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Château Coufran

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2018 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 86

Forward, direct, simple, Merlot-dominated Medoc that will be easy to drink on release. 85-87 Pts

1170 Views   Tasted
2017 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 85

Round, soft textured and simple, you'll find red fruits in a forward style. Truly without faults, this is already easy to imbibe.

1484 Views   Tasted
2016 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 84

Medium-bodied, lean, bright wine with a core of crisp red fruit.

1661 Views   Tasted

Medium-bodied with an earthy tobacco and dark cherry profile, this wine is simple with an early-drinking style.

1807 Views   Tasted 86
2015 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 84

Forward, with a light, red plum and cherry profile, dusty tannins and a simple, direct, red berry finish for early drinking pleasure.

1494 Views   Tasted

Forward, medium bodied, with good color and a simple, plum and tart cherry profile for early drinking pleasure. 84 - 86 Pts

2141 Views   Tasted 85
2014 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 85

Medium bodied, forward, simple and direct, with a rustic, dark, red fruit finish.

2450 Views   Tasted
2013 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 83

Lean, light and bright, with a focus on its fresh, lively, red berry character.

1506 Views   Tasted
2012 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 86

Simple, easy drinking Merlot based wine, with an espresso bean, black cherry, thyme and cocoa character.

2028 Views   Tasted

With the highest percentage of Merlot planted in the Medoc, the estate was able to produce a medium bodied, coffee, cherry, herb and earthy wine that will be at its best on release. 84-86 Pts

3518 Views   Tasted 85
2011 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 83

Rustic tannins which leave a drying impression with its tart and sweet bright red fruit, herbs and strong espresso bean nose.

2029 Views   Tasted
2010 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 85

From the highest percentage of Merlot in the Left Bank, while there are no faults in the wine, there is no real character or personality either. This is a wine to drink on the young side. The wine ws produced from a blend of 85% Merlot andf 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

3379 Views   Tasted
2009 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 85

This Merlot dominated wine is uncomplicated, slightly rustic, medium bodied and forward in style.

2999 Views   Tasted
2008 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 84

Medium bodied, with earth and cherry tones, this uncomplicated wine ends with a rustic texture in the finish.

2264 Views   Tasted
2006 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 80

Strict, medium-bodied, almost light wine with lean red fruits in its core and rustic tannins in the finish.

1875 Views   Tasted
2005 Château Coufran  (Haut-Médoc) 86

Too much oak for the black cherry dominated, round wine leaves this feeling far too woody at the moment. Perhaps time will help this come together, if the oak fades.

2724 Views   Tasted