Meat and Potatoes with Bordeaux Wine Makes a Perfect Match!



Over the weekend, while enjoying dinner with one of my favorite people, I was reminded that often, the best times in life are the simple moments.  They comfort and reward with pleasure. 

In part, that’s why red meat and Bordeaux wine make a perfect pair.  When the fat and protein found in the beef meets the tannins in your Bordeaux wine,  a chemical reaction takes place making each item taste better!

If you don’t have a Bordeaux wine, open a California Cabernet or Syrah, try a Tuscan wine, something from Australia or the Rhone Valley.  Any robust red wine of your choice will work. Regardless of which red wine you pick, enjoy your match made in heaven.

Cooking the prefect steak is the easiest dish to make.  You can use a grill or a pan for cooking. There are three secrets.  First, bring the meat to room temperature before cooking. Second, use high heat. To get a good crust or sear on the meat, you need heat.  Lot’s of it.  The average steak requires 6 minutes of cooking at high heat for medium rare.  Remember, you can always cook your steak a little more if it’s too rare. You can’t cook it less if it’s overdone.

The third secret, give the meat to rest for a few minutes before slicing.  This allows the natural juices to return to the center of the meat, giving it more flavor and better textures.

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