherry and earthy perfume was off the hook. But the pure silk textures of all that sweet, ripe, smoky fruit was breathtaking. The wine was exactly what old, fully mature Bordeaux is all about. If you are like me and cannot these wines today, try and find a rich friend with bottles in their cellar as this is the type of wine that dreams are made of. Apologies to Humphrey Bogart.

3857 Views   Tasted 98

Smoke, tar, tobacco, hot bricks, cassis, black cherry, cigar box, tar and ash are easy to find. In the mouth, the wine is soft, refined, elegant and sophisticated with a silky red and black, smoky, spice filled finish. There is no reason to hold this wine any longer.

4827 Views   Tasted 95

Smoky, tobacco, spice, cassis, earth and mushroom scents filled your nose. The wine offered an unbelievable palate presence with its layers of ripe, dark, silky fruit that showed unique patina of age that adds to the wines sensuous, silky texture.

3089 Views   Tasted 95
1943 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 87

I seldom see wines produced during the war years. All things considered, this was better than expected. Light in weight, the wine was more interesting on the nose than on the palate, which offered elegant, refined textures, without much concentrartion, depth or length.

1866 Views   Tasted
1934 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 94

1934 Haut Brion from an original, never recorked bottle. Shared with my father, because it's his birth year and with Jean Philippe Delmas from Haut Brion at my house. The wine sports a ruby, tea color. Complex aromas of Cuban cigars, pipe tobacco, hot bricks, sweet cherry blossoms, spice, decaying leaves, dried fruit and coca powder are easy to find. The mouth feel is pure silk. This elegantly styled wine ends with light sensations of spicy, smoky cassis. 94 Pts for the wine and 100 Pts for the experience!

4216 Views   Tasted
1919 Château Haut-Brion  (Pessac-Léognan) 75

While most of the fruit has long since faded away, the opportunity to experience an Haut Brion that's 100 years old was still not lost on me. Light in color, with too much VA going on, it took serious effort to find the tobacco, tar, leather and hints of red fruit buried underneath. Refined in texture, there were drips and drabs of smoked, earthy red fruit in the finish.

1163 Views   Tasted