Bordeaux Wine and Eggs a Great Pairing, Just add Truffles


Bordeaux Wine, Eggs and Truffles

Eggs are one of our most versatile food items. Depending on how you prepare them, they can be served for any meal of the day, at any time.  They work for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snacks.  If you add truffles, it makes one of the great pairings for Bordeaux wine. Other wines can be used as well. Experimenting with different food and wine pairing  and discovering what works best for your palate is the name of the game.

The origins of hash goes back a long way. In America, it’s birth came about as a peasant food. Like many of our favorite dishes, it was created by thrifty cooks who needed new ways to use left overs. Simply put, it blended potatoes, onions and some type of meat with spice. Today, hash is more than corned beef hash, which may have been one of its earliest uses.
Hash is enjoyed all over the world, The Scottish prepare ‘stovies”, the Danish make “biksemad,” in Sweden and Finland, it’s referred to as “pyttipanna,” Austrians make “Gröstl” and in parts of Asia, it’s known as “Bergedil”.
In our home, it’s simple comfort food and a great carrier of flavor. I prefer using  a myriad of potatoes and onions, along with smoky bacon or other chopped meat items.  Skip the bacon, try duck, beef or pork. With multi colored tubers and onions, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, flavorful  dish with a variety of colors, textures and flavors. Topped with scrambled eggs and truffles, it’s a fun and easy dish to make and serve.  When you add your earthy truffles, it’s a perfect pairing for Bordeaux wine. If you don’t have a Bordeaux wine around, don’t worry. Try a Rhone wine or any wine of your choice. Champagne works great too!
If you have any fun ideas for food and wine pairings, please let us know and post them on our wine and food talk  forums. 

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