The Wine Cellar Insider Debut Post on Bordeaux wine and more


The Wine Cellar Insider Debut Post

It’s hard picking a topic for the initial post to kick your blog off with.  Because this blog is about some of the fun, occasionally interesting and even difficult parts of my life, what could be better than talking about what’s going on in my life?  I’m getting ready to leave for Bordeaux on Monday to taste the 2009 vintage and have a blast along the way.  It’s Saturday afternoon.  I’ve gone down my check list of items before hitting the wild blue yonder.   Similar to opening the mailbox slot to check once again, that your letter actually slid down the chute and was not the one in ten million letters sent that got stuck on its way down, I’m rechecking my list of to do items again.  Regardless of how often I travel, and now matter how many days in advance I start getting ready to leave, I always want one more day.  Does that happen to you too? That is also part of the purpose with The Wine Cellar Insider Debut Post

Why is it that no matter how much time I have before leaving on a trip, I can always use just one more day?  Even more ironic, I have precious little time remaining before Monday and for some compelling, or perhaps obsessive, compulsive reason, I am spending the morning on the phone with my sister trying to fix an issue with Facebook!  Facebook might be the most visited site on the net, but does anyone really like it?  For some unknown reason, I am not able to link attachments other than photographs from my page. 

Hercules discover wine!

Plus Hercules, who if you have not met him yet, got into a bit of mischief for a change!  He’s pictured next to a case of wine that was recently shipped. Being a dumpster diver is bad enough. We eat reasonably well over here. I understand how that could be appealing to Herky. When did he develop a taste for wine?  It’s a good thing he does not have the keys to the cellar.  It’s even better that some of my friends don’t have the keys to my cellar as well. More on that later, right now, I’ve got to “Start Me Up”.


  1. Hello Jeff,
    I have just looked your webside and CONGRATULATIONS ! It’s really great : so many informations and the pictures are fantastic ! I can promess u it will be very successful.
    See u soon in St Emilion and gros bisous from Bordeaux !

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